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Karak Matron is a Sof-Dwarf Hold that is located in Western France. The Hold is unique for being by far the furthest western Hold. The Hold makes itself the capital of theImperial Empire of Matron .

A hold that lost touch with Karak Ankor very early on in its history, it was the first Hold to leave Karak Ankor and became the first Rof-Dwarf. In this new independant life the Hold of Karak Matron grew very close to the Humans of France, and in this relationship the Dwarves of Karak Matron converted to Christianity and are now almost completely christian.

Due to their change in culture the Dwarves of Karak Matron are very numerous due to their increased fertility rates. This increased fertility is mainly due to the fact that Dwarven women in Karak Ankor are divorced from the factors of reproduction and only become involved when absolutely they must, while due to the intervention of Chrisitianity the Dwarven women see it as their role to increase the dominion of Christ and do this by increasing the number of Dwarves.


Early History

The history of Karak Matron began during the years preceding the War of Vengeance. During this period as trade reached immense levels between the Dwarves , and Elves the need for a Hold nearer to the Elves in France was becoming apparent. Eventually the decision was made by the High King to settle a Dwarf hold in the French mountains, as near to the coast

Leaving Karak Ankor

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Imperial Empire of Matron

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War of Vengeance

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War in France

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When the Andoranan mountains were overrun by orcs, the Dwarves of Karak Matron became deeply interested in assisting the Bretonians in keeping control of France. The Dwarves of Karak Matron sent out their forces to the area around Paris in an attempt to shield and attempting army from attacking the basically defenceless city.


Points of Interest

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