House Deleron

Kenolith Deleron is the son of Milre, and Ilhahir Deleron making him a memmber of and the long time lord and patriarch of House Deleron, as well as the long time Archon of the Tevinter Empire. Kenolith Deleron has six children in the form of Eloar, Sepheron, Nlaleth, Ratowing, Ameria, and Ilhahir Deleron of which his eldest Eloar was killed by rebels in Ferelden while he was trying to push peace in the region and he is greatly missed by all who remember him, his daughter Nlalateh would be the twin of Ameria Deleron and would be publically executed alongside Ratowing, and Ilhahir following the Coup of the Deatheaters, his daughter Ameria is the lone survivor of the children of Kenolith following the coup and fled the capital after a daring rescue saved her life, while his final child Ilhahir would escape the coup of the Deatheaters but was betrayed by Clary Folwyn and publically executed.

Sepheron Doleron would be betrayed by Clary Folwyn his beloved wife, and led into the trap at the Palace he would be killed there alongside his father, and with their deaths but specifically his death the Empire of Tevinter would be easy pickings for the Deatheaters to take control of.


Early History

Coup of Tevinter

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Family Members


Clary Folwyn

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Ameria Deleron

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