House Piper

Kervis Piper is the son of two members of House Piper making him a member of and the current Baron and Patriarch of House Piper.

Kervis Piper would become the main creator of the plan to form bandits all across Maidenshore and spark the defeat of House Goodbrooke this way, and he would be forced at the end to sacrifice his own nephew in order to keep his house safe from reprisals, but it did strike a major blow against his families reputation. House Piper would be a major part of the Ironborn Raid on Rigen where they would refuse to assist their lord in House Oakheart of the Riverlands and led to the destruction of significant lands in southern Maidenshore, with only Niclas Piper positively influencing any of the Ironborn attacks when he took a cavalry force from Pinkmaiden southward to assist. 


Early History

Banditry War of Maidenshore

Ironborn Invasion of the Riverlands

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Family Members


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