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Built over the remains of the former Elven Kingdom in France, the Bretonians met the same fate all arrogant Kingdoms meet. A true waste of potential and lives.
Bill Lovie
Kingdom of Bretonia
Kingdom of Bretonioa.png
Flag of the Kingdom of Bretonia
England - External Politics.png
Bretonian remnents in England
Jesse Eisenburg1.jpg
Type of Goverment Absolute Monarchy
Head of State Jesse Eisenburg, the current King from the royal House Eisenburg.
Secondary Leaders Dukes of Bretonia
Location England, formally dominated western Eurpe from their homeland of France
Capital Londinium
Languages Frankish
Demonym Bretonians
Religion Christianity, with small worshipping of the Old Ones in the natives of England
Races, and Ethnicity Vast Majority are Frankish, although a growing number are Anglo due to the exodus into England and incorperation of more of England into the Kingdom
Population Placeholder

The Kingdom of Bretonia is a major Human Kingdom historically centered around France, and the southern sections of England that was deemed by many to be the largest and most powerful Kingdom in Europe on par with even the mighty Empire. The Kingdom of Bretonia was ravaged and nearly destroyed during the War in France and this has changed the fabric of Europe along with the power bases of the Kingdoms of Europe that relied upon Bretonia just to surive. Following this disaster they moved the center of their kingdom to the England province. The destruction of France not only heavily damaged the soul of the Kingdom, but it left it with a desperatly small population, and severly depleted army. This situation has been further complicated by the fact that they appear to be facing a very serious foe in both Wales, and Pruta who are desperate they get their kingdoms back.

House Eisenburg was the house that came to define the Kingdom of Bretonia when they were one of the last houses given supplies and gold by the Dwarves who wanted to expand the human presence in France so that they were not alone in fighting the Trollocs and others. The Kingdom of Bretonia would expand massively and the members of House Eisenburg would be some of the largest benifactors of this growth as they became one of the top five houses in all of Europe and their wealth approached even that of House Franz. House Eisenburg would be nearly completely destroyed during the Fall of France with only one member suriving, and much of their wealth and power base lost on the battlefields that littered France. The Kingdom is now Ruled by the young King Jesse Eisenburg, who is married to the Queen of Bretonia Lindsay Eisenburg, and has been working tirelessly to both regrow the power base of House Eisenburg and at the same time to make sure his heirs that have been born are able to grow it as well.

The Kingdom of Bretonia was converted to the religion of Christianity following the successful Proselytism of Mathew the Apostle and founded the National Church of Fraticelli after the first Arch-Bishop of Bretonia, and since this day the Kingdom of Bretonia has been near exclusively Christian with other religions barely accepted.

The Kingdom of Bretonia was different from the other large kingdoms within Europe in that it was dominated by the Frankish ethnicity. This Frankish domination continued for much of their history but when England became a province the Franks begin to emmigrate their to suplement the population with more loyal citizens of Bretonia, and by the time of the Fall of France there were large numbers of Franks in England. The Franks would retreat on mass to England during the Fall of France further supllementing the population of Franks in England and allowing the continuation of a Frankish Kingdom but things had changed in England. As the KIngdom of Bretonia expanded in England they had brought more and more Anglos into their ranks and now they were a serious player in the Kingdom of Bretonia to the point that they needed to rewarded with positions of ranks or elce their might be trouble.

The Kingdom of Bretonia was founded during the days following the Downfall of Numeron, and the influx of Franks that flooded into France during the Great Migration. During this time the Kingdom of Bretonia was led by a large number of small tribes of which the largest power in the entire region was the Dwarves of Karak Matron, and the Trollocs who controlled much of the region. During this time the Dwarves gave huge resources, and support to the human Frankish Tribes of the region and from there a massive conflict would break out which would end with the rise of House Eisenburg, the creation of the Kingdom of Bretonia, and the destruction of much of the Trollocs of France. Following this they would briefly choose to expand southward into the region of Hispania but their expansion there was halted by a brilliant defence by the local Roman commander, and the two would break out into the first of the many wider Roman-Bretonian conflicts. Most recently they made a massive invasion into the lands of the Prutan Empire of whom was wholly unprepared for the more advanced technology of the incoming Bretonians, and the vast numbers that they had brought to bear against them leading to a large scale victory for the incoming Bretonians. The Kingdom of Bretonia would become embroiled in the larger Orcish Invasion of Europe following this, and in the culmination of the conflict they would lose a large portion of their population and their ancient homeland of France was destroyed leaving them with nothing but their holdings in England.


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Early History

The Kingdom of Bretonia began shortly after the retreat of the Elves from France, following the events of the War of Vengeance . Following the departure of the Elves , the Dwarves wanted a new trading partner, and one that would be able to resist the growth of the greenskins that they saw. In the early Franks that entered France the Dwarves found their trading partner. While over time the Dwarves would come to rely more on the Empire than Bretonia the beginning still made the two forever close.

Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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Golden Age

In the years following the conquering of France the Bretonians would enter into a prolonged two hundred year period of extreme growth. During this time the trading convoys of the Bretonians were being sent as far away as Byzantine and Nehekhara while the armies of Bretonian were only truly apposed by the forces of Rome, and The Empire .

Preaching to Western Europe

Mathew the Apostle would following the death of Jesus leave Nehekhara for a time travelling to Constantinople where he would found the Roman Catholic Church converting the population there to its belief before travelling to Italy where he was able to convert the population there as well thereby converting the Roman Empire to Christianity.

Conversion of the Bretonians

Following his conversion of the Romans he would travel with a large grouping of these Romans to the expanding rapidly Kingdom of Bretonia and would be able to convert the monarchy of Bretonia to the worship of the Christian Church of which the Romans would form the Roman Catholic Church, while the Bretonians would form the Fraticelli Church both of which swiftly became the state religion of both nations.

Conversion of the Dwarves

Departing the Kingdom of Bretonia he would attempt to make his way eastward into the region of Alcase, and Lorraine but was forced to move north and then west by large numbers of Trollocs who blocked his path eventually making him enter the Dwarven Holds of Matron where he remained for almost fifteen years preaching to the Dwarves eventually converting there King of whom renamed their lands the Imperial Empire of Matron and joined the Roman Catholic Church.

Bretonian Invasion of England

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The Fall of England
Tomorrow we bring the rule of Christ to this savage island. Tomorrow we spread the great work of our lord to new lands.

England - Bretonian Invasion - Prelude.png

My great grandfather gave your pathetic island a reprieve and time to convert. You did not take it. My great uncle tried to win your island over with kind words and aid. This still was not good enough. My uncle came personally to help you see the light. We all know what you did to him. Now I come here personally as well. I do not come to speak peacefully. I do not come to bring you kind words or aid. I come to this island to give you a choice. Accept the word of Christ or perish. There is no other option.
Valentius Eisenburg II.

The true start of the Bretonian invasion of England would start with the events of the conversion of England to the worship of Jesus Christ. Following the conversion of King Fraticelli Eisenburg I. the first Fraticelli Crusade converted the entire France region to Christianity and then following a breakdown of relations the first invasion of England was launched by Fraticelli against the Kingdom of Kent who was slaughtered in large scale religious fighting that brought thousands of Franks into England settling in Kent. King Fraticelli would have a religious awakening during the killings and would spark peace between Bretonia and England and this peaceful doctrine would become the strategy of the next two kings in Fraticelli Eisenburg II., and Fraticelli Eisenburg IV. of whom spent considerable efforts in attempting to convert England and had notable success in converting the Cornish people, but no success against the Anglos and Pruta.

Fall of Hispania

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War in France

Main Article : War in France

The War in France
First they killed there fellow Orcs, and we did not care because we were not Orcs. Then they came for the Africans, and we didn't care because we were not africans. Then they killed the Romans, and we did not care because we were not romans. When they finally came for us there was no one left to care for us. Let our shame stand over the graves of all those who died here.


"They died in their thousands charging at the walls for days, and all they got out of it was wasting alot of our arrows. When we finally massacred the army on the field I couldn't help but ask myself what they were thinking"
-Lord Landuin

Andorra was always going to be where the true battle begin, and it was here that the conflict would be decided. As discussed elcewhere the defenders of Andorra were extremely prepared for an attack against the main fortress of Andorra itself which was protected by the massive 1st Army, but they were not prepared for the Orcs to focus on the smaller castles that surrounded the Andorran mountains. The first act of the war was a silent but probing attack against Andorra by a force of some sixty thousand Orcs of whom attacked the fortress with the only purpose being so that the High Orcs would know the capabilities of the defense. The Orcs would move into the area around the fortress and put it under siege, but they could not even get to the walls as they were being massacred by the hit and run attacks of the first army, and the masive firepower of the defenders. The Battle would end eventually when the First Army accepted noone elce was coming, and proceeded to surround the Orc force and massacre it. During this masacre though they revealed to the onlooking Orcs that the First Army was in place to surround any force that attacked Andorra and because of this the High Orcs decided that a frontal assault would not sucede, and thus they moved to surrounding Andorra itself.

We never had a larger plan at play here. I am so stupid to have put my faith in men like you.
Poncet Mariette

This change in strategy was something that was completely not caught on to by the Bretonian defenders and this coming ambush would be discussed heavily by the Order of the Raven agents present at the Orcish occupied city of Logrono and it was during these discussions that Poncet Mariette would finally make his stand. Realizing from the talk of the top raven in Logrono in the form of Rodrigo Diaz that there was no larger plan in mind behind the obvious Poncet would prepare to leave Logrono for the Andorra fortress to warn them, but was discovered by the other Raven and thus as he made his way north the Raven used Magi divises to warn the larger Raven Order of this, and it was Sayden Ah-Salemi that commanded dozens of Raven all over the area to attempt to intercept the legendary Poncet. Of those sent one of the most notable was Ludwig Krieger of whom loved Poncet as a father but had never truly recovered from what had happened during his time with the Chaos Cult of his youth and thus this would be a turning point for the young man in making his choice. Poncet would be ambushed by two raven while crossing into Bretonia but managed to kill both of them but suffered a wound to his arm which slowed him as he made his way towards Andorra. Poncet would be once again delayed when he found the bridges for crossing the Andorra River had been destroyed by the Bretonians and with the Orcish main invasion still months away the Senegal had not repaired them yet forcing him to travel further downriver to a land crossing but this once again heavily delayed him. Francisco Abarquero, and Gilbert Bonpre IV. arrived in Andorra with a team of Raven before Poncet and the seven raven would prepare an ambush against Poncet of whom having finally reached the area around Andorra realized that his delay would have given the Ravens a chance to reach Andorra before him and thus was prepared for an ambush. During the ambush against Poncet it was the elderly Poncet that would kill them all but took near fatal injuries during the fighting and it was in this state that he was discovered by Ludwig Krieger his former son of sorts.

2nd Battle of Andorra

Orcs surround Andorra.png
"There were some that begin to whisper that the King had made a mistake in making us believe the conflict was so dire. It seemed to me and many of my men that we could be much more use in the northern battlefields then down here defending against a race little more then children. I mean we were absolutely massacring them all across the lines, and other then a few castles falling everything was going perfect."
-Julien Brunel one week before he died in the Fall of Castle Bayonne

With their strategy in mind the High Orcs would assemble an army of some one million and place it infront of the fortress of Andorra and its goal was to lock the first army into the Andorra fortress by continuesly sending small pieces of its force against Andorra itself. These attacks appeared massive but their purpose was never to win, but from the inside the attacks would look like the blind charge of a stupid race. As they followed this strategy another Orc force of seven hundred thousand locked the forces in Valencia so that they too what be able to be surrounded and destroyed in the same manner. The first true battle in the war would start with horror for the defending forces. News began to break throughout the border that nearly a million Orcs were attacking scout castles all along the Andorran border. What was in truth happening was the Orcs were attacking all along the border but were focusing their attention on trapping the main Bretonian army in the Fortress of Andorra.

The Noose closes

Orcs surround Andorra1.png
"The fall of Bayonne was something none of us saw coming, and there was a hesistation amongst us about what to do about its fall, and while we waited the Orcs were heading towards us, now from all directions."
-Lord Landuin

As the defenders of Andorra butchered the attacking Orcs time and time again they failed to understand that the First Army and nearly half of the Bretonian army was being surrounded in Andorra, and the first signs of this was a few vague reports from field commanders that begin to flow in saying that two massive armies were attacking up the flanks of Andorra towards Bayonne, and Bordeaux. These reports were seen as falce by those who saw them and thus it took the fall of Bordeaux and Bayonne for the defenders to understand what was happening. The defenders of Bordeaux were mobilizing to relieve the caslte of Nox south of the town when they discovered tha the Orc army attacking Nox had already destroyed the castle and by this point the Orcs had Bordeaux surrounded and proceeded to massacre the city whose main army had left, and the army fled northwards or risk being trapped in Andorra with the First Army. Nearly at the same time the fort of Bayonne came under assault and while the city itself held out, the castle was overun and fell in less then a week. Because the city had survived the defenders were able to send ravens, and griphon messengers to Andorra with the information that the Orcs were surrounding Andorra and they needed to escape the trap. By this point Lord Landuin was already getting reports that Bordeaux had fallen and as the attacks came from the west and east he knew the time for running was over.

3rd Battle of Andorra

"We killed nearly a million Orcs in that Battle but our army was ruined. Half my commanders were dead, and the men that weren't injured were tired from the fight. When I gave the order to return to Andorra I knew I was ordering a last stand but what choice did I have."
-Lord Landuin

The Third Battle of Andorra was the finality of the conflict in Andorra and it would be a victory for the forces of Bretonia but it would also result in the defeat of the first army which in its absence would make the fortress of Andorra fall months later. Lord Landuin believed in his mind that the army attacking in the south was the largest, and for this reason he created a strategy where he and the first army would attack the force using the shock that their arrival would be to destroy the force. The next day the Orcs would attack and when they did the first army was not their to greet them and thus they put the fortress under siege. The First Army had moved south silently and hit the main force of the south with the entirety of their strength, and over the course of that day the two forces would fight to the death. The Orcs would break ranks at the end of the day and most of the million troops were killed in the battle, but the first army was broken. Of the four hundred thousand men of the army there were less then fifty after its conclusion, and what was left retreated into Andorra in the hopes that they had destroyed the main force and could now hold out until relief came.

Fall of Andorra

Everyone watched the fall of Hispania with little interest at first which as the Orcs took more and more of the land it became an almost fanatical rush to try and come together to save France before the whole continent fell apart.
Bill Lovie

The Orcs breaking out of Hispania caused a massive amount of chaos to spread throughout Europe. At first like many of the members of the Kingdom of Lucerne he looked at it with little importance as he was dealing with a lot of the leadership issues that were going alongside with him taking over from his father. He was pushed in different directions by his council of which some wanted him to stay completely out of the talk of assistance as they didn't want to waste energy protecting their rival in the Roman Empire. While this happened though it was Draco Highmore that would romanticize the protection of the land from the rampaging forces of the Orcs, and thus it was without anyone realizing it that Bill Lovie was becoming very interested in saving the land from the Orcs. A council was held in the French City of Lyon. As king of one of the mighty kingdoms of Europe he attended the council.

Council of Lyons

Main Article : Council of Lyons

Hope was the main emotion I felt learning about what happened at the Council at Lyons. I saw the forces of Europe aligned together to fight the common enemy, and honestly hearing about the forces that would be brought to bear it didn't even pop into my mind that it might not be enough.
James Lovie II.

James Lovie sent envoys to the Bretonian city of Lyons where they met with the leadership of the European human Kingdoms where they would decide the direction they were all going to take. James was strongly on the side of the Bretonians and was fully on board with a completely all in mentality on the part of the humans of Europe. The meeting would go especially well, and would lead to a massive combined human and Dwarf force that would head towards the Lyons area, and take part in the Battle of Lyons.

Flemeth Enters the Fray

Helja Cover Amazing2.jpg

I shall hunt down the forces of Flemeth that enter France. I shall not fail you father.

While the Human/Dwarven Alliance was massing for its move against the Orcs at Lyons it was other actors that moved further into the area attempting to drive there own goals forward. These two actors were the Thunderlands of Valhalla, and the Korcani Wilds of which the Korcani Wilds and Flemeth wanted to ruin the Kingdom of Bretonia while the Thunderlands wanted to stop this from happening and thus both sent agents into the maelstrom that was France at the time. Flemeth sent in four of her daughters in the form of Peltrasia Dominica, Luciana Cordelier, Isabel Saintyon, and Nicolete Espernon accompanied by several hundred Korcani Knights and nearly three thousand Korcani Men at Arms leaving a large force entering. The Thunderlands would send in a force of four Valkyrie in the form of Helja, Roswita, Hrodny, and Svanhilda who were accompanied by nearly two thousand Vrykul, and ten Storm Giants to oppose the forces of Flemeth leaving the Thunderlands with on paper the more powerful force. Flemeth knew that she could not compete militarily with the Thunderlands and thus that was never her goal instead she sent the entire force to the western front where the Dwarves were battling and made it appear that there goal was helping defeat the Dwarves. While the main force went that way it was Peltrasia, Isabel, and Luciana that went to the city of Reims where the Roman army was massing for its movement north. The three would get inside the Roman court and Peltrasia using Magi was able to get into the mind of the Imperial Legate Lartius Tiburtius convincing him that the two were deeply in love and she had the powers of premonition. While Peltrasia and the other two were manipulating the Romans it was the Thunderlands forces that followed Nicolete who was busying herself destroying bretonian villages and sacrificing villagers to summon to her hundreds of demons allowing her to be viewed as more of a threat then she actually was. Hrodny, and Svanhilda would break off from the main Valhalla forces following a lead and eventually found the other three daughters at the city of Orleans where the Romans had reached, and in a mistake they did not wait for the main force and fought the daughters alone leading to them being killed but also mortally wounding Peltrasia. Without Peltrasia to guide him Lartius became desperate for her return and made a deal with Isabel that he believed would bring her back, but in fact only allowed her to have him possessed by a demon. Now in complete control of the Roman army they moved towards Lyons only days away from the Battle of Lyons.

Your too late Helja. My sisters have control of the Romans. By the time you get there the battle will be a bloodbath. This land is gone.
Nicolete Espernon

Battle of Lyons

Main Article : Battle of Lyons


I had been to Lyons before the Orcs arrived so I knew what the city looked like in peacetime. Arriving there this time it was almost beyond looking at this time. Unimagineable numbers of Orcs sprawled out like bugs around the city now left this horrifying small circle of space in the middle of the horde.
James Lovie II.

The opening to the battle would begin with the Human armies moving into position around the besieged city. The commanders in charge had placed a strategy of encirclement with the largest army in the Romans facing what was the strongest section of the Orcs, and the second strongest in The Empire facing the east side. With this strategy the element of surprise was the most important aspect, and this was mainly due to the fact that the Orc besieging army had well over a million orcs in it. The human alliance was almost six hundred thousand but no where near big enough to compete without an ambush. There is much speculation as to what happened in the Roman lines, and the fact that very few survived, and those that did do not speak of it doesn't help things. It is believed by most that the Romans believed they could take the army without the Bretonian, Lucernian, and Alcase assistance and because of this they begin bombarding the Orc lines. This attack did heavy damage to the closest Orc forces, but it also alerted the whole sieging force that they were surrounded. With the Orcs now at full alert they ignored the city of Lyons and simply charged the nearest human they could find, which meant that the million plus orcs were now charging as one massive pack, and the entire ambush was a failure.

Lucernians Return to the Valley

Main Article : Lucernian Retreat from Lyons

France - Retreat of Lucerne.png

We have survived where thousands have not. We owe it to them to make it home.
James Lovie II.

Following the violence and hopelessness that he felt and saw during the War in France, James continued to lead the Lucernians southward but discovered to his increasing horror a land that was now in the control of the Orcs. Reaching the port of Saint Le'Poliel they would be met on the outskirts of the town by Byron Arryn and his men who had been tasked with holding the fleet at Saint Le'Poliel, but had failed when they had been overrun by wave of attackers. From Byron they learned the town had been taken over by the forces of the Orcs but was being held dark skinned humans, and there were far too many defending the town to hope to retake it. Unable to use the ships they had left behind at Saint Le'Poliel they were forced to continue southward where they made their way towards Orleans constantly forced to hide within the forests as the Orcs rampaged across the land. Arriving at the town of Saint Etienne they found the place had been retaken by retreat Roman troops and entering the town they discovered the Romans preparing to leave were stripping the town of its supplies as they did this. Shocked at what was happening but without the troops to protect the remaining Bretonians it was James that commanded the Lucernians out of the town where a small group of Romans followed with their party as they continued southward towards Orleans.

It all just feels so fake, ya know? This idea that good things happen to good people. That there's magic in the world, and that the meek and the righteous will inherit it. Too many good people suffer for that to be true. Too many prayers go unanswered. And every day it just gets worse. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world is, and we tell ourselves it's all going to be okay. But it's not going to be okay. And once you know that, there's no going back. There's no magic in the least today there isn't.
Avidius Agaptus

The ride back from the battle was perhaps the true nail in the coffin as he was riding with a an emotionally distraught Legion Tribune by the name of Avidius Agaptus. Pablius Reeter was a Roman Legion Tribune that survived the battle but watched as three of his children, and his father did not. In this kind of emotional state it wasn't shocking when he was beyond pessimistic. Pablius had been present in the planning meeting where Imperial Legate Lartius Tiburtius had made the decision to attack without the rest of the army, and despite Pablius and the two Legion Legate's arguing against this it was Pablius that overruled them. Pablius would talk of loss with James and this talk made James miss Lisa even more then he did before, and as the situation around them deteriorated it was James that held onto his desire to see Lisa again as the only thing moving him forward. As they moved southward they were met on the road by the forces of House Royce who had been forced out of Reims and had traveled in this direction attempting to assist the main Lucernian forces. Arriving at the town of Saint Etienne they found the place had been retaken by retreat Roman troops and entering the town they discovered the Romans preparing to leave were stripping the town of its supplies as they did this. Shocked at what was happening but without the troops to protect the remaining Bretonians it was James that commanded the Lucernians out of the town while a small group of Romans led by Pablius followed with their party as they continued southward towards Orleans. Arriving at Orleans the Lucernian/Roman force looked on as humans were paraded in large convoys by more of the dark skinned humans as before, and again realizing that they were too few to effect any kind of change James made the decision to turn away from Orleans and keep going south attempting to find any kind of port where they could get ships. While traveling south of Orleans they accumulated hundreds of panicked Bretonian refugees of whom would lead the army towards the port of Saint Velialla where the people said the whole town had been put to the sword or fled as the Orcs moved northward.

Battle of Saint Velialla
Tell me where you come from? Tell me why you did this?
James Lovie II.

Reaching Saint Velialla they found a massacre that was beyond what they could understand as there was no sign of any kind of military in the town, and thus it appeared it was just civilians that had been killed. They were able to find enough ships at Saint Velialla but these ships were under the control of a small garrison of the black skinned humans, but with a suprise factor on their side they would decide to make there move now. The Senegal troops there were led by Addir Istroddir of whom was just finishing looting the town and filling the boats before he would be heading northward to the main site of their forces in Orleans and thus was not in any way prepared for a battle. When the Lucernian force crashed into them the Senegal troops were spread out through the whole town and thus half were killed before they even realized they were under attack and then the Lucernians captured the ships before the Senegal troops could push off into the water. Trohn Royce would be killed during this attack leaving Yohn Royce to become the lord of House Royce as well as forced to leave behind his father as there was no time to bury any of the bodies. Taking what loot they could onto the boats as well as the few surviving slaves joining them they would take several Senegal hostages with them as they moved south on the river. Only Addir was able to speak german and only barely and so James interrogated the commander of whom gave him what information he could in return for promises of being released by the Lucernians. Learning what he could from Addir they would eventually execute the other Senegal troops before releasing Addir with his hands bound in the river to die, and then stopped just west of Reims where they would make the final trek on foot.

Fall of France

Harriot Eisenburg would be inside the walls of Paris as the Orcs besieged the city, and at this point moral was extremely low following the disastrous Battle of Lyons and it was left to Harriot to take charge of the city, but the emotional losses she had suffered left her unable to do this leading to the rise of the Lord Duke of Paris in the form of Marcel Frolois becoming the central leader in the defense.

Moving to England

"Once I got on the boat I just turned around and watched the coast of my homeland grow smaller and smaller. That was the saddest moment of my life."

-Flavias Lancelot

When Andorra fell there were elements of the goverment that believed the time to pull the leadership back from the capital was at hand. Unfortunatly this wasn't heeded and the number of people who actually escaped the graveyard that was France was quite small.

Of the nearly 13 million Bretonians that lived in France nearly 8.5 million lay dead in France while only 1 million managed to retreat to England with the rest filtering into the borders nations of Alcase and The Empire.



With the destruction of France the Bretonians are learning to deal with the reality that they went from the second largest Kingdom in Europe to a simple mid-size Kingdom almost overnight.

The situation in England while not exactly dire is in jeoperday as the opposing forces are very determined and in the case of the Kingdom of Wales are extremely well organized and populated.

At present the main focus of the Bretonians is a defensive posture on the northern flank, while they are going all out on the offensive against the coalition Kingdom of Wales.



Compared to the dark, oppressive and brooding forests of the Empire, the countryside of Bretonnia is relatively calm and prosperous, and the marks of Chaos less apparent. Bretonnia's rolling hills and serene valleys produce abundant crops and fine wines, while the forestlands provide solid timber and good hunting. The Grey Mountains form the natural border between Bretonnia to the west, and the Empire to the east. The northern extension of the Grey Mountains are known as the Pale Sisters, separated from the rest of the range by the Gisoreux gap, the confluence of all the overland trade routes between The Empire, Bretonnia and Rome. With the Fall of France the Kingdom of Bretonia consists of only England


England is a land of extremes. In the northern province of Rohavion their is year long snow, and the land is harsh and inhospitable. Very little farming or agriculture is done in the north, and vast tracts of land are covered by wild forests. In England the Trollocs have not come to exist and because of this the forests are a much less dangerous place then the forests of The Empire.


King of Bretonia

Flag of the Russian Empire.png

Once we ruled without question, or resistence. Once we were feared by everyone, and seen as the future of the human race. Now we cling to a land hostile to us at every turn.
Jessie Eisenburg

Bretonia is ruled with absolute authority by its King. This system of Fuedilism is meant to make sure that the entire kingdom is looked after. The King is the absolute power broker in the Kingdom of Bretonia and despite the fact that there are many below him in power he has the total power. He can remove Dukes from office, strip anyone of whatever rank they have in basically a whim. The King for this reason is someone that if not ruling properly can lead to chatostrophic moments.

List of Bretonian Kings

Name Ruling Family Reign Death
Charlamagne Eisenburg House Eisenburg 3950 to 3989 (39 Years) Died of Sickness
Louis Eisenburg House Eisenburg 3989 to 4011 (22 Years) Died at Battle of Orleans
Pepin Eisenburg House Eisenburg 4011 to 4016 (5 Years) Died at Battle of Viche
Louis Eisenburg II. House Eisenburg 4016 to 4067 (51 Years) Died of Sickness
Fraticelli Eisenburg I. House Eisenburg 4496 to 4523 (27 Years) Died of Sickness
Fraticelli Eisenburg II. House Eisenburg 4523 to 4557 (34 Years) Died fasting 
Fraticelli Eisenburg IV. House Eisenburg 4557 to 4599 (42 Years) Killed near Londinium 
Valentius Eisenburg II. House Eisenburg 4599 to 4642 (43 Years) Killed during Bretonian Invasion of England
Charlamagne Eisenburg III. House Eisenburg 4642 to 4645 (3 Years) Killed at Battle of Mercia
Fraticelli Eisenburg VI. House Eisenburg 4645 to 4674 (29 Years) Died of Sickness
Louis Eisenburg V. House Eisenburg 4812 to 4819 (7 Years) Assassinated near Castle Les Compiere
Tanlian Eisenberg House Eisenburg 5081 to 5108 (27 Years) Died at the Battle of Viche
Maltivian Eisenberg House Eisenburg 5108 to 5109 (1 Year) Alive
Jesse Eisenburg House Eisenburg 5109 - Current Alive

Queen of Bretonia

Beside the King rules the largely ceremonial position of the Queen. The Queen though has some surprising powers that create a situation that if the King were to fall or become less powerful the Queen could litteraly take control of the Kingdom of Bretonia through the power she has to control the Dukes. The Queen was given these powers over the Dukes during the reign of Mantrian Eisenburg of whom had trouble with several Dukes giving up some of their power because they did not trust him. But during this time they did trust the Queen and so the compromise was that the Queen was given larger powers so that in the case that the King betrayed them the Queen could basically swoop in and save them.

List of Bretonian Queens

Name Ruling Family Reign Death
Marie Eisenburg House Eisenburg 5081 - 5108 (27 Years) Alive
Lindsay Eisenburg House Eisenburg 5120 - Current  Alive

Heir of Bretonia


The King gives rule of individual provinces to the control of his Dukes of whome rule over the provinces within the Kingdom of Bretonia. Once there were 39 Dukes in Bretonia, but with the massive destruction of Bretonia during The War in France the number has declined to just 7. The Dukes are usually hereditary leaders but in terms of possible changed the King can at any point remove the rights of a Duke and replace him with someone of his own choice, although this is done only rarely as it creates a lot of opposition if not done right.

Dukes then pass leadership down to their Lords of whom rule over smaller territories in the name of the Duke, and their King. Their are thus hundreds of Lords throughout the Kingdom of Bretonia of which owe their loyalty to the Duke that makes them in that position.

Duke Dukedom Household Dominent Ethnic Group Capital
Cameron Lancelot Londinium (Province) House Lancelot Franks Londonium
Michael Craig Brusland (Province) House Craig Cornish Aldberg
Abigail Stone Calais (Province) House Stone Franks Lille
Edwar Meinberg Plymouth (Province) House Meinberg Franks Plymouth
Eomer Eadig Rohavion (Province) House Eadig Anglos Edoras
Taran Blewett Cornwall (Province) House Blewett Cornish St Austell
Bryn Aveline III. Kent House Aveline Franks New Ashford
Hunbehrt Nantford West Anglia House Nantford Welsh/Anglos Chelmsford
Richarde Lappage East Anglia House Lappage Anglos Norwich
South Anglia Anglos Thetford
Essex Anglos
Mercia Anglos
David Polton IV. Wessex House Polton Franks Winchester



The Kingdom of Bretonia was different from the other large kingdoms within Europe in that it was dominated by the Frankish ethnicity. This Frankish domination continued for much of their history but when England became a province the Franks begin to emmigrate their to suplement the population with more loyal citizens of Bretonia, and by the time of the Fall of France there were large numbers of Franks in England. The Franks would retreat on mass to England during the Fall of France further supllementing the population of Franks in England and allowing the continuation of a Frankish Kingdom but things had changed in England. As the KIngdom of Bretonia expanded in England they had brought more and more Anglos into their ranks and now they were a serious player in the Kingdom of Bretonia to the point that they needed to rewarded with positions of ranks or elce their might be trouble. Alongside the two major ethnic groups in english Bretonia there exists a large minority group in the form of the Cornish, and the Welsh with the Welsh dominating the dutchy of West Anglia and the Cornish dominating the dutchies of Cornwall and Brusland. 

Ethnicity Share of Population
Franks 54%
Anglos 32%
Cornish 8%
Welsh 6%


The Kingdom of Bretonia was converted to the religion of Christianity following the successful Proselytism of Mathew the Apostle and founded the National Church of Fraticelli after the first Arch-Bishop of Bretonia, and since this day the Kingdom of Bretonia has been near exclusively Christian with other religions barely accepted.

Religion Share of Population
Christians 72%
Localized 14%
Old Gods 14%

Noble Houses

Name Seat Title Leader
House Eisenburg Eyrie Royal Family Jesse Eisenberg
House Eadig Edoras Duke Eomer Eadig


Major Cities of Bretonia

Name Location Lord Ruling House Population
Londinium Londinium (Province) Cameron Lancelot House Lancelot Very Large
Edoras Rohavian Eomer Eadig House Eadig Large
Aldburg Brusland Michael Craig House Craig Large
St Austell Cornwall Large

Fortresses of Bretonia

Name Location Lord Ruling House Strength
Eyrie Plymouth Jessie Eisenburg House Eisenburg Very Strong
Helms Deep Rohavian