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Kingdom of Lucerne
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Lucerne in Light Blue in Central Europe
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William Lovie III. stands as the King of Lucerne
Type of Goverment Feudalistic Monarchy
Head of State King of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Secondary Leaders Lords of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Location Central Europe, south of The Empire, and north of Rome.
Capital Lucerne
Languages German in the north, Italian in central, and south
Demonym Lucernians
Religion Dragon Worship
Races, and Ethnicity Germanic in the majority, with sizeable amounts of Italians, Atlantians, and Franks.
Population Placeholder

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a large human kingdom that extends south from the Mountains of Lucerne, and has come to dominate the Valley of Lucerne of which is a region that even the legendary Empire of Numeron came to find to be to difficult a land to tame. The Kingdom of Lucerne under the rule of William Lovie III. has been reformed to such an extent that it more resembles and Empire then a Kingdom with the names of Titles being the only holdouts of the old smaller Kingdom era of the Lucernians.

The Kingdom is ruled by an hereditary family called the Lovie Family, of whom traveled southward towards the Valley of Lucerne during the days of the Great Migration. House Lovie has ruled through the use of a feudalistic system where they have placed for the most part loyal and powerful houses in positions of power over the towns while they themselves hold the control of the central town of Lucerne. The next level of power beneath the power of the Kingship is the role of the Arch Lords of whom dominate specific areas of the Kingdom of Lucerne. These Arch Lords rule over the most powerful of the houses of Lucerne, and are the most influential members of the Kingdom of Lucerne's government outside of the King himself.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a major producer of raw materials for trade, and it is this export based economy that has defined them for much of their history. They are rich in nearly every kind of metal, and natural resources due to the existence and domination they hold over the very rich veins of the Mountains of Lucerne.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is dominated by Germans throughout seventy percent of the lands, but in the other areas it has a sizeable proportion of Italians. The Kingdom from the foundation of the land was overcome by the Italians, and the Atlantians but following the collapse of the Empire of Numeron the Atlantians retreated eastward into the lands of Gondor. The Italians would become slowly pushed out as the Vandals, and other Germanic Tribes slowly pushed into the Valley of Lucerne. The Gemans are mainly adopting of the Vandals and this is the highest proportion of Vandals that live in any area of Europe outside of Norway and other smaller kingdoms of northern Westbridge.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is the largest and most centralized kingdom in Europe, and the Earth that worships Dragonoph. In Northern Lucerne stands the center of the religion in the form of Hrothgar, and the priests of the Dragonoph religion are in their vast majority born and raised in Lucerne giving them a Lucernian centralization that most other religions have elsewhere. The Kingdom of Lucerne following the disagreement with The Empire has begin pushing Dragonoph externally, and this has led to a bush war in Dresdan of which is more then likely the sign of further conflicts to come due to Lucerne's new open pro-Dragonoph position under William Lovie III.

Founded following the Human Dwarf victory at the end of the Driving Tide, the Kingdom of Lucerne has founded a relatively large Kingdom in the Lucernian valley of Central Europe. Usually the Kingdom of Lucerne is relatively peacefull on the homefront but their stability has been threatened by the madness of two of the Lovie Kings in the form ofJohn Lovie, who killed the heir to the throne then turned to the service of Sauron. And to the madness of Bill Lovie who lost his mind following the destruction of the Human army during the Battle of Lyons, and was only ousted after a determine campaign by his son the current King William Lovie III. Most recently the Kingdom of Lucerne has engaged in a brutal campaign for survival in their south after King Bill Lovie set a trap for the city of Tree Hill and brought in Orcs in secret of whome nearly wiped the city out. After eight years of siege the city was primed to fall but the efforts of William Lovie III. during The Journey resulted in the saving of Tree Hill, and following his rise to King the city has begun to regrow. Under William Lovie III. the Kingdom has underwent massive expansion in all directions. The first of the expansions was when William Lovie was able to threaten and intimidate those holdouts in The Riverlands into surrendering to the power of House Tully which would lead to the entire region of The Riverlands joining with the Kingdom of Lucerne. A massive invasion of Westbridge would be launched following this which would lead to the massive land growth of Lucerne once again when they took control of the vast lands of Westbridge and the massive city of Westbridge itself. Following the massive growth the Kingdom of Bolten would launch a large scale invasion of the allied Lucernian state of the Divine Lands of which led to the fall of Juetenburg and the event known as the Siege of Koenisburg. After retreating from Koenisburg the forces of Bolten were massacred at Green River, the massive city of Karhold would come under siege, Juetenburg was retaken and the Lannisters entered the Dreadfort area. 


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The Kingdom of Lucerne is based in Central Europe and dominates itself inside the Valley of Lucerne. It borders in the south the italian Penisela, in the east it borders both Gondor, and Westros, while in the north it borders the Kingdom of Alcase, and many of the central independants, while in the west it borders France as well as parts of Weerhousen in the northern part of the kingdom. The wide breathe that is the Kingdom of Lucerne means they border completely different kinds of peoples, kingdoms, and even species in the case of France which is dominated by the Orcs.

Rivers in Lucerne

Main Article : Rhine River, Greenhave River

Rhine River

Rhine Tributory

The vast river Rhine runs parrelel to the eastern border of the Kingdom, and it is a major lifeblood of the Kingdom of Lucerne in the east. Running along the entire eastern border it has become even more important as the control of Lucerne expanded into lorderon, the Riverlands, and Lorderon. The Rhine River contains many settlements that are of exceptional importance to the Kingdom of Lucerne in the form of :

Along the Rhine River are two major tributaries in the form of the Brhine River, and the Trhine River of which flow outward from the Rhine and form two other very important rivers in the Valley of Lucerne. The Brhine River flows westward from Westbridge and makes its way westward towards both Paris, and in the north the Lowlands. The Trhine River flows eastward from the Lorderon flux, towards the crater of Westros.

Greenhave River

Greenhave River

The other major river of the Valley of Lucerne is the Greenhave river which flows from the depths of the Mountain of Lucerne, and southward all the way to the Italian Peninsela. The Greenhave river is perhaps even more important then the actual Rhine River and it is definetly more populated as along the Greenhave river sits the majority of the population of the Kingdom of Lucerne. From the northern end of the Greenhave the port of Grisons to the southern port of Tamins the river is the main route of the trade that passes throughout the Valley of Lucerne. The Greenhave has many tributaries but the main two are the Redhave, and the Tranhave rivers of which the Tranhave river splits off westerward around Forks and moves towards Hillsbrad and then out of the Valley into France, while the Redhave moves eastward towards the Rhine River where it connects around the Island of Frey.

Grand States in Lucerne

Main Article : Provinces in Lucerne

Province Capital Ruling House Arch Lord
Crownlands Lucerne House Lovie William Lovie III.
Westerlands Hillsbrad House Greymane Genn Greymane
Forks Forks House Swan Charlie Swan
Tristfall Berne House Arryn Byron Arryn
Stormlands Tree Hill House Scott Dan Scott
Grand State of the Dragon's Valley Brill House Swift House Swift
Westbridge Westbridge House Labeouf Harry Labeouf
Lorderon Lorderon House Menathil Calia Menathil
Riverlands Riverrun House Tully Hoster Tully
Grand State of Winterfell Winterfell

House Starke

Eddard Starke

Grand State of Castamere Castamere House Lannister Tywin Lannister
Grand State of Hearthfall Hearthglen House Scarlet

Locations of Importance

Throughout Lucerne there are many sites of importance. These sites include the Major cities of the Kingdom, military bases, and Unique spots. The Cities of Lucerne are those settlements that are either the capital of a Grand State, or have a population that is beyond fifty thousand.

Cities of the Kingdom

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Population
Lucerne House Lovie Dragonoph Vandal Placeholder
Stormwind Dragonoph Vandal, Ostrogoths Placeholder
Highgarden House Tyrell
Castamere House Marbrand
Hillsbrad House Greymane

Towns of Lucerne

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Populataion
Brill House Swift
Surdenfane House Mallister
Braedin House Curtley
Drinlin House Estermont

Noteable Villages

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Population
Marburg House Ordos
Raerin House Plaup
Patria House Scott
Bedroogen House Jackson

Castles In the Kingdom of Lucerne

Name Garrison Noble Control Location
Castle Stragnarax
White Hill
The Underfort
The Eyes
Runestone House Royce

Unique Sites


Main Article :Goverment in Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is governed as a Feudalistic Absolute monarchy governed by the Dynasty of House Lovie who hold major constitutional powers. Standing beneath the Monarchy of the Kingdom of Lucerne is the Congress of Lucerne which contains the different layers of the feudal government within an upper and lower congress. Most recently the reign of William Lovie III. has formed another element to this second tier in the form of the Senate of Lucerne which contains his newly formed Orders of the Dragon.

Monarchy of Lucerne

King of Lucerne

Main Article : King of Lucerne

The kingdom is ruled by hereditary kings from the ranks of House Lovie. The king has absolute power, but must under mandate meet on a semi-annual basis with the Lords of Lucerne. There have been 5 Kings of Lucerne and 1 interim leader in its history, and it unique to know that of those 2 have been lost to madness and brought extreme shame to the Kingdom

List of Kings of Lucerne
King of Lucerne Reign Length of Reign (Years)
William Lovie 4977 - 5025 48
Regency Council 5025 - 5027 2
William Lovie II. 5027 - 5028 1
John Lovie 5028 - 5031 3
Regency Council 5031 - 5044 13
James Lovie 5044 - 5090 46
Regency Council 5090 - 5093 3
James Lovie II. 5092 - 5124 32
William Lovie III. 5124 - Current

Queen of Lucerne

Main Article : Queen of Lucerne

The Queen of Lucerne is a position of great honor, and importance in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and for this reason their is usually a lot of discussion about the wives of the incoming Kings. For instance the wife of James Lovie was Queen of Lucerne and she is widely recegnized for her rebuilding of the Eye's after they had fallen into serious state of disrepair.

One can look at the Queen as a lobbiest for causes that the King may not be politically motivated, or able to assist in. The current queen of Lucerne is Bella Swan. Bella Swan was raised from an early age to be kind and generous and this has translated well into the Kingdom, as she is one of Andrew's top ears when the issue of public wealfare is discussed.

List of Queens of Lucerne
King Queen
William Lovie Jeane Lovie (House Swan)
William Lovie II. Lillian Targaryan
John Lovie Katheryn Lovie (House Scarlet)
Jacob Vorn IV. None Crowned
James Lovie Margeary Lovie (House Ordos)
James Lovie II.
  1. Esme Portmane. Divorced
  2. Lisa Tyrell
William Lovie III.
  1. †  Bella Swan. Died during Childbirth
  2. Leven Martell

Heir of Lucerne

The current heir to the throne of Lucerne is the young William Lovie IV. Behind William Lovie IV. is Williams oldest son Thomas Lovie who is illegitimate due to the mother being Amber Heard II., but was logitimized by the king following the Battle of Berne. Also there is Riley Scott, who is another illegitimate son of whom was not logitimized due to the political ramifications.


The Archbishop or the Kings advisor is the right hand man of the King. This position is usually held by one person for the entire time of the reign but there have been instances where there have been more then one during the reign of a King.

King Arch Chancellor Grand Chancellor
William Lovie
  • Martin Cullen.
    • Died of Old age
  • David Swift.
    • Abdicted upon death of William Lovie
John Lovie
  • Aryes Targaryan.
    • Murdered during the Red Supper
  • Marvin Backstrom.
    • Killed during the fall of John Lovie
Jacob Vorn IV.
James Lovie
James Lovie II.
William Lovie III.

Lords of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is an absolute monarchy ruled over by House Lovie but beneath the Monarchy of House Lovie stands a tier of lords that while named lords stand as kings in terms of power, and these tiers flow down to the lowest wrungs of the government of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Title (Male) Title (Female) Holdings Notes
Arch Lord Arch Lady Grand State
Arch Duke Arch Dutchess State
Grand Lord Grand Lady Grand Province
Earl Viscount Principality
Baron Baroness Province
Landsgrave Landgravine County
Burgraves Burgravine Barony
Edelherr Freiherr Castle
Burghers Burghress Portion of City
Frelherr Einherr Village

Arch Lord of Lucerne

Main Article : Arch Lord of Lucerne

See Also : King's Council

The Arch Lords of Lucerne are the absolute top tier of the realm of Lucerne, and their power is the only one below perhaps the Kings Advisor, and of course the King himself. The Lords of Lucerne are chosen from the ruling house of what are deemed the Lord Cities, of which are the most powerful and important cities in the Kingdom of Lucerne. This is true in all cases except for the city of Stormwind where the city contains two Lords, but most basically say that House Lannister is the Lord of Lannistane while House Starke rules over Stormwind.

The King's Advisor is a special Lord of whom is appointed by the King of Lucerne and is basically the man that is taken in order to do the bidding of the King. The King's Advisor was created because there were four Lords and thus they needed one more to break the deadlock if one should appear amongst the Lords at the Council.

The Lords of Lucerne rule over their individual lands with the control that one might deem a King to have, but there true power lies with their excistence on the King's Council where they all have a seat. The King's Council is the place where the major decisions of the Kingdom of Lucerne are sorted out, and in this way they are all required to go to every meeting unless a suitable reason can be found.

Grand State Arch Lord Seat Counciller
Grand State of Castamere Jamie Lannister Castamere Cersei Lannister
Grand State of Winterfell Eddard Starke Winterfell
Grand State of Forks Charlie Swan Forks
Grand State of the Stormlands Tree Hill
Grand State of the Westerlands Hillsbrad
Grand State of Lorderon Lorderon
Grand State of the Dragon's Valley Timone Swift Brill William Swift
Grand State of the Riverlands Riverrun
Grand State of Tristfall Berne
Grand State of Westbridge Westbridge
Grand State of the Crownlands William Lovie III. Lucerne
Grand State of Bronheim Bronheim

The Lords Council was for most of the history of Lucerne only a five person council, and under Andrew it has increased dramatically to nine. The main reason for this expansion was the growth in the cities and towns of Lucerne following the construction craze in Andrew's early tenure. During this time Brill, and Hillsbrad became proper cities in Lucerne, and the city of Hearthglen was constructed. As well as this Lorderon was annexed by Lucerne and its size dictated a Lord's seat.

It is important to note that all the Lords of Lucerne Lord over a council of their own, which is made up of the Thanes, and Yarls of their region of control. So in this way the Thanes, and Yarls of Lucerne are also represented.

Arch Duke

City Council

While a city is technically the personal land of the King and then given to a noble family beneath this leadership lies the City Council.

  • Burgomaster : Mayor of the Town.
  • Deputy Burgomaster : Vice Mayor of the Town
  • Minister of Coin
  • Ratmann : Head of the Diet
  • Hochmeister : Commander of the Cities defence
  • Ordenmarshal : Secondary Commander of the Cities Defence

Lucernian Congress

Upper Congress

Lower Congress

Dragon Orders

Main Article : Dragon Orders of Lucerne

Under William Lovie III. the organization and centralization of the Kingdom was the main process and in this way he went about creating a number of new organizations and orders that would centralize the different aspects of the Kingdom. The Order's are lumped into four categores and each Category except for the other's has an overall leader that leads all the orders within that specific category.

Military Orders

The first of the four categories of the Dragon orders are the military dragon orders. These dragon orders are responsible for their specific aspect of war and defence. The Grand Thane is the second in command behind the King, and when it comes to the actual day to day running of the different Orders he is the main facilitator. His main action is to make sure that the orders within his control are running smoothly.

The Current Grand Thane is

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Red Dragon Central Army of Lucerne
Order of the Golden Dragon Bodyguards Bernd Von Yernese
Order of the Blue Dragon Magi Order Khadgar
Order of the Violet Dragon Central Intelligence/Espionage Ezio Ederiz

Economic Orders

The economic dragon orders are responsible for the internal, and external economic movements of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Grey Dragon Infrustructure Leonardo Mevinlo Lucerne
Order of the Black Dragon Trade/Economics Matthew Hale
Order of the Silver Dragon Research

Diplomatic Orders

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Green Dragon Diplomacy Nicoli Machiavelli
Order of the Dragon Religion


See Also : Nobility of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is dominated by Germans throughout seventy percent of the lands, but in the other areas it has a sizeable proportion of Italians. The Kingdom from the foundation of the land was overcome by the Italians, and the Atlantians but following the collapse of the Empire of Numeron the Atlantians retreated eastward into the lands of Gondor. The Italians would become slowly pushed out as the Vandals, and other Germanic Tribes slowly pushed into the Valley of Lucerne. The Gemans are mainly adopting of the Vandals and this is the highest proportion of Vandals that live in any area of Europe outside of Norway and other smaller kingdoms of northern Westbridge.

Population Centers of the Kingdom of Lucerne

Valley of Lucerne

Name Title Holder Population
Forks House Swan 292,000
Tree Hill House Scott 19,000
Kiel House Mountain 78,000
Lucerne House Lovie 187,000
Stormwind Contested 65,000
Duskenvale House Darkmore 75,000
Winterfell House Starke 37,000
Hillsbrad House Greymane 58,000
Fogtown House Highport 88,000
Lowport House Lowport 45,000
Brill House Swift 71,000
Hearthglen House Scarlet 23,000
Lannistane House Lannister 81,000
Bronheim House Bardwyn 103,000
Highgarden House Tyrell 72,000
Eastport House Anthor 21,000
Gulltown House Shephard 105,000
Lole House Clegane 47,000
Berne House Darkmore 55,000
Tenade House Baratheon 43,000
Drinlin House Estermont 19,000
Total Major Urban Population (Valley of Lucerne) 1,559,000
Lorderon House Menathil 152,000
Riverrun House Tully 106,000
Boralus House Proudmoore 63,000
Deephome House Cole 83,000
Jeutenburg 43,000
Hornwood House Hornwood 73,000
Karhold 115,000
Koenisburg 93,000
Westbridge House Labeouf 194,000
Fairmarket 57,000
Westian 43,000
Total Major Urban Population (Outside of Valley of Lucerne) 1,024,000
Total Major Urban Population (Kingdom of Lucerne) 2,620,000


The Ethnicity of the Kingdom of Lucerne is devided into the largely Germanic population, and several other humanoid ethnic groups. The Vandals are vast majority of the population, but behind the Vandals stand the other germanic groups with the Goths in a close second. Following the capture of the Riverlands, and Fairmarket a large number of Brannish became a part of the Kingdom and have become a sizeable percentage of the overal kingdom though far behind the Vandals, and Goths. With the annexation of Lorderon, and Kul Tiras the Atlantians came into the kingdom and joined the sizeable Atlantian population conquered during the War with Gondor.

Ethnicity Share of Population

German Population

German Share of Population


The Kingdom of Lucerne is a free practising State, where people are free to choose their religion. There are no penalties placed on religions other then Emperor worship, which was a decision made after the Arnor War. This is a fact of great contention between Lucere, and The Empire who is the main believer in Emperor worship. Now while there is no outright penalty it is known that because the ruling regime in the Lovie Family is Dragon followers and that they are more supportive of people who are Dragon followers as well.

There are three major religions that exist in Lucerne in any significant number. Each of three religions can be defined greatly by their numbers within the Kingdom and within the major cities.

Religion in Lucerne Percentage




Christianity 6%
Animalistic 3%
Empire Worship  1%

Dragon Worship in Lucerne

See Also : Dragon Worship

Dragon Worship is the religion of the Lovie family, and for this reason is the prodominent religion in the Kingdom. The Lovie Family has pushed the worship of the Dragon greatly throughout all of their kings, except for Bill . This includes being the primary supplier of funds for the construction of new temples, as well as providing the supplies required for the Dragon Priests to work full time at their craft.

The site for royal weddings is at the major Dragon Worship church in the kingdom, and Dragon worship maintains temples in every town, and in most of the small villages in Lucerne.

Christianity in Lucerne

See Also : Christianity


Since the birth of the Man god Jesus , the spread of his religion has been strong throughout Araby and into the Roman Empire . This spread has had difficulty merging into Central Europe where the Dragon worship of Lucerme, and Gondor have halted the spread. Even with this Christianity is the second largest religion in the Kingdom, its man area is centered in Tree Hill of which was predominetly Christian. The destruction of Tree Hill has significantly reduced the number of christians in the Kingdom, as well as halting the inroad of Christianity into other areas. All major families hailing from Tree Hill are Christian.

Since the rebuilding of Tree Hill , the new Order of the Dragon has come along with it, and brought a taste of a well organized Dragon movement which is stifling all attempts to regrow Christianity in Tree Hill.

Athiesm in Lucerne

The lack of religon is a sizeable number of citizens within the Kingdom. Athiesm is noteable for not having any practising major families, a fact that has made it's number continuesly decline.

Houses of Lucerne

Houses of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Royal House of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Royal House: House Lovie · House Bell
Arch Lords Houses
Arch Lords: House Swan · House Scott · House Lannnister · House Greymane · House Scarlet · House Menathil · House Starke · House Swift · House Labeouf
Arch Duke Houses
Arch Dukes: House Arryn · House Tully · House Ordos · House Hale · House Vorn · House Shephard · House Mallister · House Proudmoore · House Merryjones · House Lancave · House Banner
Grand Lord Houses
Grand Lords: House Highmore · House Martell · House Cullen · House Faraday · House McCarty · House Jackson · House Anthor · House Tyrell · House James · House Elric · House Crane · House Clegane · House Black · House Yernese · House Dogget · House Reyne · House Tarback · House Crowley · House Godfrey · House Braxton · House Baratheon · House Amber · House Tarly House Mien · House Moyer · House Fraizen · House Hunder · House Wellian · House Orllion · House Kendrick · House Griffon · House Hirsh · House Heard · House Krinner · House Dorin · House Darkwood · House Brent · House Cera · House Blackwood · House Mountain · House Vain · House Aven · House Kilgor · House Scorpian · House Mudd
Barons Houses
Barons: House Royce · House Percy · House Vaith · House Moore · House Sand · House Denali · House Davion · House Oakheart · House Bulwer · House Gaimen · House Mangles · House Crakehall · House Fossoway of New Barrel · House Fossoway of Ceder Hall · House Fladen · House Benden · House Pump · House Konie · House Voner · House Estermont · House Plaup · House Mormont · House Criston · House Cupps · House Kane
Counts Houses
Counts: House Rosby · House Trant · House Toland · House Termont · House Vune · House Lancave
Knightly Houses
Knightly Houses: House Steinmare · House Aubern · House Tolhmave · House Veutuse
Extinct and Exiled Houses
Extinct Houses: House Nighting · House Jestife


Main Article : Culture of the Kingdom of Lucerne

Dragon Knight

Main Article :Dragon Knight

First Knight.jpg

Dragon Knights are members of a select group of Dragon worshippers that have been inducted into the Knighthood by a felllow Knight. While obstensivly a religious organization, and title the Dragon Knights of the recent years have become like minor nobles as they can gain land, and hold a higher position that has mainly been one of military action.Dragon Knights occupy a social standing between that of lords and smallfolk, and it is in this position that they truly make their names. Contrary to the nobility, this rank is not hereditary, and it is possible for the baseborn to become knights. Dragon Knights are referred to with the title "Ser", which donates a certain amount of respect for everything that the knight is believed to have accomplished.


The Palatine is the name of the retinue held by a noblemen of certain classes within the nobility of the Kingdom of Lucerne. Only certain classes of the aristocracy were authorized to have their own Palatine.

  • Patriarch of Burgrave and above Noble Family :
  • Heir of Landsgrave and above Noble Family :
  • Entire Family of Arch Duke and Above Noble Family :


The custom in the feudal society of the Kingdom of Lucerne is that commoners, peasants, and smallfolk only have personal names, and it is the province of nobles and highborn to keep family names. In some states, and provinces there are rules where commoners and smallfolk may take specific surnames of which they can live as such as "Page" in Lucerne. Bastards, however, may not take a noble house’s name, but take common surnames based on the land of their origin, such as “Snow” in the North. Characters from the Free Cities follow a variety of name conventions, with either a single personal name, a name and surname, or even more.

Bastards in Lucerne

Main Article : Bastardy

A bastard is a person whose parents, at the time of their birth, were not married to each other. As a polite way of referring to someone who is bastard-born, someone may be referred to as a 'natural son' or 'natural daughter.' A less polite term, indicative of the social stigma against bastards, is "baseborn." A euphemism for being bastard-born is "being born on the wrong side of the sheets." If both parents of a bastard are nobles then the child is not considered "baseborn."


Another class of surnames exists for those knighted by the nobility class in the form of Errantry Noble Families. These Errantry families will take on the surname of the noble house that knighted them through the use of a Suffix following their noble families surname. While the original knight simply adds "of " as a prefix to the noble families surname the family that this new knight creates become known by this new errantry surname. Example :

  • Knight A : Johan
  • Noble Lord : David Ordos
  • Knight A Becomes : Johan of Ordos
  • Errentry Family Becomes : Tobias Ordos-Fin, Lialla Ordos-Fin

Cadet Branch

Another class of surnames exists for those legitimized by the nobility class in the form of Cadet Noble Families. These Cadet families will take on the surname of the noble house that legitimized them through the use of a Suffix following their noble families surname. While the original cadet simply adds "of" as a prefix to the noble families surname the family that this new cadet creates become known by this new cadet surname. Example :

  • Cadet A : Hanna
  • Noble Lord : Alexandros Scarlet
  • Cadet A Becomes : Hanna of Scarlet
  • Cadet Family Becomes : Lucifer Scarlet-En, Lianna Scarlet-En


Commoners can take on many forms within the Kingdom of Lucerne with regards to surnames :


Example :

  • Commoner A : Hanna of Lehaven - Takes on surname of place of birth
  • Commoner B : Hanna of Lerman - Takes on surname of Noble Family of Loyalty
  • Commoner C : Hanna of the Guild of Runes - Takes on surname of Guild of Loyalty
  • Commoner A : Hanna Numeterix of Lerman - Takes on surname of Noble Family of Loyalty, adding Dragonoph Holy Nine member of fathers choice.


The Shulting was an event in a the youth of a person within the noble class of the Kingdom of Lucerne where they were basically led into the forest and left there with nothing but a torch and a compass to find there way back home. While the event was originally dangerous with deaths being a commonplace it eventually became more ceremonial with the area of the Shulting being guarded by armed men and warning given to the person doing the Shulting.


Main Article : Halskette

The Halskette is a cultural item worn by all members of the Kingdom of Lucerne as an indication of social status. The Halskette is a necklace created by the Lucernian Guild of Jewelsmiths, and is a permanent item that cannot be removed lest one become a social outcast, and while the design varies greatly the locking mechanism on the necklace remains the same.


Main Article : Education in the Kingdom of Lucerne

The education system of the Kingdom of Lucerne would be divided into two different types : The Monastic Schools, and the Guild of High Scholastic. The Monastic Schools would cover all religious led schooling and while the Valley of Lucerne was a majority Dragonoph nation there were also large populations worshiping Christianity, The Holy Seven, or as the Kingdom has expanded R'hlorr. The Guild of High Scholastic would cover the guild that controlled what could be defined as the university system of the nation, and by royal decree this was the only group given the ability to open such schools.

Law and Justice

Main Article : Kingdom of Lucerne Justice System

Lords have judicial power in cases arising in their domains, while landed knights are sometimes Lords in all but name, only the Lords are given the right to administer the high justice for capital penalty. It is a lords duty to keep the peace, hear petitions, and meet out justice and punishments, all in the name of his lord, and ultimately, in the name of the king. The lords may entrust task to their sworn lords, Landed knights, and bailiffs. To help them keep the peace, local judgement s and overseeing hangings. If the lord is unable to give sentencing, it's up to the lord of the great house holding dominion in that area and eventually the king to give sentencing, as the final authority.

The Lord or his officers, would hold local courts, listens to petitions and accusations and rules based on the evidence and law. Although the Kingdom of Lucerne has a Master of Laws, which suggest some form of Statutory law, it's largely based on local custom and wisdom rather than justice. as such it's sometimes wise to look the other way to keep the peace. This has changed dramatically under the rule of William Lovie III. of whom has turned the lawyer of the Master of Laws against those that do not heed the tradition of the realm.

Divorce in Lucerne

The laws for divorce are varied throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne. This is due to the Edict of the Council of 5088 where James Lovie I. pushed for the divorce laws to be handled on the Grand State Level.

Grand State Law Control Held By Divorce Laws
Grand State of the Crownlands Pontifex of the Order of the Dragon Petition Based (Order of the Dragon)
Grand State of the Stormlands Arch Lord
Grand State of the Westerlands Arch Lord
Grand State of Forks Arch Lord Christian Subjects

*Petition Based (Church of Forks)

Dragonoph Subjects

*Petition Based (Order of the Dragon)

Grand State of Castamere Arch Lord
Grand State of Winterfell Arch Lord

Succession Laws

The Kingdom of Lucerne practices succession laws across the kingdom in the form of Primogeniture of which is the right, by law or custom, of the legitimate, firstborn child to inherit his parent's entire or main estate, in preference to elder illegitimate sons, and collateral relatives. In terms of gender laws the Kingdom of Lucerne statues an open position with each noble family allowed to adhere to their own gender laws of succession, but most popular throughout the kingdom is Agnatic-Cognatic where women can only inherit if there are no eligible male.

Magi in Lucerne

Magi in Lucerne has been a historically important issue for the government of the Kingdom of Lucerne and thus has been handled directly by the monarchy since William Lovie I. Legistlation towards Magi has been as extreme as outright imprisonment/exile under James Lovie I. to the complete diregulation of Magi under William Lovie I.

Guilds of Lucerne

Main Article : Guilds of Lucerne

The Guilds of Lucerne are of the noble class of Lucerne but stand between the noble houses, and the lower level merchant class. Guilds are given further power in the government through the Lucernian Congress where members of the Guilds join the merchant class in membership in the Lucernian Congress which is held yearly and gives them a voice. There are two types of Guild Congressmen in the form of the higher level guilds being Upper Congressmen, while those lower level guilds being Lower Congressmen.

Guilds of Lucerne

Name of Guild Seat Guild Role Tier
Guild of Griffon's Roost Upper
Runestone Guild of Runes Upper
Rosenghard Guild Upper
Guild of High Scholastic Lucernian Academy Leadership of Lucernian Academy system Upper
Runestone Guild of Smithing Upper
Lucernian Guild of Fishing Lucerne Leadership of Fishing in the Valley of Lucerne Upper
Lucernian Guild of Bankers Upper
Crownlands Bankers Guild Lower

Foreign Relations

Nation Trade Status Agreements Historical Conflicts Current Status
Gondor Open Military Alliance Allies
Roman Empire Closed Borders None Neutral
Frey Empire Open Non-Agression Pact Neutral
Tevinter Empire Closed Borders None War
High Forest Open Miltary Alliance Allies