Kingdom of Lucerne
Kingdom of Lucerne
Europe Political
Lucerne in Light Blue in Central Europe
William Lovie III.3
William Lovie III. stands as the King of Lucerne
Type of Goverment Feudalistic Monarchy
Head of State King of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Secondary Leaders Lords of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Location Central Europe, south of The Empire, and north of Rome.
Capital Lucerne
Languages German in the north, Italian in central, and south
Demonym Lucernians
Religion Dragon Worship
Races, and Ethnicity Germanic in the majority, with sizeable amounts of Italians, Atlantians, and Franks.
Population Placeholder

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a large human kingdom that extends south from the Mountains of Lucerne, and has come to dominte the Valley of Lucerne of which is a region that even the legendary Empire of Numeron came to find to be to difficult a land to tame. The Kingdom of Lucerne under the rule of William Lovie III. has been reformed to such an extent that it more resembles and Empire then a Kingdom with the names of Titles being the only holdouts of the old smaller Kingdom era of the Lucernians.

The Kingdom is ruled by an hereditary family called the Lovie Family, of whome travelled southward towards the Valley of Lucerne during the days of the Great Migration. House Lovie has ruled through the use of a feudalistic system where they have placed for the most part loyal and powerful houses in positions of power over the towns while they themselves hold the control of the central town of Lucerne. The next level of power beneath the power of the Kingship is the role of the Arch Lords of whom dominate specific areas of the Kingdom of Lucerne. These Arch Lords rule over the most powerful of the houses of Lucerne, and are the most influencial members of the Kingdom of Lucerne's goverment outside of the King himself.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a major producer of raw materials for trade, and it is this export based economy that has defined them for much of their history. They are rich in nearly every kind of metal, and natural resources due to the excistence and domination they hold over the very rich veins of the Mountains of Lucerne.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is dominated by Germans throughout seventy percent of the lands, but in the other areas it has a sizeable proportion of Italians. The Kingdom from the foundation of the land was overcome by the Italians, and the Atlantians but following the collapse of the Empire of Numeron the Atlantians retreated eastward into the lands of Gondor. The Italians would become slowly pushed out as the Vandals, and other Germanic Tribes slowly pushed into the Valley of Lucerne. The Gemans are mainly adopting of the Vandals and this is the highest proportion of Vandals that live in any area of Europe outside of Norway and other smaller kingdoms of northern Westbridge.

The Kingdom of Lucerne is the largest and most centralized kingdom in Europe, and the Earth that worships Dragonoph. In Northern Lucerne stands the center of the religion in the form of Hrothgar, and the priests of the Dragonoph religion are in their vast majority born and raised in Lucerne giving them a Lucernian centralization that most other religions have elsewhere. The Kingdom of Lucerne following the disagreement with The Empire has begin pushing Dragonoph externally, and this has led to a bush war in Dresdan of which is more then likely the sign of further conflicts to come due to Lucerne's new open pro-Dragonoph position under William Lovie III.

Founded following the Human Dwarf victory at the end of the Driving Tide, the Kingdom of Lucerne has founded a relatively large Kingdom in the Lucernian valley of Central Europe. Usually the Kingdom of Lucerne is relatively peacefull on the homefront but their stability has been threatened by the madness of two of the Lovie Kings in the form of John Lovie, who killed the heir to the throne then turned to the service of Sauron. And to the madness of Bill Lovie who lost his mind following the destruction of the Human army during the Battle of Lyons, and was only ousted after a determine campaign by his son the current King William Lovie III. Most recently the Kingdom of Lucerne has engaged in a brutal campaign for survival in their south after King Bill Lovie set a trap for the city of Tree Hill and brought in Orcs in secret of whome nearly wiped the city out. After eight years of siege the city was primed to fall but the efforts of William Lovie III. during The Journey resulted in the saving of Tree Hill, and following his rise to King the city has begun to regrow. Under William Lovie III. the Kingdom has underwent massive expansion in all directions. The first of the expansions was when William Lovie was able to threaten and intimidate those holdouts in The Riverlands into surrendering to the power of House Tully which would lead to the entire region of The Riverlands joining with the Kingdom of Lucerne. A massive invasion of Westbridge would be launched following this which would lead to the massive land growth of Lucerne once again when they took control of the vast lands of Westbridge and the massive city of Westbridge itself. Following the massive growth the Kingdom of Bolten would launch a large scale invasion of the allied Lucernian state of the Divine Lands of which led to the fall of Juetenburg and the event known as the Siege of Koenisburg. After retreating from Koenisburg the forces of Bolten were massacred at Green River, the massive city of Karhold would come under siege, Juetenburg was retaken and the Lannisters entered the Dreadfort area. 


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The history of Lucerne has on each occasion been driven by the capabilities and often times mental sanity of the ruling member of the Lovie family. It could be said quite easily that which ever way the Lovie Family goes so to does the Kingdom of Lucerne.

The Driving Tide

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Founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne was founded following the events of the Driving Tide in 5 A.D . Fresh from their victory in the war, the Dwarves of Karak Izor wished to repay their debt, and William asked them to build them a city worthy of being a capital. The Dwarves agreed to this deal, and said that they would build a city that would not be able to be destroyed by anyone but themselves. It took the Dwarves over 7 years to finish building the city, and upon seeing the city William tasked his people with building a tower in the back of the city with which to house his Dragon. Following the building of the original city, William Lovie came to power in the city and began plans of annexation of Forks. With William riding on the back of his dragon, Forks submitted to its rule without any bloodshed. The same would be true for the entire Valley of Lucerne, and before anyone knew what had happened William had conquered a kingdom that was nearly equal size as Gondor.

The Fall

See Also : John Lovie , William Lovie II. The Kingdom would continue to gain in power very steadily until the rise of John Lovie. This period was extremely hectic for the Kingdom of Lucerne, and with the main center of attention on Arnor and its war, it was easy for the nobles of Lucerne to miss the subtle decline in the mental stability of John Lovie.

The War in Arnor

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Arnor WAR
"The Empire believed they could do anything they wanted to. They believed that their god would somehow protect them from the vengeance of a continent long tired of its behavior. We had to show them the truth of what they had become throughout the years."
-William Lovie II.

The Kingdom of Lucerne was at the time under friendly terms with Arnor, and they had no contact with The Empire, and in fact the Lucernians and The Empire were religiously apposed to eachother's existence. This situation meant that it wasn't a difficult decision about whose side they were going to be on. The only problem was that the Casi Belle was with The Empire, and if Lucerne declared war it might be by themselves, and if Arnor fell then they could be fighting The Empire by themselves. Because of all this Lucerne along with Arnor's other allies stayed out of the early conflict.

"It would be the last moments of the old regime. The War in Arnor was the last time that William Lovie the founder of everything in the valley would be in charge. Watching as he declared war was both awe inspiring and sad. On one hand the control he still weilded was amazing to watch, but on the other hand he couldn't even get out of bed most days during that time and that made you painfully aware of what he was going to become soon."
-John Lovie

The Lucernian declaration of war would eventually come due to the forces of Valeria attacking the western front of Arnor. Since Valeria had never declared war this gave the allies of Arnor their Casi Belle, and in came the forces of Gondor, Lorderon, and Lucerne. The Lucernian Army was led by William Lovie II. who was riding Klaranax on the journey there. When the army arrived in Arnor, they were suprised by the devestation that they found. William brought the army and met up with the Arnor forces around the city of Talheim. It was here where the Lucernians would make their mark.

The War

The Empire was attacking throughout the entire Arnor border, but the region around Talheim was being especially targeted for attacks. This meant that the 10,000 strong Lucerne army was involved in a conflict with hundreds of thousands. If William knew how outnumbered he was he never showed it, and in fact he was raising the moral of the whole war with his famous flights across the border.

The Empire was at a lull in the war

End of the War

Eventually the tide began to turn against the Empire and because of this they began talks for peace. While under this pretence they moved the majority of their armies secretly to the outskirts of the vvery important Arnor city of Gallheim, and prepared to launch a sneak attack on the city. With most of the commanders of the Arnor and assembled allies armies meeting with the delegates for the Empire, the commanders left in Gallheim were completely unprepared for the coming attack.

The attack would quickly capture the city of Gallheim and force the remaining troops of the Alliance to leave Arnor, or face the risk of being stuck there. This didn't sit well with all present but they had no real choice in the matter.

First Lucernian Civil War

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Picking up the ashes

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James Lovie

Following the disapearance of John Lovie the rule of the KIngdom of Lucerne was prepared to be handed over to James Lovie who was the only surviving male in House Lovie after the Bloody Supper and events following had led to the complete annihilation of House Lovie. In a cermonial moment William's best friend Jacob arrived in Lucerne where the advisors of House Lovie in House Scarlet, House Swan, and House Targaryan advised that a council should be set up to maintain the Kingdom until such a point that James reached the age of sixteen or maturity to rule the Kingdom. It was also deemed that James Lovie should have a steward that would act as the King during the time the council was in place, and it was decided that Jacob from House Jacobwould be the perfect person for this task.


With Jacob pulling the strings he went about a process of healing the wounds that had been caused by the madness of John Lovie. In this way he gave titles, and lands to certain houses and individuals that were deemed to be the most damaged by the conflict, and at the same time he heavily rewarded those that had been loyal members to James Lovie, and in that regard to House Lovie. During this time James got older and more mature with every year and Jacob was truly thankful that this was the case as he was being resisted more and more strenuosly as the years went by and the House Lovie loyalists believed that Jacob was attempting to takeover.

Nazgul 2

John Lovie

Hunting of Tavlian

Following the banishment of John Lovie from Lucerne, he came to hear that William Lovie II., had indeed actually fathered a son, and that the son was in Lucerne still. John Lovie was vindictive about William the brother he now completely believed was in the wrong, as in his madness he truly believed he was right. John rode on his black horse, and in his now Nazgul state, through the towns and villages of Lucerne. Never able to enter the houses for fear of his own death, he searched the Kingdom, while at the same time terrorizing it.

Eventually he discovered that William Lovie's son was hiding in the small village of Patria, so he rode immediatly there. When he arrived there Tavlian Lovie was standing in the middle of the center square waiting for him.

"This stops now monster. You try and take me here and now and whatever happens after this duel you stop harrasing the people of this Kingdom."

-Tavlian Lovie

After this John Lovie agreed because he knew this was his chance to end Tavlian and the line of William Lovie II. He also knew eventually Tavlian would leave the Kingdom and then it would be nearly impossible to find him. The two of them dueled for a few minutes but Tavlian was no match for the powerful Nazgul and he was eventually sliced across the neck and killed. John silently walked over and picked up the body of his nephew and placed him on the back of the horse before riding away.

James Lovie

When James reached the point where Jacob and the others believed he was ready to take over, Jacob immediatly went about handing over the mantle of power to his best friends nephew.

Fall of House Targaryan

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Falling again

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Battle of Lyons

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The Plague

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Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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Destruction of Tree Hill

The Journey

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William Lovie III.

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Lucernian Civil War

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Battle of Berne

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The Battle of Berne
This is where this divide ends. After we take this city there is nothing stopping the Kingdom of Lucerne from becoming exactly what we always dreamed it would be.
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas
The fact that Sean was able to escape was a black eye on the Kingdom of Lucerne, and no matter what anyone said as long as he lived there would be no improvement for us. He had to die or else we would be nothing more then a joke to the rest of Europe.
William Lovie III.

With the valley clear of Bill, and Sean Lovie, William went about attempting to gain control by eliminating those that were loyal to his father, but most of all he declared war on his father's supporters and very soon after doing this he came to understand that Sean Lovie had taken control of the city of Berne which he didn't even know existed. Under Alistair Bedregen the loyalists loyal to William were sending word to William outside Berne for the first bit of the control by Sean and thus for this early time they knew many of those loyal to Sean or at least to afraid to resist Sean. With this knowledge William rallied the Order of the Red Dragon, alongside a large force of House Lovie and sent this large force to besiege Berne. When his forces arrived there he they saw that Berne was a death trap, and that while they could feasibly attack the city the casualties would be horrendous and on top of that they might not even succeed. Knowing this William ordered them to dig in, and make sure no assistance came from land, and they were forced to live off the small parcel of land within Berne, and to burn through their internal supplies. With the front door shut for the moment William went about his plan to take control of Berne which would revolve around building a tunnel from Lucerne into the rear of Berne and fighting inside from that direction, while also hoping to starve out the defenders so that they would surrender. As William devised his plan where they would complete the underway in its route to Berne and thus they would break in behind the defenses and take the city from within, the Order of the Red Dragon begin having difficulties holding the main entrance as the Orcs in the region were a constant problem. Knowing they needed to be somewhat quick with their siege they were in trouble as unfortunately the tunneling behind Berne would take some time, and so he needed to block the front of Berne without having his army sitting there for the four years the underway would take to complete.

The Kingdom of Quel'Thalas could either close the gap that existed, or leave it open. It all depended on the whims of Elves, and they had never showed themselves to be willing to take chances in order to help others so I wasn't exactly betting on their assistance.
William Lovie III.

In order to do this William sent emissaries from the Order of the Green Dragon to meet with the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas whose forest extended close to the boundaries of Berne and thus would be able to assist in blocking them in if they so chose to do. The Order of the Green Dragon was sent and led by Demi Hill of whom was accompanied by Franklin Brent and his wife Karyl Reyne who led a force of some six hundred House Brent forces alongside three hundred men led by Dexter Hill to act as guards for the mission. When his emissaries arrived they were greeted by Legolas, and Alleria Windrunner of whom were accompanied by nearly three hundred Sindar Elves, and they would greet them with friendship and take them to Darnassus. Traveling through the woods of Quel'Thalas its Franklin, Karyl, and Demi that discuss the current situation in the area and discover that the Quel'Thalasian Elves are not the only major Elven power in the area as Alleria tells them about Lothlorian. While being there to make an alliance with Quel'Thalas its Demi Hill and Franklin that both make mental notes to discuss also furthering the Lucernian presence in the area by also forming a relationship with the Kingdom of Lothlorian. In Darnassus they would be treated to a beautiful feast and Alleria took Franklin and his wife around the capital before they would have the meeting later that night. Seeing the size and beauty of Darnassus, and the kindness of the Windrunner siblings Franklin would have a very high opinion of the Sindar Elves, and he took this opinion into the meeting that night. At the meeting they found that Quel'Thalas was willing to do this in return for an alliance with them which Demi Hill was quick to give them, as William was more then willing to make an alliance with the Elves. Not just happy with an alliance the it was Alleria Windrunner that would offer Franklin and the members of the Lucernian entourage a chance to visit the Dor'Danil Barrow Den where they would be able to enter the Emarald Dream if they so choose.

Enter the Emerald Dream, and discover who you really are.
Tular Windswift

After discussing what would happen there its the groups decision that they will all accept this gift except for Demi Hill, and outside of Demi they are then taken by Clintar Dreamwalker of whom is the Arch Druid of Quel'Thalas, and Saelar Dewwalker of whom is the Guardian of the Claw and leader of the Dor'danil Barrow, to the Dor'Danil Barrow Dens which are located on the edge of Darnassus. While the group spends several days in the Barrow Dens a letter arrives from William stating that a revolt has broken out in Hillsbrad and since they are closer Franklin is tasked to travel there with all speed and end the revolt. The Quel'Thallasians reveal that they can portal Franklin and a small group to near Hillsbrad as there is a forest there with a way stone and Demi Hill agrees that once he wakes from the Emerald Dream he will go there through the portal and gives the letter to Alleria who will give it to Franklin. Following the agreement its Legalos that would lead a force of some two thousand fighters to a forward forest that they would fortify and from there they would be able to adequately block the Orcs from being able to interfere in any real way. So with the front door closed his forces returned to Lucerne while a small contingent remained along with a larger force of the Elves of Quel'Thalas. Franklin Brent and his group wake from the Emerald Dream and with Alavanna holding a visablly shaken Franklin of whom is in tears as he wakes from the Emerald Dream, and taking him by the arm she leads him to a meeting room where Clintar, and Nylindia wait inside. The group sits together and as Franklin slowly recovers from waking from the Emerald Dream they discuss that Tular, and Alavanna will be joining him as he travels not back to Berne, but instead travels through a portal formed for them in Darnassus taking them to a small forest east of Hillsbrad where Franklin is told William Lovie III. has sent him a letter which after reading Franklin nods and asks for them to take him to the portal. As Demi Hill was leaving to return to Berne it's Alleria Windrunner that said that she would be joining them with some two hundred heavily trained and equipped Sentinels at the main Lucerne camp, and this was once again quickly accepted by Demi Hill.

Meeting Ezio Ederiz

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Mature Ezio
There were two option when it came to Ezio Ederiz. Option one was that he was a trap. Sean had sent him to make us believe him and we would be caught in a trap of his making. Option two was that he was telling the truth. If this was correct then we couldn't just ignore him, but the real question was how would we ever know until it was too late to turn back.
William Lovie III.

As things were happening outside the city and making the siege move positively inside the city there was chaos as Sean Lovie lost his mind and was the source of madness and chaos for the citizens. Ezio after saving the life of Thomas Lovie and watching Allison Arryn die would decide to move aggressively to allow William into the city, and thus would make his way to the western tower and prepare to send a message to the Lucernians sieging the city. Ezio enclosed in the message the entirety that he knew about the defenses of Berne, and a message that the city was ready to be joined with William's forces. He had hoped that if he gave as much information that William would still attack even if he didn't believe Ezio, but he also understood the distinct possiblity that William wouldn't believe him and would just continue to siege the city. Ezio waited at the tower for some time alongside the rebels that he had gained control of, and waited patiently for a response. He got his anwser when a Lucernian messenger approached the tower, and sent a letter up to Ezio. In the letter William told Ezio that he needed to come down from the tower so that they could discuss this, and that no harm would come to him if he did this. For all Ezio knew William had become his fathers son since the last time he had seen him, and thus suffering from the same madness as his brother, but he knew he had to do something so he trusted the devil he didn't know over the mad man that he did. Ezio gave command of the tower over to his top man in the form of Martin Arryn of whom had snuck his way into the tower and convinsed the men to join the rebellion.

ORDER OF THE Golden Dragon
I felt fear being pulled alongside those golden armored men. This whole thing just reminded me why I didn't get personally involved in these political matters. As I regretted my decision to put myself in this kind of danger I remembered the brave look in Amber's eyes as she surrendered herself to save her child. If she could have that kind of strength then I could, and would do everything in my power to save her.
Ezio Ederiz

When Ezio got to the bottom of the tower he was grabbed by some five men all clad in golden armor, and these men escorted him to the Lucernians camp. One of the men identified himself as James Junnsworth and told Ezio that if he planned to harm the king he would be doing it over all of their bodies. When he arrived at the camp he immediatly knew which one William was when he saw the golden haired boy walking up to him in his magnificant armor. Restrained by the men around him he saw how little he was trusted by the arranged forces, but he wasn't bitter as he could understand their fear. He spoke as best he could and told William of what was happening inside the fortress, and that every day they delayed the citizens inside were being killed in ever increasing numbers. As the conversation continued Ezio accompanied William inside his tent with Jasper, Leven, Marcel Lovie II., and Draco Highmore and then spoke openly of the murder of Allison, the rapes, and for Andrew the most horrifying news that Amber Heard was captured and now held in a cage beside Sean's throne. Ezio would at this point tell William about much of the things he had done for his father, and would make William understand that he had done all he could to help him after he had learned how brilliant and how much potential William had. Leven would suggest that during their initial attempts to clear the gatehouse that much of what Ezio suggested he did made sense as to why they found it so easy in certain places to get what they wanted.

Infiltrating the Tower
First Tower

First Tower of Berne Peak

For whatever it was worth I believed him. I looked in his eyes and it told me that he was being truthful. In this world you really have to trust your gut, and my gut was telling me to go all in on this.
William Lovie III.

With Ezio done telling him what was happening William told him he needed some time to think and that while he trusted him, he needed to plan on the best way forward. Ezio told him that he had control of the first tower, and thus he could get some of William's men inside that tower if that would make him feel better about the whole thing. William liked this plan, and it was then that he asked whether or not Hanna Arryn, and her sister Aria were safe inside the city, and Ezio told him that House Arryn was now in hiding in the city outside of Byron Arryn who was being forced to sit and watch Allison's body be violated by Sean Lovie. Andrew was thankful that Hanna was fine, and because of this he told Ezio that he would have his anwser in an hour. With that William called in his commanders and they discussed their options about how to move forward. After talking for some time it became clear that they needed to gather more troops, and especially Andrew wanted to have some of his up and coming leadership involved so that they would feel important to him. He planned to travel to Forks where he would meet with these leaders and make them aware of their involvement and then they would launch the attack. He got Ezio back in the tent, and he told him that he needed to allow his men to take control of the first tower, and that this would amount to his test of loyalty. Ezio agreed without hesitation and left with Jasper, and Leven to make the arrangements of which Franklin Brent would volunteer to command the first forces into the tower. Emmett was left in command of the siege while William was gone alongside the commanders, and this would be the situation that was left as William left for Forks. Franklin Brent would lead a force of men alongside his friend Dexter Hill, and several others of whom they would enter the first tower using massive ropes hung down by the loyalist Arryn rebels within the tower.

Meeting in Forks

Travelling to Forks
It took days to travel to Forks, and days to travel back to Berne, and thus it's hard for me not to wonder what might have been had we of just moved against the fortress with just House Lovie's forces. Atleast I got to see Bella, and it was in the comfort that she offered me that I knew exactly why she was the one for me.
William Lovie III.
After talking to Ezio and having silently infiltrated the first tower with his help William accepted that this was the only plan that had any quick hope of success, and he now felt incredibly rushed due to the threat to the people inside the city of which there were many that he cared for on a deep level. In order to do this he needed the most elite force he could get, so he begin calling his banner houses in, as well as commanding several houses travel to Forks to meet him. All the houses that had been called clearly had to send representatives but when they arrived this mission clearly could be seen as a silent attack that didn't require huge numbers. House Crane, House Swan, House Scarlet, and House Lovie were the houses that would be leading the attack along with leadership from many other houses in Lucerne. Alongside this House Skane, and House Starke were sending numbers led by Robb Starke, and Torgon Skane of whom would join the other forces in entering through the main courtyard once the towers had fallen, or in the worst case even if they didn't fall. As William waited for Bella to arrive so that he could see her, he spent many hours talking with the leadership of the houses that were
Hedrik Clegane III1.
going to be involved of which included Orival Crane of whom he wanted to one day be a very important figure in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and he made this very clear to Orival as they talked. The Arrival of the reinforcements also brought news that House Jestife had started a revolt taking control of Brill, alongside a spreading rebellion elsewhere which were being handled by loyalists in House Clegane, and House Tyrell. In his talk with Orival Crane he and Hedrik discussed how William was trusting heavily in this traitor of the True Sons of Lucerne, and also discussed how his older lover Amber Heard had been captured likely as a last minute threat to William in order to make him turn back. It was late when Bella arrived in Forks, accompanied by Freddie Highmore, and Wilhem Martell - alongside a large force of House Martell, and House Shephard of whom were also sending forces to join the attack - and when they did he said his quick hellos to Freddie and Wilhem before he and Bella made their way to stay in room in the House Swan estate of which he was technically a member of House Swan. After being together romantically he talked openly about how scared he was of seeing Sean there, and also he feared that he was going to be made to make a choice in that final room between killing Sean and keeping his old friend Amber alive. Bella already knew of the old relationship between the two, as Alice had told her of this long ago, and because of this she understood that he didn't simply care for this girl, but he in fact loved her. Bella tried to make him feel better about it, but there really wasn't much you could say to that horrible of a situation so she just held him while he went through it all with her. That night he left Bella who was sleeping and went outside to speak with Leven of whom brought him a response letter from Brooke of whom had quickly sent a letter after William's had reached her. William would read the letter with Leven and Brooke sent her emotional support and told him how much she loved him, of which Leven at that moment didn't believe but didn't want to upset William.
Discovery of Betrayal
Leven Martell Amazing White Cover
I saw you once Your Grace. It was at the Battle of Minus Ithil. You were slashing and stabbing at the monsters and for a moment I stopped. Just stopped and watched you. All the fighting surrounding me and there I was watching you move like a god. I knew then that you were my king.
Edric Nighting

It was at this point that Edric Nighting would arrive in Forks where he had made the decision to turn against his family and reveal the plans of his family. Edric Nighting had several weeks before this begin hearing talk from his father and older brother that they planned to rise against House Scott and murder the Scotts in the city before taking control of Tree Hill itself. He would watch his brother in secret as his brother James Nighting II. followed Brooke Scott watching her movements, and watching her himself he discovered that she was the mistress of William Lovie III. through listening in on a conversation between Brooke and Haley Scott. Learning of this relationship between William and Brooke the loyal Edric Nighting would depart Tree Hill by horse with his friend Hanzal Grightling heading towards Forks where they had heard William Lovie III. was meeting with his wife and the leadership of Forks. Arriving at Forks the two would quickly gain an audience with the king of whom was surrounded at the time by Charlie Swan, Leven Martell, and Bella Swan, and seeing how influential the group was Edric would immediately tell the king what he knew which horrified the group of whom had already rallied their forces and was planning to move out the next day to Berne. Realizing the main forces still needed to go to Berne he would command Jasper Hale to lead a secondary force to Tree Hill in order to defend the Scott's once the Nighting's moved against them, and after discussing it was decided that Jasper would move south through the province of Rosten where he would summon a force from that province's lord in House Elric alongside Northern Tree Hill's lordn in House Guntbold and then lead them southward to Tree Hill.

Tell me Jasper how it is fair that your love for him is more valuable then my own. He doesn't love you any more then he loves me. So tell me the truth why you must always stand by his side?
Leven Martell

Following the breaking up of the meeting Jasper, Leven, and Bella would follow William back to his tent where Jasper would convince William to take him with him to Berne and instead send Leven to Tree Hill. Making up excuses about why she needed to go instead of him Leven was left shocked by what Jasper did and thus limply accepted this change of plans, and with a kiss to her forward she and William would say goodnight and following this Jasper and Leven left the tent. Leaving the tent Leven would follow Jasper trying to get him to explain himself, but he refused until she became quite agitated leading to an argument between the long time friends. Fighting loudly forced Jasper to take the argument into his tent where he would reveal that he did not trust her abilities to protect William considering how in love with him she was, and following this she would punch him in the face before returning to her own tent. The next day William, Jasper and the larger force from Forks would leave the city leaving Leven and a few hundred men at arms and knights to move south towards Castle Elric where she would go to defend the mistress of her beloved.

Sneaking Inside

This was the moment thousands had been waiting for. The moment my brother's madness would finally come to an end.
William Lovie III.

When William Lovie arrived back at Berne flanked by the forces of House Swan, Scarlet, Crane, Starke, Martell, Skane, and many of their vassals he entered the command tent and prepared alongside his commanders the method by which they would do this. Ezio told them that the only real way into the valley of Berne was to take control of the towers defending the passes, and this was possible since they controlled the first tower. From the first tower they would attack the second tower, and then the third, and fourth control towers which would allow them to bring the entire army into the Valley where the defenders would be unprepared for their entry. Once this was achieved they must take control of the fifth tower which was inside the City of Berne itself and was connected through a long tunnel which could be locked from the inside meaning if they failed to take it before they were noticed it would be shut and they would have to attack the main walls.

I felt fear being pulled alongside those golden armored men. This whole thing just reminded me why I didn't get personally involved in these political matters. As I regretted my decision to put myself in this kind of danger I remembered the brave look in Amber's eyes as she surrendered herself to save her child. If she could have that kind of strength then I could, and would do everything in my power to save her.
Ezio Ederiz

With this plan in place William Lovie would send the forces of House Scarlet led by Darion, and Saiden Scarlet to enter the First Tower where they would push their full forces and they alone would be responsible for working alongside the rebels in order to take control of the towers. They would be assisted by the Order of the Golden Dragon of whom was forced to follow William Lovie of whom was going to assist here alongside Edward Cullen and several members of the Order of the Blue Dragon, as well Orival Crane would convince William to let him join the forces attacking the towers. Entering the tower and joining the Arryn loyalists, and Franklin Brent and his forces that had initially taken control of the tower from the rebels and had held it while the main forces gathered. At that final moment Robb, and Jon Starke joined the assault group and this would force William to also take Wilheim alongside with him as Wilheim now wouldn't take no for an answer.

The Battle

Taking the Towers
The Towers all held so many moments where everything could have gone terribly wrong. It was by the shere luck of the dragon that we were able to sucede as easily as we did.
Saiden Scarlet

With the main force now preparing to enter the first pass into Berne they only needed to see the response from the second tower to know when to move in, and they would get that call the first night as they would be signaled by a flag hanging from the wall set out by the tower forces. The Tower forces would wait until night, and that night as they moved forward the few guards meant to make sure such infiltration of the towers were not possible were rebels and thus they allowed the tower forces to infiltrate the towers, and within they found the mercenary forces of Sean Lovie in the form of the Stormblown. The fight for the tower was swift as with most of their forces asleep the few on sentry duty found themselves being attacked by a huge number of troops flooding into the tower. As the Stormblown moved to raise the alarm they found the alarm room locked, and when they finally broke inside they found inside several rebels of whom killed the Stormblown that tried to enter the room. With the tower taken Orival Crane would raise the flag thus giving the main force the safe call to enter the first pass. Torgon Skane alongside the other commanders would move their forces alongside the Elves and reached the very edge of the first pass as the attack move forward, and during this they also moved forward with the siege machines that everyone hoped they would have no need of using. At the third tower they would basically be allowed in as the rebels had taken complete control over this tower, and the few members of the Stormblown that were present inside the tower were barely able to get out of their beds before they were killed by the vengeful rebels and the incoming Lucernians.

Oskar Kinner
I watched each flag go up and each time a piece of me felt better as I knew my king was safe for yet another moment. It was his bravery that made people love him, but in these moments his braveary was horrifying for those of us who were forced to watch from afar.
Joshua Jackson

The fourth tower was the true test of the attack as while it was held by the forces of House Krinner who was a member of the rebellion the tower held the largest contingent of the Stormblown outside of the city itself. Robb Starke, and Wilheim Martell alongside Robb Starke would lead a contingent of forces east of the tower to cut off any kind of relief once the main attack went forward, and with that the main assault could begin on the fourth tower. As the Lucernians made their way into the tunnels approaching the fourth tower they were spotted by a Stormblown soldier of whom alerted the rest of the force to a betrayal, and with this becoming clear the forces of House Krinner would assemble under the command of Danzal, and Benjamin Krinner of whom defended the tunnel route heading towards the fifth tower so that none of the Stormblown could warn their comrades, and inside the tower House Krinner under the command of Oskar Kinner the defenders would block the gate into the alarm room thus preventing for a time the forces of the Stormblown from gaining entry to the alarm. A fierce battle would commense between the defenders in House Krinner and the Stormblown. As the forces of Lucerne attempted to enter the fight they were forced to attack through defended barriers quickly set up by the forces of the Stormblown in order to resist the attackers. During the fighting here Darion Scarlet would become famous for defeating the Stormblown second in command in single combat after they entered the last room of the tower and it was held by the Stormblown second in command. With his death the rest of the Stormblown slowly surrendered, and with that the flag was raised and the main army understood that the way into the valley was clear.

The Final Tower
Derek Arryn
The Sound of that horn going off could have meant the massacre of our entire force. It could have meant the deaths of thousands but the bravery of the three Arryn brothers. They could have stayed hidden and not risked death but instead they did what was right and resisted a tyrant and they saved thousands. History may say that I won that day but I know the truth of who was responsible for our victory.
William Lovie III.

As the main army moved into the valley silently in the darkness of the night the tower forces moved into the tunnels approaching the fifth and final tower. Ezio had told them that they had to get to the other end without being stopped or else the way would be blocked and there would be no way in except a truly viscous fight for the valley. As they entered the tunnel and were only two minutes away everyone including the main force heard a massive horn go off, and the rebels told William that someone had set off one of the alarms of the towers. With this all sense of stealth went out the window and the tower force charged into the tunnel in the hopes of reaching the gate controls before it was shut. As they ran down the tunnel they watched as the massive portcullis gate was slowly shutting, and then suddenly as they were getting closer it slowed and then stopped and they could hear the cries of battle at the other side, and as they reached it they entered a brutal battle between members of House Arryn and the Stormblown who were trying to shut the gate. With the entry of the Lucernians the battle went away from them, but the Stormblown survivors were able to retreat in good form and make their way towards the Berne Keep where they would blow the alarm horn again and the Stormblown throughout Berne would retreat to the keep alongside those still loyal to Sean Lovie although that number was very slight now that House Arryn was in full rebellion. With the stormblown in full retreat the defenders that were on the wall moved completely into the rebellion allowing the main force to enter through the front gate, as the rebels opened the gate letting them inside. The rebels, and the tower forces would move throughout the city, and kill or capture anyone still flying the colors of the Stormblown and as well as this making sure that everyone knew that the city was Lucernian again and they had nothing to fear.

Battle of Krinner

Main Article : Battle of Krinner

Hanna Arryn Large7
As the Stormblown mercenaries, and the other True Sons were pushed back more and more the call from Sean was not for them to pull completely back, but instead it was for them to attack the estate of House Krinner where much of the women and children alongside nearly all of the nobility of the city had fled too. Thousands fleeing into the estate were never under the belief that they would be under threat, but that was proven wrong the moment the forces appeared near the walls.
Paul Arryn

As the Lucerne forces took the final tower before the wall there were some who suspected something was wrong, but all orders were that everyone stayed inside so no one was allowed to leave the inner fortress to investigate, and in order to occupy the forces he had at alert (and in order to further make sure the defenses failed as was hinted at by Sean Lovie during the final duel with William) Sean would command that they attack the House Krinner estate of which was the site of the retreating nobles of Berne. While the commoners and the vast majority of the population had fled into the deeper sections of the city, and to the walls where the more Lucernian houses guarded it was the nobles that fled into the estate of House Krinner. Other then the nobles and politically far more important then that was the fact that Alistair Bedregen had retreated into the Keep alongside Thomas Lovie of whom was the true target of Sean Lovie this late in the fight. News reached them late that Alistair had gone there following the attempt on his life and Thomas and when it became clear this was where he was Sean would send basically everyone available including most of the defenses of the tunnel in order to try and kill Thomas. The estate itself was a sort of mini castle that was built into a large cave deep in the northern section of the city and was defensible from one large tower that covered the entire entrance, and from the ramparts built into the gatehouse.

Vaedin Stormblown
Massing on the walls I could make out the hundreds of attackers that swarmed all around the courtyard. I knew what they would have to do to take us, and I just prayed we were strong enough to resist.
Paul Arryn

It was this spot that the forces of the Stormblown, and the other True Sons loyalist houses would move towards in heavy numbers in order to try and complete the commands of Sean Lovie. Some three hundred Stormblown (including many of their most elite members, and two of their top three commander) alongside some four hundred more True Sons loyalist (of which only the fifty from House Ignirt would actually take part in the battle while the rest simply miled about faking interest in the siege. House Ingirt would be this only truly loyalist element due to the fact that Lord Beren Ingirt's daughter Lia Ingirt, and heir Harren Ingirt were captives of the prince and he was basically blackmailed into supporting Sean Lovie's forces out of fear for his two children. The forces of the True Sons would charge out from the shadows and attack without even a call for surrender, as they were commanded to destroy them and thus no surrender was neccessary or warrented. Charging the walls they suffered accurate and deadly archer fire from the large tower that surveyed the courtyard, and the archers on the ramparts. During this charge Lord Beren Ingirt would fall with an arrow to the neck and with his death the forces of House Ingirt fell under the command of Beren's brother Brandon Ingirt of whom would silently slip away with most of the relief forces moving them towards the prison where they would take part in the taking of the prison. With no cover the Stormblown and others got to the walls much diminished but still with high strength, and once at the gate they bashed at it with quickly made battering rams and climbed the sides of the wall to get to the ramparts, while hoisting a large ladder against the tower.

I could see Trailen Dorin`s heir, and Danzal Krinner standing on the ramparts, and from their position they were able to shoot anyone that came up the ladder to the tower without any cause for fear from the ground. On the tower they were just massacring those on the ground with a nearly endless stream of arrows into their ranks. At the gate I stood with my shoulder against it alongside my men as we tried to buy more time for the archers to thin their numbers even more.
Paul Arryn
  The men attempting to get up the ladders and climbing the walls suffered terribly as the tower was able to hit the men climbing with ease while the ramparts were hitting the men climbing for the tower, and thus it all came down to the gate. During this initial fighting the defenders on the walls were joined by Alistair of whom desperate to make sure that Thomas survived would take a bow and fight on the walls where despite his age he would fight bravely before being hit by an arrow from the ground, and fell dead at the age of nearly seventy three. It was near this point that Vaedin Stormblown`s next brother Sordin Stormblown was also shot through the chest by Danzal
Danzal Krinner Wide

Danzal Krinner would make a further name for himself during the battle as he led the tower in its attacks and coordinated the fire very well.

Krinner of which led to the final Stormblown son in Tolin Stormblown fleeing the field, and taking several other high level commanders with him as well. By this point the other houses of which had been milling about watching the siege, would retreat and pull back to their respective estates of which they decided was the only logical thing they could do as they would be most likely targeted by the Krinner estate for their believed betrayal. The battering at the gates was shattering it, and it was only a few more minutes before it finally came crashing down. Moments before it went down, Paul Arryn would gather with his most elite men, and forces of the loyalist houses, and prepare for a charge out of the gate. Warning the wall and tower that they were charging out, they opened the gate and smashed into the unsuspecting attackers outside the wall. Pushing them back the force fell back and was cut down from behind, killing nearly the entire force attacking but the loyalist forces returned into the keep to repair the gate and didn`t persue believing the larger force was incoming. At this point as the line melded together Hanna, Aria, and other noble ladies would move into the front and do their best to relieve the men by bringing water, and other supplies while helping to repair the gate.
Taking of the Prison
Hunting a Beast
Morrigan Gif Battle of Berne

Morrigan would serve for the final time Bill Lovie in his command of her to go to Berne and murder Forder Braxton and stop him from killing several of the prisoners. By this point she was till under the directive of Flemeth to assist Bill Lovie and using this directive she would be more then happy to serve Bill Lovie who was beginning to attempt to silently assist his son one last time before he lost himself to madness completely.

I don't have much time before my mind is taken over again by the monster. Go to Berne and stop Forder Braxton. The monster in my mind has ordered him to kill as many people as he can in Berne, and I need you to stop this from happening.
James Lovie II.

It would be Forder Braxton, and his son Markus Braxton that would be sent to Berne by James Lovie II. to represent the dealings of the Circle of Magi and a believed loyalist faction, although Bill Lovie had no intention of ever assisting Sean as he wanted William to gain victory, but this was not known by Fordor of whom arrived in Berne to find the city in Chaos and surrounded by the Lucernians. Traveling into the city through Magi he would meet with Sean Lovie and at this point he would join the upper tier of the leadership of the True Sons of Lucerne executing several loyalists alongside his son, but it would be only a few weeks before the city came under assault by the Lucernians. During the battle Fordor and Markus would wander the city of Berne killing at random as was their command by James Lovie if/and when the city fell, and reaching the prisons hoping to kill as many valuable hostages as he could before leaving Forder would be shocked to find Morrigan his old Circle of Magi partner waiting in the gallows before the prison entrance surrounded by the dead bodies of the Stormblown mercenaries guarding the prison.

You think you understand what Bill Lovie truly wants of you? Do you think you even have the slightest idea what that madman wants of you. This great king of yours killed hundreds for doing nothing more then asking why they should serve a madman. You stood by...I stood by as he murdered these men, women and children, and then we did it again...You come here because of reasons you could not even hope to understand. He commanded you to come here and murder innocent men, and women, and children, and at the same time he ordered me to come here and stop you. What kind of king do you follow? What kind of man do you worship at the feet of? What kind...I'll tell you now that you shouldn't follow a man who gets your son killed...

Confused why Morrigan was resisting him he told her he was only doing the work of James Lovie, and at this she would retort saying that so was she and then launched a killing spell at Markus, but it was deflected killing the two guards accompanying them, and then fighting Forder, and Markus who barely managed to resist her strength. As the three fought Forder, and Markus were no match for the more powerful Morrigan and Forder dropped his wand surrendering, but after surrendering he expected to be allowed to leave but Morrigan instead slew young Markus and then prepared to kill Forder but he unleashed a Magi blast at her and was able to escape through hidden tunnels.

Duel with Sean Lovie
William carrying Amber Heard

William carrying Amber

Forgiveness is never easy. Bitterness is easy. Hatred is easy. But forgiveness, that's a tough one. Sometimes, people say things they don't mean or do things they can't take back. Sometimes we do things we can't take back. So we feed ourselves to starve the pain. I have to believe that's what happened to Sean.
William Lovie III.
With the civil war all but over the moment had come for the final confrontation with his brother. There wasn't really a doubt in anyone's mind who would win in a fight the difficult part of the coming fight was the fact that Sean had the emotional advantage through his capture and hostage taking of Amber Heard the first love of Andrew.  The room before the throne room was gaurded by James Nighting II. of whom laughed at them for not realizing that House Nighting was truly on the side of the True Sons of Lucerne. James and the three House Nighting men that were with him charged William and his group, and after a brief fight the four were killed by the far superior forces of William. Jasper held James down, and with a wave William commanded his death and Jasper ended his life. Surveying the rest of the room there were bodies stacked in the corner, of which not all were adults, and the the scope of the atrocities in this city were becoming clear. William before entering the throne room ordered Wilheim Martell to return to the camp at all speed and send word that House Nighting had betrayed them. They all knew that if House Nighting turned then who knew what sort of alliance might be present outside of Berne and with a large quantity of the loyalist forces besieging Lucerne they could be open for a betrayal.
Amber Heard Gif Dying

Amber Heard never thought she was going to survive to see William again, and the sight of him caused her to leap up and great pain as the chain around her neck kept her stationary.

Before entering the final room William would also command Robb, and Jon Starke to lead forces to make sure that no holdouts would cause them any problems, while he briefly met with Alleria Windrunner of whom would wish him the best in the next room as she knew something about fighting siblings. She attempted to one last time make sure he understood that his brother had made his choice and that no amount of sympathy from his side would change what Sean had become. When Andrew entered the throne room of Berne flanked by Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Faye, and his elite guard they found Sean standing alone with nothing but the bound and strapped form of Amber Heard keeping him company. Looking around the room briefly he could see the ruined corpse of what he assumed from the words of Ezio was the poor Allison Arryn, and all along the wall he could see broken corpses of men and women that had obviously fallen victim to Sean's madness.
He sat the way you would expect any psychopath to be sitting when they were idle. He just had nothing in his eyes, and I had to try to force my mind to even remember a moment that he didn't look that way. My brother was gone. He was lost into madness, and no matter what he said he couldn't leave this room alive. After all the years and the pain he was going to pay for everything he had ever done.
William Lovie III.

As he entered the room Sean remained silent but the look on his face told Andrew that Sean had a plan and whatever happened this plan was something he believed could work. Amber Heard never thought she was going to survive to see William again, and the sight of him caused her to leap up and this led to great pain as the chain around her neck kept her stationary. Laughing at what had happened to Amber through the fact that she was crying and holding her neck the situation turned as William charged forward only stopped by Sean holding his sword to Amber`s neck.

End of Darkness Circle 2
Look at the world father. You were born into this land, and you have told me hundreds upon hundreds of times how much you used to love it. Look at everything you have done to it. You destroyed a city for no reason, killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. I have all the evidence laid out in front of me as to why you are the villain of this world, but I don't fully believe it. Don't end it all here, and be remembered as a monster..

``Really brother. If I were you I would take a couple of steps backwards.`` Everyone stopped as he held the sword to Amber`s neck. I held my hands out to make sure he knew I was willing to atleast talk this out. As I did I noticed the windows in the corner of my eye which I noticed had archers in them. ``Thats right you listen to me now.`` Everyone just stood in place and I hated having him control even an ounce of anything in this world. ``Now that I have your attention tell everyone to leave. This is between me, you, and the bird.`` I looked behind me at Jasper and his eyes told me there was no way he was going to leave, but I knew he had to if I wanted to try and find a way into his mind and to somehow save Amber. Knowing about the windows I had to hope that there was some kind of back entrance into the throne room, and from there perhaps they could infiltrate the windows and gain the upper hand. Moving closer to the men I whispered to the group so lowly that poor Emmett with his poor hearing was forced to come nearly to kissing level.

"We need to do what he says.``Seeing the rejection in their eyes I stopped it immediatly. ``There are windows all along this room, and I need you to get in them so that we can get a handle on this. Emmett, and Edward I can`t tell you what to do. If you want to go with Jasper and the windows then so be it. I would prefer if you saved as many innocents as you could. The rest of you wait in the last room and give those poor souls a cleaner end....they deserve better then to be piled in the corner like garbage. If I should fall.``Edward stepped forward``If I should fall you all must make sure under no circumstances does he leave this room. He cannot be allowed to survive this no matter what happens. Now go. We have little time.``Relunctantly they begin filtering out of the room to the sound of laughter from Sean behind me. ``Yes Sean you have us exactly where you want us, now tell me what you want.`` His laughter was the first thing that happened before he grabbed a key from behind his back and undid the chain around Amber`s neck. Pulling her farther away it took everything in me to not move forward and attack him on the spot.

``I don`t want anything brother. You see that`s the trick. You had the same repository of books that I did, and let me tell you something about the villians in a story. Sometimes the villians want something. They want gold to build a mighty castle. Or maybe they want a women." He swayed as he spoke flayling his arms about like a mad man. " In the end brother It doesn`t matter what they want, it just matters that they want something. You see its important that they want something because for this reason these villians you see, they can be bargained with. They can lose.`` Knowing where he was going I interupted him.

``And let me guess. Your the kind that wants nothing.`` Standing up taller before he spoke he pulled Amber closer to him, and I could see the tears flowing from her eyes. I tried my best to comfort her with my eyes, and her eyes followed suit with mine, and I could tell I had calmed her down. He pushed her to the ground holding the sword so close to her neck I could see a bit of blood fall before raising his face to me again with a twisted look to his face.

``I don`t mean to interupt your longing towards the Arryn whore. " He stared at me clearly trying to make sure that I got the message. "Good. Now that I have your attention again I'll tell you the secret." He looked so excited to say it, as if its was some secret. "I'm not the villian brother. That honor is for you.``

``In what twisted world do you live where your not the villian. You are the same man who sits on a throne covered in the innocents that hes killed. Your the same evil that tried to molest his own sister, and now dares to threaten such a innocent as Amber Heard.``

"Its all a matter of perception." He pulled Amber back up to stand in front of him, and he begin to pet her hair causing a whelp from her. It took every piece of my control not to burst forward and kill him where he stood for touching a hair on her head.

Controlling my increasing rage I spoke to the monster standing before me. "And what perception is that?"

``The perseption that comes from knowing the anwser to this question." He stopped and stared at Amber before looking back at me. "What makes her innocent my brother. Is her innocene borne from the fact that she opened her legs for you whenever you pleased...``

``How dare you...``

"It is an honest question. I want you to tell me how this girl. This piece of meat. I want you to tell me right here, and right now what makes her innocent. "

"She hasn't harmed anyone. She hasn't done a thing in this world other then be a good person."

"And that makes her innocent, does it?"

"Yes it does."

"Your a fool."

"You wish to brandish words around like a bunch of fish wives then do it your way. Or do you want to finally become a man and face what you've done."

``I get this moment brother. You forgot through your youth, that unlike you the rest of us out here in the world have things happen to them. Your the villian along with this whore because of what you have allowed to happen. One does not blame the virus for infecting its victom. You blame the monster who created the virus, and you my brother are the reason I am the way that I am.``

``You want to find a way to escape the person that you are you need to find someone who cares for even a moment for whether or not you live or die.``

``There it is right there. Don`t you see. It was that uncaring neglect. Outright hatred at times that left me utterly alone.``

``You don`t get to blame becoming a monster on the fact that you and I weren`t best friends.``

``I have the sword. I have the damsel. Those mean I get to say, and do whatever the fuck I want to do. Do you understand what I`ve done. Do you have any idea the scope of the things I`ve caused.`


Death is the End
Amber Heard Cover Massive
As the minutes went by my brother fell into a darker and darker place, and despite knowing I should be pulling him back, I hated him so much in that moment that I basically pushed him off.
William Lovie III.
Watching his brother implode in front of him, and basically throw him in front of the bus for everything that had ever gone wrong for him in his life, wasn`t something that William was able to accept. William would begin badgering Sean and insulting him to the point that his brother begin to reveal to him certain darker acts then anything anyone had ever thought he was possibly involved in. Sean told him how he had become obsessed with seeing the death of this particulary noble girl of whom he refused to name but said she unimportant in the grand scheme of things, and that this obsession had followed him for years. Finally one night he had been invited to dinner for the first time in months and was told by Bill to not criticize anything throughout the meal or else he was never eating with them again. Tasting something horrible in the meal he ignored it and kept eating, and following this he said that a dark entity would offer him assistance and when he accepted he begin hearing terrifying voices in his mind. After going through all the terrible things he had done throughout this time he finally got to Berne where he told William that he just wanted to die. He just wanted to
Amber Heard Gif Amazing

Amber watched as Sean appeared to fall apart in front of her, and all she could think was that she just wanted to live. She just wanted another chance with William. It didn`t matter that he had remarried. She just wanted to be with him again.

escape all the pain that he was constantly bombarded with, but that as time went by nothing he seemed to do incited anyone to kill him, and this annoyed him even more. Sean would tell him that he had broken and abused Hedrik Clegane's now wife in Rachel Wood, and that he was responsible for the rape of countless other noble girls, and that he was specifically attempting to escalate it so that he could die, but no matter what he did he continued to escape justice. Sean would reveal to him how that night he had attempted to kill Alice it was as if this voice in his head was literally screaming, and it was screaming to ravish Alice. He had honestly been incapable of stopping himself, and despite trying he found himself constantly moving towards her room, and he had been glad that William had assaulted him. He told William that he had been forgotten by their father when he made the spell removing Alice and that he had followed her to Forks where he had watched her for months but was stopped by men of Bills from revealing anything to her.
I watched the first archer fall and in that moment I saw Jasper nod at me from the window followed by Emmett standing in the window with his own bow prepared to launch an arrow at Sean, but foolishly I believed I could talk him down. I also knew that any attempt to fire at Sean would most surely end with Amber`s death as Sean was too much of a coward to go down like that. I did know one thing though, with the one window down, it was only a matter of moments until the other three went down as well, and when that happened their would be an opening.
William Lovie III.
William watched as Sean devolved and saw Jasper kill one of the archers in the window thus revealing to him that they had found a way into the windows. Seeing there were only three other windows he waved away Emmett`s offer to kill Sean from the window as he knew it would end with Amber`s death. Sean seeing the look on William`s face
Amber Heard Hot1
would demand to know what was so interesting that his brother was ignoring him, and when William could not appease him enough Sean slashed Amber across the shoulder with a blade narrowly missing her head, but still causing serious damage. Seeing this Sean would pull a lever behind him which the moment after he did all the windows slammed shut with Stone portcullis, and the gate they had entered from also was barred with portcullis. Rushing to Amber he knocked Sean to the ground, and picked up Amber. Picking her up he realized instantly how bad the wound to her shoulder was as it had cut far too deep for anyone there to heal her, and he panicked knowing she was going to die. She held him tight, but he could feel her grasp on him loosening as her life left her. Closing her eyes he let out a cry as he believed she had died, and he held her tight crying into her shoulder before kissing her hard on the lips and then gently laying her down before moving towards Sean who was slumped against a post nearby.
As I walked to him, I knew this was the end. He would die in this moment. I didn`t expect him to be crying.
William Lovie III.

Grabbing Sean by the shoulders he found his brother crying, and Sean grasped onto Williams arms as if to try and hold onto him. There was no resistance, and as William held the sword to his chest he held a moment and looked into Sean`s eyes waiting for his last words. Sean in that moment would tell William that Bill still lived and had gone west to France, and would begin to start an apology when William stabbed him through the chest and covered his mouth with his hand. Looking behind him at the lifeless body of Amber he would proceed to be overcome with rage and strangle Sean as the last of his life left him. Getting up he walked back over to Amber, and ignored the sounds of crashing as his men attempted to break there way through the gate, and the windows. Kneeling beside Amber he ripped some cloth from his tunic and covered her wound not wanting her to be seen like this. As he wiped her wound her arm would move up and grasp onto his, and her final grasp for life would continue and it gave the two former lovers one last chance to talk to each other.

Following her grasping of his arm the two would talk briefly as she bled out but she held on for long enough to make sure William knew that Thomas was his child, and the two would heart sadly say goodbye to each other before finally she bled out from the horrible wound on her shoulder. It was several minutes of banging on the door with William crying into the hair of Amber before the rest of his men were able to get into the throne room, and by this point the Battle of Berne was over with the remaining forces of the True Sons of Lucerne either dead or having surrendered, but for William it felt increasingly like a hollow victory. As Faye, Jasper and Emmett tried to console him and help him with Amber he would refuse without words picking her body up and carrying her out of the throne room before collapsing outside of the inner keep where he would be helped up by Faye. He whispers to Faye that he needs to take her out of the fortress so he can bury her, and Faye goes ahead clearing the gatehouse, and letting the front gate open where William carries her all the way out of Berne and reaches the Valley of Berne where the large Lucernian army awaits and it is at this point that Alice meet him and he finally surrenders Ambers body to Jasper and breaks down in Alice's arms.

Meeting a Son
Amber Heard II. Large54
You are too young to understand my son, but know that I have loved you, and I will always love. The world will be tough on you because of how you were born, but understand this. You shall always have a place at my side. You will always be a member of my house. You are my son. You are our son.
William Lovie III.

With Thomas sleeping William gathers with the Lucernian army leadership and following a long discussion on their next steps he commands his friend Hanna Arryn be brought to him, and then the meeting breaks up and joined by Jasper, and Edward he returns to his tent where saying goodbye to them he goes into the tent and finds Alice sleeping on his bed holding a sleeping Thomas. Looking at the scene in front of him he starts crying as he thinks about the loss of Amber, and at the sound of his crying Alice wakes up and gets out of bed gently leaving Thomas in bed and the two siblings hug. Thomas eventually wakes up to the talking of Alice and William and Thomas at first only wants Alice, but William goes to him and talks to him about his love for Amber and when Thomas reveals that Amber had talked about William to him almost every night William tells him the story of how he met Amber of which was a story that Amber had told him a thousand times before.

Control of Berne

Aria Arryn Cover
I would name you the Arch Duchess of this place if you would let me.
William Lovie III.

Meeting with Hanna Arryn the two old friends discuss a more personal view of what happened in Berne, and Hanna reveals to him the depths of some of the things that happened, but also refuses during their conversation to come with him back to Lucerne telling him that Aria needs her more. Discussing Aria, and her father Byron it becomes clear that he needs to speak with Aria and asks Hanna to bring her to him something she agrees to if William agrees to be lenient on her father of which William agrees to out of love for Hanna. The conversation ends with Aria and William agreeing that in one month it will be the leadership of Berne that will travel to Lucerne to meet with William and the Kings Council who will decide the future of Berne. William Lovie III. leaves Berne with the majority of the army but leaves behind several thousand as a garrison of the city under the command of Dylan Steinmare, and this garrison is under orders to further the control of the crown over Berne who at this point there is still fear may be mixed in its loyalties.

The Underfort

Founding of Anthor

Main Article : Founding of Anthor

Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

First Bolten-Lucerne War

Main Article : First Bolten-Lucerne War

Domeric Bolten1
"The Kingdom of Bolten was the first time we were ever met agressively by an oponent, and at first we were shocked at their actions. I determined quickly that they had to be stopped at any cost, and this led to our promise to defend our two major allies in the region, and a massive influx of our troops into the region."
-William Lovie III.

With the taking of Westbrige the region of Bolten became more interested in its own growth and in particular they really wanted to get the Lucernian army involved in pitch battles which they had the numbers to survive. In order to do this they begin threatening several allies of Lucerne in western Westros in the form of Koenisburg, and the town of Jeutenburg. While these threats rancheted up the Kingdom of Lucerne did exactly what the Boltens hoped they would do when they brought huge forces to bear on the defences of the Westros river crossing of Levin. The Lucernians also made it known that any action taken against their allies in Koenisburg, or Jeutenburg would be deemed a decleration of war against Lucerne itself. This promice to defend meant a lot to the two towns, and most believed that with that the conflict would be ended before any blood was spilled. This idea changed quickly when the Kingdom of Bolten sacked Jeutenburg in a massive siege that took place in the guise of a peace mission.

Massacre at Green Creek

Main Article : Battle of Green Creek

"The fool camped for an entire day on the words of a man he hated. He deserved what came on him that night."
-Jordin Bolten

What Ramsey did not anticipate was the fact that the moment that Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Britt Lancave and Hedrik Clegane returned to Koenisburg they sent a raven to Jamie Lannister telling him to move against the Boltens. Ramsey had not realized that Jordin Bolten had joined his army but discovered his presence and begin to plot to kill Jordin. Before he could do this Ramsey was fed falce information by Jordin Bolten about a scouting party from Grandlen nearbye which caused Ramsey to camp for an entire day and gave Jamie Lannister enough time to catch Ramsey's force on the bed of the River Creek. Jamie Lannister and his three thousand cavalry would smash into the camp of Ramsey Bolten and in less then twenty minutes nearly the entire force was massacred. It was as everything was falling apart that Ramsey Bolten would switch clothes with his servent Reek of whom he would smash the face of beyond any recegnition so that he could not be found to be not him. When Jamie entered the tent of Ramsey attempting to kill Ramsey or take him prisoner he found nothing but the supposed Reek standing over the destroyed body of "Ramsey Bolten". In that moment Jamie went to kill Reek but was stopped by Jordin Bolten who said to let Reek go as he was nothing but a slave they had captured from the Greyjoy's years past. Trusting Jordin Jamie would let "Reek" go and thus Ramsey Bolten escape the battle and made his way back to the Dreadfort.

A Desperate Gamble


Main Article : Valley of Lucerne, Westros, Riverlands

The Kingdom of Lucerne is based in Central Europe and dominates itself inside the Valley of Lucerne. It borders in the south the italian Penisela, in the east it borders both Gondor, and Westros, while in the north it borders the Kingdom of Alcase, and many of the central independants, while in the west it borders France as well as parts of Weerhousen in the northern part of the kingdom. The wide breathe that is the Kingdom of Lucerne means they border completely different kinds of peoples, kingdoms, and even species in the case of France which is dominated by the Orcs.

Rivers in Lucerne

Main Article : Rhine River, Greenhave River

Rhine River

Flims Conn-1

Rhine Tributory

The vast river Rhine runs parrelel to the eastern border of the Kingdom, and it is a major lifeblood of the Kingdom of Lucerne in the east. Running along the entire eastern border it has become even more important as the control of Lucerne expanded into lorderon, the Riverlands, and Lorderon. The Rhine River contains many settlements that are of exceptional importance to the Kingdom of Lucerne in the form of :

Along the Rhine River are two major tributaries in the form of the Brhine River, and the Trhine River of which flow outward from the Rhine and form two other very important rivers in the Valley of Lucerne. The Brhine River flows westward from Westbridge and makes its way westward towards both Paris, and in the north the Lowlands. The Trhine River flows eastward from the Lorderon flux, towards the crater of Westros.

Greenhave River

Rhein stromabwärts bei Erbach im Rheingau mit Insel Mariannenau Hessen Landesgrenze Rheinland-Pfalz links - Foto Wolfgang Pehlemann Wiesbaden Photo IMG 0274

Greenhave River

The other major river of the Valley of Lucerne is the Greenhave river which flows from the depths of the Mountain of Lucerne, and southward all the way to the Italian Peninsela. The Greenhave river is perhaps even more important then the actual Rhine River and it is definetly more populated as along the Greenhave river sits the majority of the population of the Kingdom of Lucerne. From the northern end of the Greenhave the port of Grisons to the southern port of Tamins the river is the main route of the trade that passes throughout the Valley of Lucerne. The Greenhave has many tributaries but the main two are the Redhave, and the Tranhave rivers of which the Tranhave river splits off westerward around Forks and moves towards Hillsbrad and then out of the Valley into France, while the Redhave moves eastward towards the Rhine River where it connects around the Island of Frey.

Grand States in Lucerne

Main Article : Provinces in Lucerne

Province Capital Ruling House Arch Lord
Crownlands Lucerne House Lovie William Lovie III.
Westerlands Hillsbrad House Greymane Genn Greymane
Forks Forks House Swan Charlie Swan
Tristfall Berne House Arryn Byron Arryn
Stormlands Tree Hill House Scott Dan Scott
Grand State of the Dragon's Valley Brill House Swift House Swift
Westbridge Westbridge House Labeouf Harry Labeouf
Lorderon Lorderon House Menathil Calia Menathil
Riverlands Riverrun House Tully Hoster Tully
Grand State of Winterfell Winterfell

House Starke

Eddard Starke

Grand State of Castamere Castamere House Lannister Tywin Lannister
Grand State of Hearthfall Hearthglen House Scarlet

Locations of Importance

Throughout Lucerne there are many sites of importance. These sites include the Major cities of the Kingdom, military bases, and Unique spots. The Cities of Lucerne are those settlements that are either the capital of a Grand State, or have a population that is beyond fifty thousand.

Cities of the Kingdom

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Population
Lucerne House Lovie Dragonoph Vandal Placeholder
Stormwind Dragonoph Vandal, Ostrogoths Placeholder
Highgarden House Tyrell
Castamere House Marbrand
Hillsbrad House Greymane

Towns of Lucerne

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Populataion
Brill House Swift
Surdenfane House Mallister
Braedin House Curtley
Drinlin House Estermont

Noteable Villages

Name Ruling House Dominent Religion Dominent Ethnicity Population
Marburg House Ordos
Raerin House Plaup
Patria House Scott
Bedroogen House Jackson

Castles In the Kingdom of Lucerne

Name Garrison Noble Control Location
Castle Stragnarax
White Hill
The Underfort
The Eyes
Runestone House Royce

Unique Sites


Main Article : Goverment in Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is a monarchy that rules through hereditary transfer of power. The leader at the top then assigns Lords to look after the cities within Lucerne. The goverment is having dramatic changes under William Lovie III, whose political ideology is making for even greater centralization of power towards the goverment. In this way he has been founding numerous Orders and Organizations all responsible for specific tasks or areas within the Kingdom.

Monarchy of Lucerne

King of Lucerne

Main Article : King of Lucerne

The kingdom is ruled by hereditary kings from the ranks of House Lovie. The king has absolute power, but must under mandate meet on a semi-annual basis with the Lords of Lucerne. There have been 5 Kings of Lucerne and 1 interim leader in its history, and it unique to know that of those 2 have been lost to madness and brought extreme shame to the Kingdom

List of Kings of Lucerne
King of Lucerne Reign
William Lovie
John Lovie
Jacob Vorn
James Lovie  - 5092
James Lovie II. 5092 - 5124
William Lovie III. 5124 - Current

Queen of Lucerne

Main Article : Queen of Lucerne

The Queen of Lucerne is a position of great honor, and importance in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and for this reason their is usually a lot of discussion about the wives of the incoming Kings. For instance the wife of James Lovie was Queen of Lucerne and she is widely recegnized for her rebuilding of the Eye's after they had fallen into serious state of disrepair.

One can look at the Queen as a lobbiest for causes that the King may not be politically motivated, or able to assist in. The current queen of Lucerne is Bella Swan. Bella Swan was raised from an early age to be kind and generous and this has translated well into the Kingdom, as she is one of Andrew's top ears when the issue of public wealfare is discussed.

List of Queens of Lucerne
King Queen
William Lovie Jeane Lovie (House Swan)
John Lovie Katheryn Lovie (House Scarlet)
Jacob Vorn IV. None Crowned
James Lovie Margeary Lovie (House Ordos)
Bill Lovie Lisa Tyrell
William Lovie III.
  1. †  Bella Swan. Died during Childbirth
  2. Leven Martell

Heir of Lucerne

The current heir to the throne of Lucerne is the young William Lovie IV. Behind William Lovie IV. is Williams oldest son Thomas Lovie who is illegitimate due to the mother being Amber Heard II., but was logitimized by the king following the Battle of Berne. Also there is Riley Scott, who is another illegitimate son of whom was not logitimized due to the political ramifications.


The Archbishop or the Kings advisor is the right hand man of the King. This position is usually held by one person for the entire time of the reign but there have been instances where there have been more then one during the reign of a King.

King Archbishop Cardinal Bishop (s)
William Lovie
  • Martin Cullen. Died of Old age
  • David Swift. Abdicted upon death of William Lovie
John Lovie
  • Aryes Targaryan. Murdered during the Red Supper
  • Marvin Backstrom. Killed during the fall of John Lovie
Jacob Vorn IV.
  • James Lovie. Became King when he came of age
James Lovie
James Lovie II.
William Lovie III.

Lords of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is an absolute monarchy ruled over by House Lovie but beneath the Monarchy of House Lovie stands a tier of lords that while named lords stand as kings in terms of power, and these tiers flow down to the lowest wrungs of the government of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Title Holdings Notes
Arch Lord Grand State
Arch Duke State
Grand Lord Grand Province
Earl Principality
Baron Province
Landsgrave Knightly House
Burgraves Cadet House
Edelherr Castle
Burghers Portion of City

Arch Lord of Lucerne

Main Article : Arch Lord of Lucerne

See Also : King's Council

The Arch Lords of Lucerne are the absolute top tier of the realm of Lucerne, and their power is the only one below perhaps the Kings Advisor, and of course the King himself. The Lords of Lucerne are chosen from the ruling house of what are deemed the Lord Cities, of which are the most powerful and important cities in the Kingdom of Lucerne. This is true in all cases except for the city of Stormwind where the city contains two Lords, but most basically say that House Lannister is the Lord of Lannistane while House Starke rules over Stormwind.

The King's Advisor is a special Lord of whom is appointed by the King of Lucerne and is basically the man that is taken in order to do the bidding of the King. The King's Advisor was created because there were four Lords and thus they needed one more to break the deadlock if one should appear amongst the Lords at the Council.

The Lords of Lucerne rule over their individual lands with the control that one might deem a King to have, but there true power lies with their excistence on the King's Council where they all have a seat. The King's Council is the place where the major decisions of the Kingdom of Lucerne are sorted out, and in this way they are all required to go to every meeting unless a suitable reason can be found.

Grand State Arch Lord Seat Counciller
Grand State of Castamere Jamie Lannister Castamere Cersei Lannister
Grand State of Winterfell Eddard Starke Winterfell
Grand State of Forks Charlie Swan Forks
Grand State of the Stormlands Tree Hill
Grand State of the Westerlands Hillsbrad
Grand State of Lorderon Lorderon
Grand State of the Dragon's Valley Timone Swift Brill William Swift
Grand State of the Riverlands Riverrun
Grand State of Tristfall Berne
Grand State of the Crownlands William Lovie III. Lucerne

The Lords Council was for most of the history of Lucerne only a five person council, and under Andrew it has increased dramatically to nine. The main reason for this expansion was the growth in the cities and towns of Lucerne following the construction craze in Andrew's early tenure. During this time Brill, and Hillsbrad became proper cities in Lucerne, and the city of Hearthglen was constructed. As well as this Lorderon was annexed by Lucerne and its size dictated a Lord's seat.

It is important to note that all the Lords of Lucerne Lord over a council of their own, which is made up of the Thanes, and Yarls of their region of control. So in this way the Thanes, and Yarls of Lucerne are also represented.

Arch Duke

Dragon Orders

Main Article : Dragon Orders of Lucerne

Under William Lovie III. the organization and centralization of the Kingdom was the main process and in this way he went about creating a number of new organizations and orders that would centralize the different aspects of the Kingdom. The Order's are lumped into four categores and each Category except for the other's has an overall leader that leads all the orders within that specific category.

Military Orders

The first of the four categories of the Dragon orders are the military dragon orders. These dragon orders are responsible for their specific aspect of war and defence. The Grand Thane is the second in command behind the King, and when it comes to the actual day to day running of the different Orders he is the main facilitator. His main action is to make sure that the orders within his control are running smoothly.

The Current Grand Thane is

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Red Dragon Central Army of Lucerne
Order of the Golden Dragon Bodyguards Bernd Von Yernese
Order of the Blue Dragon Magi Order Khadgar
Order of the Violet Dragon Central Intelligence/Espionage Ezio Ederiz

Economic Orders

The economic dragon orders are responsible for the internal, and external economic movements of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Grey Dragon Infrustructure Leonardo Mevinlo Lucerne
Order of the Black Dragon Trade/Economics Matthew Hale
Order of the Silver Dragon Research

Diplomatic Orders

Order Role Leader Seat
Order of the Green Dragon Diplomacy Nicoli Machiavelli
Order of the Dragon Religion


See Also : Nobility of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne is dominated by Germans throughout seventy percent of the lands, but in the other areas it has a sizeable proportion of Italians. The Kingdom from the foundation of the land was overcome by the Italians, and the Atlantians but following the collapse of the Empire of Numeron the Atlantians retreated eastward into the lands of Gondor. The Italians would become slowly pushed out as the Vandals, and other Germanic Tribes slowly pushed into the Valley of Lucerne. The Gemans are mainly adopting of the Vandals and this is the highest proportion of Vandals that live in any area of Europe outside of Norway and other smaller kingdoms of northern Westbridge.

Population Centers of the Kingdom of Lucerne

Valley of Lucerne

Name Title Holder Population
Forks House Swan 292,000
Tree Hill House Scott 19,000
Lucerne House Lovie 187,000
Stormwind Contested 65,000
Hillsbrad House Greymane 58,000
Brill House Swift 71,000
Hearthglen House Scarlet 23,000
Lannistane House Lannister 81,000
Bronheim House Bardwyn 103,000
Highgarden House Tyrell 72,000
Port of Stormwind House Anthor 21,000
Gulltown House Shephard 105,000
Lole House Clegane 47,000
Tenade House Baratheon 21,000
Drinlin House Estermont 19,000
Total Population (Urban) 1,214,000

Outside Valley of Lucerne

Name Title Holder Population
Lorderon  House Menathil 78,000
Riverrun House Tully 64,000
Boralus House Proudmoore 42,000
Westbridge House Labeouf 96,000
Fairmarket 27,000
Divine Lands Contested 68,000
Yerness 49,000
Fogtown House Highport 32,000
Westian 19,000
Southern Thedas 110,000
Tristfall 82,000
Bolten Lands 142,000


The Ethnicity of the Kingdom of Lucerne is devided into the largely Germanic population, and several other humanoid ethnic groups. The Vandals are vast majority of the population, but behind the Vandals stand the other germanic groups with the Goths in a close second. Following the capture of the Riverlands, and Fairmarket a large number of Brannish became a part of the Kingdom and have become a sizeable percentage of the overal kingdom though far behind the Vandals, and Goths. With the annexation of Lorderon, and Kul Tiras the Atlantians came into the kingdom and joined the sizeable Atlantian population conquered during the War with Gondor.

Ethnicity Share of Population

German Population

German Share of Population


The Kingdom of Lucerne is a free practising State, where people are free to choose their religion. There are no penalties placed on religions other then Emperor worship, which was a decision made after the Arnor War. This is a fact of great contention between Lucere, and The Empire who is the main believer in Emperor worship. Now while there is no outright penalty it is known that because the ruling regime in the Lovie Family is Dragon followers and that they are more supportive of people who are Dragon followers as well.

There are three major religions that exist in Lucerne in any significant number. Each of three religions can be defined greatly by their numbers within the Kingdom and within the major cities.

Religion in Lucerne Percentage




Christianity 6%
Animalistic 3%
Empire Worship  1%

Dragon Worship in Lucerne

See Also : Dragon Worship

Dragon Worship is the religion of the Lovie family, and for this reason is the prodominent religion in the Kingdom. The Lovie Family has pushed the worship of the Dragon greatly throughout all of their kings, except for Bill . This includes being the primary supplier of funds for the construction of new temples, as well as providing the supplies required for the Dragon Priests to work full time at their craft.

The site for royal weddings is at the major Dragon Worship church in the kingdom, and Dragon worship maintains temples in every town, and in most of the small villages in Lucerne.

Christianity in Lucerne

See Also : Christianity


Since the birth of the Man god Jesus , the spread of his religion has been strong throughout Araby and into the Roman Empire . This spread has had difficulty merging into Central Europe where the Dragon worship of Lucerme, and Gondor have halted the spread. Even with this Christianity is the second largest religion in the Kingdom, its man area is centered in Tree Hill of which was predominetly Christian. The destruction of Tree Hill has significantly reduced the number of christians in the Kingdom, as well as halting the inroad of Christianity into other areas. All major families hailing from Tree Hill are Christian.

Since the rebuilding of Tree Hill , the new Order of the Dragon has come along with it, and brought a taste of a well organized Dragon movement which is stifling all attempts to regrow Christianity in Tree Hill.

Athiesm in Lucerne

The lack of religon is a sizeable number of citizens within the Kingdom. Athiesm is noteable for not having any practising major families, a fact that has made it's number continuesly decline.

Houses of Lucerne

Houses of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Royal House of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Royal House: House Lovie · House Bell
Arch Lords Houses
Arch Lords: House Swan · House Scott · House Lannnister · House Greymane · House Scarlet · House Menathil · House Starke · House Swift · House Labeouf
Arch Duke Houses
Arch Dukes: House Arryn · House Tully · House Ordos · House Hale · House Vorn · House Shephard · House Mallister · House Proudmoore · House Merryjones · House Lancave · House Banner
Grand Lord Houses
Grand Lords: House Highmore · House Martell · House Cullen · House Faraday · House McCarty · House Jackson · House Anthor · House Tyrell · House James · House Elric · House Crane · House Clegane · House Black · House Yernese · House Dogget · House Reyne · House Tarback · House Crowley · House Godfrey · House Braxton · House Baratheon · House Amber · House Tarly House Mien · House Moyer · House Fraizen · House Hunder · House Wellian · House Orllion · House Kendrick · House Griffon · House Hirsh · House Heard · House Krinner · House Dorin · House Darkwood · House Brent · House Cera · House Blackwood · House Mountain · House Vain · House Aven · House Kilgor · House Scorpian · House Mudd
Barons Houses
Barons: House Royce · House Percy · House Vaith · House Moore · House Sand · House Denali · House Davion · House Oakheart · House Bulwer · House Gaimen · House Mangles · House Crakehall · House Fossoway of New Barrel · House Fossoway of Ceder Hall · House Fladen · House Benden · House Pump · House Konie · House Voner · House Estermont · House Plaup · House Mormont · House Criston · House Cupps · House Kane
Counts Houses
Counts: House Rosby · House Trant · House Toland · House Termont · House Vune · House Lancave
Knightly Houses
Knightly Houses: House Steinmare · House Aubern · House Tolhmave · House Veutuse
Extinct and Exiled Houses
Extinct Houses: House Nighting · House Jestife


Dragon Knight

Main Article : Dragon Knight

First Knight
Dragon Knights are members of a select group of Dragon worshippers that have been inducted into the Knighthood by a felllow Knight. While obstensivly a religious organization, and title the Dragon Knights of the recent years have become like minor nobles as they can gain land, and hold a higher position that has mainly been one of military action.Dragon Knights occupy a social standing between that of lords and smallfolk, and it is in this position that they truly make their names. Contrary to the nobility, this rank is not hereditary, and it is possible for the baseborn to become knights. Dragon Knights are referred to with the title "Ser", which donates a certain amount of respect for everything that the knight is believed to have accomplished.


The custom in the feudal society of the Kingdom of Lucerne is that commoners, peasants, and smallfolk only have personal names, and it is the province of nobles and highborn to keep family names. In some states, and provinces there are rules where commoners and smallfolk may take specific surnames of which they can live as such as "Page" in Lucerne. Bastards, however, may not take a noble house’s name, but take common surnames based on the land of their origin, such as “Snow” in the North. Characters from the Free Cities follow a variety of name conventions, with either a single personal name, a name and surname, or even more.

Bastards in Lucerne

Main Article : Bastardy

A bastard is a person whose parents, at the time of their birth, were not married to each other. As a polite way of referring to someone who is bastard-born, someone may be referred to as a 'natural son' or 'natural daughter.' A less polite term, indicative of the social stigma against bastards, is "baseborn." A euphemism for being bastard-born is "being born on the wrong side of the sheets." If both parents of a bastard are nobles then the child is not considered "baseborn."


Another class of surnames exists for those knighted by the nobility class in the form of Errantry Noble Families. These Errantry families will take on the surname of the noble house that knighted them through the use of a Suffix following their noble families surname. While the original knight simply adds "of " as a prefix to the noble families surname the family that this new knight creates become known by this new errantry surname. Example :

  • Knight A : Johan
  • Noble Lord : David Ordos
  • Knight A Becomes : Johan of Ordos
  • Errentry Family Becomes : Tobias Ordos-Fin, Lialla Ordos-Fin

Law and Justice

Main Article : Kingdom of Lucerne Justice System

Lords have judicial power in cases arising in their domains, while landed knights are sometimes Lords in all but name, only the Lords are given the right to administer the high justice for capital penalty. It is a lords duty to keep the peace, hear petitions, and meet out justice and punishments, all in the name of his lord, and ultimately, in the name of the king. The lords may entrust task to their sworn lords, Landed knights, and bailiffs. To help them keep the peace, local judgement s and overseeing hangings. If the lord is unable to give sentencing, it's up to the lord of the great house holding dominion in that area and eventually the king to give sentencing, as the final authority.

The Lord or his officers, would hold local courts, listens to petitions and accusations and rules based on the evidence and law. Although the Kingdom of Lucerne has a Master of Laws, which suggest some form of Statutory law, it's largely based on local custom and wisdom rather than justice. as such it's sometimes wise to look the other way to keep the peace. This has changed dramatically under the rule of William Lovie III. of whom has turned the lawyer of the Master of Laws against those that do not heed the tradition of the realm.

Succession Laws

The Kingdom of Lucerne practices succession laws across the kingdom in the form of Primogeniture of which is the right, by law or custom, of the legitimate, firstborn child to inherit his parent's entire or main estate, in preference to elder illegitimate sons, and collateral relatives. In terms of gender laws the Kingdom of Lucerne statues an open position with each noble family allowed to adhere to their own gender laws of succession, but most popular throughout the kingdom is Agnatic-Cognatic where women can only inherit if there are no eligible male.

Foreign Relations

Nation Trade Status Agreements Historical Conflicts Current Status
Gondor Open Military Alliance Allies
Roman Empire Closed Borders None Neutral
Frey Empire Open Non-Agression Pact Neutral
Tevinter Empire Closed Borders None War
High Forest Open Miltary Alliance Allies
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