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William riding klaranax

Klaranax is the dragonspawn ofStragnarax , and was the dragon rode by William Lovie II . He was killed by John Lovie at the same dinner as William Lovie II. when he attempted to avenge the death of his best friend William Lovie II. Klaranax was young by most Dragon standards and thus had only ever produced Draknoids and hadn't chosen a gender as of yet meaning he spawned no other Dragons.

Klaranax would fight alongside his rider William Lovie II. during the Arnor War and his shocking arrival would destroy the moral of two emperian armies during the fighting and resulted in thousands of deaths. Following the return to Lucerne Klaranax travelled to the Lucerne Mountains while William dealt with things in the capital, and it was in the mountains that he was located when he senced the death of his rider William. Returning to Lucerne he would smash through the roof of the Kings Keep and attempted to kill John Lovie, but was defeated by the Magi of John assisted by Sauron, and his body was decapitated and hung from the Cloud Tower, with his rider William's head stitched over his own. His death would greatly impact Lucerne and would sever the tie between Lucerne and their dragons.


Early History

The Driving Tide

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Meeting William Lovie II

War in Arnor

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It was the War in Arnor that would make the Dragon Klaranax famous. During the conflict in Arnor Klaranx was at the forefront of every battle the Lucernians fought in, and most point to the extreme relationship between Klaranax and William Lovie II. as to the reason the Empire was unable to advance.

During the conflict Klaranax and William Lovie II. were involved in two conflicts with flying creatures. First they fought the Elector Count of Hannover who was riding his hippogriph into battle. That fight ended when William Skewered the Elector count, and the dead man caused the hiipogriph to crash into ground.

First Lucernian Civil War

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Family Members