Krosis is a powerful fourth generation Magi Destruction Vampire of the Nechrarch Bloodline. Krosis is a high ranking member of Weerhousen due to the fact that he was a member of the Lahmian Kingdom when Queen Neferata was the leader there. He has never strayed from his loyalties and despite his fragile hold on his sanity, he is loyal to the death for his Queen. Krosis was turned into a vampire by his maker in the form of the third generation Vampire Vokun of the Nechrarch Bloodline leading to his involvment in the bloodline.

Krosis was born in Lahmia which makes him truly ancient, and since the days of this ancient time he has practised Magi, and only the extremely powerful Magi of W'Soran could make him remain with Weerhousen. When he did arrive in Weerhousen he acted the part of a loyal member of W'soran's party but in fact he was nothing but a fake in that regard as he was more interested in a silent place to continue his violent and growingly sadistic experiments.


Early History

Krosis was born in the Lahmian city of Alexandria, and was a member of the elite Temple Priests throughout his early life. This position meant that he was going to be a wealthy man for his life, and would be politically influencial if he so chose.

Queen Neferata


When Lahmia became embroiled in the conflict with Nehekhara there were many who Queen Neferata targeted as people who would be protected from death through the kiss of blood. In this way Krosis was allowed to continue his life, but he constantly followed by one of Queen Neferata's vampires who was prepared to turn him into a vampire at the earlies oppurtunity.


Krosis was involved in each of the battles fought by Abohorash and because of this before one battle the vampire watching him decided the time was right to change him, and in this way he was converted to a vampire.




Damion Vincent was born generations ago during the Roman Empire`s loss of their Africanas provinces. He would be leading a segment of troops when his force would be massacred by an Orc force that left him broken and near death on the battlefield. During this time Krosis the ancient second generation Vampire was travelling westward after the fall of the Vampire Lahmian regime when he begin to experiment on the mass battlefields in the hopes of learning the arts of summoning skeletons in the same way that their ancient oponent in Nagash had done. He would fail time and again but when he discovered the body of Damion Vincent he senced great Magi posssibility in him and this caused him to turn him into a Vampire like he was.

The Founding of Weerhousen

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