Created as heavy labourers, Kroxigors are less intelligent, not being capable of higher thought. Nevertheless they are intensly loyal to the Slann and march to war with the other Lizardmen , their huge lumbering forms charging forward to tear the enemy limb from limb. Naturally aquatic like the Skinks, they often fight in mixed units with their smaller cousins. The Kroxigor form the heaviest of tanks that any race could possibly have and they allow for the attention of the enemy to be focused on them while they are slowly torn apart by the swifness of the Skinks and the brutatlity of the Saurus, and then finally locked into the lockjaw of the Slann.

The Kroxigors came out of the shadows when they showed their martial prowess during the First War with Chaos. During this conflict the Saurus were losing numbers at an alarming rate, and as the Slann attempted to build a temple city in the far north of the Polar Wastes the temple site came under assasult and the Saurus were destroyed leaving only the Skink and a number of Slann in a position where they had no front line troops. As they prepared their defences a number of Kroxigor armed themselves and used these weapons to turn the tide of the battle and therefore they made themselves known to the Lizardmen as truly awsome fighters.


Early History

First War with Chaos

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Noteable Members


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Nakai, first of all Kroxigors and thus is one of the oldest living creatures of the known world. He wanders through the jungle of Lustria belonging, no city. Sometimes he shows up just before the start of a battle, the defenders of a temple town to warn and to support them in the fight. In the eyes of many Lizardmen he is a giant, ancient albino Kroxigor it as holy and living incarnation of the will of the ancients. In contrast to the spiritual rather less rain, average Kroxigoren which are not necessarily to the intellectual creatures, Nakai has tremendous wisdom, and is regarded as a gifted tactician.

He became a legend when during the first Great War against Chaos in the battle for Itza he fought alone on the bridge of the star against the attackers made up of countless demon hordes of Chaos. Since fear the servants of chaos this place it is said. In the Age of Strife he murdered hundreds of ratmen in battle WHILE most mutated of disease and filth of the Rat Plague clans. By itself suffered wounds Nakai fell into a month-long, accompanied by fever coma. By Skinks nursed back to health, he came to himself and took off again, in search of enemies.

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