Kingdom of Lucerne

Kyle Eustern is the son of Gregory, and Lila Eustern making him a member of House Eustern. Rebecca Black has one child in the form of Axia Eustern of whom was consieved between Rebecca Black and Lyle Crakehall but following the death of Kyle Eustern she would tell the story that the child was Kyle Eustern's and publicly this is seen as the truth of things.

After months within the Forks Temple she was finally convinced that her belief that Ephraim Black had killed her friends was just a delusion by the Priests of the Dragonoph Temple, and thus trying to rebuild she would agree to marry Kyle Eustern of whom was a kind young man from a less prominent noble family. Rebecca and Kyle would come to find a love with each other and this love brought Rebecca Black back from the brink and spending two months together they were one month away from their wedding when Ephraim Black returned to start the game with Rebecca. Ephraim Black after being told of Kyle and Rebecca's love for eachother by Cellia Black would cause a massacre when he showed Rebecca that she was not dreaming what had happened to her friends by murdering Kyle Euster, and his own children Lola, and Tobin Black before leaving a broken Rebecca to pick up the pieces.




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