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Langstrand is a large town located in the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and within the province of southern Rhunian. Langstrand is the seat of House Terrick of which is one of the most powerful Atlantian house within the Kingdom of Lucerne and despite falling somewhat moralistically as of late they are still seen as one of the most important houses in the region.

Langstrand has unlike much of the farmland to its west remained homogeneous in its population of Atlantians, and this was further cemented when Lord Der-Deilvin Terrick would pass laws in the town banning the owning of land within the city to anyone outside of the Atlantian race.

Langstrand was founded by Gondor following the Downfall of Numeron as part of their attempt to conquer into the Valley of Lucerne, and while its founding was successful it lost a lot of its importance after Gondor was defeated by the Vandals that inhabited the lands west of Rhunian.


Early History

Langstrand was founded by Gondor following the Downfall of Numeron as part of their attempt to conquer into the Valley of Lucerne, and while its founding was succesful it lost a lot of its importance after Gondor was defeated by the Vandals that inhabited the lands west of Rhunian.

Civil War in Rhunian

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Civil War in Rhunian
I will have what I deserve. Do not ever forget that this is not the end. This is just the start.
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It was a land of peace since the Lucernians had taken us under their control during the war with Lucerne.
Eldon Beyne

Joffrey Lannister would come to marry Kate Denali in a strange ceremony that led to the meeting of Joffrey and a corupt merchant named Stranden of Langstrand. Stranden had been banished from being able to trade north of the province of South Rhunian on the orders of Eldon Beyne the heir to House Beyne, and he saw the madness of Joffrey as a tool that he could use to gain the upper hand on House Beyne and give himself more options. Meeting Joffrey at the wedding had been part of this plan, and he would gain influence through the gifting of many evil things to the prince of Lannistane, and from there he became Joffrey's most powerful advisor. During his time in Kraegstill it would be Stranden that slowly begin to become the pawn of Joffrey as the agents of the Order of the Three Sins begin turning the morally bankrupt Stranden into a strident follower of their ideals slowly bit by bit. During this time following the wedding Kate Denali would also discover that she was pregnant and during this time she became the target of increasingly violent attacks from Joffrey of whom continued to escalate despite learning of her pregnancy.

Langstrand was long the capital of the south, but it was drained by refugees and Gondor loyalists leaving behind a skeleton of the former town.
Eldon Beyne

Joffrey and Stranden would begin planning the taking of Castle Beyne only shortly after their union, and this grew to become an obsession of which grew into an actual plot when they moved against Langstrand. Langstrand following the war between Lucerne and Gondor had lost a significant portion of its population of whom went east into Gondor, and because of this the new powerbase was weaker and under the control of House Terrick a relatively young Atlantian household. It was the imprisonment of Jaeden Terrick by House Beyne for crimes of killing villagers north of Langstrand that would turn House Terrick to the side of Stranden and with their support the rich man had his southern support. 

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Knowing his child was growing inside me tore away at my insides, but the child was innocent. I could have killed myself and saved the child a lifetime with Joffrey, but I was weak. I was weak with love for this child born so innocently from violence and evil.
Kate Denali

The news of Langstrand's joining to Joffrey was only increased in joy by the plotters then when Kate Denali was discovered to be pregnant with Joffrey's child. This news delayed the plot though due to the fact that the news broke into Castamere and brought about the arrival of many Lannisters to Kraegstill of which was the site of huge construction as the wealth of Stranden poured into the personal haven of Joffrey. Cersei and Tyrion would arrive together as there was already enough talk of Jamie, and Jamie wouldn't arrive till later accompanied by Tommen, and Tyrek Lannister. Tyrion would arrive with Cersei and from this the meeting's begin brilliantly at first but Tyrion stumbled upon Kate Denali during the night and found her weeping with cuts all across her arms. Not able to get the complete truth out of her Tyrion did learn it was Joffrey's doing, and he would bring this to his sister's attention. Cersei would refuse to believe this and would command Tyrion leave immediately. Leaving as his sister wished he passed Jamie on the road but refused to tell him what had happened after seeing Tommen at Jamie's side and not wanting to ruin what he knew was a family reunion of a different kind. The rest of the time nothing happened of great consequence and Jamie and Tyrek were forced to leave as news of the Invasion of Westbridge and its gathering was coming upon them.

He was especially angry when Jamie left, and it took me years to understand why. I had always assumed that nothing mattered to Joffrey but seeing Tommen hugging Jamie as he left was clearly too much for even Joffrey's corupt mind to take.
Kate Denali

As the Lucernian forces begin to gather for the assault in the north Joffrey did not respond to the summoning and neither did the forces of Langstrand, while in the north House Beyne sent some six hundred solders from its own army and another thousand from its vassals in central Rhunian and, finally eight hundred from its loyalists in northern Rhunian. With the defenses of Rhunian drained it was Joffrey Lannister who would begin massing his troops of whom now outnumbered the Lord House Beyne's forces, and begin moving them into positions around Castle Beyne. In Castle Beyne Eldon Beyne and his other family members prepared a final send off to the commander of their forces in Haegon Beyne of whom left Castle Beyne with the final segment of the Beyne forces.

Sack of Castle Beyne

Liana Beyne was the sole member of House Beyne not in Castle Beyne as she was in Adrahil in the north in a suprise visit.

I looked to the skies and saw the Orange glow of the Crackling Beyne bird. Named after our ancient ancestors from southern Gondor it had always been a sign of great things to come.
Eldon Beyne

Haegon Beyne was ambushed as he made his way to the boats awaiting him on the coast, and he was taken hostage and his men killed and burried in shallow graves near the site. Moving with full speed now knowing the Lucerne forces were in movement northward to Westbridge Joffrey and over two thousand men at arms and some two hundred knights came upon Castle Beyne with no warning. The attackers would use Haegon Beyne walking towards the gate accompanied by many men dressed in the clothing of his lost men and as he approached the gates were opened to him. Once inside the initial attackers executed Haegon and went about killing the few gaurds left in the gatehouse. Fighting broke out as the fighting brought the rest of the Beyne defenders to bear, but the gates were open and the horribly outnumbered defenders of Castle Beyne were swiped aside with relative ease. Eldon Beyne awoke inside the keep after being knocked out during the fighting and found Joffrey walking over the bodies of his wife, and young daughter, and trying to get up he failed as someone was standing on his back. After argueing for several minutes Joffrey would murder the other remaining members of House Beyne while raping his younger sister, and then wanting death Joffrey would slash his throat killing the final member of House Beyne in Castle Beyne.

News flooded into the north that Castle Beyne had fallen to Joffrey Lannister, and it wasn't until my brother's arm was delivered by a blinded dying guard of my family that I believed it. There was no army to raise to retake my home. No brother to come and rescue me. Everything was gone to the north or gone to the grave, and here I remained. Alone...
Liana Beyne

Following the sack of Castle Beyne the forces of Joffrey would take control of Central Rhunian and from there move towards Adrahil where the final remnants of the old House Beyne forces remained including their only remaining member in Liana Beyne. Arriving at Adrahil with the nearly undamaged army they had taken Castle Beyne with they would put the city under siege. Reinforced by forces now loyal to them throughout Central and Northern Rhunian anyone that had a grief with the Beyne's or the Overwood's of Adrahil came out of the woodwork and joined with Joffrey's forces. Joffrey would have Eldon Beyne cut into pieces and every day he sent a piece of Eldon to the castle gates, which were withheld from Liana to see at first, but as time went on she forced her way into seeing what was being sent, and was horrified to learn what had been happening. The defence of Adrahil was led by Teragon Overwood of whom was the third son of the Lord of House Overwood of whom was in Westbridge fighting in the Invasion alongside the majority of the forces of House Overwood as well as most of those who would come to their aid. Joffrey Lannister advised by his commanders came to understand that Adrahil was going to get no quick relief and was basically the only force left before he captured all of Rhunian and would leave the State in his hands, and thus he ordered his commanders to prepare for an all out assault of the city.

Liana Beyne Gif.gif
When I heard the news that Joffrey Lannister had sacked Castle Beyne and was laying siege to Adrahil I honestly didn't believe it. The boy I remembered had been a pathetic excuse for a man and didn't seem capable of this kind of evil. I guess Jamie's bastard was closer to the tree then I thought.
Jamie Snow

As the news of Castle Beyne's sacking and the siege of Adrahil had spread the leadership of the western Grand State of Winterfell, and Castamere would came together and Jon Snow would gather some five hundred troops meeting with many others in the Port of Stormwind where they would take ships to Adrahil. Alongside these forces were also sizable forces led by Lyanna Mormont of whom led Bear Island to Adrahil landing the quickest as they were basically the closest force to the region. Jon Snow would use his regency to force Joffrey to relent and stop attacking Adrahil, while Tyrion Lannister of whom had joined him would come to heavily insult his nephew to his own danger. Joffrey eventually relented and retreat back to Castle Beyne and his new holdings, where he would ship off everything of value back to Kraegstill and stripped the lands of central Rhunian knowing that they would be removed now with the survival of Liana Beyne.


Following the ending of the siege of Adrahil and the arrival of the forces of Winterfell the armies of Joffrey Lannister had retreated across the Uhrel River but had basically left the entire province of Castle Beyne in ruins. Herbert of Winterfell, and Talbot of House Anthor would be sent by their respective houses to House Beyne on behalf of the Order of the Grey Dragon and would begin attempting to rebuild Castle Beyne which they discovered every non-stone building had been burned down and basically anything that could have been taken, or burned had been.


His family returned from the Invasion of Westbridge and his father and Tytos Lannister came to Kraegstill where he told lies of what had happened at Castle Beyne and despite not believing his son Jamie was unwilling to have his son killed, and thus installed a female member of House Beyne as the Lady of Castle Beyne to the anger of his son.



Langstrand has unlike much of the farmland to its west remained homogeneous in its population of Atlantians, and this was further cemented when Lord Der-Deilvin Terrick would pass laws in the town banning the owning of land within the city to anyone outside of the Atlantian race.



House Terrick

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