Laurane Blount
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Kingdom of Lucerne
Story Role
POV Role Major Role
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Vital Statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Official Titles
  • Lady of Blount
Alias The Grim
Race Vandal German
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Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Dartin Kiesling
Mother Larra Kiesling
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Arwin Blount
Children Placeholder
Laurane Blount is the daughter of Dartin, and Larra Kiesling making her a member of House Blount.




Early History

The Fall of the Tower of Solace
Inside each of us, there is the seed of both good and evil. It's a constant struggle as to which one will win. Allow one to grow too strong and it throws your entire life into chaos. Allow one to grow to weak and the same chaos grows. Always remember that one cannot exist without the other.

The Battle of the Tower of Solace

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Ellen Page Cover Amazing
Your looking for Sean, and I'm trying to tell you I can lead you to him. I'm also telling you that you should move on from this. This doesn't end with him facing justice.
Leopold Bierbaum

Ellen Page having become fanatical in her goal of killing Sean Lovie would first need to discover where he was making his home as she knew from those she had questioned that he was no longer staying at the Cloud Tower. Watching him from afar she came to see that he would spend most of his time at the Tower of Solace one of the Sky Towers and from there she would target one of his men named Leopold Bierbaum the lord of a small house and watching him she would capture Leopold and interrogate him for information on the tower. From her interrogation of Leopold she discovered to her horror that Sean was indeed holding up within the Tower of Solace where he was imprisoning women within and doing horrible things to them, and this was too much for Ellen Page who became obsessed with destroying the tower. Realizing that she needed help with a garrison in defence of the tower she would appraoch two men who she knew had people inside the tower in the form of Alwine Blount, and Robin Garrn and playing on their fears of harm coming to to their love ones she was able to convince them to join her in attacking the tower.

The Siege

Sean Lovie would be given a reprieve when his man Tobin of Sean would block the entrance to the top level of the tower and then set off the alarm horn which alerted the city to the attack and realizing that reinforcements would come to help Sean's Men it was Ellen Page who made the decision to pull back leaving behind several girls on the top level and most importantly most of Sean's leadership and Sean himself to escape the battle.


It would be Lauren Garrn would be one of the girls that was unable to be rescued during the rescue attempt by rebels known as the Battle of the Tower of Solace, and kept a prisoner it became clear following this that Lucerne was coming under threat from the rebels and she would be shipped with the others still imprisoned to Berne.

The Fall of Sean's Mine
When your quarry goes to ground, leave no ground to go to.

Fall of Sean's Mine

Main Article : Fall of Sean's Mine

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My final vengeance won't come until hes dead. I cannot stop. I cannot rest. I cannot forgive. He has to die for what he's done.
Laurane Blount

Family Members


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