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Leofrich Nune III.
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Story Role
POV Role Lucernian Series
Appears In The Star of Destill
Vital Statistics
Born 5084
Title Official Titles
  • Prince Landsgrave of House Nune

Official Titles

Alias Rose
Religion Dragonoph
Status Dead
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Personal Loyalties

Racial Statistics
Maternal Vandal German
Paternal Vandal German
Father Salwich Nune
Mother Liarra Nune
Siblings Full Siblings
  • Leven Nune
  • Edgar Nune
  • Myrcella Nune
Internal Family
Spouse Norgarda Nune
Children True Born

With Norgarda Nune

  • † Ortwin Nune
  • † Leopold Nune
  • Adelinda Nune
  • Gorlinda Nune

Base Born

With Charlotte Royce

  • Wendelin Royce
  • Reinhilda Royce

Leofrich Nune III. is the son of Salwich, and Liarra Nune making him a member and the long time lord and patriarch of House Nune. Leofrich would have two siblings in the form of Edgar, and Myrcella Nune of which his brother Edgar was a prominent knight in the lands of House Nune and he alongside his family were executed during the First Lucernian Purge, while Myrcella was married off to a rich merchant of Nunendorf and was a popular woman of the noble class but was still executed during the First Lucernian Purge. Leofrich would be married to Norgarda Sand of whom he was deeply in love with and shared a very close relationship until she was executed during the First Lucernian Purge leaving Leofrich broken and never to remarry.

Leofrich Nune III. would be born the second child and first son of Salwich Nune marking him as the second in the line of succession of house Nune at the time of his birth behind his father, and uncle. Leofrich would travel to Turnendorf in command of a battalion of troops from House Nune as a part of the attempt to put down the rebellion there and during this conflict he became close with King James Lovie II. Leofrich despite attempting to join the War in France would remain behind with his uncle while his father and brother traveled with a part of the Nune forces to join the campaign in France, and during this time he was named the Castellan of Nunendorf. Leofrich would be recalled to the capital by James mother Maegery Lovie of whom feared for her son, and Leofrich would regain the friendship with James they had started back in Turnendorf but was unable to stop James from killing his mother, but did stay in the capital after this happened to try and help James deal with his problems. Leofrich the Senior would be executed at the Siege of Nunendorf where Maron Scorpian's words had led to him being seen as the leader of the rebellion's move to rescue Eddard Starke and despite James attempting to stop the execution it was Aelfwynn Turnidlon that tricked James into seeing a different reality and killing Leofrich instigating the massacre that followed, but as the killing went on it was James that let Leofrich the younger escape. Leofrich would following his escape from Nunendorf live in the forest for some time with his youngest daughter, and nephew but was forced to flee after a near discovery by a House Jestife force that had entered the area. Forced out of the Nunendorf area he would find shelter with House Royce at Runestone after he and the children were discovered by Charlotte Royce, and took them under her protection despite him revealing who he was. Following the discovery that Charlotte was hiding Leofrich, Gorlinda, and Salwich it was the group that was surrounded at the cabin that Charlotte had been hiding them but instead of being turned over to the capital it was Yohn Royce that offered him sanctuary in his lands. The arrival of Reiner Heimsoth to Runestone would bring him out of hiding and with Reiner he founded the Devils of Nune and begin his mission to discover who had truly commanded the destruction of Nunendorf. Following the return to Nunendorf they discovered the poverty of the area and went about changing this by going after the despot Dorin Scorpian and stealing his ill gotten wealth, and this leads to the event known as the Sack of Scorpfield Fort. Leofrich would travel back to Nunendorf following the successful raids into the lands of House Moore and while back at Heimsothist they were caught by Ezio Ederiz and making a deal with Ezio it was Leofrich that took the Nune Devils southward out of the Crownlands and towards Castle Dedekind. Leofrich would go on the run with the Devils of Nune following the skirmish of Heimsothist and during this time travelled to the lands of House Dedekind where he found shelter with the Yellow Dragons who gave him control of a large swathe of land in the north of the province of Western Forks. Eventually it was Leopold Garrn that caught up to him and the two fought a series of fights against eachother but this ended following Leopold sacking several villages that the Devils had been assisted by leading to Leofrich gathering more men to his force and then goading Leopold into attacking him at Leistner Fort where his forces were supported by large groups of villagers and silently by rebel supporting houses nearby leading to a dramatic defeat of Leopold at the Battle of Leistner Fort. Leofrich would finally give himself up after realizing that hiding any further risked putting more of his supporters at risk of being damaged and thus he surrendered himself to Leopold Garrn at Highmore Keep.





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Leofrich Nune III. would be born the second child and first son of Salwich Nune marking him as the second in the line of succession of house Nune at the time of his birth.

Early History

First Crisis of Turnendorf

Main Article : First Crisis of Turnendorf

The First Crisis of Turnendorf
You have stopped us for now Lady Anshutz. Trust me when I tell you this is not over. We shall see each other again.

Aelfwynn Turnidlon Cover1.png

I need you to listen to me now Aelfwynn. Its time to open your eyes. Time to see the truth.

Battle of Murstendorf

Main Article : Battle of Murstendorf

The Sogronul that once led us would have never done what she did at Murstendorf.

As the smoke cleared and it was clear the extent of the violence that the forces of the Voiceless had done to the city it was Aelfwynn that would turn against Sogronul realizing that there was no redemption to be found for her adoptive mother and fled to Turnendorf.

Siege of Turnendorf

Aelfwynn would arrive at Turnendorf ahead of the main Voiceless army and warning her father of the coming attack they were able to deploy defenses and call up hundreds of men from the country side.

Arrival of James Lovie II.

The siege of Turnendorf was ended with the arrival of James Lovie II. and the relief army from Lucerne of whom with their superior numbers forced the order to retreat back to Rissingshire Castle.

Siege of Thaig Roelet

Last Stand

As the forces of Lucerne broke the defenses of Thaig Roelet it was Aethelhilda that would make the decision to sacrifice herself so that the Order of the Voiceless Angel could survive and in a massive spell she blew herself up creating a giant fissure in the ground that seemed to destroy the Thaig but had actually only broken the entrance.

Castellan of Nunendorf

Leofrich despite attempting to join the War in France would remain behind with his uncle while his father and brother traveled with a part of the Nune forces to join the campaign in France, and during this time he was named the Castellan of Nunendorf.

The Fall of James Lovie II.
Your father was a good man. This thing. This creature in front of you now. This is not your father.

The Fall of James Lovie II.

Main Article : Lucernian Retreat from Lyons

I didn't know Magi before that day. It was as if the power just flowed into me as I read the book. What manner of power flowed into that book to make it possible I'll never know.
James Lovie

Having made the decision to rest at Berne before traveling back into the Valley it was James that felt content for a time in the city and while the plan was never to stay for longer then a few days he felt at ease during his time there. Tobin remained behind in Berne holding control of the town for James who moved the rest of their forces back to Lucerne, and while in command of Berne it was Tobin who begin to recover emotionally but also took the girl he had raped as his wife forcing her into marriage.

Return to Family

Arriving back at the Lucernian capital, there was sadness, but also happiness that at least some had survived. James went to his family, and attempted to find peace again, but he was quite dramatically changed by the things he'd seen as well as the words spoken by Pablius. James would at first be kept busy when he was told by leadership in the capital that members of the Arch Lords had attempted to push out William Lovie III. and place one of their own as the new monarch, and that the only reason this had failed was due to Hayden Percy arriving at the capital with a force from House Percy and defending the capital. Without Lisa to talk to it was James that fell into the depression of what had happened to him alongside the paranoia that he felt following the news that while he was gone members of the Arch Lords had attempted to place someone outside of House Lovie as a new monarch over his son William. These fears led to him distancing himself from almost everyone outside of his closest friends, and led him down a path of trying desperately to fix Lisa. Each night as Lisa fell deeper into the Fade as a result of her work with Lornax, James would sneak to the Lovie family library and searched their books for some sort of answer to how to save his wife from what was happening to her.

There was nothing good in that book from a morality sense of the word. But in that book I found the answers to every question I'd ever asked. As I read more and more I came to understand the world in a way that both shocked, and amazed me.
James Lovie II.

It was during one of these searches of the House Lovie library that he found a book that would change his mind for good, and set the Kingdom of Lucerne in a tailspin. He would begin searching in the locked section of the House Lovie library, and discovered Mysticism which was a book hidden by William Lovie due to its historical connection with darkness and evil. Not knowing the true depths of the book's evil James Lovie became obsessed with the book and for months he would spend every night reading the book over and over again. Each time he read the book his mind became more wrapped up in the things he learned about Magi, but also each time he read the book he begin hearing voices in his head which taught him things.

I didn't know Magi before that day. It was as if the power just flowed into me as I read the book. What manner of power flowed into that book to make it possible I'll never know.
James Lovie

While before reading the book he had did not have any active connection to the Fade and was of level 0 in terms of Magi, it was James that was actually a Dragonborn due to his blood and thus was sensitive in magi just not in a way that he would have ever discovered without assistance. While the Dragonborn were envisioned to be guided by a Dovah, it was the actions of John Lovie that had left the Dovah removed from the Kingdom of Lucerne and thus the Dragonborn of the Valley were born and died without ever understanding their underlying abilities. This underlying Dragonborn abilities led to the Fallen Titan Vhloraz having a lot of difficulty in gaining control of James and thus he played the long game giving James more power in return for James doing things for him. The things that James was asked to do seemed trivial but were in fact allowing Vhloraz to weaken the protective Magi shield that all Dragonborn have over them, and as this continued Vhloraz was able to move himself out of Mysticism and into James thus beginning the parasitic relationship between the two.

Returning Friends

You have to understand William. When you father left Lucerne he had everything. He had a wife he loved. Friends who loved him. Family. When he returned he got the feeling he had lost it all. He pushed away his friends until they begin to scatter. His family didn't recognize him, and he knew that. Hes a broken man.
Einhard Rosler

Following the return of James Lovie from the War in France it was Esme Portmane that returned to Lucerne deciding she needed to see him and the two would spend time together before his growing emotional erraticness would lead to Esme leaving but she did leave pregnant with their third child together. Also returning to his side was his former best friends in the form of Einhard Rosler, Charles Swan, and Eddard Starke all of whom were very excited to have their friend back, but would quickly realize he was a changed man. Einhard had become a parental figure to Williams children as by this point Lisa was all but a ghost of herself barely capable of stringing words together, and for this James held him in very high esteem not showing any signs of jealousy. Charles for his part attempted to go back to things as normal but James blamed himself for the death of Charles father during the Battle of Lyons and felt shame around Charles causing their relationship strain. Eventually this strain would lead to Charles leaving Lucerne to return to Forks, and this departure left him the open target for many of the new people entering James life.

The Circle of Magi

I need you both to do something for me. Bring minds capable of helping us. Bring them together so that we can fix what has been broken.
James Lovie II.

During this period where James fell into addiction, and depression over the rising control of Vhloraz he would also command the founding of a long time dream of his in the form of the Circle of Magi. In this founding he gave the organization of this to his two close friends Kieth Schwartz, and Er-Khadgar Morgrave of whom went about doing what James had always dreamed of when they formed the early foundation of the Circle. Putting out public notices throughout the Grand State of the Crownlands for all Magi sensitive to come to a camp they constructed outside of Nortburg they received hundreds of recruits of whom having been forced to hide before this found great hope in this new direction. One of these new recruits was Wuldrik Toyne of whom would travel from the Grand Temple of Lucerne to Nortburg where he met with one of the earliest recruits to the Circle of Magi in the form of Lothar Guntbold and the more advanced Magi Lothar took him under his wing during this early time.

James Lovie's Suicide Attempt
I can't live like this anymore Esme. I need you to end this.

James Lovie's Suicide Attempt

Main Article : James Lovie's Suicide Attempt

Esme Portmane Cover Amazing.jpg

I'm sorry James. There can be no doubting this. I watched you kill her with my own eyes.
Kieth Schwartz

Maergary would become a source of increased resistance to the corruption being suffered by her son James and in this resistance begin recalling people to the capital that had been friends of James during his better times. First bringing to the capital Charles Swan, and Eddard Starke the two former best friends of James found themselves shocked at what had happened to James. Both had seen the changes when he had returned from France, but the changes since they had left were beyond dramatic, and led both to vow to try and help there former best friend. As the attempts continued it was James that was after several months unable to stop Vhloraz from taking complete control for several minutes and during this time Vhloraz would murder Maergary in front of many onlookers before James was able to regain control. Following the realization that he had killed his mother in a blind rage he would come to the conclusion that he could no longer control whatever was happening within him, and with Lisa now nearly comatose he commanded that word be sent for Esme to be brought back to Lucerne. Esme responded almost immediatly to the call to the return, and begin heading to Lucerne from Lorderon traveling with her daughter Diane but leaving behind Natalie, and Jamie with her family. As they waited for Esme to come to Lucerne the group was forced to put James into an almost constant state of use of opioids which kept Vhloraz at bay. When Esme arrived she was shocked to see the state of addiction he was in, but doing his best James asked them to listen as he told them the truth for the first time about what was happening to him.

The First Attempt

Witold was a brave young man back then. He's been dead for years though. The thing that walks around now is not Witold.
Kieth Schwartz

With James still able to control himself during this time to a much larger degree then would eventually become the case he revealed to those near him that he felt a voice within him who called himself Vhloraz. He revealed this information to Kieth Schwartz, Khadgar, Esme Portmane, Charles Swan, Eddard Starke, and Witold Jestife and learning this they would in their first attempt to save James attempt to discover the purpose of Vhloraz. Kieth, Khadgar, and Witold would both enter the Fade attempting to discover who this creature was but as they did this it was Vhloraz that was prepared for this attempt and as they got close to him he unleashed dozens of Titans aligned to him and while Kieth, and Khadgar were able to escape back to reality it was Witold that found himself stuck within the Fade. Captured by the Titans it was Witold that was subjected to possession by the Titan Gernimach who tortured him within the Fade while back in reality it was Kieth, and others that worked feverishly to attempt to get Witold back. After several days they were able to return Witold to reality but by this point it was Gernimach that came alongside him, and realizing what had happened it was the group that attempted to kill him but found themselves stopped by the arrival of Vhloraz. Vhloraz had taken complete control for a moment and fought alongside Gernimach killing several guards before forcing the rest to retreat leaving Vhloraz and Gernimach victorious in the moment.

It started off with good intentions.
Aelfwynn Turnidlon

Following this event it was Kieth that decided to begin shielding James from events like this through the assistence of both Lothar Guntbold, and the increasingly prominent Aelfwynn Turnidlon. Aelfwynn was commanded to create illusions for James which made him believe that those who were being killed, or the bad decisions being made were either deserved or out of his control. Lothar would assign his enchanter Wuldrik Toyne to assist Aelfwynn in this goal by creating memory loss spells that assisted in the stories and menipulations being done by Aelfwynn.

Vhloraz Betrayed

Gernimach and Vhloraz would at first work together but as Vhloraz gained more influence over James it was Gernimach that betrayed Vhloraz and worked with Kieth Schwartz to form a pact for James to make with Vhloraz which would give James safeguards to stop Vhloraz from ever taking full control. After betraying Vhloraz and leaving him unable to fully gain control of James it was Gernimach that feigned continued loyalty to Vhloraz who was far more powerful then he was but in actuality he begin forming the Order of the Cerulean Eye in order to eventually take control of the Valley of Lucerne and kill his now rival Vhloraz.

The First Lucernian Purge

Main Article : First Lucernian Purge

The Forest

Leofrich would following his escape from Nunendorf live in the forest for some time with his youngest daughter, and nephew and during this time he was constantly on the move as there were troops searching for survivors. Following the sacking of Nuendorf it was Horton that went on the move searching for survivors of the massacre and during this he became overcome by his conflicting emotions and when his force discovered Leofrich Nune III. hiding in the forest with his daughter and nephew it was Horton that allowed him to flee.

Fleeing Nunendorf

Forced out of the Nunendorf area he would find shelter with House Royce at Runestone after he and the children were discovered by Charlotte Royce, and took them under her protection despite him revealing who he was.


Following the discovery that Charlotte was hiding Leofrich, Gorlinda, and Salwich it was the group that was surrounded at the cabin that Charlotte had been hiding them but instead of being turned over to the capital it was Yohn Royce that offered him sanctuary in his lands.

The Devils of Nune

The arrival of Reiner Heimsoth to Runestone would bring him out of hiding and with Reiner he founded the Devils of Nune and begin his mission to discover who had truly commanded the destruction of Nunendorf.

The Sack of Scorpfield Fort
I did what I did. If you think I will ever apologize for taking what that monster had. I won't.

Sack of Scorpfield Fort

Kieth Shwartz1.png


Coming of the Butcher

Ulrich would travel with his father to Scorpfield Fort following its sack by the Nune Devils and despite his attempts to join with the army of Leopold Garrn when it went after the Nune Devils it was Maron that forced Ulrich to stay with him.

Battle of Leistner Fort

Coming of Ezio

Kieth Shwartz1.png

I need you to go to Scorpfield Fort and assist the Scorpians in dealing with the rebels. They are enemies of the crown and they are to be dealt with as the traitors to the crown they are. No trials for traitors Ezio.
Carlisle Cullen

Following being given his orders by Carlisle Cullen it was Ezio and Catherine that left Lucerne using a teleportion spell taking them to Moore Keep. At Moore keep they are given boat transportation by Nedrik Moore a Circle of Magi member who before they leave warns them of the moral failings of House Scorpian. Arriving at the now ruined Scorpfield Fort they meet with the House Scorpian leadership which has arrived with a large force at the fort following it being sacked. Ezio is directed by Maron Scorpian that the attackers were seen fleeing eastward, and Ezio goes into the forest outside the fort with Catherine Voiriere and he reveals her skills when she takes out a wand. Using her Magi abilities, she can cast a spell which creates a mist which shows the path taken by the people that attacked the fort. Following the mist, they reach the water realizing the group travelled then by boat, its Ezio that returns to the Scorpians and procures a boat to be led by Heiner Prochnow. As the boat prepares to push off its Ulrich Scorpian that joins the boat against the orders of his father as he wants vengeance for the killing of his brother Dorin. Once again following the mist the boat travels eastward eventually reaching the Nunedorf River where the mist takes them northward. Forced to stop at a small fishing village its Ezio that stays on the boat. Woken in the night by the sound of screaming its Ezio that runs to the screaming alongside Heiner, and the five Scorpian men at arms. Reaching the screams, they find a bloody Catherine standing over the body of a clearly deceased Ulrich Scorpian. As she tells the group that she killed Ulrich after he tried to rape her it’s Heiner that tries to take her into custody, but Ezio refuses this. A fight breaks out which leads to Ezio killing all the men at arms and standing over a wounded Heiner he lets him go but joined by Catherine they hire several villagers to help them move the boat north. Returning to their boat with the new village crew they continue following the mist eventually finding the boat of the attackers hidden at a small, abandoned dock. Leaving the villagers to watch the boat its Ezio and Catherine that continue following the mist onto land. Spending the day travelling they eventually reach a ruined village where they spy a group camping inside what looks like an old holdfast. Leaving Catherine at the edge of the village its Ezio that sneaks into the village knocking out the sentries on watch. Climbing the holdfast, he watches the group inside the holdfast. Hearing the group discuss the money he learns they plan to give the money to farmers and nobles in Nunendorf who lost everything during the purge against them. Brought back to memories of killing good people in years past its Ezio that enters the window revealing himself to the rebels inside. Gathering their weapons to themselves its Ezio that disarms them one by using his superior skill. With the rebels inside aware they stand at his mercy he offers their leaders in Leofrich Nune III., and Reiner Heimsoth an offer. Ezio tells them that if they leave the Crownlands he will lie and say that he found the rebels and killed them. After agreeing to letting Leofrich and his rebels give the money to an ally of theirs so it can be properly distributed its Ezio that lets them go. Ezio and Leofrich have a brief conversation before he leaves the holdfast and returns to Catherine. Catherine and Ezio watch the rebels pack up and she questions how he can trust that they will follow through on the agreement. He tells her that Leofrich is a good man, and that betting on the word of good men is something he will be doing from now on. Returning to the boat they sail back down the river to the village where they give the boat to the villagers in return for keeping the secret of what happened with Catherine. Ezio tells them to sell the boat to the far east. Catherine and Ezio make there way into the forest where Catherine uses a blue stone and her Magi to teleport the two back to the spire of Lucerne.

Devils Leave the Crownlands

Lies of Ezio

The chapter ends with Ezio arriving in Nortburg where he meets with Benjamin Bradfoot and Robin Compere of whom let Ezio know that several dozen who support Ezio have also left Ravenholdt and have traveled to the Valley of Lucerne as per his request, and with this he begins planning for the defense of the tournament.

Second Lucernian Purge

Main Article : Second Lucernian Purge

The Second Lucernian Purge
This was a declaration of war against all of us. Today he came for me in Forks. Do not question that tomorrow he comes for you in Tree Hill. The day after he comes for Hillsbrad. This does not end until we stand together and let him know that enough is enough.

Kieth Shwartz1.png

Find out who launched the attack. Find out who helped them. Find out anyone who knew about it. Find them all and kill them.
Kieth Schwartz

The Second Lucernian Purge would begin following the Failure of the Pendant of Cleansing as a damaged James Lovie II. and Vhloraz struggled with the new reality of their situation it was the Circle of Magi that went about attempting to root out the conspirators of the Griffon Roost assassination attempt.

Expanding Conflict

Mildred would make an alliance with Galerius Macrinus where they two would work together with the support of Galerius's ally Atilia Hosidius to gain control of both southern, and Northern Swan and through this attempt to take control of the Grand State.

Invasion of the County of Scheck

Return of the Devils of Nune

Returning to Castle Dedekind after several months in Skane they find the castle is abuzz with movement. Meeting with Burgomaster Brandon Welechk they find out that Landsgrave Jamie Dedekind has travelled to Castle Scheck to assist there as the forces of the Gleckourds have assaulted into Scheck lands. Leaving Reimer to continue leading the main Nune forces its Leofrich that travels to Castle Scheck with Hanzal and a force of a hundred Nune men to assist Jamie Dedekind. Arriving at Castle Dedekind they are unable to enter the castle at first as they are not known men and its only when Simon Dedekind reveals them as loyalists that the tension is lifted. Following meeting with the leadership of House Scheck and House Dedekind its Leofrich and his forces that travel southeast to the fort of Scheckburg.

Skirmish at Scheckburg Fort

Main Article : Skirmish at Scheckburg Fort

Arriving at Scheckburg Fort they discover the fort has already fallen to the forces of the Gleckourd’s and as they attempt to pull back, they are set upon by horsemen. Fighting a skirmish against the cavalry they are defeated and Leofrich flees into the forest accompanied by only four of his men and Hanzal who has taken a bad wound from a spear. The group is forced to move through the forest but has to stop almost continuesly as the cavalry of the Gleckourds continues harassing them. As night comes its Hanzal that succumbs to his wounds and Leofrich is forced to leave him while he and his remaining men of whom are now nearly twenty as they have collected men throughout the day make there way north towards Flechk Hold.

Battle of Blechk Hold

Main Article : Battle of Blechk Hold

Travelling through the night they reach Flechk Hold in the morning but find the hold already under siege and are forced to move westward away from the fighting. Moving westward they arrive at a small Scheck village and realizing that an attack is coming sooner of later they evacuate the village and continue moving westward to Blechk Hold. Arriving at Blechk Hold the Nune forces and the villagers enter the holdfast where they meet with Burgrave Tristan Blechk of whom tells them that unless they are here to fight, they should head northward as his scouts have already seen Gleckourd men on the horizon. Leofrich and his men remain at Blechk Hold as they want revenge and gaining horses for themselves, they move south into the forest. In this move they are joined by some of the villagers and men at arms from the holdfast they prepare to ambush the Gleckourd forces once they arrive.

Skirmish at Eglisheint Fort

Main Article : Skirmish at Eglisheint Fort

Following their defeat of the Gleckourd forces they continue southward towards the Gleckourd fort of Eglisheint Fort where the captured man had indicated a general was located. Arriving at Eglisheint Fort they wait till nightfall with the plan of capturing the general and bringing him to justice. Entering the room of the general they find him sitting at a table with several of what they assume are his commanders and only the general’s son being held by Leofrich’s men keep the general from attacking them. The general taunts them that the government of the Crownlands has given them assistance and realizing that what they did to Nunendorf they now appear to be trying to do in Forks causes Leofrich to demand more information. The general who won’t risk his son being killed reveals the extent of the deals made against the people of Forks by the Crownlands, and during this dump of information reveals that they plan on assassinating Alice Lovie to bring more loyalists to their side when they blame this killing on the Swans.

The Hosidius Plot

Escape of Alice Lovie

While in Castle Hosidius it was Paulus that was revealed the true plot against Alice was not for her to be captured but instead for her to die, and learning this he would conspire with the Devils of Nune to take her from Castle Hosidius which both saved her but also marked her further as a percieved member of the Yellow Dragons of Lucerne for working with the Devils of Nune. Alice would be rescued from being assassinated by Leofrich Nune with the help of Paulus Yernese and taken from Castle Hosidius she was escorted by the Devils of Nune to Castle Clune where she was protected by House Clune.

Battle of Arennis Hold

Main Article : Battle at Arennis Hold

Arrival of Matilda Lovie
I just wanted to see you Marius.
Matilda Lovie

As the siege continued it was Matilda Lovie that would arrive at the western entrance to Arennis Hold and arriving at the camp of her husband Marius Scott the two reunited, spending the night together. In the morning it was Matilda that would sneak out of the tent and with her two men at arms she would go to Arennis Hold where revealing who she was she was allowed inside the walls by Lord Maelevor Arennis. Inside the walls she was treated very well as Maelevor a Red Dragon and thus a loyalist to her father and using this loyalty she was able to convince him to speak to Marius Scott who was given the guests right and allowed to stay in a spire of Arennis Hold in preparation for this meeting.

Assassination Attempt

Matilda Lovie Cover Amazing2.png

I held her hand as she died. She was coughing up blood from the three arrows that your men hit her with. I held her hand as she died. You did that. You have to live with that once I'm gone.
Marius Scott

Marius would be targeted for assassination by Theoderic Weitlest of whom was obsessed with Matilda Lovie and had arrived at the Battle of Arennis Hold with the relief army. As the relief army settled in the northwestern area of the siege it was Theoderic that prepared his plan to kill Marius. Theoderic was told that Marius was meeting with Lord Maelevor Arennis, and then would be staying the night as Maelevor’s guest in the second spire of the Hold. Taking a group of his men they used ladders to get onto the northern wall during the night, and then waited inside the northern tower for morning knocking out the guard on duty at that tower who was not expecting an attack from the friendly northern side of the hold.

Escape of Marius

Following the attack by Theoderic on the spire it was the men of House Arennis that quickly retook control of the tower, and northern wall, but by this point the men of Theoderic had fled the wall and left behind the sigil of House Scott to blame Marius for the attack. Finding the sigil, it was Visenarr that arrived at the spire intent on arresting Marius, but discovered a dying Matilda, and a Marius severely injured by an arrow to shoulder. Marius would be allowed to escape Arennis Hold by Visenarr Arennis, with a horse through the northern gate, but he was not able to get to his force south of hold, or to the Swans east of the wall due to the lockdown on the hold, and so instead planned to travel north attempting to reach Kissenburg. Marius was able to purchase a horse from village of Arennisit north of Arennis Hold and thus traveled by horse to Kissenburg where he hoped to seek the protection of his mothers family in House Kissling while he attempted to return to areas more loyal to his grandfather.


While at Kissenburg he would be betrayed by his uncle Ernest Kissling of whom was the Edelherr and thus kept Marius's arrival a secret from Landsgrave Brandon Kissling. Using men loyal to him it was Ernest that held Marius prison outside Kissenburg for several days treating him well while he waited for forces loyal to the Circle to arrive. Willibald Guntbold would arrive and took custody of Marius taking him northward to Castle Kornfield where he was held until the arrival of Mildred Gleckourd who took him by boat to Gleckheint.

The Griffon Roost Plot

Main Article : The Griffon Roost Plot

The The Griffon Roost Plot
He had to pay for what he did. You must realize that. You serve a monster.

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Learning that the king had been the driving force behind my loss. It was just more then I could accept.
Leofrich Nune III.

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