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Leven Martell
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Story Role
POV Role Lucerne Series
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital Statistics
Born 5105
Title Official Titles
  • High Queen of Lucerne
  • Princess of Sunspear

Unoficial Titles

  • Dragon of the Shadow Council
Alias Levia
Race Vandal German
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Marriage Loyalties

Father Public Father

Real Father

Mother Ellyryia Martell
Siblings Full Siblings

Half Siblings

Internal Family
Spouse William Lovie III.
Children True Born

With William Lovie III.

  • Olivia Lovie

Adopted Children

Leven Martell is the public daughter of Doran, and Ellyria Martell making her a member of House Martell through her father, and a member of House Krebs through her mother. Leven Martell is actually the daughter of Ellyria Krebs, and Wuldrik Toyne of whom engaged in an affair that resulted in her being a member of House Toyne through her father. Leven Martell has three siblings in the form of Dorea, Obella, and Franzal Martell of which Franzal was killed during the Invasion of Westbridge but was an honorable man before he fell, her sister Dorea is a leading member of the House Martell military forces alongside her other sister Obella of which both are excellent shots with a bow and counted on to lead the house officially on the battlefield. Leven Martell would come to marry William Lovie III. becoming the queen of the Kingdom of Lucerne shortly following the death of Isabella Swan in a marriage that fulfilled her lifetime goal of being with William.

Leven Martell was born the second child of Doran Martell of which made Leven the second in the line of succession behind her elder sister, and father as House Martell practiced Absolute Cognatic gender succession laws. during the days of the War in France, and this meant that her uncle, and father returned to Lucerne as one of the few survivors of the Battle of Lyons , and her uncle the Lord of House Martell was drastically changed by the experience. With this the case her father Doran became the defacto leader of House Martell, and it was Doran that begin training his children in the ways of conflict, as he foresaw that war was coming. During the years preceding her going to the Lucernian academy she grew close to her handmaiden named Alys Vaith of whom remained closer to her then basically anyone else other then her sisters. Leven Martell would go to the Lucernian Academy alongside many other members of House Martell, and during her time there she grew very close to William Lovie and his Shadow Council. She became a member of the Shadow Council when William knighted her in their ritual while they were travelling in the cave during one of their pretend quests. Leven Martell would begin to engage in a romantic relationship with William during this time, and despite her love for him he loved her back as a best friend, but never fell in love with her in the way that she did with him due to the manipulations of his father and the arrival of Amber Heard. She remained a valuable member of the Shadow Council and accompanied the group when they travelled on The Journey where she would delayed from arriving in Forks by the fact that she was sent east with her sisters and Ellia Snow in order to alert the leaders of that city that they were on the move. Her arrival in Stormwind was a great shock for the leadership of the city, and she would come to see many things that none of them had ever heard before including the extreme hatred many held for William's father. Leven would attempt to make her way back to William following gaining the support of House Starke and House Lannister as she wanted to tell him what she had learned and thus give him warning as to what he was walking into. While traveling back to William she would be attacked by House Nighting and forced to land early at Castle Cerintha where she would be then besieged within forcing her to fight in the Battle of Castle Cerintha which she was able to win due to the growing knowledge of what James had done at Tree Hill. Following the Battle she made her way to Castle Dalmatia where she was forced to deal with another assassination attempt when she revealed unknowingly that she had killed Franzal Nighting inciting his wife to attempt to kill her and then one last time when Rachel Lee arrived at the castle instigating a duel which she narrowly survived. During the Civil War in Lucerne Leven was left with her sisters to guard the house Martell home, and she was responsible for killing many of the attackers from House Jestife as they attempted to kill her and her family. Leven Martell would be sent south to deal with the Mander Civil War following the menipulations of Jasper Hale and going southward she would work alongside Brooke Scott and the two became close as they were forced to deal with the violence and chaos that Mander had become during the conflict. Leven Martell would take a lead on the war council during the Lucerne Invasion of Righel and during this conflict she would lead the fleet to a great victory at the Battle of Madrisimo, and then continued to lead all the way to the treaty of Righel where she supported Brooke in the negotiations. She would join William and Jasper on their journey to the mountain to meet the dragons and she would leave there as basically William's third most trusted person outside of Jasper and Alice. Following the meeting with the Dragons Leven would grow more influencial as she and William begin an affair, and this coincided silently with the arrival of Riley Scott of whom planned to murder Bella Swan but during this time Leven would be the happiest she had ever been due to seemingly finally getting what she wanted. Following the murder of Bella Swan and the discovery of her pregnency she and William would quickly marry of which had been long in the offing anyway as there affair had now caused real consequences, and shortly after with the blessing of Alice Lovie she and William would plan their wedding of which would be expediated as much as possible due to Leven discovering she was pregnant.



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Early History

Leven Martell5.jpg

My youth was defined by my attempts to grow up. My sister was a brilliant young lady that was beloved by everyone she met, and it was a difficult shadow to be in.
Leven Martell

Leven Martell was born during the days of the War in France, and this meant that her uncle, and father returned to Lucerne as one of the few survivors of the Battle of Lyons , and her uncle the Lord of House Martell was drastically changed by the experiance. With this the case her father Doran became the defacto leader of House Martell, and it was Doran that begin training his children in the ways of conflict, as he forsaw that war was coming. This foreshodawing of a conflict meant that the three sisters grew very close, and despite the age gap between the three they were all distinctly close, and did almost everything together. Leven Martell attended the Lucernian Academy and when she arrived there her sister was in her last year which meant the two close sisters were very similar when they both were at school together. This mean that for her first year Leven was a determined student and was constantly attempting to get better at fighting, and during the last months of her fist year in the academy she grew close to William Lovie, and Jasper Hale.

William Lovie III.

"There was just something about him that draws you in. It was past the appearances and the standing life. It was just that you looked in his eyes and saw hope. Where so often life was filled with despair and a feeling that nothing would work out. He managed to make you forget all your problems and just believe in something. I continued to believe in that feeling long after I realized it wasn't going to be us in the end."
-Leven Martell

Leven Martell would be known for the fact that she attended the Lucernian Academy and when she arrived there her sister was in her last year which meant the two close sisters were very similar when they both were at school together. This mean that for her first year Leven was a determined student and was constantly attempting to get better at fighting, and during the last months of her fist year in the academy she grew close to William Lovie, and Jasper Hale. This closeness at first was mainly with Jasper but after he became entranced by a number of other girls Leven and William became closer. She was

Leven Martell3.jpg

drawn in by his kindness, and looks but eventually she came to be driven closer by a feeling she got when she was around him. She had never felt safer then when she was with him, and in her loneliness he gave her a constant reprieve. What started as the two simply training together in fencing became a sexual relationship that spilled into every fabric of their lives. Before long they were barely even fencing, as she was becoming more obsessed with the way that he made her feel, and for him her innocense and kindness made him forget a moment the person he was becoming.

"She was intrigeuing and so innocent. She was just like Amber was in so many ways. A girl with a beautiful heart that I never even took a second to look at."
-William Lovie III.

This was during the time when Britney Hemsworth was still in the picture and thus William was a very wild young man with little control over himself, and when he met Leven he was quickly able to seduce the buaetiful and intelligent but still naive young girl into his bed. During this period she was one of the main girls that he was with and she when her sister left she became even more emotionally involved with William, and this continued even during the chaotic days that came about when Britney Hemsworth lost the affection of William. Britney and Leven came to fight eachother on several occasions at school as the two girls fought over the affection of William who was at this point moving on to Amber Heard II. of whome he would become actually emotionally involved.

Sneaking Away

End of Darkness.jpg
Look at the world father. You were born into this land. You grew up here. These people swore their lives to you. How could you have done all of this? Look at everything you have done. You destroyed a city. Killed hundreds of good men out of fear. Is this how you want to be remembered father. Is this the world you want to leave behind? I know you were a good person once. Don't end it all here. Don't do this. For me father. For everything I supposedly mean to you. Don't do this.

I walked back in a completely childish way to my room. Throwing the door to my room open I felt relief to see Leven leaning against my window. She jumped at the sudden intrusion my loud ripping of the door made, but her suprise was quickly changed when she saw me and got off the wall and walked into my waiting arms. Holding her close I felt a calmness, and my argument with my father. My argument with Amber. Everything that was turning to ruins in my life seemed at ease with her in my arms. 

She looked up at me and kissed me on the chin. `` So I can assume your conversation with your father didn`t go well.`` She put her head into my shoulder and I could feel her laughing into my shoulder, which almost right away caused me to laugh with her. After the laughter ended she looked up at me again.`` So what are we going to do to make you feel better.`` She ran her hand up my arm and gave me an intensely sensual look, but I didn`t want that.

I could`ve slept with her in that moment. She was more then willing, and from the experiances of my life I had no track record of resisting but...but it just didn`t feel right this time.``Lets get out of here.`` I pulled her by the arm but stopped at the door to go back and get my second sword. The sword was nothing special, it was a gift from my Aunt Catherine when I was eleven, but yet it always felt like it was filled with her care and not the careless steel of the other swords I had ever been given.

She stood at the door smiling, but looking as confused as I had ever seen her. I searched in the other room for a moment in order to find a belt that might fit her, and when I looked through my hidden chest under the floorboard I pulled out a belt that had the letter A stitched into the belt. I stared at the belt for what felt like hours, and everything about it felt familiar. I searched my mind trying desperatly to understand what this belt was. Was it Amber`s belt. Was it some friend that had come over once. What was this belt. I felt her arm on me and it made me jump.

``What`s wrong Will. Did you find something.`` I wanted to tell her what this belt meant to me. I wanted to tell her the scope of the feeling I had as I held it but...there was nothing to say to her as I didn`t know what it meant. 

``No its nothing...I just found this belt for you, and then I got to thinking.`` She went to start speaking and I felt bad that she was consantly having to support me so I stopped her with a kiss. It wasn`t meant to move this to the bed. It was just meant to show her in that moment how much I cared for her. Despite the fact that I probably would never be able to explain to her that I loved her, I hoped the kiss would make her feel it. When she opened her eyes and looked back at me, I saw the blush spread to her face, and as she held my hand and allowed me to take her out of the room I hoped for once I had given her a piece of the love that she gave me every time she was near.

The Gulltown Tournament of 5119
That was the last time there was peace in our house. After that it was just a steady decline into madness and death.

Gulltown Tournament of 5119

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Hiding Leofrich

We have been given short notice of the plans of the royal family to visit Runburgh on there way south. You know this means you must be hidden.
Andar Royce

Its Leofrich Nune III. that is sitting in the water with his daughter Gorlinda and his nephew Karl and playing with the two children is interrupted by the arrival of a very pregnant Charlotte Royce holding a baby Wendelin Royce who joins her family in spending time together at Royce River. Returning to Runburgh with his family he sees the city in state of chaos and Karl to guard his family he rides ahead into the city where he learns from Ordenmarshal Franzal Tuhlbeck that they got short notice that King James Lovie II. and a large party of the royal family are on their way to Runburgh where they will stay for the night on their way southward. Realizing that the coming of anyone from the capital means danger for himself he goes to Runestone. Making his way through guards and checkpoints he eventually reaches the Keep where he meets with Lord Yohn Royce who is standing around a table planning things out with his brother and Hochmeister Wolfram Royce alongside his sons Andar, and Robar. Also as the table are the Burgomaster of the city in Alaric Opehlbeck of whom Leofrich thinks is a coward and if given the chance would tell the first person who paid him about Leofrich’s existence in the city. Listening to the group from the corner of the room he whispers with Landmeister Tristan of Royce of whom he has grown close to over his time in Runestone and the two discuss where they think Leofrich should go while the king is near. As the meeting ends its Landsgrave Yohn that calls Leofrich forward leaving him to talk with just Yohn and his son Andar. The three talk and it’s decided that to protect Leofrich and by extension Yohn’s daughter Charlotte and grandchildren its Leofrich that will hide with the Guild of Runes. Accompanied by Andar to the Peak of Runestone its Andar that asks Leofrich to tell him about the last time he saw anyone from the capital. Using the lift to the peaks its Leofrich that talks with Andar about his time hiding in the forest following the massacre at Nunedorf. During this time, he hid with different farming families before eventually fleeing into the forest where he kept his daughter and nephew alive through hunting small game and picking mushrooms. This went on for several weeks with Leofrich coming to live within an old, abandoned watchtower, and while it was a tough life, he was able to stay alive and keep his family alive. This ended with the arrival of a search party led by Horton Jestife who surrounded the watchtower but to his surprise it was Horton that let them go telling them to leave the area and never come back. Andar asks him how he made his way to Runburgh, but Leofrich is close to tears thinking about his past and tells Andar he will tell him more another time. Reaching the peak of Runestone its Leofrich that is let inside the Hall of Runes by Thomas of the Guild of Runes who takes him to a apartment within the hall of Rune where a bed is to be prepared for Leofrich to stay. Leofrich remains in the apartment reading for days leaving only to use the latrine during this time.

The Dragon Moves

I want you to have this armor Prince. This was made by the hands of both myself, and Grand Master Daniel Schunemann. No effort has been spared in marking this as the greatest suit of armor I have ever been involved in crafting.
Eadwig Schuhbeck

Following leaving Lucerne the group is traveling on the road making his way alongside most of his friends and family to the town of Gulltown as well as a large army. Traveling on the road with him is his best friends Jasper Hale, Edward Cullen, and Leven Martell as well his sister Alice Lovie, and as they travel on the road the relationship between this group is expanded on. During this journey we see the members of William's personal guards as well in the form of Einhard Rosler, Erik Fahnrich, and Gilbert Fouline of whom Einhard is shown as someone who is very close to William acting as a stand in for his father James who is in the convoy but is inside a covered wagon as he passed out. His father is revealed as the King but is also revealed as an addict of opium leaving William to be raised by his guards, but also by his sister Matilda who they are traveling to see the wedding of. The group stops at the town of Runburgh where William, Edward, Jasper, and Dylan are gifted a suit of armor by Lord Yohn Royce, and the Grand Master of the two Runestone Guilds. The suit made for William is described as something above anything they have ever crafted before, and behind the scenes it had runes crafted on it that make William immune to the effects of Magi while wearing it. Following being given this gift its William, Alice, Leven, and Edward that are taken into the Great Peak of Runestone where Grand Master Eadwig Schuhbeck, and Grand Master Daniel Schunemann show them the entrance to the forges of the Inner Rune which have never been entered by anyone outside of the Inner Circle of the Runestone Guilds. Following this tour, the group is given lodgings inside the mid-level of Runestone leaving the eight of them to all stay in a large open-air room where they can see out for miles and going to sleep William lays beside his sister to one side, and Rosalie Hale to the other with the two talking romantically for some time before going to sleep.

What happened to your family. What has happened to so many families. It cannot be left unchecked. Will you help me when the time comes?
Catherine Lovie

A journeymen runesmith that had been delivering his food tells him of the arrival of the royal party and Leofrich feels a overwhelming fear that his one time good friend James is near. Leofrich is locked within the apartment as the prince and his party are to stay in the Hall of Runes and during this time its Leofrich that catches a glimpse of the prince and his party through a peeping hole in the wall and feels fear looking at the prince due to how much he looks like James. That night its Leofrich that is moved by a knock at the door and when the door opens its Daniel Schunemann, Yohn Royce, and Catherine Lovie that come inside the room. Catherine begins crying telling Leofrich that she is so sorry for what happened and wishes she could go back and change it. Realizing that Catherine is not like her brother he forgives her and then listens as she tells him that the time will come when she needs him to avenge what happened to his family and many others, and he agrees to help her when the time comes.

Watching my father act this way was never easy. It was embarrassing on the surface. Beneath that feeling stood fear. Fear that perhaps I was destined to become my father.
William Lovie III.

As they leave Runestone its William that speaks once more with Yohn Royce who asks him to take with him his middle son Andar Royce who would accompany them and take in the wedding. William agreed and Andar joined the group as they made their way south towards Gulltown. Arriving at Gulltown they are met at the gates by Matilda Lovie his elder sister and seeing each other they hug as she takes them towards her lodgings at Castle Shephard, and while walking there its Matilda that tells them about how she has been in the months since she left Lucerne for Gulltown to get to know her betrothed Marius Scott. Marius Scott is introduced to William, and Alice for the first time and William has a good feeling about Marius during this conversation. The good times are interrupted by the arrival of their father James who William can clearly tell is high from his opioids as he comes into the room, and despite William feeling embarrassed by his father its Marius that lightens the mood and appears to get along well with James. Following the meeting with his sister and Marius its William and his friends that go to the Temple of Kyne as Lyanna wants to pray and forces the rest of her friends to go with her as is her usual way. Arriving at the Temple of Kyne they enter the Temple being let into a special area of the Temple by Otwin Erdenstoud the Bishop of the Temple. Going inside they pray for a time before William and the group outside of Lyanna leave the temple to go and walk the streets of Gulltown exploring.

The Picnic

Rosalie Hale Cover9 - Used.jpg

Men came to our village. They took everything. Took my sister. Took my mother. Please help us.
Ceolwith of Nune

Walking the streets, they go to the market where they buy food and plan to go to hiking west of Gulltown and have a picnic while doing this. Accompanied by a dozen men at arms and several knights the group leaves Gulltown heading west and while leaving they meet the Crane group arriving at the city led by Dustin Crane, and his son Orival Crane. Speaking with the group for a time its Girmira Craenwel that leaves the Crane force and travels with them hiking on the idea of forming an alliance for the coming melee tournament. Germira and Jasper get close during the hike but for William his mind is constantly on Rosalie and the spend most of the hike talking and becoming increasingly flirtatious. As the group sits for the picnic its Rosalie and William that sneak off and sitting together the two begin kissing with only the arrival of Draco Highmore and several guards bringing them back to the group. The groups picnic is further interrupted by the arrival of a group of peasants who are attempting to reach Gulltown after what they describe as the destruction of their village. William attempts to get his force to accompany the peasants back to their village and help the remainder but as more peasants begin streaming up the road its Draco that forces the group to return to their horses and return to Gulltown. Before being forced to flee its William that gives one of the Ceolwith of Nune one of his rings, and a bag of coins which is a significant amount of money. Riding back to Gulltown its William that gets into an argument with Draco but it becomes clear that Draco is under personal threat if he would have stayed and thus William forgives Draco but plans to confront his father. Returning to Gulltown, William attempts to meet with his father, but Kieth Schwartz blocks him from seeing his father. Taken by Kieth to a small courtyard in Shephard Castle the two have a long argument about duty, and responsibility with Kieth arguing that its William’s duty to accept his father as he is and stop being so angry. The two come to near blows but Kieth uses his Magi to restrain William before leaving the courtyard locking William inside.

Before the Wedding

Rosalie Hale Cover Amazing3.jpg
William sits for a time unable to escape the locked door and thinks on what Kieth said. His isolation ends with the arrival of Rosalie Hale who having climbed through a window got inside the courtyard with the two laughing as she falls from a high wall into his arms.

I have never felt this way about a girl before Alice. Maybe its time I take a chance.
William Lovie III.
The Melee
The Joust

Its Marius Scott that watches as Jamie Lannister defeats Brandon Starke and wins the joust tournament. Marius is sitting with his friends Lucas Oakheart, his wife Melinda Ladybright, Reginald Madritch, his wife Ingrid Madritch, Alke Erlic, and Gretchen Rivel with her husband Edric Rivel. Marius begins talking with Reginald about his nervousness about the wedding. Marius is nervous about Matilda loving him as she is so beautiful, and he has accomplished very little so far in his life. Reginald, and Alke convince him to move past his nervousness and trust that she will love him, which he reluctantly attempts to do as he watches her from afar. As the winner of the tournament in Jamie Lannister, alongside Brandon Starke come to stand before the kings stage its Marius that is waved over by his grand father and joining Peter and the King in their stage he watches as Jamie makes his declaration. Jamie doesn’t ask for the winnings but instead requests from the king to have his nieces Myrcella and Lanna Lannister join the royal family as ladies in waiting with a special point of putting them on the list of potential betrothals to William. The King stands and makes a kind speech declaring Jamie’s bravery and skill and accepts this request. Standing in the stage as the king is mingling with finalists of the joust its Marius that sparks up the courage to make a joke to Matilda who smiles at his lame joke to her. As his shyness begins to overwhelm him, he smiles and prepares to leave but is stopped by her hand on his shoulder and turning back to her she requests him for dinner that night. Catherine Lovie who is standing watching interrupts telling her that is against tradition, but a desperate Marius uses his own Christianity as a means of forcing the dinner. Catherine agrees to host the dinner with Matilda’s friend Domeric Highmore standing as a chaperone for the dinner.

The Wedding
The Aftermath

Watching the door close behind a tear falls and only the hand of William keeps her moving forward. Alice and the rest of the Wostellian family make there way towards the Shephard Castle, and Alice continues crying as they walk as she is afraid of losing her sister. Arriving at Shephard Castle she tries to go to her room, but William forces her to come with him to the Bath houses to spend time with their friends. Having fun together in the bath houses she and William eventually get alone time and she opens up to him that she feels like shes losing her mother of sorts in Matilda, and he comforts her as she lets out her feelings about it. Rosalie, and Leven join them in the corner of the bath house, and they all talk about different times that Matilda was a mother to them and talking it over with everyone she feels better.

The Plot Against House Swan

Alice is finally having fun when Einhard Rosler comes inside and tells Alice to come with him and rejects William joining them despite his attempt to go with her. Following Einhard she is taken to the Shephard Castle Dining Hall where she finds a large gathering inside waiting for her. Taken to a seat by Einhard he joins her in the seat beside her, and as she sits down its Kieth Schwartz that begins speaking. Kieth tells the assembled parties that he has been placed in charge of the betrothal process for Alice and that at the advice of many advisors he has chosen to have preliminary discussions with House Yernese at Pomeria. A shocked Alice listens on as they discuss that Alice, and a party will head by boat following the meeting towards Pomeria and despite wanting to speak up her nervousness leads her to remain silent. The meeting ends and Einhard takes her by the arm and gently leads her to the door. The moment they go through the door, and he closes it behind them she smacks Einhard in the chest and tries to run away from him and back to William but runs into a tall woman. Knocked to the ground by their collision the girl helps her to her feet. Looking at the girl she is amazed at her beauty but she up and then the girl smiles at her before speaking to her in a language that Alice doesn’t understand. One of the girls behind the women introduces herself as Adelhelma Annema a handmaid of the women that she begins translating for. The translations by Adelhelma reveal the women is Mildred Gleckourd the Viscount of Gleckheint and will be joining Alice on the journey to Pomeria. Alice attempts to leave but is taken by the arm by Mildred who leads her to her boat and going through the streets the only thing she can think is hoping that she sees someone she knows. Getting on to the boat she watches as the ramps are quickly put up and as she stands on the side with Einhard she lets tears fall as she watches Gulltown fall into the distance.

Traveling to Pomelia

Arriving at the small port of Pomeriaist they would be met on the dock by two groups. The first was led by Axius Macrinus the husband of Mildred that she had described so negatively during the journey here. The second was led by Dennis Yernese the older brother of Paulus Yernese. Axius greets Mildred with excitement and attempts a kiss but is brushed aside by Mildred to the laughter of her men. Axius face looks hurt, but he quickly falls into line with his own men and watches as Mildred meets with Dennis Yernese. The two talk and Mildred appears very courteous towards Dennis treating him with respect and being almost flirtatious. Alice watches Axius as this happens and it makes her angry towards Mildred who it appears is openly trying to embarrass Axius through her flirting with Dennis. Feeling a confidence, she hasn’t felt before she steps forward and demands that they get moving towards Pomeria causing Mildred to smile at her as she must realize why Alice did what she did. Dennis who is a loyalist to the crown quickly listens to Alice and commands his forces prepare the road, and the three groups merge on the road making their way towards Pomeria. On the road its Alice, Mildred, and Adelhelma that speak again with a more confident Alice confronting Mildred on her treatment of Axius. Mildred explains a bit of her ethnic nationalism and Alice hearing of something like this for the first time loses her confidence as her shock overwhelms her. Mildred goes back to speaking gothic with Adelhelma and

Treaty of Pomeria

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Nortburg Tournament of 5120

Main Article : Nortburg Tournament of 5120

The Nortburg Tournament of 5120
This tournament is for all of you. Its time you started building your own family now William.

Arrival of Ar-Brentey

Britney Hemsworth5.jpg

Brentey Hemsworth came to the land of Lucerne with a purpose. At first I thought it was marriage, and it was for this reason that I dismissed her so quickly. It was only later that I realized she actually cared for me on a deep level.
William Lovie III.

James Lovie had a loyal messenger in Arnor at the time who sent him the news that the young Ar-Brentey Hemsworth was now free following the death of her proposed husband in battle. James sent letters to King Jonas Hemsworth asking him if her hand was open for his young son William Lovie III., and after a series of back and forth letters Jonas would take this option to his council, and their would little debate among them. It was decided that clearly this was a much better option then most of the other options so Jonas agreed, and Brentey was planned to be sent to Lucerne to get to know William so they could make sure it would work. Brentey was told about the plan, and having spent the better part of two decades in isolation at the Anchorite of Fornost she was overjoyed at the chance to leave the Anchorite. During the time before she left she was left a list of things that William liked that had been sent by James Lovie but unfortunately James did not know his son half as well as he thought so the vast majority of these things were inaccurate.

Noone told me the distance between the two places, and for that reason it was shocking not only the distance but the complete changes that you go through in travelling from Arnor to Lucerne. The ice tipped mountains of Arnor pass through the lush Riverlands, and the hardy lands east of Stormwind, and then finally you reach the prestine valley of Lucerne.
Brentey Hemsworth

As she was leaving she was forced to for the first time accept life without her family of whom had been her rock for most of her life, but she was sent with her handmaiden Ilana La-Phellion of House Phellion. So it would be nothing more then Ar-Brentey her handmaiden Ilana, and a small party of men at arms to protect them when they went for a trip to a completely foreign land. Also along with her learning she begin taking the name Britt the rough translation of what her Numenorian name became in common germanic. The Journey for Brentey was extremely long, but over the time she and her best friend Ilana La-Phellion would be reading up on the history of Lucerne through several books that they had been given by James Lovie during his time in Arnor. Through this they learned the history of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but more importantly they learned all there was to know about House Lovie in book learning. During this reading she came to greatly admire her betrothed's name sake in the form of William Lovie of whom she read all about, and the relationship that he had with the dragons. She tried her very best for the situation that awaited her, and for her part was desperate to have this work not wanting to return to the anchorite but also desperately wanting a partner.

Britney Hemsworth Hot4.jpg

I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth

When Brentey arrived in Lucerne James made sure to use all of his skill to manipulate the young girl into keeping her purpose their a secret. With the element of surprise still with him, he set Brentey out on a mission to seduce William, which based on his adoration at the time of Rosalie Hale made this difficult but James told her that she was not going to have a problem with Rosalie who he planned on removing from the equation.

The Tournament Starts

Royal Betrothals

Trial of Marius Scott

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The Trial of Marius Scott
Whatever decision the judges make in this court I know the truth. The truth is that Matilda was the love of my life. I would have never hurt her. If you mistakingly decide me guilty. I shall see her soon.

Mildred Gleckourd Cover Amazing4.jpg

I don't care about your guilt or innocence. This is about my people. This is about my land. If I have to sacrifice you to get what I want. Prepare to be sacrificed.
Mildred Gleckourd

The Trial of Marius Scott would begin with the arrival of Marius Scott in the city of Gleckheint where under the control of Mildred Gleckourd it was the Viscount that would assemble the Trial, and requested the audience of the king himself as well as several prominent barons of Forks to act as judges in the trial.

The Trial Begins

I don't care about your guilt or innocence. This is about my people. This is about my land. If I have to sacrifice you to get what I want. Prepare to be sacrificed.
Mildred Gleckourd
Meeting of James and Marius
The whole thing was just me being jealous. At the time I was so caught up in the whole thing that I didn't realize how much damage I had done. There are no words for what I did. No apologies that would fix it.
Aelfwynn Turnidlon

As Marius and James Lovie II. had there meeting it was Aelfwynn Turnidlon that would create illusions that led to James believing that Marius addmitted to the crime of killing Matilda and following this he made his opinion on the guilt of Marius quite clear.

Return of Edward Cullen

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The End of Alice Lovie

The Journey

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Trouble on the Lower Greenhave
You find yourself here at last. The moment where you die. Say hello to your dragon now Edward.

Battle of Lake Baker

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Battle of Bakersvale

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Walburga would escape the Battle of Herbus and made her way eastward towards Bakersvale where she knew her master had went to and not wanting him to execute her brother she continued despite her increasing fears of what she was doing. Arriving at Bakersvale she used her Magi to conceal herself and enter the town where she found the town on the verge of falling to rebels and in order to make sure her brother was kept safe she took control of the defense and defeated the rebels locking them back inside the dungeon. Once Walburga realized that her brother had been dead the entire time she would surrender herself and the town to Edward Cullen of whom accepted her surrender, and she would come under his custody.

Lucernian Civil War

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The Bronheim Rebellion
I swore an oath to the usurpers father. My oaths are not broken as easily as yours.

Bronheim Rebellion

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Brooke Scott Cover3.jpg

I have to prove that I'm more then just a girl who got pregnant. I have to prove I can be a queen.
Brooke Scott
Treaty of Bronheim

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It was Desmera Bardwyn that would be named the lady in waiting for Leven Martell during the Treaty of Bronheim, and alongside her betrothed in the form of Quintus Pleminus would come into Leven's service and for both of these children they would find that unlike there relatively abusive childhoods they found a kindness and affection from Leven.

Sabotage of Madrisimo

Lothar, and Godfrey following their work in ending the Bronheim Rebellion move southward and acting on the orders of James Lovie II. would go to Castra Madrisimo where they would target the main Righel fleet there for sabotage and while this was not at first noticed it would come up in a major way at the Battle of Madrisimo.

Invasion of Righel

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The Invasion of Righel
The King wants you to become one of the great houses of this entire kingdom. Help us with Righel and everything you dream of can be yours. Follow the king the way you followed his father.

Brooke Scott Cover Front Amazing.png

I have to prove that I'm more then just a girl who got pregnant. I have to prove I can be a queen.
Brooke Scott
Taking Madrisimo

Lothar, and Godfrey following their work in ending the Bronheim Rebellion move southward and acting on the orders of James Lovie II. would go to Castra Madrisimo where they would target the main Righel fleet there for sabatage and while this was not at first noticed it would come up in a major way at the Battle of Madrisimo.

Surrender of Calcaria

Meeting with Petillia, its Brooke who takes the lead, and Leven is overcome by indecision and watches as the whole meeting happens without her really becoming involved, but this changes when Petillia and Brooke discuss the return of Quintus. Leven storms into the discussion and interupting the discussion she implies knowledge of what Petillia did to Quintus and after argueing with both Brooke and Petillia for a time she forces them to name Quintus as her adopted son and a member of House Martell while she will guarantee to never come after Quintus or risk Leven coming after her. Having achieved what she wants Leven demands that no more negotiations be done and everything further to wait for William who will surely be coming soon, and despite clearly revealing that she wants to finish things now so that she can get credit for this Brooke is unable to convince Petillia who is now frightened of what damage Leven can do to her.

The Underfort