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Leyton Mountain
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Born 5059
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Religion Asatrianism
Status Dead
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I have seen monsters. I have no interest in seeing them again.
Leyton Mountain

Leyton Mountain is the son of Otto, and Liyla Mountain making him the current Patriarch of House Mountain. Leyton has one sibling in the form of Gerold Mountain of whom was a brave man who led the forces of House Mountain for his life but was killed during the Lucerne Civil War by rogue agents. Leyton has become famous for the number of wives he has taken in his life and the fact that three of his wives in the form of Rhaehan, Hylen, and Paulina have all died in mysterious drowning accidents. With Rhaehan he has three children in the form of Baelor, Malora, and Allerie Mountain of which Baelor is the heir to House Mountain and was knighted at the age of seventeen by Mace Tyrell II., his daughter Malora is the only person allowed direct access to Leyton and lives her life alongside her father in Hightower, while his daughter Allerie was married to (find a man) in order to gain a better relationship with (find a house). With Hylen Mountain he has five children in the form of Garth, Denyse, Leyla, Allysanne, and Derek Mountain of which Garth was a brave young man but was killed during the Battle of Castle Stragnarax, his daughter Denyse is married to Desmond Redwynne making her a member of House Redwynne, his daughter Leyla is married to Jon Cupps the heir of House Cupps the sworn house of House Mountain, his daughter Allysanne is married to Arthur Ambrose of House Ambrose, and his final son in the form of Derek is powerful Dragon Knight and is married into House Swan but leads a large part of the forces of House Mountain. With Paulina Mountain he has three children in the form of Lynesse, and Gunthor Mountain along with Humphrey Snow of which Humphrey was born during his marriage to Rhaehan and thus he is his third oldest child but a bastard due to his birth, his daughter Lynesse is married into House Frey, and his son Gunthor commands the fleet of House Mountain out of the port itself and thus is quite powerful.

Leyton Mountain as a young man would become very interested in the Spire of Uthor which was the tallest of the Spires of Kiel, and in this interest he eventually found a book called Cornices Atque Tactus which he would begin reading from and become silently a worshiper of the books creator the Chaos Titan Aggalan. Throughout his youth Leyton would become twisted by his reading of the book, and eventually developed an entirely separate personality to cope with the things that the book begin telling him to do. Leyton would be convinced by the book to murder his wife Rhaehan and he did this leaving her body desecrated on the steps of the Great Temple of Aerene in Kiel in a murder that sparked unrest in the town but the book had assisted him in hiding his actions leading to him not being caught. Leyton would be emotionally destroyed by the death of his father and brother at the Battle of Lyons, and in this depression he was named the Grand Lord of Hohenstein marking him as one of the most powerful men in the Grand State of the Westerlands. The new power he had received did not sit well on him, and he became quickly overwhelmed by the new role leading to his retreat within the Spire of Uthor refusing to have anyone see him for fear that the book would make him do something terrible. This terrible action would come when his mother and sister in law confronted him in the Spire of Uthor and despite begging them not to come inside they did not listen and were killed by Leyton who after sacrificing them to the book was able to escape the tower. The confrontation with his mother would lead to him leaving the Spire of Uthor for several years and during this time he married his third wife Paulina Mountain, and also during this time his daughter Malora discovered what had happened in the tower and begin seeking assistance for her father eventually finding help with the Valkyrie Roswita. In order to destroy the book Malora and Roswita lured him back inside the Spire of Uthor where they tricked him into using the book and then pulled the book into the Fade, but to their horror Leyton was left a husk with his body spirit having been living within the book leaving Roswita to take over his body and Malora coming to live within the tower to protect this secret.


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