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Lisa Tyrell
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Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucernian Series
Naming Conventions
Title Official Titles
  • Queen Mother
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Vital statistics
Born 5081
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Marriage Loyalties

Racial Statistics
Maternal Gothic German
Paternal Gothic German
Father Mastir Tyrell
Mother Ollena Tyrell
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse James Lovie II.
Children True Born

With James Lovie II.

Magi Information
Magi Level 2
Magi Family Dovah
Familiar None

Lisa Tyrell or Lisa Lovie is the daughter of Ollena, and Mastir Tyrell making her a member of House Tyrell. Lisa Tyrell has four siblings in the form of Mace, Mina, Janna, and Lydia Tyrell of whom Mace is the current Lord of House Tyrell and the crafter of House Tyrell's movements, while her sister's Mina, and Janna were killed during the Fall of Tree Hill, and her final sister Janna was badly injured during the conflict and is now blind. Lisa Tyrell would come to marry James Lovie early in her life and she would love him deeply and was loved in return, but their love faded as he returned from Lyons as a broken man and this was completely destroyed when she suffered malaise, and depression following the birth of their son Tristan Lovie. With James Lovie she would come to have three children in the form of William Lovie III., Tristan, and Alice Lovie of whom William is the current King of Lucerne and one of the most influential men in Europe, her son Tristan was a troubled man for nearly her entire life but was finally killed during the Battle of Berne by William Lovie, and her daughter Alice was the source of a great turmoil in House Lovie and was eventually exiled from the house but was returned when William took control and now she sits at his side.

Lisa Tyrell would become one of the first people influenced by the White Dovah as a result of the Meeting of Celes Pinnacle, and she became the target of Lornax of whom eventually caused her madness as she pushed Lisa to have more children despite knowing the cost.

Lisa Tyrell was a dragonborn Magi of whom had not discovered her abilities until Lornax discovered her at High Hrothgar. Lisa was an exceptionally powerful dragonborn which can be seen by the fact that she bore two pure dragonborn children.

Lisa Tyrell was born the sixth child of her father Mastir Tyrell and thus at the time of her birth she stood outside of the line of succession for her family as they practised a male gender succession law. Lisa Tyrell would be brought to High Hrothgar alongside several of her sisters, and cousins and while there she became the target of Lornax who through the use of the Voice of the Sky would discover that Lisa was a dragonborn. At the tournament of Roses in 5098 it was James Lovie and Lisa Tyrell the long time betrothed that would meet for the first time and despite attempts by some of the other houses to win the tournament it was James Lovie that won and named his betrothed the Queen of Love and Beauty and then the two were married in a small ceremony outside of Nortburg a few weeks after this. Coming to live in the massive city of Lucerne was a stark change for Lisa but she and James were deeply in love and thus it didn't matter to her where she lived. The birth of Matilda Lovie would expand the relationship of Lisa Tyrell and Lornax in that they begin using Magi in an attempt to expand the power of Lisa's dovah Magi, but this work would have the unintended effect of beggining a process of Fading which upon discovery by Lornax led to them stopping experimenting on her, but this came to late with the Fading unable to be stopped. The fall of the love of James and Lisa came after the high of her giving birth to William Lovie and the two basking in their love for what was the heir to House Lovie. Shortly after this she became pregnant once again and following the birth of Tristan Lovie she begin to suffer from extreme depression, and it was during this depression that James was forced to leave for the Battle of Lyons. The year he was gone would prove extremely troubling for Lisa as she slipped further and further into depression, and not even when her mother came to stay with them for months did she feel any better or show signs of improving.


Early History

Lisa Tyrell was born in Tree Hill and would spend much of her youth in obscurity behind her older sisters who the leadership of House Tyrell believed were more suited for greatness.

The Rise and Fall of Lisa Lovie
Lisa Tyrell was one of the kindest. Sweetest. Funniest. Selfless people I have ever met. I told her my plans and she jumped at the chance to help me. She wanted to make this world a better place, and for that she paid a terrible price.

Rise of Lisa Tyrell

Lisa Lovie Cover Amazing3.jpg
Take my hand Lisa. I will show you the true power that you could be.

Lisa Tyrell would jump to prominence when her father and mother were able to convince James Lovie to betroth his second son James Lovie II. to Lisa in a betrothal that they had competed against with their rivals in House Scott and been able to win. Following the announcement of this betrothal it was Olenna Tyrell that would return to Highgarden but Mastir Tyrell would remain behind in Lucerne where as a part of the betrothal he was named the Steward of James Lovie II. and thus remained in the city to keep an eye on his daughters future husband. Lisa would instead of traveling to Lucerne with her mother and father would instead be sent instead to High Hrothgar and was to spend a year there praying to Glaurung for the good health of all things that came from her marriage to James Lovie II. Arriving at High Hrothgar she would begin her prayers under the teutalage of the Priests there but during this time she fell under the eye of the Dovah Lornax who wanted to use the potential proximity of Lisa to the royal family to her advantage.

Tournament of Roses

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At the tournament of Roses in 5098 it was James Lovie and Lisa Tyrell the long time betrothed that would meet for the first time and despite attempts by some of the other houses to win the tournament it was James Lovie that won and named his betrothed the Queen of Love and Beauty and then the two were married in a small ceremony outside of Nortburg a few weeks after this.


My mother was never what she should have been. I blamed her for that for basically my entire youth, and it was only the assistance of my sister Alice that even allowed my mother to keep moving on. I can`t tell you how many times she tried to kill herself because I honestly don`t remember anymore.
William Lovie III.

When word reached the capital that James and survivors had arrived at Lichtenstorf it was everyone that was overjoyed at the news, but for Lornax and Lisa the situation was incredibly dire. By this point Lisa was fading away more and more each day, and despite the great effort done by Lornax to attempt to counter act what was happening to Lisa all attempts were failing.

The Removal of Esme Portmane
You have to send the Atlantian girl away. The rumblings from your lords only grow louder with each day she remains in the capital.

Removal of Esme Portmane

Esme Portmane.jpg
I will protect our children. This is not the end for us James.
Esme Portmane

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