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Taken on the form of Lisa Tyrell
Dragon Dovah White.png
Vital statistics
Spawned By Flarnax
Birth Nest Avicairn Pinnacle
Dovah White Dovah
Status Alive
Wing Span 155 Ft
Shape Shifting Forms
Human Forms Lisa Tyrell
Other Forms None
What would you not do to save your people?

Lornax is the egg spawn of Flarnax, and was born during the years following the Driving Tide making her an extremely young White Dovah in comparison to the other White Dovah. Lornax's birth was one of the first true Dovah births in many years and thus his birth created much excitement from the other Dovah of the Lucernian Mountains.

Lornax has taken on many forms in order to infiltrate the Kingdom of Lucerne but most notable she and her spawn child Vlarenix took on roles at High Hrothgar and through this expanded the Dragonborn potential in the Kingdom of Lucerne.

Lornax has taken on many forms throughout her life but the most notable of these are the form of Matilda Ysgramor, and most recently Lisa Tyrell.

Lornax was born during the years following the Driving Tide, and many spoke that her birth was in direct result to the relationship that had grown with the Kingdom of Lucerne. For nearly a century the White Dovah had been spawning less and less true Dovah, and more and more Dragnoids leading to a fear of the loss of the White Dovah, but only a few months after the creation of the relationship with the Kingdom of Lucerne Flarnax would hatch Lornax from one of his eggs. Lornax grew up a very beloved Dragon as many saw her as the hope that their race was not going to die out. He would also grow up as the madness of John Lovie would destroy the relationship between the White Dovah and the Kingdom of Lucerne, and despite Stragnarax's insistence that the humans were lost it was Lornax that continued to believe in them. Lornax spent the next one hundred and fifty years watching the Lucernians from afar, and came to love the land the way his ancestor Stragnarax had once loved it. While flying across Lucerne it was Lornax that came to take on the persona of a traveling merchant human and visited the capital and while doing this came to gain a bond with William Lovie III. who was a very powerful Dragonborn and thus Lornax felt drawn to him. Lornax would travel to the Ruby Dragonshire alongside several White Dovah in order to meet with the Red Dovah there and discuss the changing situation, but while there she discovered her friend Flenix had self exiled herself, and after the meetings with the Red Dovah he left alone to find his friend Flenix. Finding Flenix in Austria the two spent several months together, and realizing that Flenix was looking for something to fight for Lornax left Flenix for a time traveling south to Dragonstone where he knew the Targaryan Harp was and infiltrating the city under his human guise he would repair the damage done to the Harp. With the Harp repaired he returned to Flenix and over several months eventually Flenix was convinced by Lornax to end his isolation but unwilling to return to the Red Dragonshire and not allowed to come to the White Dragonshire due to Stragnarax's rules he would be convinced by Lornax to travel south to the Green Dragonshire in High Forest. While traveling south Lornax would instigate his true plan which was to help Lucerne by bringing Flenix to the Targaryans, and traveling ahead of Flenix he would pay a Pentosi mercenary group to injure Flenix while they were resting, and with Flenix badly injured Lornax guided her towards Dragonstone which they both felt a pull towards due to the Dragon Harp. While the badly injured Flenix and Lornax were almost at Dragonstone it was Lornax who told Flenix that they had reached their destination but Lornax was not able to join her as he had his own path and then left Flenix who nearly completely exhausted and badly injured would crash into a small island in the town of Dragonstone. Lornax would be given her direction at the Meeting of Celes Pinnacle where Flarnax brought together the Dovah of the White Dovah in secret and attempted to bring about the return of their relationship with the Lucernians in order to attempt to save the White Dovah from their slow decline into extinction. Lisa Tyrell would be brought to High Hrothgar alongside several of her sisters, and cousins and while there she became the target of Lornax who through the use of the Voice of the Sky would discover that Lisa was a dragonborn marking her as the only Dragonborn female of House Tyrell. Vlarenix and Lornax would discover the plot to kill Alice Lovie through their agent Anna Kendrick and discovering this they would intervene in the Removal of Alice when they convinsed James to simply send her away and not to kill her. Vlarenix would use her Dragonborn Anna Kendrick and Taylor Swift during the Removal of James Lovie II. when she had them help her get the Circlet of Aerene placed in the hands of Michelle Trachtenburg who then unknowingly used it to block Vhloraz from James for several weeks. Lornax would make his first appearance in the story when during William Lovie III.'s arrival in the land of the White Dovah it was Lornax that would intervene and save the life of the King as Stragnarax was less then capable of listening to reason when it came to the humans. Lornax would during the end of Westros arrive in Lucerne with eggs for each of the children of William Lovie III. of which the hatching of was deemed a miracle by Lornax and made her finally decide to turn against her father join the Kingdom of Lucerne. When Mordor landed on the Dreadfort Peninsula Stragnarax senced John Lovie there and would fly to Lucerne to say goodbye to Lornax and would speak breifly with William Lovie III. before he and Lornax flew to the Dreadfort where Lornax would watch as Stragnarax was killed by John Lovie.


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Early History

Lornax was born during the years following the Driving Tide, and many spoke that his birth was in direct result to the relationship that had grown with the Kingdom of Lucerne. For nearly a century the White Dovah had been spawning less and less true Dovah, and more and more Dragnoids leading to a fear of the loss of the White Dovah, but only a few months after the creation of the relationship with the Kingdom of Lucerne Flarnax would hatch Lornax from one of his eggs. Lornax grew up a very beloved Dragon as many saw her as the hope that their race was not going to die out.

Meeting of Celes Pinnacle

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The Meeting of Celes Pinnacle
Our mother is lost to her sadness. If we do not step forward we risk losing everything.

Jeane Lovie Cover Front Amazing.jpg

I command that no child of mine shall ever attempt to have those...humans come here again. Our relationship with these human kings is over. We concern ourselves now only with those of my blood.

Following the events of the Bloody Supper it was a devastated Stragnarax that had at first become deeply moved to avenge the destruction of her beloved William Lovie's vision and would attempt to hunt down John Lovie. Once she had failed to avenge this following the Duel at Minus Morgal it was Stragnarax that returned to Avicairn Pinnacle broken physically and emotionally. Unable to accept the damage of it all it was Stragnarax that commanded the White Dovah to cut off all ties with the Kingdom of Lucerne making the declaration that became known as The Declaration of Stragnarax's Rage. As this declaration led to an increasing amount of isolation for the White Dovah and in this isolation the goblins and Harpy that surrounded them begin to grow in their threat. Several Nests were quite isolated at this point but despite attempts by Septemax to form attack parties to diminish the harpies and goblins she found the declaration had left them unable to come to each others assistance and Stragnarax barely left hibernation leaving the isolationist Porilenax to give the interpretations of the few commands that Stragnarax made. The first nest to fall was Venbell Peak which still had no Davah at its peak since the death of Klaranax and despite calls for help by the Dovah there it was not assisted and fell to Goblins. The second nest to fall was Cerullis Peak which was overrun by Harpies with calls for assistence once again going unanswered by Porilenax. The third nest to come under assault was Tumulham Peak and it was here that Septemax would begin to make his anger known as he manipulated the decree of Stragnarax by ordering thousands of her Drakah to travel to Tumulham Peak and assist in the defense of the nest, but unable to rally the other nests she was only able to buy time for Tumulham Peak to be evacuated to Aeradrift Peak. A bitter Erlenax would convince Lornax that the work of Septemax was the only path forward for the Dragonflight and thus Lornax begin her first steps down the road of resistance.

I could see the smoke as we flew closer to Mexalhom. As we got closer I could see the tiny flying back shapes that angered my soul as I realized the harpies were already there. The closer we got the angrier I could feel myself getting. Yet another sister was most likely dead, and what were we even doing?

Mexalhom Peak would be the next to fall as Porilenax would keep its situation a secret from the Council of Lucerex and thus when it fell as well with no survivors it was Septemax that would attempt to bring about the meeting of more agressive minded Dovah. Septemax was joined by her allies in Lornax, and Erlenax in travelling to Tholush Pinnacle to meet. The meeting brought about no change as Flarnax did not show up to the meeting. Unable to convinse Flarnax who controlled the most powerful Nest outside of Avicairn, the three agreed to defend eachother but became dismayed at the state of things.

Fall of Halicrox Peak

My consort had died to bring the information to Porilenax. She did nothing with it. We fell and she did nothing.

The Meeting

We can discuss all the strategies we want. We are too few. We need to look to the humans again.
The Rise and Fall of Lisa Lovie
Lisa Tyrell was one of the kindest. Sweetest. Funniest. Selfless people I have ever met. I told her my plans and she jumped at the chance to help me. She wanted to make this world a better place, and for that she paid a terrible price.

Rise of Lisa Tyrell

Lisa Lovie Cover Amazing3.jpg

Take my hand Lisa. I will show you the true power that you could be.

Lisa Tyrell would jump to prominence when her father and mother were able to convince James Lovie to betroth his second son James Lovie II. to Lisa in a betrothal that they had competed against with their rivals in House Scott and been able to win. Following the announcement of this betrothal it was Olenna Tyrell that would return to Highgarden but Mastir Tyrell would remain behind in Lucerne where as a part of the betrothal he was named the Steward of James Lovie II. and thus remained in the city to keep an eye on his daughters future husband. Lisa would instead of traveling to Lucerne with her mother and father would instead be sent instead to High Hrothgar and was to spend a year there praying to Glaurung for the good health of all things that came from her marriage to James Lovie II. Arriving at High Hrothgar she would begin her prayers under the teutalage of the Priests there but during this time she fell under the eye of the Dovah Lornax who wanted to use the potential proximity of Lisa to the royal family to her advantage.

Tournament of Roses

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At the tournament of Roses in 5098 it was James Lovie and Lisa Tyrell the long time betrothed that would meet for the first time and despite attempts by some of the other houses to win the tournament it was James Lovie that won and named his betrothed the Queen of Love and Beauty and then the two were married in a small ceremony outside of Nortburg a few weeks after this.


My mother was never what she should have been. I blamed her for that for basically my entire youth, and it was only the assistance of my sister Alice that even allowed my mother to keep moving on. I can`t tell you how many times she tried to kill herself because I honestly don`t remember anymore.
William Lovie III.

When word reached the capital that James and survivors had arrived at Lichtenstorf it was everyone that was overjoyed at the news, but for Lornax and Lisa the situation was incredibly dire. By this point Lisa was fading away more and more each day, and despite the great effort done by Lornax to attempt to counter act what was happening to Lisa all attempts were failing.

The Removal of Esme Portmane
You have to send the Atlantian girl away. The rumblings from your lords only grow louder with each day she remains in the capital.

Removal of Esme Portmane

Esme Portmane.jpg

I will protect our children. This is not the end for us James.
Esme Portmane

The Failure of the Pendant of Cleansing
Together we can save your friend. The Dragon is back Kieth.

Failure of the Pendant of Cleansing

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Alice Lovie7.jpg

I want you to know that being around you. Spending time with you. It was my honor. I know I'm not your father, and I wouldn't ever pretend to be. Just know thats how I look at you. I love you Alice.
Einhard Rosler

Its Alice Lovie that returns to Lucerne with William and the rest of the Lucernian party that had traveled to Gulltown for the wedding and tournament. Arriving back home she and William spend the day together at Lake of Aerene's Breath swimming and having fun together. There fun ends with the arrival of Einhard Rosler who is joined by Aria Arryn, Dylan Steinmare, and Faye Skane three friends of William's who take him away while Einhard stays with Alice who is sad that William has left her but spends time talking with Einhard. Einhard appears nervous, and having known him for years she is surprised to see him like this but doesn't mention anything about it to him. The arrival of Draco Highmore leaves Einhard to return to the Sky Tower where he tells her he is going to speak to her mother, and before Alice can say anything about this its Draco that begins telling her about the fact that he has overheard that she will be betrothed at the upcoming Nortberg Tournament.

Planning for Cleansing

Esme Portmane Cover Amazing.jpg

I'm sorry James. There can be no doubting this. I watched you kill Einhard with my own eyes.
Kieth Schwartz

After James had killed Einhard it was Kieth that attempted to hide the murder from James the same way he had hidden the events of the Purge, but this time he found his attempts thwarted by the counter work of the Dovah Flarnax. Flarnax had become friends of sorts with Einhard during the Goblin Invasion of Telstendil and had stayed in contact with Einhard and was thus deeply hurt when Einhard was killed, and watching as the Circle attempted to hide the murder from James she would make that an impossibility. As Aelflynn, and Wudrik made their final preparations to remove this memory from James it was Flarnax assisted by Lornax that would reveal the truth of what happened with Einhard to William who then confronted his father. The involvement of William changed everything as Aelfwynn and Wudrik were unwilling to involved the prince in their work and thus they were forced to deal with the fact that James now knew the truth. Following the realization that he had killed his friend Einhard Rosler in a blind rage he would come to the conclusion that he could no longer control whatever was happening within him, and sent word for Esme to be brought back to Lucerne. James in this way did not remember due to the manipulations of both Aelfwynn Turnidlon, and Vhloraz that he had already once before brought Esme to the capital attempting this same thing, and thus made the command again. Despite his attempt to get Esme to come back it was Kieth that realized the cost of bringing her back was most likely her life and did not send the letter to her leaving it up to just him and Carlisle to try and fix this once and for all.

The Ritual


Tanya Cullen Cover Amazing6.jpg

I need you to stay here. Promise me that you won't leave this room. Promise me Edward. Swear to me that you will not leave this room.
Carlisle Cullen

Carlisle in his attempt to keep Edward safe brings a Magi trainer to the city in order to train his son without alerting anyone of what power Edward actually has. Upon the arrival of Moritz its Carlisle that takes him to meet with a man he has brought to Lucerne in order to help him learn of his power. Meeting with the man he learns about his new trainer in the form of Moritz Krenkel of whom is from northern Lucerne and has kept his Magi secret for his whole life through mastery of control. Moritz and Edward leave Lucerne and travel to a small farm southwest of the city where the two practice Magi for several days. Edward during this time listens to the words of Moritz in a way but also misses his friends and Tanya and thus goes against Moritz wishes when he uses Magi to speak to William, and Tanya through his dreams. Their training stops when William, Leven, Byron, Jasper, and Tanya arrive at the farm after following the clues left by Edward in the Magi dreams and as Edward prepares to leave its Moritz that warns him about his use of Magi, but Edward wants to spend time with his friends more then he wants to learn and so rejects Moritz advise and leaves with the group back to Lucerne. Returning to Lucerne they find the gateway out of Lucerne is heavily fortified, and a large caravan is moving out of the city. William learns from the caravan that all of the families leaving the city have been paid to leave the city and Edward senses all of the families have a member that is Magi sensitive, and at this feeling he clenches his ring tightly.

How long do I have to be hidden away Will. I tire of being constantly hidden away by my father. I just want to be normal.
Edward Cullen

After spending the day with his friends he returns home and finds his father sitting at his table reading and at the sight of Edward his father storms towards him grabbing him in anger, and Edward tries to use magi to push him off but his ring cancels his power and his father is able to berate him on his coming back to Lucerne. With the city on lock down Carlisle is unable to get Edward out of the city as he wants to and so he locks Edward in his room and Edward can hear through the walls his father put the guards on alert to not let Edward leave his room including placing Oskar of Cullen inside the room with Edward to make sure nothing happens. Despite his father begging him not to leave Edward ignores the warnings of his father and when Oskar is distracted momentarily by Edward tricking him its Edward that removes his ring and uses Magi to leave a bedazzling hex on his chair making Oskar see the chair as Edward, while he then again uses Magi to walk through the wall and out of his room. With Oskar still believing he was in the room its Edward that sneaks out of his home and after getting out without anyone seeing him he makes his way to Tanya's home. Arriving at her house Edward talks with both her parents in the form of Emerich and Carmen Denali of whom he discusses with them Emerich's desire to push the betrothal of Edward and Tanya forward, and Edward quickly agrees telling him he will talk with his father. When Tanya comes down Emerich doesn't know Edward is restricted and thus lets Tanya leave with him for the Eye of Lucerne where all the friends were supposed to meet. Edward and Tanya walk together and its clear that the two are in love, and trying to impress Tanya he takes his ring off several times doing little Magi tricks which make her smile. Arriving at the fortress of Reintrel he is let through the gates by Arnulf Reintrel of whom knows him and so lets him and Tanya inside letting them know that William and the others arrived about an hour ago and were already on the lift going up. Going to the lift they wait in the garden surrounding it and sit with a family that is also taking the lift up in the form of Meinhard Bethmann, and his wife Irmlinde, and their two children Charlotte, and Markolf and talking with them they all have a nice conversation while they wait for the lift to come back.

Possession on the Mountain
You killed me way back on that mountaintop Ed. I've been a walking corpse ever since. Fitting your the one that final puts me down.
Byron Arryn II.

Edward, and Tanya are laying together on a blanket just talking, but when Tanya gets cold its Edward who once more takes his ring off and uses Magi to start a small fire keeping them warm, but when he does this he feels the air change and looking into the sky he sees a crack in the sky itself. While Tanya cannot see this change its Edward who becomes panicked watching as figures begin appearing through the crack in the sky coming towards him, and as he attempts to put his ring back on he drops it and while trying to get it back the figures reach them and crash into both Byron Arryn II. and Meinhard Bethmann, but after hitting Meinhard he is able to get his ring back on and the figures disappear. Going to the side of Byron he checks on his friend and sees blood coming from his ears, and eyes and fears Byron is dead until he sits up suddenly alongside Meinhard whose family was crying over him. Unable to stop Byron, and Meinhard who are responding but in unusual ways they watch as the two make there way back to the barracks overhang and despite attempts to stop them they grab two gliders and jump off the side of the overhang down towards Lucerne to the horror of everyone there.


Discovery of Eleonore

Eleonore Scarlet Cover Front Amazing1.png

What have you kept hidden from us Flarnax. Is this one of the blood of William? The things she could do for the valley. Don't listen to Flarnax little one. Listen to me. I'll give the whole world. I'll give you the prince.

As Kieth leaves the Cloud Towers in order to meet with the White Dovah following the failure of the Pendant to get rid of Vhloraz its Wuldrik that follows the command of Khadgar and follows Kieth. Following him and his several guards through the streets they arrive at the Great Temple of Glaurung where he watches as Kieth dismisses his guards and begins speaking with the two White Dovah from the spell room. Its Eleonore Scarlet that is sitting at prayer within the Great Temple of Glaurung when she is shaken by the door into the Temple smashing open revealing two women, and a man who smash the door closed behind them. The three do not notice her and she is able to hide herself behind a pillar as they start yelling at each other, and listening for a moment she is startled from behind as Gerwine Holderlin a prominent priestess covers her mouth from screaming before motioning for her to be silent. Gerwine steps out into the argument revealing herself but they three indicate they felt her before she had entered the room, and Eleonore questions why they didn't sense her then. Gerwine names the three as Kieth Schwartz (who Eleonore knows as he is quite prominent in the government), Vlarenix, and (both of whom Eleonore does not recognize) and then is referred to by Kieth as Flarnax. During this arguement its Vlarenix that admits that the plan from her side all along was to kill Vhloraz but she knew that would also basically kill James by cutting him off from his duality spirit, but argues that this is the only way forward as there is no way to remove the possession otherwise. Kieht is unable to accept turning James into what has become of Byron Arryn and thus rejects attempting to do the spell again with more defenses this time. The arguing eventually ends with Kieth telling them that he will no longer help them or hide them, and that from this moment forward his only goal is protecting James to whatever end that leads him. As Kieth leaves the remaining three keep talking for a time but this two is interrupted by Eleonore accidentally dropping her copy of The Testament of Ysgramor and this leads to her being forced to reveal herself. The moment they see her she watches as Gerwine gives her a depressed look before standing between her and the two women, but despite attempting to block them its the one called Vlarenix that moves past Flarnax and begins inspecting Eleonore.

The End of Alice Lovie

The Journey

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A Desperate Gamble

Family Members