The Lothlorian Magisters are the Order of Magi within the Kingdom of Lothlorian, and they gaurd the Sunwell, as well as maintain its use, and most recently work alongside the Nethertorm Order in order to expand out the Sunwell. The Grand Magister of the Lothlorian Magisters leads the Order but unlike many of the other Council Members he is burdoned by many other influencial members of the Sunseekers Council of which the Grand Magister is only a member of, and his only increased power is that he has three votes on the Council of ten instead of the other seven having one.

The Lothlorian Magisters Council is made up of eight members in the form of the Grand Magister, five Magister, the High Astronomer, and the Star Scryer. Each of these members only has one vote on the council, except for the Grand Magister of whom has three votes, and thus is the most powerful member of the Council but still needs major support to accomplish anything.

Noteable Members

Name Title         Magi Level Role Family
Solarian Brightblaze Grand Magister 4 Overall leader of the Lothlorian Magisters, as well as a Council Member of the Kingdom of Lothlorian. Brightblaze Family
Lyeana Dawnblade Magister 5 Council Member Dawnblade Family
Salarian Brightblaze Arcanist 5 Works in the vast Sunwell Libraries Brightblaze Family
Eremas Brightblaze Magister 4 Council Member Brightblaze Family
Astalor Bloodsworn Magister 4 Council Member Bloodsworn Family
Rommath Brightwing Magister 4 Council Member Brightwing Family
Voren'Thal Sunseeker Magister 5 Council Member Sunseeker Family
Liadrin Sunhawk High Astronomer   5 Council Member, Leader of the Astronomers Sunhawk Family
Athariel Sunreaver Star Scryer 5 Council Member, Leader of the Scryers Sunreaver Family
Sylvos Sunstrider Arcanist 3 Works in the vast Sunwell Libraries Sunstrider Family
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