Lucas Scott
House Scott
Story Role
POV Role Lucernian Series
Appears In Placeholder
Vital statistics
Born 5103
Title Official Titles
  • Noble of House Scott
Nickname Placeholder
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Race Gothic German
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Dan Scott
Mother Karen Scott
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Peyton Sawyer
Children True Born

With Peyton Sawyer

  • Earl Scott III.

Base Born

With Haley Scott

Lucas Scott is the son of Dan, and Karen Scott making him a senior member of House Scott through his father, and a member of House Tyrell through his mother. Lucas Scott is also the brother of Brooke, and Nathan Scott of whome Brooke Scott is the silent mother of two of King William Lovie's children, while his brother Nathan has risen in power in House Scott and Tree Hill due to the favortism he is shown by their father. His best friend and growing love interest married his brother Nathan which makes him the step-brother of Haley Scott. Lucas Scott is involved in three great loves throughout his life in the forms of Peyton Sawyer, Haley Scott, and most recently Morrigan of which Peyton was the great love of his life before the siege of Tree Hill led to Lucas and Haley becoming deeply in love, while his love with Morrigan was built around the fact that Lucas was unable to choose between Haley, and Peyton. Lucas has a single child with Haley Scott during the siege of Tree Hill in the form of Jamie Scott of whom is a growing boy of whom is going to be very influencial in the Grand State of Tree HIll. Lucas Scott would come to have a child with his wife Peyton Sawyer in the form of Earl Scott II. of whom is a baby at the time of Burning Dreams but his excistence changes the situation in Tree Hill dramatically.

Lucas Scott was born the first son of Dan Scott, and this meant that he was destined to be the eventual heir of House Scott, and one day the Arch Lord of Tree Hill. As a young boy he and his father constantly bickered and there was very little love between Lucas and his father, and he thus turned into himself and became increasingly internalized, and an outcast. As his brother grew up the constrast was impressive as his younger brother as beloved by most that meant him, and his father thought him the much better son creating a situation in which he might become the second son despite his age being older. During the First Battle of Tree Hill and the ensuing siege for eight years Lucas Scott turned himself into a legend when it came to war. This fame did not come easy for the quiet and at times introverted Lucas Scott, and he began to retreat more and more into the solace he found in his love interest Peyton Sawyer, and his belief in the Dragon. This loyalty led him to fight off his internal demons and work tirelessly to assist during the invasion of Westbridge. Following the invasion of Westbridge he  has returned to Tree Hill where he continues his role as Thane in Tree Hill. This peace has left him too much time to further drown himself in the growing love problems he has between Peyton Sawyer, and Morrigan. While that conflict has brewed for years the growing sexual attraction and non-platonic love between Lucas and Haley is further complicating things in his love life and between him and House Scott. Lucas Scott would become the  regent of Tree Hill when Dan Scott, and Nathan Scott were sent to the west by William Lovie III. in order to assist in the defence of Castle Stragnarax. William was using this as a chance for Kieth Scott to be able to investigate the city, and get back closer with Lucas without the threat of Dan hovering over the town. Lucas would as regent of the town begin to become aware of the evil his father had commited, and it only took a little prodding from Kieth for him to see that Dan had done terrible things during the siege. Lucas would realize that he needed to step to the forefront of the house, and made the decision. Lucas Scott would lead some three thousand allied forces from Tree Hill into Bolten following the capture of Hayford, and was responsible for meeting with the Order of the Green Dragon forces that were going to begin to talks of alliance with the Kingdom of Dustin.


Haley Scott (3)

Early History

"Have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on the world? Or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives... for better or worse."
-Lucas Scott

Lucas Scott was born the son of Dan, and Karen Scott and as the first child of the two he was the heir to House Scott. His birth was heralded by everyone within Tree Hill because after Earl Scott died it would be Dan that took control, and now Dan had his first heir thus stablizing somewhat the situation. This was a great time for his father, but as time went by it became clear that Lucas was reclusive and didn't make friends easily. This behavior was only when he was very young but still Dan begin to badger him about becoming more open and able to control the minds of the people. Despite constant bickering between the two Lucas couldn't become what he wanted him to be and thus Dan's attacks became more visious in their manner. This had the effect of pushing Lucas even further into himself, and thus making the situation even worse. As Dan Scott turned Lucas towards hating him, his brothier Kieth Scott became a sort of subsititue father that Lucas came to love far more then his own father, and while on the surface Dan pretended that this didn't bother him, it in fact made him truly hate his brother to the point that eventually there would be a terrible fued between the two.

Haley James2

Lucas Scott

"Lucas was the gentlest young man I'd ever met, and even when he realized who I was he didn't move on as the other boys had. He simply talked to me like a person. He asked me about my life, my loves, and everything under the sky. Everything about him pulled me into him. Everything he did made me love him more."
-Haley James

When Lucas was only seven years old his mother took him to the local lake that all the local children loved to visit. In his silence Lucas hadn't made many friends and because of this he remained stuck up in the House Scott Keep for much of his days, and Karen wanted him to get out and see the world. On one hand Karen loved her son, and he had become her best friend in the silence of her husband, but on the other hand Karen knew her son needed to be bigger then just what he was in order to make House Scott advance past what they are. On that day she had hoped that he would grow close to the other boys that often frequented the lake, and she had made sure that she had forced her son Nathan to come to the lake as well and she had made Nathan promise that he would attempt to get his friends to be cool with Lucas.

"He was always at that lake, which made it all the more simple to attempt my first seduction of him. He was seven years old at the time, and I was nine but I understood exactly what was expected of me. I needed to make this young heir to House Scott fall in love with me under whatever circumstances I needed to."

-Haley James

When they reached the Lake Karen was distracted by one of the many noblewomen that was down at the lake watching their children as well, and because of this Lucas was left to his own. He looked around and saw many children he knew of but as he watched his brother playing and having fun with his friends he understood that he had nothing like that, and became depressed about the fact that he had fallen so far from his brother who was younger then him. Now stuck in his own mind he walked to the edge of the lake side where there was the fewest people, and simply laid down sinking his feet in the water. As he laid his feet in the water he was unaware that he was being watched from afar by Haley James who at the time was playing near the water with her older sister Taylor and had stopped abrubtly when she saw Lucas. So while Haley talked with Taylor about Lucas he sat unmoving on the shore of the lake, with nothing but his own depressed thoughts in his mind. She asked Taylor who the boy was and Taylor was quick to point out
Haley Scott Small1

Haley became everything that mattered in Lucas's life.

that Lucas was one of the Scott boys but he was the shy one where Nathan was the outgoining and funny one. Taylor told her that the talk around town was that while Lucas was the heir apparent of House Scott the fact that Nathan Scott was so much more popular meant that Dan might skip Lucas and make Nathan the heir to House Scott. These words didn't discourage Haley and she made her way over to him despite the calls from Taylor to not do that, and when she arrived she softly spoke to him asking him whether the spot beside him was taken. At first Lucas had been prepared to brush her off as he did all people that came into his life, but when he saw her eyes he couldn't bear to have those eyes taken away from him so he told her to plase sit down.
Peyton SAWYER4

Peyton Sawyer

See Also : Peyton Sawyer

"She entered the room and she was a ragged little thing. My mother told me she was only nine so she was three years younger then me, but in so many ways the look her eyes made me believe she was far older then me."
-Lucas Scott
When Lucas was twelve his mother brought home an orphan girl named Peyton Sawyer of whom she had discovered while travelling to the market. At first Karen had walked by the young girl on the street, and thought little of it. Then she came to handing the girl food from the market, and then she came to sit with the girl on the route back from the market. Eventually she attempted to get Dan Scott to intervene but she found her husband nearly uncaring towards the affairs of this poor girl and so she took matters into her own hands when she brought her home. Peyton at first stayed hidden on the outside of the estate by Karen, but at a certain point Lucas came across her hiding in one of the houses, and came to talk with her. At first she was extremely afraid to talk to Lucas as she was told by Karen that she needed to be very careful lest she be thought a criminal and someone killed her on sight. After a time though she
Peyton Sawyer Gif

Peyton entered Lucas's life and changed the way he thought about love.

and Lucas came to get comfortable together, and he was able to convinse her that he meant her no harm. Now that he knew the secret he came to discuss it with his mother and they decided to keep it a secret until Karen had completed her room, and everything was prepared. As this continued Lucas came to meet with Peyton many times and they grew very and as the days moved forward she came to live inside the actual House Scott home as a handmaiden to Karen Scott. Peyton was very similar to Lucas in that they were both very shy and didn't like the center of attention. In their shared personality they became closer when Peyton grew close to Brooke Scott on a friendship level, and started to feel more comfortable in the house.
Peyton Sawyer11
"Brooke Scott was the best friend a person could ask for in the entire world. She never asked of you anything more then she knew you were willing to give, and she gave herself completely to whoever she was with in a way that made you just immediatly want to be better."
-Peyton Sawyer
This close relationship with his sister Brooke, and his best friend Haley led the two to become together more often, and during these times it became clear that they were both very interested in the other. Peyton eventually made the first move and following this they became very sexually invovled with eachother to the point that even his time with Haley was interupted due to his growing
Peyton Sawyer Gif5

Peyton and Lucas came to define eachother, but Haley always remained in the background.

obsession with Peyton Sawyer. Lucas was completely in love with Peyton and he often talked openely with her how he wished to marry her, and for her to have his children. This affection was returned by Peyton but she worried what his parents would say, and also she feared she wasn't good enough to marry Lucas. Because of this in the days leading up to the Fall of Tree Hill Peyton had rejected Lucas's proposal to marry him, and this had created the first problem between the two.

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill

Tree Hill Raid of 5123
My sister has come here and she has built herself an army within the one I have built. Her army is going to come here. I must stop her. You must survive until I do.

Tree Hill Raid of 5123

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Morrigan Cover Amazing
I'm here to help you Lucas Scott. In whatever way I can.

Lucas Scott would be spending time with Haley Scott of whom he is at first talking with on the battlements of the Tree Hill keep with who they believe is Caryl Todrinnel and they are talking about the recent appearance of food within the food storage of the caverns beneath the Tree Hill keep and while Caryl pushed the idea that this was the work of Glaurung it was Lucas that in his own mind would think to himself that this was impossible and made plans to sneak into the storage that night and observe what happened. Lucas Scott would hide himself in the storeroom and waited all night until something happened when Morrigan entered the storeroom seemingly through a wall as she had used Magi to get inside. Watching her from his hiding place she would summon the food from her home inside the storeroom, and it was only when she was completed her ritual that she saw that she was being watched. Lucas would confront Morrigan of whom he demanded how she had entered the food stuffs of the city and why she was giving them food, and when she was truthful telling him that she was a member of a special group and had been commanded to save the city he would demand the truth not believing her. As they spoke he begin to remember bits of memories from the initial Orc assault on the city and sensing his regaining memory she would use her Magi to take him back to the events of the initial assault on Tree Hill. With his memories restored including the fact that he had been mortally wounded and saved by Morrigan he would agree to keep her a secret but demanded that the two speak every day about what was happening and that she told him everything she was planning and having longed to be closer to Lucas for months it was Morrigan that readily agreed to this. The next day Lucas Scott gives a speech where despite knowing that the food was the work of Morrigan he declares it an act of Glaurung himself to keep them alive and his speech brings about the first sounds of happiness from the crowd and over the course of the day he works about schedules where the women will help distribute the food and rebuild their broken stocks of agriculture which has sprouted up in the city.

Gerlinde Jocic Cover2
My sister has come here and she has built herself an army within the one I have built. Her army is going to come here. I must stop her. You must survive until I do.

While Morrigan was working against Flemeth in Tree Hill it was Gerlinde Jocic that would be sent to Lucerne in order to assist Morrigan in her manipulation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but as Gerlinde hated Morrigan she would not make her presence known and watched Morrigan witnessing her helping the Tree Hill defenders, and wanting to ruin something of Morrigan's she would begin infiltrating the Orc army and begin building her own forces. Gerlinde quickly realized that the Orcish main leader in the form of Jurden Hardaxe was a puppet of Morrigan and was actively working against the destruction fo Tree Hill, and thus it was Gerlinde that went to Chigdrask a goblin leader of the Hill of Edrestic and turned him Chigdrask into her puppet. Using Magi Gerlinde was able to manipulate Chigdrask until he had become her servent and with Chigdrask under her control he would begin massing his forces at the Hill of Edrestic for an assault on Tree Hill which would destroy the city before Jurden hardaxe could step into stop him. As Gerlinde made the final preparations for the attack on Tree Hill by her forces she was discovered by Morrigan and the two fought a brief battle but Gerlinde was able to escape fleeing Tree Hill to west of the city staying with her personal forces there. As Lucas goes to his room to go to sleep he is exhausted but his exhaustion ends when he sees Morrigan sitting at a chair in his room and talking to her she tells him about a horrifying development that she has uncovered in the army of Orcs seiging the city and reveals that she has been controlling the Orc leader to keep Tree Hill alive. She reveals that she is being confronted by a sister of hers named Gerlinde Jocic and her sister has raised an army of Goblins and Orcs that she is using to bypass Morrigans Orc army and attack the city of Tree Hill. Morrigan says she tried to fight her but Gerlinde fled to a stronghold of the goblin Chigdrask north west of the city and she needs Lucas's help in defeat her sister at the camp of Chigdrask and despite his still skepticism towards Morrigan he agrees to gather men to him who will join him assisting Morrigan.

I'm asking you to come with me to a place where we face extreme risk. I'm asking you to do this because I believe our time is running short. My speech is nothing more then an illusion. We need to change things. We need to take a chance.
Lucas Scott
Lucas goes to the Scott Keep and meets with several of his friends in the form of Loras Tyrell, Oliver Slinde, Lucas Oakheart, and Jake James. As he takes the group to the food storemoom he is prepared to meet with Morrigan but instead they find Caryl Todrinnel and Morrigan and it is then they Caryl reveals that she in fact not Caryl but actual an angel of sorts named Roswita and that she will portal them inside the camp once Morrigan is able to get inside. Morrigan portals out of the room and as they wait for nearly an hour for her they talk with Roswita and learn that she found Carly dead outside of the city but wanted to help so she used Magi to take on her physical appearance and has been helping ever since in whatever way she can. In the hours before the forces of Gerlinde were to attack the city of Tree Hill it was Morrigan that infiltrated the camp of Chigdrask's Orcs and killing her way inside the keep she would find that Chigdrask had already left with most of the Orcs to attack Tree Hill but Gerlinde remained behind with only a small elite guard and her closest goblin commander Knenkimm to defend her in the hopes that she would be able to kill Morrigan.
Roswita Gif
After almost two hours Caryl's portal stone begins pulsing and she opens the portal and walks through and Lucas follows behind her and then the rest of the group and they find themselves inside the ruined keep of Oliver's family causing an enraged Oliver to let out a tear at what has become of his families home. Finding themselves there they follow Morrigan into fighting against Gerlinde and her goblin defenders and they are able to defeat the goblins killing them to a man and they watching as Gerlinde and Morrigan fight a horrifying battle joined by Roswita and after Morrigan takes a horrible wound to her shoulder its Roswita that delivers a glancing blow to Gerlinde knocking her down. As Gerlinde attempts to escape once again she would be stopped by Morrigan of whom was able to use Magi to lock her away into a Soulstone and thus keep her secret alive. A badly wounded Morrigan explains that the army of Chigdrask has already left for Tree Hill and remains behind with Roswita but portals Lucas and his forces out of the keep and back to Tree Hill where they rush to the keep and set of the warning alarm and then making their way to the walls where they find the archers there already firing on the rushing army.
The Assault
Roswita Cover Amazing
Today might seem hopeless Lucas. Today might feel like the end of the world. I promise you their will be better days. This pain will pass.
As the years of siege went by a lull in the fighting had taken place as the Orcish commander was completely fine with draining his leadership rivals in duels with Lucas, while the defenders were worn out and emotionally destroyed. The Raid of 5123 came about when an especially large Orc took control of forces, and led them in a very large attack that unlike the overall Orc leader he was actually interested in destroying the city. The main attack came against the main gate, and they were hardpressed to hold them off as they ran across the bridge.
Loras Tyrell Gif
The only lull in the fighting came as the Orcs were forced to push their casualties into the moat where so high were their losses that they begin to fill the moat. At the eastern gate Loras Tyrell led the defences and the orcs here were in greater number then every before and they broke into the courtyard of the keep. Fighting became brutal and a last stand broke out at the gatehouse as the defenders were overrun and the Orcs broke inside the Keep. Loras Tyrell would lead some twenty men into the breach and kill most of the attackers during the charge, and bought time for relief to arrive from the main keep. The large Orc would be killed at the eastern gatehouse by Nathan Scott and following his death the Orc force retreated, but the defenders had been drained beyond repair by the attack suffering immense losses, and Loras Tyrell fell into a coma following a massive blow from the large Orc.
Trying to Find Truth

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Brooke Scott Medium
If you try and get between us. I'll cut you're pretty little eyes from your head. I'll use your fingers as spoons. I'll wear your feet like shoes. No one stands between us.
Lindsay Baker

Lucas Scott leading a group of his five most trusted knights and they travel beneath tunnels under Tree Hill following Morrigan and reaching the end they kill there way through several houses controlled by Orcs making their way towards Typhon Castle and once inside they find Jaime Typhon and after the shock of seeing him alive Morrigan tells them he is coming into the city and will attempt to assassinate Dan Scott to which Lucas grudgingly accepts must happen if they want to survive. It was Brooke Scott who was trying to find peace during this time that she spends a lot of time by herself and visiting one of her favorite spots she instead of finding peace finds Julian Baker, and Lindsay Baker kissing and she watches this in shock as they are brother and sister, but eventually Julian departs leaving Lindsay behind and when Brooke goes to leave Lindsay speaks to her revealing she knew that she was there the entire time. Going inside and talking to Lindsay she discovers the girl that was so angry all that time ago is now basically insane as Lindsay questions whether Brooke is trying to get between her and Julian and despite saying she is not Lindsay proceeds to threaten her and reveal that she murdered her sister, and parents after they tried to get between her and Julian. Revealing to Brooke the events of the murders she attempts to strike Brooke but Brooke is able to dodge the attack and get out of the house running to the keep to find her brother who she knows will keep her safe. Instead of finding her brother she finds her father of whom questions her as to what is wrong and in a moment of weakness she reveals the truth and instead of protecting her Dan threatens Lucas's life if she reveals what happened with Lindsay and following this she runs to her room locking the door behind her and crying.

Your father knows the truth Brooke. Help me find out that truth for myself.
Jaime Typhon

Waking up the next morning she goes to the kitchen to find breakfast but while walking in the halls is grabbed from behind and pulled into the basement where she is confronted by Jaime Typhon of whom reveals himself as a survivor of House Typhon and the two speak for some time with Jaime demanding that Brooke look deeper into what happened at Tree Hill and she agrees wanting to help Jaime and work against her father. Led on by the plotting of Jaime she gets him inside the inner keep where he tells her is the evidence of what happened to get the Orcs inside of the city, and entering the room he tells her he apologizes and then ties her hands and puts a knife to her kneck. Using the threat of killing Brooke he is able to get himself past the inner keep guards and into the hall room with Dan where Nathan is also present, and Jaime threatens to kill Dan if he doesn't hear the truth but to the shock of Brooke and confusion of Jaime Dan just moves behind his desk to grab a bow from the wall and as Jaime screams to know the truth Dan just begins laughing causing Jaime to let go of Brooke and charge at Dan knocking Nathan to the ground, but as he gets near Dan he is struck in the leg by an arrow by Lucas who drops the bow and goes to Brooke while Nathan restrains Jaime who continues screaming. Now restrained Jaime begins openly talking about what he knows and the fact that Dan Scott had sealed his family into the keep as well as known about the coming of the Orcs, and while speaking he is struck through the face by an arrow as Dan kills him.

Haley Scott Cover6
Take this traitor away. You have struck your lord and for that you will be punished.
Dan Scott

Following the killing of Jaime its Dan who is confronted by Lucas who knew Jaime as they were of similar age and as Lucas and Dan's fight gets worse Dan's guards arrive and at Dan's orders take Lucas into custody putting him a cell to cool off leaving Dan, Nathan, and Brooke alone. Without Lucas to protect her Brooke is overcome by fear and all the questions she has in her head over what Jaime told her she is unable to ask and allows her father and brother to force her silence again using the threat of violence against Lucas to further put fear into her. Waking up in the morning Brooke looks for her brother and discovers that Lucas has been sentenced to two years in prison, as he is also being tried for conspiracy alongside five other knights who Dan is blaming for being part of a movement to attempt to kill him, and leaving Dan she goes to the cells where she wants to find Lucas and his knights in the cell. Stopped from entering the cells themselves by guards she is told that no one can visit Lucas as he has been labeled a threat to the people alongside his knights she breaks down crying and is comforted by Lord Primus Amatius who is in command of the cells. Primus sends away several of the guards leaving only himself and his son Lucius Amatius and then after talking over things with Brooke Primus lets Lucius take her into the cells where she will be able to talk to Lucas one time but he lets her know that this wont happen again as Primus is being stripped of his command in favor of Marcelet Rivel who is a Dan Scott loyalist. Brooke meets with Lucas and the two talk for some time with Lucas forcing Brooke to promise him she will take charge of the new duels and as they continue to talk she is stopped by the arrival of Tristan Gencien of whom as a loyalist to Dan forces her out of the room. Keeping her promise Brooke goes to Loras Tyrell who Lucas had suggested but finds that Loras has been placed on house arrest following what happened with Lucas as he is seen as too loyal to Lucas and thus she goes to the next person Lucas suggested in the form of Thomas Sifflet and finding him fishing at the lake its Brooke who speaks to him and convinces him to take on the role of the defender of Tree hill.

The Journey

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Peyton and Lucas

Aftermath of the siege

In a lot of ways Lucas Scott somewhat fixed his broken mind through his newfound belief in Andrew Lovie. Lucas silently believes that Andrew Lovie is the reincarnation of the Red Dragon. This belief caused the usually non belieVing Lucas Scott to become rededicated to the Dragon, and this alone caused problems in his christian family especially considering the lengths his grandfather Earl Scott had went through in order to eXpand christianity inside Tree Hill. Alongside this the return of a relationship with Peyton caused problems as he had succumbed and accepted his loVe for Haley, and secretly fathered her child.

Lucernian Civil War

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White Knife Marriage

Invasion of Westbridge

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Conflict in House Scott

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"For my entire life whether or not I accepted it or not it seemed I was destined to be with Peyton. That kind of fate just made me assume that nothing could come between it, but when I realized what I felt for Haley. And then met Morrigan for the first time, all that fate didn't seem so easy."
-Lucas Scott

Where once his love life had been simple and he knew without a single doubt that he wanted to spend his life with Peyton, the inclusion of Morrigan into his life, and now his new feelings for Haley had led him to rethink everything. This rethinking was something accepted relunktantly by all three of the women but it became clearer and clearer to Nathan that something had changed between Lucas and Haley and with this their grew a conflict between Nathan and Lucas.

Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21
Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

Family Members


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POV Role

The Lost One

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Lucas Scott stands as the main character of the story the Lost One, and his role begins from the earliest days of his life to the points that are missed in the main story, and onward.

POV Chapter Notes
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