Inner Gate of Lucerne
Vital statistics
Type of Goverment District representation
Allegiance Kingdom Of Lucerne
Ruling House House Lovie
Population Placeholder
Location southern peak of the Mountain of Lucerne
Language German is the vast majority with small enclaves of others in the form of diplomats and aliens
Religion Dragon Worship is the state sanctioned religion of Lucerne and their are barely any other religions.
Races, and Ethnicity Germans are the vast majority of the population

Lucerne is the capital of the Kingdom Of Lucerne and is situated at the southern tip of the Lucerne Mountains, and in the northern tip of the Lucernian Valley. The city is built in the center of what was once a mighty Mountain of the Lucernian Mountains, but the center was destroyed in massive explosions caused by the conflict between the Dwarves and Goblins.

Lucerne is built into a ruined Mountain Peak of which was destroyed during an ancient conflict that is now lost to time. The fact that it is within the mountain and their is an opening means that it is brighter, and with less weakenesses then a mountain hold but it also has none of the weakenesses of a normal town in that it can barely be sieged due to its location. To enter the town an army would have to travel down a killing field where in they must make three directional changes while the entire time they are being fired upon from three massive towers, and levels of ramparts built into the walls that conciele the huge number of troops defending the pass.

Lucerne is the administrative head of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and because of this much of the ruling class, and aristocrats of the Kingdom do either live in Lucerne, or send their children to the Academy of Lucerne. The Lucernian Academy is the springboard for any child who wants to be anything more then a lesser noble, and admitense into the academy is reserved for the brightest of the Lucernian children.

Founded by the Dwarves during the expansion in the Lucernian Mountains the original Lucerne was known as Thaig Luzurn and was dominated by two major Dwarven clans in the form of Clan Lunz, and Clan Duterez of whom were during the initial time of Thaig Luzern very close, but following the decline of Karak Ankor they took two different sides creating a major devision between the two. This conflict would come to ahead nearly four hundred years before the founding of Forks and would lead to the splitting of the mountians peak and the hollowing of the entire city leaving it uninhabited. humans from Forks, its construction was the debt the dwarfs of Karak Izor paid in order to gain their assistence in the Driving Tides. The construction took many years and its completetion would springload the creation of the Kingdom of Lucerne. From this point the entire growth of the Kingdom of Lucerne and the growth of the valley all brought a massive amount of wealth to the city itself facilitating a growth into being the most populated city in the Valley of Lucerne. Lucerne would be the site of the Bloody Supper, and following this a series of massacres which would culminate in the first and only siege of Lucerne of which loyalists would betray the defenders and let the attacking army through the pass into the mountain fortress. Inside the fortress they would force their way deep into the city and force the exit of John Lovie, and the rise of James Lovie. Under James Lovie the construction of the Sky Towers would happen of which would forever change the foundation of the city of Lucerne. The Sky Towers are like skyscrapers except for that they are made in medieval style, and these towers form the living space of the richest and most powerful amongst the city with the largest of the towers the home of House Lovie. As the kingdom stagnated under the rulership of Bill Lovie the city became split into two very distinct sections in the form of Lucerne Hold, and Lucerne proper of which Lucerne proper was filled with the vast majority of the population of whom lived in a slum like excistence. With Bill Lovie taken out of power by William Lovie III. the construction of another Sky Tower was completed as well as the expansion of the living quality of Lucerne Proper while in the north of the city the expansion of the Underway grew the excistence of a third part of the city in the form of Upper Lucerne.


Peak of Lucerne


Peak of Lucerne

Some in the streets look into the sky and say this must have been the work of Glarung himself. For how could mortals ever build such a sheltered and protected life without the help of gods.
Nicoli Machiavelli

The city of Lucerne is built in the center of what was once a very tall mountain in the Lucernian Mountains. The middle part of the mountain was destroyed by explosions caused by the Dwarves and Goblins fighting amongst themselves. The edges of the surviving parts of the mountain go almost 4 miles high making the city impenatrable to siege. The Dwarves during their assistence in the construction of Lucerne would also construct tunnels along the outer walls of the Mountain peak, and these are used to spray light within the mountain peak, as otherwise it would be a very dark place.

Lucerne Roost

At the very peak of Lucerne sits a large amount of griffin nests of which are administered and protected by the Order of the Red Dragon's air based section. These were first founded under James Lovie, and were expanded under Bill Lovie of whom used the Griffons heavily for the travelling of his Circle of Magi as well as communication as his paranoia came to be directed at ravens as well leading to his declining use of Ravens.

Causeway of Lucerne

Walking down the causeway of Lucerne I wondered nearly outloud what madness would ever drive an enemy to attack this city. Arrayed all across the walls were ramparts that could hold hndreds of archers, and if that wasn't enough we walked by the four towers arrayed at the corners of the causeway and they held balistas and yet more room for archers. I was coming at the feet of the fture King of Lucerne, and even I felt intimated by the causeway.
Hedrik Clegane III.

Lucerne Causeway

The city of Lucerne has only two entrances with the only route into the city for any sizeable number of people being a winding causeway built by the Dwarves. This Causeway loops at three spots and at each loop their is a tower built high in the causeway that can rain attacks on anyone foolish enough to enter. The towers themselves contain balistas (In the case of the Tower of Martin Hannover there are three balistas aiming down the causeway) and these balistas are capable of horrifying damage to a packed force trying to make there way through the causeway.


At the front of the causeway is the entrance to Lucerne, and it is here where there is a road that runs between the two man made lakes that run along side the edges of the entrance.

Dragon Statues

Inside each of these lakes sits two towers which can only be accessed by a tunnel that goes under the water and thus cannot be accessed by a land based force and must be either destroyed or ignored. Inside the lakes on each side are statues of The Dragon's Aenatrix, and Paxtilo who are the ancient defenders of Lavania which is the netherland for those who worship the Dragon.

City Layout

The city is basically made up of two internal cities, with the inner most part of the city called Lucerne Hold and filled with the wealthier and more affluent members, and the rest of the city called Lucerne Proper and having a signicicantly larger population but also much less affluent. The majority of the population live outside the mountains, but the ruling families and aristocrats live in mountain homes, and the towers called the Sky Towers.

The only Entrance into the Valley that contains the city of Lucerne is a causeway that has beeen constantly upgraded by the denizens of the city. The causeway is now 1300 Ft in length, and has been adjusted to a width of only 20 Ft. The causeway has been molded to have 4 turns in it, and at each of these turns is a tower that is the garrison of some 25 troops.

In Lucerne Hold stands the Fortress of Hornhammer. This is the location of the Kings Keep and the location that is set up to be the last stand for the city.

Locations within Lucerne

Location Number Name Details
11 Academy of Lucerne
  • Large University for the Nobility of the Valley of Lucerne
  • Premier University in the Kingdom of Lucerne
2 Fortress of Hornhammer
  • Personal Castle, and Seat of House Lovie
  • Contains the Cloud Towers of House Lovie
9 Sky Towers

Large structures for nobility residence

4 Kings Keep
  • Capital of the Kingdom of Lucerne government
  • Seat of the Lucernian Council
6 Eye of Lucerne
  • Large Tunnel System leading up the Mountain Peak
  • Contains Large observatory for observing outside the Gate of Lucerne
8 Fortress of Hale
  • Large Castle within Lucerne Proper where the forces of House Hale make there seat
  • Gate of Hale. Secondary exit to the Valley of Lucerne

Violet Dragon Temple

Main Headquarters for the Order of the Violet Dragon

7 Gate of Hale Secondary Exit to the Valley of Lucerne
1 Causeway of Lucerne Main Etrance to the Valley of Lucerne
14 Fortress of Main Entrance into Lucerne Proper
3 Great Temple of Glaurung Main Dragonoph Temple of Lucerne
5 Lake of Talvin's Echo Second Largest Lake in city
10 Lake of Aerene's Breath

Largest Lake in city

15 Caves of Aeren's Shadow
  • Underground/Cave section of Lake of Aerene's Breath
  • Large cave system
13 Fortress of Secondary Entrance to Lucerne Proper
16 Kyne's Blessing
  • Large Cave System
  • Extensive Underground Farming Operation

Lucerne Proper


Early History

Founded by the Dwarves during the expansion in the Lucernian Mountains the original Lucerne was known as Thaig Luzurn and was dominated by two major Dwarven clans in the form of Clan Lunz, and Clan Duterez of whom were during the initial time of Thaig Luzern very close, but following the decline of Karak Ankor they took two different sides creating a major devision between the two. This conflict would come to ahead nearly four hundred years before the founding of Forks and would lead to the splitting of the mountains peak and the hollowing of the entire city leaving it uninhabited.


First Lucernian Civil War

Main Article : First Lucernian Civil War

James Lovie


Following the relative growth and peace of the reign of James Lovie and Bill Lovie before the Battle of Lyons , the city would enter a prolonged period of stagnation and perhaps decline.

Bill Lovie

Bill Lovie and his growing madness placed the overall goal of the Kingdom to be to build a city in what he called "home valley" and from this valley the people would ride out the continuel invasions by the Orcs. This strategy was the reason for Bill beginning construction of the Underway, and Berne two projects that took away from Lucerne's centric role in Lucerne. Under Bill Lovie , the city of Lucerne was no longer the most important city in the Kingdom. This lack of importance, and the utter contempt Bill sometimes show towards the city at times, meant that the city began to stagnate.

Sean Lovie

Rise of William Lovie III.

Lucernian Civil War

Main Article : Lucerne Civil War


Lucerne Council

The city is ruled in the majority by the King of Lucerne. When it comes to local matters, and logistics much of the work is put through to the Lucernian Council. The council is the organization where the heads of each localized region meet in a centralized location to discuss matters of cooperation, and improvement. The Lucernian Council is made up of five main citizens of the city of which the positions under the rule of William Lovie III. have taken the form of the following members

Hand of the King

The Hand of the King is the king's chief advisor and executor of his command in the council of Lucerne. Duties of the Hand include commanding the king's armies, drafting laws, dispensing justice, and generally managing the day-to-day running of the city on the commands of the King in Lucerne when he is not present. The Hand may act on the king's behalf when he is indisposed, and sit on the council while doing so.

See Also : Orton Merryjones

Orton Merryjones

Orton Merryjones is the son of Mayden, and Grifton Merryjones making him a member of the small House Merryjones. Orton Merryjones has one sibling in the form of Paulina Merryjones of whom is significantly younger then he as she is only sixteen during the Rise of Lucerne. Orton Merryjones would be married to Naelina Trightower of House Trightower and with her he would have three children in the form of Linda, Sarah, and Ophelia Merryjones of which Linda was a beautiful young women of whom was planned to be married off and was (find guy), Sarah became a member of the Order of the Blue Dragon following its creation, and Ophelia stands as the current heir to House Merryjones due to her loyalty to her father and her high skill in combat of which caused her to be knighted. Orton Merryjones upon becoming the Hand of the King under William Lovie III. became remarried and would have one child with his new wife in the form of Orton Merryjones II. of whom was a growing important member of House Merryjones.

City Watch Commander

The City Watch Commander is the man that lies in charge of the internal defenders of the city of Lucerne. This man is the one in charge of assigning positions of command within the city gaurd, controlling order within the city watch, along with many other determinations within the city watch.

See Also : Janos Flynt

Janos Flynt

Janos Flynt is the son of two local farmers from a small village south of Lucerene making him a commoner. Janos has one sibling in the form of Tavin Flynt of whom was a member of the City Watch and was the main reason for Janos getting recruited but Tavin sided with Bill Lovie out of loyalty and was executed by Janos. Janos married Lola Flynt and they have two children in the form of Mydin, and Janos Flynt of which Mydin is a member of the City watch of Lucerne, while Janos Flynt II. is a member of the Order of the Black Dragon and in this has become quite close to the Targaryans.

Janos Flynt was born into the poverty of being a farmer, and because of this he wanted nothing more during his youth then to escape the poverty of his home. He got his chance when his older brother would pull strings in order to get Janos admitted into the city watch. He would rise steadilly in the city watch due to what people saw as great skill which was only exclipsed by his honor, and love for the law. All of this came to a head when he was on the city watch council and during this time his brother Tavin Slynt attempted to bar William Lovie III. from entering out of loyalty to Bill Lovie. Seeing this happening Janos Slynt attempted to convinse his brother the errors of his ways but when he couldn't and the talk begin to go around actually capturing William when he entered Janos killed his brother and took control of the city watch.

Dragon Maester

The Dragon Maester is the leader of the differnet Order of the Dragons that must do business in Lucerne. His role is basically that of an intermediary where in he makes sure that the Orders are being intelligent throughout Lucerne, but more then this he brokers communication between the different Orders thus making him an important broker between the Orders. He is also the man in charge of maintaining the Order of the Dragons headquarters of which all the Orders have their headquarters outside of the Order of the Golden Dragon, and the Order of the Blue Dragon inside Lucerne.

See Also : Benden Pycelle

Benden Pycelle

Benden Pycelle is the son of two unknown men of eastern Lucerne but he has told people he was born in the Kingdom of Gilneas. His parents and their names are not known, and during his reign under Bill Lovie he told his king that they were dead, and that he was happy about that because their names would have embaressed the life he had worked hard to create. Benden Pycelle has no siblings, and has never married having spent his entire life in service to the crown of Lucerne.

Benden Pycelle was born the son of two poor farmers in a village just west of Lannistane, and during his early life he constantly visitied Lannistane where he dreamed of becoming much greater then he was then. In order for this to happen he murdered his parents, and two siblings in their sleep and then travelled west to Lucerne where he took the name Benden Pycelle and portrayed himself as a Vandal from Gilneas.

Master of Coin

The Master of Coin is the city of Lucerne's chief financial adviser. Duties of the Master of Coin include keeping account of the receipts and expenditures from the city treasury, receiving reports from royal officials, supervising the collection of taxes and custom duties, borrowing money, managing the royal treasury and supervising the three royal mints. The Master of Coin also sits on the overall Lucernian Council in the seats of the Royal Treasurer where he will often advise on the goings on of the city of Lucerne's economy. The Master of Coin oversees a large number of offices including the four Keepers of the Keys, the King's Counter, the King's Scales, the officers in charge of mints, harbormasters, tax farmers, customs sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers and wine factors.

See Also : Gyles Rosby

Gyles Rosby

Gyles Rosby is the son of Martin, and Dayla Rosby making him a member of and the current Patriarch of House Rosby. Gyles Rosby has two siblings in the form of Vaela, and Jack Rosby of which Jack has become the day to day leader of House Rosby in their holdings east of town due to Gyles being busy in Lucerne, and Vaela married Tyson Badeo of House Badeo of which secured the two houses would work together.

Gyles Rosby was born into the relatively important House Rosby of whom was a banner house of House Martell under the overall umbrella of House Lovie. Even with their name the members of House Rosby were stuck with the holdings of the town of Hoxter where there small economic base meant they were weaker then most other houses with their reputation. Gyles Rosby didn't like this and after the death of his father instead of attempting to improve Hoxter he went to Lucerne where he gained influence until he was the Master of Coin for the city of Lucerne. Gyles was almost openly opposed to Bill Lovie during his reign and only his skill at his position kept him alive, and then when Bill Lovie was removed he remained in his position under William Lovie III.



Ethnicity Share of the City
Germans 94% (Vast majority are Vandals)
Frankish 3%
Italians 2%
Other 1%


The capital of the Kingdom of Lucerne is incredibly homogeneous in its religious practice as nearly the entire city is Dragonoph, with only a small number of Christians, and also a smaller still share of others. The Christians are centered around a small church located in Lucerne Proper and they have dwindled quite a bit since the death of Earl Scott.

Religion Share of City
Dragonoph 97%
Christianty 2%
Other 1%

Major Houses in Lucerne

House Lovie

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House Lovie
Flag of House Lovie
William Lovie III.3
William Lovie III. the current King of of the Kingdom of Lucerne
Power Level Royal House
Kingdom of Loyalty Kingdom Of Lucerne
House Banner
Coat of Arms The Mighty Dragon Stragnarax stands as the Coat of Arms for House Lovie
Words "Loyalty to the end."
Vital statistics
Founder William Lovie
Current Leader William Lovie III.
Current Heir William Lovie IV.
Date of Founding Years before the Driving Tide the first members of House Lovie appeared on the scene.
Headquarters Lucerne
Level of Control
Level of Control The Royal House of the Kingdom of Lucerne meaning they control the entire Kingdom of Lucerne.
Loyal Houses Vassal Houses

Knightly Houses

Race Human
Ethnicity Vandal

House Lovie is the dynasty that rules the Kingdom Of Lucerne. It is a family made up of the original German Tribesman who settled the region. A relatively minor family, they would become the most powerful in the region when the Driving Tide came to Forks. There first leader in William Lovie would be hailed by the people of the Valley as their greatest leader, and the rest of Europe viewed him as a truly great man as well.

House Lovie has its sigil and words of which their words are "Loyalty to the end" and this has formed the bedrock of what they stand for. House Lovie has become known for being extremely kind to those who are loyal, and downright cruel to those who step out of line. The sigil of House Lovie is of the Dragon Stragnarax and was designed following the return of William Lovie from his Dragon Dream when he returned on the back of Stragnarax. For years following this Dragons were living in Lucerne as they formed a relationship with the Kingdom of Lucerne, but following the murder of Klaranax during the Bloody Supper the Dragons have remained on the sigil but no longer living in Lucerne.

House Lovie is perhaps the largest and most powerful House of the Vandal People, and because of this is often seen as the shining example of the Vandal people. There control of the Valley of Lucerne would further hasten the growth of the Vandals in the Valley of Lucerne, and since the days of the Driving Tide the Vandals have been ruled effectively by House Lovie. House Lovie has two split off parts of their houses of which one is now a Gothic House mainly, and the other maintains its Vandal heritage, but either way this Gothic mingling has led to the House being in a higher control position of the Goths.

Alongside being the largest Vandal House in Europe House Lovie also has the notion of being the most powerful House that worships the Dragon as their religion. The members of House Lovie have been staunch believers up until the rule of Bill Lovie nearly changed things against that tradition. Either way the fact that House Lovie is a Dragon worshipper has led to a large percent of the population of the valley supporting this as well, and nearly all the powerful Houses have become Dragon Worshippers in order to further their relationship with House Lovie.

The Current Leader of the Family is William Lovie III. and he has created numerous children which lead the prospects of House Lovie in the future to be quite bright. Alongside its leadership under William Lovie III. the heir of the Kingdom is William Lovie IV. of whom is only five at the end of the Rise of Lucerne. Even though William Lovie IV. is the heir there are two older children in House Lovie in the form of Thomas Lovie, and Lucie Lovie of which are both illegitimate in terms of hereditary rule.

House Lovie would start their lives in Norway where they escaped during the Great Migration of the Germans. Arriving in the Valley of Lucerne they were a powerbroker in the town of Forks but still pailed in comparison to the power of the ruling House Tyrell. This all changed with the creation of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and the rise of William Lovie. The Lovie Family has ruled over the Kingdom of Lucerne since its inception and has had some truly devestating moments for the family. Its first King was William and he is deemed by Lucernians to be the father of all the valley as he both founded the Kingdom and grew it. William Lovie would partake in the first succesful Dragon's Dream and during this would befriend a Dragon named Stragnarax, and alongside this dragon he would lead the forces of the Valley of Lucerne into the Driving Tide. Following this victory the Dwarves would construct Lucerne which created a homebase for House Lovie, and from here they would proceede to conquer the entire valley alongside their allies in House Targaryan, and House Swan of whom they made very powerful. His sons were destined for greatness and his oldest son William Lovie II. would lead the forces of Lucerne in the war in Arnor bravely from the back of his dragon Klaranax. His second son John Lovie was an intelligent and kind man but was corupted by Sauron and turned into a monster that would eventually cause him to lose his mind and kill his brother and then ruled murderously for three years. Following his removal Jacob would rule House Lovie while James got older and more prepared, and this would be the first and only time that House Lovie was not in complete control of the Kingdom of Lucerne. He was replaced eventually by James Lovie who was a quietly effective leader, but was forced to deal with several serious events of which the most deadly was the Fall of House Targaryan the greatest ally of House Lovie outside of House Swan and growingly House Scarlet. His son Bill Lovie started off well but lost his mind during the catastrophic Battle of Lyons and then caused mass devestation. His son was Andrew Lovie and he has ruled effectively and expanded the Kingdom of Lucerne to levels never before imagined.

House Hale

See Also : House Hale

House Hale2

House Hale is a very wealthy Visigoth House in the Kingdom of Lucerne, that operates itself out of Lucerne Hold. The House has made it self known as a wealthy family that has good connections in the trading world, they have had trouble as a House turning this economic wieght into political influence. House Hale has taken a large lead in the Order of the Black Dragon, and their connections and vassals are some of the richest of the houses in the entire Valley of Lucerne.

House Hale is one of the few families in Lucerne that are of the Visigoth tribes that moved westward. The majority of Visigoths moved into Croatia, so it is rare that a Visigoth family would find it's way into Lucerne. Because of this unique relationship they have basic control over all the Visigoths of the Valley of Lucerne in terms of reputation as the people believe they are always behind the Visigoths.

House Hale first came to be in the Croatian region of Ukraine, where they had a series of very intelligent leaders that built for the house a dramatic pool of both wealth, and power in the form of a large population they ruled over. This came to an end when the Rise of Chaos brought large numbers of Rus to Ukraine and they begin pushing out the Visigoths. House Hale held on for some time but eventually they realized the age of House Hale in Ukraine was over and they travelled west eventually arriving in Lucerne. In the valley of Lucerne they once again built up an impressive wealth and when the Driving Tide came to the doors of Forks they became the powerbrokers that eventually led to House Lovie winning the debate and thus in the end the founding of the Kingdom of Lucerne. Under Bill Lovie House Hale made another powerplay when they attempted to join the rebellion but was discovered and the House watched as Bill executed Tarnide Hale II. the man that was meant to be the heir of House Hale. At current the House is gaining immense influence due to the actions of House member Jasper Hale. This growth is also leading to a more open and honest look at the role of Jaspers grandfather Tarnide, and his back door dealings are beggining to come to the surface.

House Shephard

See Also : House Shephard

House Shephard
Christian Shephard
Power Level Arch Dukes
Kingdom of Loyalty Kingdom Of Lucerne
House Banner
Coat of Arms Death holding a scythe
Words None
Vital statistics
Founder Unknown
Current Leader Christian Shephard
Current Heir Jack Shephard
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Gulltown
Level of Control
Level of Control Province of Gulltown
Loyal Houses House Kilgor

House Scorpian

Race Human
Ethnicity Vandal Germanic

House Shephard is a powerful Vandal House opperating out of Lucerne. The house is known for it's large honor gaurd, and its active participation in the Kingdom's conflicts. It also dominates, and commands the town of Gulltown, and maintains many farms in the area north of the river, and south of the river. House Shephard has a few vassal houses, but the largest and most important of their vassal houses are House Kilgor, who ceremoniasly have always commited their children into the House Shephard honor gaurd, and House Draster of whom controls a large swathe of land south of Gulltown.

House Shephard controls the town of Gulltown of which stands as the center of the province of the same name south of Lucerne Hold. Gulltown is one of the larger towns in the region, and the site of the largest castle south of Lucerne and north of Forks, while maintaining a vast surrounding area of farms that have become one of the breadbaskets of the Lucernian Kingdom.

House Shephard followed the pathway of much of the Vandal Race when they fled Norway due to encroachment of the Andals, and this travelling led them to the Valley of Lucerne. In the Valley of Lucerne they discovered a land they could make their homes in and thus they became very loyal and hard working members of the small kingdom of kinds in the region of Forks. When the Driving Tide came they sided with House Lovie and brought there sizeable numbers to the battles there which meant they gained immense favor with William Lovie. This favor meant that when William Lovie was moving the houses around he brought House Shephard with him to the city of Lucerne, although they still retained control over their village of Tenobrau. During the next generations they were constantly on the forefront of nearly every conflict fought by the Kingdom of Lucerne, but it would be during the rise of Andrew Lovie that House Shephard would rise to a new level. As a house in Lucerne they were one of what the leadership begin to call reserve houses, and this meant that they were relied on heavily to provide manpower for the nearly constant warfare that was raging across the lands of the Lucernians. House Shephard under the advise and lead of Jack, and Sawyer Shepard would follow the young prince William Lovie III. during the Journey and the forces of House Shephard would follow the prince all the way till he was crowned King. House Shephard was one of the houses called upon to assist in the Battle of Berne, and once again they anwsered the call with heavy numbers, and they gained more respect for their work in that Battle. House Shephard took the lead on the invasion of Westian during the Invasion of Westbridge, and this was an important moment for them as of the major towns south of Westbridge the largest by far was Westian.

Other Houses in Lucerne

Name Power Level Liege Lord Leader
House Cullen Grand Baron of Lucerne House Lovie
House Martell Grand Baron of Sunspear House Lovie
House Scorpian Grand Lord of Western Lucerne House Lovie
House Termont
House Denali Count of Lucerne House Cullen
House Jackson Grand Baron of Lucerne House Lovie
House Vaith Baron of Sunspear House Martell
House Trachtenburg Grand Lord of Eastern Lucerne House Lovie
House Merryjones
House Sand
House Tolhmave
House Percy
House Aven
House Ongrill
House Moore
House Skane Grand Lord of Nostheim House Lovie
House McCarty Grand Lord of Neuin House Lovie
House Highmore Baron of Lucerne House Lovie
House Royce Count of Lucerne House Highmore
House Elbertson Grand Baron of Lucerne House Lovie
House Lane Baron of Lucerne House Lovie

City War of Lucerne

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