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The Lucerne Mountains are a large Mountain range that stretches throughout Central Europe, and forms the border between many nations as well providing the source for many of the tributary rivers of Central Europe.

The Lucernian Mountains contain within its center a massive valley in the form of the human named Home Valley where a significant amount of land is relatively unocupied.

There are two large dwarven holds located within the Lucernian Mountains (Karak Izor, and Karak Mulger ), but the Dwarven population has been devesated and overtaken in most part by the Goblings, and Spiders. Also lying within the Lucernian Mountains stands the home of the White Dovah high up in the peaks of the Mountains of Lucerne, and from here the White Dovah have their entire population.


Early History

The Lucernian Mountains were in their original form much smaller and basically composed of small mountain peaks of the area, but under the direction of the Old Ones the massive earth changers split the earth and created the massive scope of the Lucernian Mountains.

The White Dovah

The Lucerne mountains in the earliest known history were the home of many Dragon nests, and during this time the White Dragons of the world existed here in their highest numbers. This would remain the case for many centuries and the only interuption would be the First War with Chaos which caused massive migrations of people throughout Europe.

The Dwarves had once started out in the mountains that are now located in the Lands of Chaos , and with the spread of Chaos the Dwarves moved south and settled the mountains of Europe.

The Dwarves

During the Dwarven expansion one of the mountains that was settled was the mountains of Lucerne that they call "White Mountain" because of the amazing number of White Dragons that exist in this area. While obviously the Dragons are substancially reduced in number the mountains for the Dwarves have maintained this name.

Coming of the Goblins

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Driving Tide

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Kingdom of Lucerne

Present Day

Points of Interest

Major Settlements

Name Population Leader Race
Lucerne Human
Berne Human
Karak Izor Dwarves
Karak Mulgar Goblins
Stormwind Human
Hearthglen Human
Unsoligiath Spiders

Unique Spots

Home Valley

Home Valley is a massive openening in the center of the Lucernian Mountain range. The center of the valley contains a large lake and the area since shielded by the mountains is abnormally warm and hospitable for the region it inhabits.

The Underway

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The Underway is a series of tunnels in the Lucerne Mountains that connect different cities and holds.

Originally constructed by the Dwarves of the Lucerne Mountains the Underway allowed for the easy, and quick travelling of goods, and people throughout the Dwarf Holds of the Lucerne Mountains. As the goblins came to the mountains in heavy numbers the Underway became lost to the Dwarves more and more until at this point the Underway is controlled mainly by the goblins, with only the northern sections of the Underway still in Dwarven hands.