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The Lucernian Annexation of Lorderon was an event that took place between the Kingdom of Lorderon and the Kingdom of Lucerne in regards to the future status of the Kingdom of Lorderon.



The First Negotiations

Arthas Menathil - Prince.jpg

Sister, I am going to leave for a time. When I return things here will change quite dramatically, and people will question whether I have lost my mind. Understand that this is the last true sane thing I do in this world. I love you Talia. Tell Jaina...Tell Jaina whatever you think will make this easier.
Arthas Menathil

As King Tenamil Menathil neared the end of his life Arthas Menathil the next in line would contemplate what the death of his father would mean. Arthas Menathil during this time was increasingly overcome with the madness of his mind, and in the brief periods between the voices in his head being louder then his own he came to believe that his Kingdom was going to fall on its own. Arthas was increasingly worried about losing his mind, and in his goal to protect his people he was working closely with three Magi from the Kirin Tor in the form of Jowan Uerellian, Anders Virtion, and his wife Azhellion Virtion of which Anders was his friend from there childhood and so knew everything that was happening in his head. Whether it was annexed by Arnor, Bolten, or bought by The Empire it wasn't going to be independent anymore so he had to make some changes if he wanted the Atlantian people to move forward. When his father finally passed away Arthas refused the customary crowning of the new King and instead stood as the prince apparent for nearly two months as he decided on what to do. Since the beginning of his fathers reign the importance of Lorderon had declined to such an extent that very few of the powerful continental powers sent representatives to Lorderon for the funeral, but one of the these few was the Kingdom of Lucerne of whom sent a heavy contingent led by Jacob Vorn IV. and Catherine Lovie and her husband.

Milday when you return to Lucerne tell your nephew and the king that I will be coming to Lucerne soon. I agree with what you say Jacob. The time to be separate is coming to an end. I believe that if my people can be promised there safety as a group then I can believe in your words.
Arthas Menathil

During the funeral Arthas Menathil was having a relatively quiet time of the voices in his head and was able to mingle as he once had done so easily, and even Jaina Menathil was surprised with the way he appeared to be his old self. During this period of sanity he was unaware that his friend Anders had been trying a spell on him in order to see if it worked, but Anders of whom by this point was increasingly losing his mind to the levels of Magi influence he was gaining withheld that he might have found a way from Arthas`s curse. While in this period of sanity Arthas would speak with Catherine Lovie, and Jacob Vorn of which Jacob quickly saw that Arthas wanted a way into the Kingdom of Lucerne in some manner and spoke openly of the protection of Numenorians, and Atlantians, as well as discussing the disire of the king to protect Arnor the way he had protected Gondor. All of this was exactly what Arthas had been dreaming of, and he would tell Catherine and Jacob that he would visit Lucerne in order to meet with the king and discuss possibilities. Following this the funeral would take place and the Lucernians left in major numbers the following day, but several hidden members of the Order of the Green Dragon would remain behind in the form of Myriam Lonmouth, Dickon Hill and Whelia Moore of whom would be tasked to very silently keep an eye on what was happening in the city of Lorderon.

Arthas Come to Lucerne

I am very pleased to meet you Arthas. I have heard stories of how you went out of your way to honor your pacts with Arnor against Valeria. It is in that kind of honor that the future of this continent should stand.
William Lovie III.

The Deal is Struck

I think it is clear that I did not come here just to talk with you. I came here to protect my people from the monsters all around them. I believe in my heart that the only way to do that is to join with your people. I believe this in my heart, but before I can make it anything more then just a thought I need you to promise me something. I need you to put it in writing that Lorderon shall always be a Numenorian land. The Germans may not colonize us as they have so many other places.
Arthas Menathil