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Lucie Lovie
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Story Role
POV Role Lucerne Series
Appears In Lucerne Series
Naming Conventions
Title Official Titles
  • Princess of Lucerne
  • High Lady of Lucerne
Nickname Lucky
Vital statistics
Born 5120
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Status Alive
Allegiance House Lovie
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Father William Lovie III.
Mother Britney Hemsworth
Siblings Half Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children None

Lucie Lovie II. is the daughter of Britney Hemsworth, and William Lovie III. making her a member of House Lovie through her father, and a member of House Hemsworth through her mother. Lucie Lovie has no full siblings but through her father she has several half siblings in the form of Riley, Thomas, Sigmund, Andrew, and Ashley Lovie of which Riley and Sigmund are both illegitamte children like Lucie and thus are not known to the general public, while Thomas, Andrew, and Ashley have all been accepted into House Lovie with Andrew being the current heir to the throne of House Lovie.

Lucie Lovie was born the bastard child of William Lovie III., and his on again off again girlfriend Britney Hemsworth. Her birth occured following Britney being forced to leave Lucerne, and thus she was born in Forks in secret using the silent money of Britney Hemsworth to support the early day. When Britney felt better she was taken alongside her mother to Lucerne, where she stayed for a time until her mother was sent away again this time by Jasper Hale. Lucie would then return to Arnor alongside her mother, and during her return to Arnor she became very close to her grandmother Marge Hemsworth of whom came to become her main caregiver, as her mother was busy dealing with her own issues. As time went on and Lucie became older, it became clear to Marge that she was a very intelligent young girl, and thus Marge went to great effort to increase her tutoring to the levels that was usually only reserved for the boys of House Hemsworth. Lucie during this time became more and more desperate about who her father was, and unknown to the rest of the family she overheard her uncle Liam, and Chris Hemsworth discussing how William Lovie III. was her father, and the fact that he did not know of her excistence. When Arnor is devestated by the Empire and Fornost is relieved briefly by Marcel Lovie it is Lucie Lovie that briefly has a chance to speak with Marcel of whom is her relative and tells Marcel that she wants to return to Lucerne with him but doesn't reveal who she is to him. Marcel gives her a way out of the city, but she is unable to leave her mother of whom is attempting to get as much of the House Hemsworth valuables and members out of the city to notice that the city is lost. When Britney becomes a POV in chapter five of Westros it is discovered that Lucie accompanied her mother to the Kingdom of Stor where her mother is attempting to take control of Stor so that she can hand it and its power over to William and finally prove her worth. Lucie by this point is forced to deal with the fact that her mother is most likely devolving into more and more lies about the feelings held by William towards her, and the fact that the death of basically her entire family has damaged her state even more. Lucie warns her mother that she is being to aggresive but her mother refuses to hear this, and her plots are discovered by the King of Stor of whom attempts to kill Britney but instead of killing Britney she is able to escape to the south where she and the remnents of the Numenorian order of the Black have take a position of power within the Dolish realm of Trov where she had named herself queen of the land. 

Lucie Lovie has a small POV role in Westros as she follows her mother to the Kingdom of Stor where she appears to be coming to the realization that her mother is lost in her love affair for William Lovie III. 


Early History

Lucie Lovie was born the bastard child of William Lovie III., and his on again off again girlfriend Britney Hemsworth. Her birth occured following Britney being forced to leave Lucerne, and thus she was born in Forks in secret using the silent money of Britney Hemsworth to support the early day. When Britney felt better she was taken alongside her mother to Lucerne, where she stayed for a time until her mother was sent away again this time by Jasper Hale.

Return to Arnor

Lucie would then return to Arnor alongside her mother, and during her return to Arnor she became very close to her grandmother Marge Hemsworth of whom came to become her main caregiver, as her mother was busy dealing with her own issues. As time went on and Lucie became older, it became clear to Marge that she was a very intelligent young girl, and thus Marge went to great effort to increase her tutoring to the levels that was usually only reserved for the boys of House Hemsworth. Lucie during this time became more and more desperate about who her father was, and unknown to the rest of the family she overheard her uncle Liam, and her mother discussing how William Lovie III. was her father, and the fact that he did not know of her excistence.

Learning the Truth

Lucie Lovie1.jpg
My mother was everything to me. She was my best friend, and so when she started hiding things from me I wondered to myself what I had done to hurt her. I wanted her to sit behind me and brush my hair as she had done for all my life. I wanted my mom back.
Lucie Lovie

Following the brief arrival of Jamie Snow her uncle through the marriage of her uncle to Natalie Portmane she came to see a change in her mother. Her mother's love for her seemed to her to be diminished, and she couldn't understand why or what she had done to offend her mother. Britney had been broken by the news that her step sisters brother had brought from Lucerne in the form of learning that William had travelled to Lorderon and agnockleged several of his father's bastards. This was an act that Britney had planned on revealing to him, and it becoming the first of many things she did to show him how influencial and powerful she had become through her Order of the Black Numenorians, but with him already finding out she had lost that and it threw her plans into question for herself. Britney was forced to try and create a new plan of how she could win him over again, and while she was doing this she had unknowingly become distant to her beloved daughter. Lucie took the silence and depressed behavior of her mother as being about her mother being upset with her, and thus when Britney decided to travel northward to visit her beloved brother Liam Hemsworth she would convinse her mother to take her with her to see Liam.

Britney Hemsworth Pink1.jpg
Hearing the truth from my mother broke me to my very core. I had trusted her with everything in me, and I knew in that moment that she was a liar. How much had she lied about was the real question.
Lucie Lerman

Arriving in the northern fort of Talheim she is delighted to meet her uncle again who has been in the north for many years fighting against the slow encroachement of the Teutons into Northern Arnor. Hearing tales of how violent it is becoming from her uncle she is frightened enough that her mother leads her away back to her room, and finds this time to talk to Liam. Lucie sneaks back to the room they were speaking in, and hides in the rafters above the room where she listens into the coversation they have. Britney Hemsworth tells Liam that her plan to win back William by telling him about his family is now in tatters with Jamie having already told everyone after William's father apparently told him all that he had done. The two discuss the marriage of William to Bella, and the fact that he has never sought after her, but Britney fabricated lies saying that William has sent her many letters over the years of which Liam does not believe but listening in from the rafters Lucie believes this. Liam says to her that is the least of her problems as she needs to tell Lucie that her father is the King of Lucerne. Also during this conversation Liam attempts to convinse Britney to perhaps toy with the idea of sending Lucie southward to Lucerne to be raised with her father, as he is well aware that the moment is coming when The Empire will attack again, and there is no hope currently of holding out against their forces. Horrified about learning the truth and scared and excited about the possibility of meeting her father and perhaps living with him, Lucie tries to climb back down from the rafters but slips and falls and the noise is heard by Britney, Liam and many gaurds of whom rush to find her. She begins to cry and demands her mother tell her the truth. 

House Lovie.jpg
The Rise of Lucerne
I saw the destruction of the world, and knew I had to stop it. There was nothing left to do but become bigger then everyone else. The Empire was never going to be the beacon the world needed it to be. Westros was on fire. The Bretonians had reached for the stars and been burned. And the old shadow of Numeron was fading far too quickly. It was left to us in Lucerne to change the fate of all those who wished to reject darkness. We were the last hope for a world who had long since given up on believing.

I moved as quietly as I could, knowing with each step I risked my mothers ire, but her silence of late frightened me more then her anger. My mother had never kept anything from me, and now seeing her silent looks, and the hushed whispers I needed to know the truth.

I pressed my ear to the wall and I heard them talking, but I couldn't quite hear through the wall so I saw a few boxes piled against the wall and made my way to them. Climbing myself up I made my way onto the rafter above them, and it wasn't until I had stopped moving that I saw how high up I was from them. Maybe twenty feet up, and nothing beneath me but a table to protect me in case I fell.

My mothers voice pulled me from my fear of hieights. "Liam it was all coming together perfectly."

"You say that now dear sister, but I have my doubts how succesful your attempts would have proven to be." My mother scoffed at this, and I wondered who they were talking of. What had my mother attempted, and more importantly who had stopped her.

"You have never met the King. I spent years with him, and I know him better then anyone else in this world does. Not even his medelling sister truly knows him as I do."

"He has remarried Britney perhaps he has changed since you knew him all those years ago."

"I'm sure that Italien Swan has changed him somewhat, but his character is unchangeable. He was a perfect prince, and with age he will only be wiser." She spoke of this man with such admiration, and love, and it warmed my heart to hear it. My mother had never taken a lover. Never remarried despite numerous attempts from grandfather to make an arrangement for her, and perhaps this man was the reason. "With the success he has had leading Lucerne, I doubt it will be long before he comes to talk to us. Arnor and Lucerne are ancient allies, and his great-great uncle came here once before. He will follow the footsteps of that great member of House Lovie."

"You speak of him as if he is a god. He is just a man. Nothing more, and please understand my dear sister that he he cannot save Arnor from what is going to come to pass."

"If your so sure we shall be ruined why do you fight?"

Britney had always know the moment would come, but it didn't make it any easier finally revealing the truth.

My mother loved him so deeply. The sence of it was all over her eyes, and it was in that moment that I first learned what love was.
Lucie Lovie

Lucie Lovie would follow her mother hysterically crying back to their room, but as Britney held her she wasn't calming down so she held her hand and walked her outside into the palace grounds. Walking together Britney told her all about the life she had lived with William many years ago. Telling Lucie more and more about the history the way she remembered it she painted many people in a terrible light including Alice, Jasper, and Bill of whom were made to appear to be the sole reason behind why Britney and William were not married now.

William Lovie III. Wide.jpg
I was thirteen at the time and yet she spoke of it as if it was the day before. Her eyes shined in the light as she mentioned him, and I got carried away in this epic love story.
Lucie Lovie

Everything changed from that moment forward as Lucie believed her mother when she was told that she would get to meet her father, and that everything was moving towards that. Britney packed up their things and the retainers and gaurds gathered them into the carriage and the two would return to Fornost. Before they left Lucie would have a heartfelt goodbye with her uncle Liam of whom everyone knew had become stuck in the north and wasn't going to leave until it was secure which didn't seem possible. As they rode back Lucie picked up paper for a letter of which she begin to write for her father in distant Lucerne. Writing as much as she could while her mother slept everything in the family was changing quickly.

Lies told in the dark

Natalie Portmane Queen New.png
Natalie Portmane was my aunt by marriage to my mothers brother. Natalie Portmane was my aunt by being the half sister of my father. Natalie Portmane was many things to me at the same time, and it became confusing to keep everything straight. I was a child, and yet I was asked to lie on too many occasions. Even I understood that.
Lucie Lovie

Britney Hemsworth would travel to the western section of Arnor trying to gather more support for her organization, and while she was gone Lucie came into the care of new mother Natalie Portmane. Leaving Tyse with Chris Natalie would take Lucie into the royal gardens where the two would talk on the things that were clearly bothering Lucie. Lucie was forced to lie to Natalie but was able to trick Natalie into revealing information about Natalie's brother and Lucie's father. Hearing these things would inspire her next letter of which she had prepared by the time Britney returned. Giving her the letter she had wrote her mother gave her the next letter sent from her father and she ran to her room to read it. Reading the letter she was happy beyond words until she reached a part where the letter talked of how excited he was to meet Natalie and talk to her for the first time. Knowing the two had talked in letters she came to believe the letter was a lie and prepared to confront her mother. Finding her mother she watched her place the letter she had wrote to William into a chest and then lock it, and this made Lucie turn around and walk back to her room where she prepared to find out the truth.

House Lovie.jpg
The Rise of Lucerne
I saw the destruction of the world, and knew I had to stop it. There was nothing left to do but become bigger then everyone else. The Empire was never going to be the beacon the world needed it to be. Westros was on fire. The Bretonians had reached for the stars and been burned. And the old shadow of Numeron was fading far too quickly. It was left to us in Lucerne to change the fate of all those who wished to reject darkness. We were the last hope for a world who had long since given up on believing.

Natalie Portmane was my aunt by marriage to my mothers brother. Natalie Portmane was my aunt by being the half sister of my father. Natalie Portmane was many things to me at the same time, and it became confusing to keep everything straight. I was a child, and yet I was asked to lie on too many occasions. Even I understood that. 

It mattered little as we walked hand in hand through the royal gardens and she told me all about her life in Lorderon. She was a wonderful person and it made me sick to lie, but what good would the truth do for her. Would it change anything? Would it make her happy? Then my mother must be right when she told me to lie. My mother usually was. "Are you alright Lucie?"

"Of course Aunt Natalie."

"I know that I have been away for awhile, but I'm back now, and if there is anything. I mean no matter how difficult it is for you to talk about I want you to know that I'm here."

"I'm alright. Thanks for caring so much about things though."

"Your my family now, who would I be if I didn't watch out for you."

"Probably more normal Aunt Natalie." She laughed and pulled me closer for a moment into a side hug. Pulling up to a bench she sat me down beside her before plopping down next to me in a completely non lady like manner. Her behavior in moments like that made me laugh, and she didn't have to ask what I was laughing at to know. She stared off into the sky looking peaceful, and it gave me a moment to think on her calling me her family. I was able to hear about who my father was through the eyes of my mother but she was in love with him, and as my grandfather told me. Love blinds the mind of even the most brilliant. "Aunt Natalie?"

"Yes Lucie." As she smiled at me I could see the differences in her that weren't obvious at first. Her eyes really struck out at you, and my mother had told me that her eyes were the one thing that reminded her of William, as they shared nearly identical eyes. 

"So I know your siblings have met your new half siblings but...I was just wondering if they had told you anything about what they were like." There was a questioning look in her eyes, but she made the decision to not push, and I appreciated that more then she knew.

"Actually Lucie, I have been in contact with my new brother. William Lovie third of his name he titles himself in the letters." She laughs at some private joke, and I feel left out, but I want to hear about my father so I ignore my jelousy and wait for her to continue. "He started writing me months ago actually. The first letter arrived while I was in the west, and he did little more then apolgize for not being able to travel north to Arnor to see me, but he hoped we could get to know eachother in letters until the day came that one of us could go to the other."

"So what is he like?" I knew I shouldn't sound so impatient, as from her side of things there was basically no reason I should have interest in King William Lovie, the third of his name. She could not know that he was my father, and thus I needed to tread more carefully.

"He was kind. I was struck by the care that came through in his writing and I felt like he truly meant his apology at not being able to come and see me. He spoke briefly of himself, and his sister, of whom from the letters alone I could see he loved dearly. He asked me many questions about myself, and the manner of the questions was so perfect that I was at ease anwsering them." She looked at me as if finished, and then after seeing my face she continued. "Are you learning of Lucerne in your classes dear girl?"

"No I'm not...I just." There are too many lies, and I know that I don't think I can look at her honest eyes and lie again so I stare away from her into the beautiful flowers all around us.

"Do not fear speaking to me. Anything you say I shall not repeat. It will lie between the two of us, and you need never question that." I considered telling her, but I knew that my mother was trying to reunite us with father, and if I was the cause of that failing I would never be able to look at her in the eyes again.

"I just don't have a brother, and you have two...I just wondered what it was like thats all."I must have lied well enough because her eyes softened and she pulled me into a hug.

"You my sweet niece are wise beyond your years." A tear fell down my cheek hearing my kind aunt compliment me, and I quickly wiped it away before hugging her tighter.

Second Arnor War

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Second Arnor War
This right here is a line. If you cross that line my friend we are going to have issues. Stay away from Arnor. Leave it to its own devises and our two nations can have peace...If you threaten them, then I'm going to threaten you....It is that simple.
The Fall of Arnor
You told me about lines. I didnt want to cross the line. But here were are.

Austrian Invasion of Arnor

Battle of Krost

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I could look out in the morning over the wall, and for a moment I couldn't see them. For a few moments they were hidden behind mist, and the trees. In those moments I liked to imagine the situation was different. I liked to think that my brother was still alive, and the world was at peace.
Liam Hemsworth

As the Empire invaded southward into Arnor the fortress of Krost was one of the areas they planned specifically against, and they would bring heavy artillery against the fort, alongside some ten thousand men at arms and two thousand knights would be sent under the command of Deiter Stroh of whom was a seasoned commander of whom was well aware of the skill of Liam and wasn't going to walk into a defeat as many previously had. Liam organized his defenses knowing they had to damage the artillery as best they could in the beginning or else their defenses would be greatly weakened, and for this he would array dozens of skirmishers in the trees before the army of the Empire was marching, and in the gaps large pits were constructed that would collapse when the siege machines passed over them. Deiter Stroh weakened much of this plan when he marched irregular troops first, and was well prepared for ambush from the trees and because of this the Arnorian skirmishers were heavily damaged and did little damage to the Empire army. The pits though were a different matter and they would destory upwards of half the siege machines in the Empire army while heavily delaying them as well as they filled them in so that they could keep moving.

They were just a swarming thing moving against us. Whatever there commander thought he must have known the one strategy they had we had no chance against. There numnbers. They just had too many troops...
Liam Hemsworth
Fall of Fornost

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The Arnor Invasion was going completely the way of the Austrians. All across the front the border defences that had been formed to defend against small incursions were wiped out without any real casualties to the Austrians. These losses though could not be so easily replaced by the Arnorians of whom were retreating back across the front. Only at the the defense of Talheim, and Kost had the defenders on the side of Arnor been able to resist the Empire in any real form.

Magheim had been sacked. Krost was completed surrounded alongside Talheim. Fornost stood alone, and if it fell this all came crashing down. There was no future for Arnor once Fornost went down.
Natalie Portmane

Marcel Lovie II. would lead the army of the Kingdom of Lucerne into the Second Arnor War as the vangaurd of the larger force that was being gathered by William Lovie III. Travelling through the lands of the Kingdom of Stor they used the tunnels of the Dwarves of Dun Garek in order to reach the besieged land, and they were joined by several hundred Dwarves of whom remained behind in Frostmore instead of heading to Fornost. Marcel Lovie II. would arrive to find the city completely surrounded by the forces of Austria and in this way he moved into the surrounding forest and awaited darkness.

There were so many soldiers surrounding the city, and for a moment I felt like William Lovie II. who had saved the city on the back of a dragon.
Marcel Lovie II.

Using the night as an ally he was able to get very close to the Empire army before they knew what was happening, and ambushing them while most of the army was either asleep or facing the wrong direction a brutal melee ensued. Marcel and Fredrick Clegane would cut their way through the army of the Empire with their personal elite gaurd and find the command structure of the army and Marcel defeated Driam taking him prisoner. With the defeat of Driam Troy the rest of the forces begin surrending, and Marcel would quickly send the prisoners southward towards Frostmore while he took Driam Troy into Fornost where his additional forces allowed Fornost to hold against the siegers all around them. 

Natalie Portmane Action1.jpg
I had hoped that Driam Troy's capture would bring them to the table, but despite him being a hostage they refused to even respond to diplmocay. It became clear easily enough that the Empire was not interested in Arnor surviving in any form.
Marcel Lovie II.

With the capture of Driam Troy Marcel and the other commanders attempted to use diplomacy to push The Empire back, but discovered none of their attempts were met by even communication. Realizing there would be no end to this fight and it would be fought to the last drop of blood Sif Hemsworth, and Marcel would come to the conclusion that they needed to hold at Frostmore where the defences were greater. Due to this plan Marcel would be influencial in keeping the royal family of House Hemsworth alive after he made them aware of the fact that the Empire forces had made threats of what would happen if they captured the members of House Hemsworth. The siege of Fornost would become even more dire and potentially disasterous when the illusive Priam Troy would arrive with a larger army and a clear thought of defeating Fornost through whatever means neccessary. With the knowldge that the city was going to fall he would lead his forces and some of the defending Arnor forces out of the doomed city and prepare to move to Frostmore where they would make their last stand. Marcel would do his best to console his cousin Natalie but was unable to convinse her to hide, and because of this he was forced to sadly say goodbye to his cousin who was so brave, and took Britney, and Lucie Lovie with him out of the city and southward towards Frostmore. Inside Fornost the defenders led by Sif Hemsworth remained resolute in dying in defence of the city, and they held the walls to the last man as the siegers led by Priam Troy broke through the walls in several areas. Charging through the gaps in the walls the defenders would initially attempt to hold the gaps, but overwhelming numbers forced them to retreat back to the keeps that lay within the city, and defend themselves from there. Falling one by one the keeps and strongpoints were no match for the unending armies of Austria, and thus the final stand was made at the Royal Fornost Palace.

She was ready to die. Her life was a hollow shell now she told me, and I never knew what had saddened her to the point that she was ready to die. I took her son with me because she was a brave soul, and that kind of spirit needs to be protected as best you can.
Marcel Lovie II.

Priam Troy stood with the army for the first time demanding for Driam Troy's return but Sif Hemsworth laughed at him from the walls lying that Driam was dead, and that only his body would be discovered by the Teutons. Priam instead of ordering the storming of the keep would bring forth catapults and ordered dead cows fired into the palace grounds and did this the entire day causing disease to spread amongs the Atlantians. As the Palace grounds were bombarded with disease the rest of the city was pacified and the many nobles unable to retreat southward were taken into their control, including several members of House Hemsworth. As the defenders of the palace died in their dozens Priam begin firing burning oil into the palace and so few were the gaurds that they were unable to combat the fire and it spread horribly throughout killing the remainder of the defenders. Sif Hemsworth and a handful of defenders opened the Palace gates and attempted to meet their end in honorable combat, but Priam Troy would fire on them with archers, and crossbowmen killing them before this could happen.

Britney Turns Away
Britney Hemsworth Hot3.jpg
I saw who my mother really was in that moment. She spent her entire life telling me how dearly she loved my father, and yet here was her chance to save my father's cousin and she wouldn't even raise a finger. It would have taken nothing to help him, and yet she did nothing.
Lucie Lovie

As the army of Marcel Lovie retreated southward it was still filled with several thousand troops of the Order of the Black Numenorians led by Britney Hemsworth, and it would be this force that would dramatically change the outcome of the Battle of Frostmore. As they approached Frostmore she would be alerted by one her agents using one of the Magi Stones of Lucerne that the region of Lorderon had gone up in flame after discovering that Arthas Menathil was a chaos servent and was heading north with an army now no longer aligned with Lucerne. Realizing that no reinforcements were incoming she knew the fate of Arnor was sealed, but she also knew she needed time to get away, and thus she ordered her forces to sneak eastward during the night as they camped. Not alerting Marcel to the betrayal of Arthas Marcel was shocked in the morning when a quarter of his army was gone, but had no choice but to continue on to Frostmore. Britney took the entirety of her force as well as draining some of the defenses of Frostmore and traveled eastward before traveling southward into Dun Garek where she and Lucie bid goodbye to Arnor and made their way southward to new horizons.

Arthas Moves North
Jaina Proudmoore Action.jpg
Don't do this Arthas. I just need more time.
Lucie Lovie
Last Stand of Marcel Lovie
Marcel Lovie1.jpg
word from Dun Garek told me that noone was coming, and in that moment I knew what William would have wanted. He would have wanted me to retreat the army and save as many lives as possible. But as I looked around at the honorable people of Arnor I couldn't abandon them. So we fought, and so we died.
Marcel Lovie II.

As Marcel planned the defences of Frostmore alongside others he was horrified when the banners of the Empire of Valeria begin appearing on the western front, while The Empire's banners also begin appearing on the northern side of the fortress. Marcel upon all of these changes would make top priorty be the surival of as many of the Arnorian people as he could and they flooded southward into Dun Garek in increasing numbers as Frostmore turned into the last bastion of Arnor outside of Talheim. As the southern exit from Frostmore begin to be shut by the Valerians the remaining people inside Frostmore were forced to accept that they may be doomed, and Marcel did his best to quell the fear in the city, but it was as fear hit them that the Valerians struck against the western walls. The Valerians struck with hundreds of cultists, and more terrifying a few thousand demons struck the western walls and broke the moral of the defenders until Fredrick Clegane rallied them when he killed a larger demon. As the defenders rallied Fredick was struck by a black arrow killing him just as Marcel Lovie arrived to congratulate him on his turning of the tide. The defenders wanted to break and pull back but Marcel fought side by side on the western wall and held it for a time. During this desperate last defence while defending against cultists climbing up ladders it was Reingard Highdor that would be stabbed and slashed leaving his one arm gone and bleeding terribly from a wound to his stomach. Realizing that he needed help quickly or he would die it was Marcel that took him inside the tower they were defending and after telling Reingard that he would go and get a healer for him they both heard the fighting outside intensifying and opening the door saw the wall was falling. Realizing the situation Reingard would demand that Marcel leave and save the city over just him, and both crying they said goodbye as Marcel locked the tower door behind him leaving Reingard to bleed out in the tower.

It shocked me to learn that so many troops had already gotten through the Dun Garek passe, and I was elated by the news of Arthas's arrival.
Marcel Lovie II.

Marcel would arrange his forces into Frostmore following this because he was sent ravens by Arthas Menathil that his forces were incoming, and that he should remain there as the entire Lucernian army was only days away. As Frostmore was surrounded Marcel was confused as to where the relief was, but remained rresolute in following what he had been told, and for this reason he didn't retreat from Frostmore. The Valerians finally broke inside the walls, and he was told that The Empire forces had disaspeared from the north heading northward, and thus renewed that perhaps they were retreating in fear of the coming Lucerne army he fought with new passion in the defence of the city. As the city fell he defended the keep to the last, and was defeated in single combat by a Valerian man who had wings sprouting from his body and was just barely alive as he watched the forces of Valeria pull back. Marcel would wake up and find Arthas standing over him, but Arthas had completely given in to Chaos and would kill Marcel before desecrating his body and leaving the city.

Alice Discovers the Truth
Alice Lovie Gif1.gif
Marcel is dead.
Alice Lovie

While uncousioness the link between her and Marcel leads to her feeling his final moments from his point of view, and after this she wakes telling everyone around her that Marcel is dead.

Exodus of Arnor

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Coup of Stor

Main Article : Stor Coup of 5135

Coup of Stor
Power is the only thing that he would ever respect. I did what I had to.
Britney Hemsworth Cover3.jpg
We were but weeks removed from the destruction of the only home we had ever known, and here we were in this new place being treated with kindness and dignity by the Stor. Where I was proud of being their friends and allies, my mother quickly grew unable to be at their level and longed to dominate them.
Lucie Lovie

Following the destruction of Arnor most of the forces of Arnor had retreated into the Dwarven Lands, and from there they had remained or had traveled into the Kingdom of Lolland which had been the traditional client state of Arnor due to the proximity to the Dwarven Mines. For Britney Hemsworth, her daughter Lucie and her Order of the Black Numenorians she would travel to the Kingdom of Stor where she had spent years building her influence for this very moment, and was given a royal invite by King Endrew Stor I. While there Lucie Lovie was ignored by her mother of whom was emotionally destroyed by the death of her brother Chris, and the assumed death of Liam alongside everything she had done, and because of this Lucie spent her time with Roslin Stor II. of whom made her a lady in waiting for her. Roslin would go to Britney Hemsworth and attempt to help her but found Britney crying in her room and Britney would beg the supremely intelligent Roslin to take Lucie away from the capital for a time and show her the sights of Stor. Despite not wanting to leave the capital while so much important things were happening she and Britney had become friends over all the years Britney had visited the land, and from that Roslin trusted her. Lucie would following this be approached by Roslin of whom told her she planned to travel Stor for a time, and she wanted Lucie to come with her and her family, and after discovering her mother had allowed this she would steadily agree with travelling with Roslin.

Your Grace I knew not what my mother was planning. I went with your daughter for no reason other then the fact that she was the first person since my aunt who put me first. She just cared about me, and I wanted to be around her. I`m sorry for what happened, but you must believe me your grace when I tell you that I knew not my mothers plans.
Lucie Lovie

Roslin would go with her daughter, and baby son alongside some fifty men at arms to gaurd them as they traveled northward to the Wall. As they left Stor they were greeted by Jasper Stor of whom joined their journey alongside his wife, and their youngest child of whom they wanted to bless at the great Dragonoph Statue near the Wall. Traveling with this close knit family Lucie came to understand how truly dysfunctional her mother was, and she grew to enjoy this family more then her own, and what came along with being her mother`s daughter. The group would reach the Wall, and while the children were not allowed to scale the wall through the elevator Jasper Hale would go to the top with their baby son Jordon Stor of whom he blessed at the Great Aerene Statue that hung off the side of the wall. As they left the wall they would head towards a large waterfall so that Lucie could see it, when as they traveled the road they were stopped by a group of bandits of whom fired on the guards and a great fight occurred. The men guarding them did their best but were outnumbered, and ultimately defeated when another group attacked the caravan from the rear, and Lucie was shocked when she recognized them as her mother`s men. Jasper Stor was struck down after letting his gaurd down to one of the people attacking him. Lucie watched from the wagon as the person who had struck Jasper down pulled back their hood and revealed her mother Britney of whom whispered to Jasper as he died. Lucie would scream out, causing Britney to see her and smile briefly before standing and coming towards the Caravan.

Roslin Stor II..jpg
There are times my sweet daughter when we must do evil things for the good of many. The germans here cannot rule themselves for they do not have the capability too. I am doing them a service by taking control here. Without me they are doomed to a life of cruel unhappiness.
Britney Hemsworth

With Jasper dead and Britney approaching the wagon Jasper`s wife finally got loose of Roslin`s hold and ran out of the wagon where she attempted to get to Jasper but Britney stuck her down killing her before opening the wagon door and waving her daughter away with a hand, before talking with Roslin. Britney planned to use Roslin and her children as blackmail in case they ran into any kind of trouble when they arrived in Stor and begin the coup. Roslin told her that she would not be used as a bargaining chip and that she might as well kill her now because she was going to ruin Britney`s entire plan, but Britney needed Roslin and thus simply put her in chains and led her to another wagon which was barred. As Britney commanded her men to move the caravan back towards Stor she was attacked by her daughter Lucie of whom finally was finished with Britney and begin raining her little fists at her mother, and Britney and her would have a massive argument which ended with Lucie being locked in the main wagon with Roslin`s children, and Britney getting back on a horse and leading the caravan towards Stor.

Every plot comes with an element of risk, as you are trusting that men who are betraying their king are going to continue remain loyal, when everything in their character tells you they won`t.
Britney Hemsworth

While Lucie had been gone with Roslin on their trip, and before Britney ambushed the caravan it was Britney that had been putting into place the final elements of her plan when she was finally able to convince Theomore Coldtor that Britney would be better as the leader of the land then the Stor`s of whom Britney had spent years manipulating Theomore into believing that the Stor`s were hateful towards the Coldtor`s. Theomore spent months gathering support, and had what he believed was a dozen marginal lords sided with him, while he also had two powerful lords of whom had been offended by the King in someway or another. Tristifer Ereham III. would be at one of these dinners where Ar-Brentey had attended in one of her attempts to gain House Coldtor and House Ereham to her side of the Coup of Stor and during this dinner it was Tristifer that was changed by what he heard from Ar-Brentey becoming emboldened to seek out more then what his father had once dreamed. When Britney left to attack the caravan and take Roslin prisoner Theomore would send his son Theodred Coldtor III. to the capital to meet with his other son Arthor Coldtor IV. of whom was now married to Roslin Stor and he planned to give Arthor a chance at the Lordship of House Stor if he would support their attack on the Stor`s. Britney had warned him against this and Theomore had promised he wouldn`t but he believed that his son Arthor hated his life with Roslin and thus would be easy pickings, when in fact Arthor deeply loved his wife and children and wouldn`t risk their injury.

The Coup Discovered

Ar-Brentey Hemsworth Cover Amazing5.jpg
Your Grace they mean to take control, by this point they may already have my wife and your daughter under their control.
Arthor Stor

Following the conversation between Theodred Coldtor and his brother it was Arthor who would go to the King and tell him about the plot that was forming, and Theodred had trusted his brother so much that he had told him major elements of the plan to the point that the coup was basically crushed the moment this information was revealed. The King would send Arthor with a troop of men along the road where they would attempt to quickly protect the caravan of his wife and the kings daughter while at the same time Endrew would call his banners to him, and lay siege to Castle Cold where House Coldtor made their home. The caravan with Britney had gotten a day away from Stor and made camp before Britney planned to meet with her secret forces arrayed inside the capital, and it was here where Britney would meet with her daughter for what neither of them knew was the last time. As Britney spoke to her Lucie refused to speak to her mother, and Britney broke down begging Lucie to understand that she just wanted to be with William and that she was doing everything she could to be noticed, but Lucie demanded to speak to her father now and when Britney refused Lucie turned away and said no more. Roslin had spent the days of traveling working her way out of the weak restraints that had been placed on her, and had now managed to convince one of the bandits that she would knight him if the bandit would release her, and the bandit came through when he killed the guard of her wagon and let her outside.

My husband is a good man...he`s an honest man, and I love him. Please Britney I beg of you to not do this. Take it all back for a moment and just do the right thing. Make the right decision for once...please Britney...
Roslin Stor II.

As Roslin escaped Britney was crying in her tent when she was told by her scouts that a large group of knights was seen traveling the road towards them, and that they carried the kings banner. The scouts reported that a smaller group had broken ahead and was making faster approach up the road with only sixty or so men, while main force was moving slower due to have infantry. Knowing immediately that she had been discovered she commanded that the Bandits be assembled for fighting while all of her own men were to assemble west of the camp, and await her arrival. As the Numenorian Gaurds left she went to find her daughter with Ser Arys Tordenall, and would be unable to find her as she had managed to get out of her locked wagon alongside Roslin`s children. Realizing that Roslin must have escaped she commanded the bandits to assemble to her and they traveled along the road and above a hill overlooking the road. As Arthor and his men traveled the road below they would fire on them killing dozens, and causing Arthor to charge into them up the hill with the few men he had left. Arthor would be dueled by Arys Tordenhall and defeated and his form brought back to the camp where Britney called out for Roslin of whom she knew would still be hiding in the camp because that's where the relief would arrive. Hearing that Britney had her husband she came out of hiding and confronted Britney.

Britney Hemsworth lARGE7.jpg
Don`t you understand mother what you`ve done. You did all these things, you killed all these people and for what. He must not love you or else why would he never have sent for you. He doesn`t love you and how could he ever love someone as disturbed as you. Go to hell mother, and never come back. You are dead to me.
Lucie Lovie
The two would argue back and forth, and got no where as Britney planned to kill Arthor as punishment for her plan falling through and never had any scenario where Arthor lived. Roslin begged and pleaded for Arthor`s life but to no avail, and then Lucie came out of hiding and also tried to argue for his relief, but even her own daughter couldn`t convince Britney to let him go, and as a Bandit came and whispered to Britney Arthor would say goodbye to his wife and turned to Britney and said that he forgave her for her mistakes. Britney would let a tear fall before slitting his throat and then getting on her horse and leaving with the bandits and Ser Aryn. When the main force arrived they found the group and Roslin forced most of them to chase after Britney in the hopes of catching her and her forces, but everyone had a sort of knowing feeling that she was gone.

Roslin Stor II. was known as one of the most intelligent people in Stor and she helpless to help her beloved husband.

The King would go to the field where the bodies of Jasper, and his wife were discovered upon the directions of Roslin and finding his brother and his wife alongside the fifty men defending them was a horrifying moment for the king and he broke down crying. Roslin Stor II. would return to the capital with Lucie Lovie of whom told her everything she could about her life, and everyone was called to a council where they were told that they had the oldest child of the King of Lucerne in their hands, and despite many saying they should barter her to the Lucernians Roslin argued that if they did that William had shown he would never forgive the slight.
Britney's Escape
Roslin do you think my mother is sorry. Do you think when she looks back at what happens here she will look back at it with sorrow. I wonder Roslin if she will look upon any of this as anything other then an annoying setback.
Lucie Lovie

By this point Britney Hemsworth and her personal escort arrived in Dole where they would meet with the hundreds of other Black Numenorian Gaurd and made their way to the capital of the land of Dole. Britney had spent most of her time preparing herself to take control of Stor, but she had also made several trips to Dole and had made connections in the Dolish political scene as well. She would reach the capital and upon reaching the capital meet with some of her more senior commanders of whom told her that her daughter had turned sides to the Stor and had given up her parentage to Roslin, and from what they could gather Lucie was in the process of being sent to Lucerne. Britney would command several of her men to travel to Storhold where they would wait for the moment that the shipping of her to Lucerne was growing close, and at that point they would be given further intructions about what they were to do. In Dole Britney prepared with even more vigor then she had in Stor to take control of the land, and make herself into the power that would finally show William what he was actually meant to be married to.

Siege of Coldtor

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My son is dead. I cannot surrender now.
Theomore Coldtor

Theomore Coldtor would be besieged by the forces of the Stor following the discovery of the Coup being planned against House Stor and with Theomore having already prepared for the coup his forces were assembled at Castle Coldtor already and thus the siege would not be a quick affair, and this was only made worse with the discovery that his son Arthor had been killed during the fighting.

Meeting a Daughter
I am so sorry my daughter. I would have never abandoned you had I of known.

Meeting a Daughter

Roslin Stor II. Cover1.jpg
Roslin do you think my mother is sorry. Do you think when she looks back at what happens here she will look back at it with sorrow. I wonder Roslin if she will look upon any of this as anything other then an annoying setback.
Lucie Lovie

Following the attempted Coup in Stor Roslin Stor XII. would return to the capital with Lucie Lovie of whom told her everything she could about her life, and everyone was called to a council where they were told that they had the oldest child of the King of Lucerne in their hands. Following this discovery there were many in the council who begin saying they should barter her to the Lucernians, and this charge would be led heavily by Terad Ereham who had been implicated in the Coup attempt but had returned to the fold after its defeat. Roslin argued that if they did that William had shown he would never forgive the slight, and the weak willed Terad wilted under the pressure of Roslin's words and agreed with her idea of simply giving Lucie to the Lucernians asking nothing in return. The failure here of Terad to gain anything would further poison the mind of his son Tristifer Ereham III. to his father and would be the final straw which led to Tristifer turning completely on his father and taking control of House Ereham.

My King I have a letter for you. My King the letter is said to be from a High Lady of Stor. She says shes writing in regards to your daughter Lucie.
Jasper Hale

While Lucie Lovie was being sent to Storhold and the letter was on its way to Lucerne the situation in Lucerne would be quite peaceful as the royal family prepared for the birth of another child of the main branch through Bella Swan and William Lovie, but as this was happening the lessening of the corruption of Morrigan would lead to a major reveal. William

Arrival in Westbridge
I looked out over the side of the boat to the docks and saw a crowd larger then anything I had seen in a long while. Nobles, and their men all crowded around, and my first thought was what they were doing. My first thought was never that they were there waiting for me. It just didn't make sence.
Lucie Lovie
Running From a Monster
You have to die.
Viggo Vortisson
Arrival in Fairmarket
When we return Lucie I want you to understand one thing above everything else. Our distance. The time we spent apart. I wish that I could take it all back and you could be right by my side. The people you meet in Lucerne, they are by and large good people, but they all have their own wishes and desires. Some will see you as a marriage target. Some will see you as a threat. Whatever happens, and whatever is said I want you to know one thing. You are my daughter. You are my daughter and I love you.
William Lovie III.

Leven and William await with many of his children as the boat of Lucie Lovie pulls into the Fairmarket dock, and she consoles him as he gets nervous about seeing her. As she arrives before he can say anything of any real substance she is taken into a hug by Ashley Lovie of whom is followed by Thomas, and William also hugging her but Riley stands back beside William and is unwilling to hug this new claim to the throne. William decides on the advise of Lucie that they will return to Lucerne as quickly as possible and Leven and William stay the night together and then after that returning by caravan back to Lucerne. The second half of the chapter is their journey back to Lucerne.

Return to Lucerne

Death of Bella Swan

Death of Bella Swan
She was the queen. You murdered the queen of the Kingdom. What am I to do with you?
Bella Swan Cover Amazing2.jpg
I have loved her since the first time I laid eyes on her sweet sister. But the truth is. The truth of the matter is that I love others. It took me a long time to understand that doesn't diminish what I feel for my wife. It doesn't diminish what I had with Amber, or Britney. It doesn't take a thing from what exists between you and I. Its really quite simple sister. I love them all.
William Lovie III.

William Lovie III. would first be warned of the danger to Bella Swan early in her pregnancy after she became very sick and would have died had not Edward Cullen been able to intervene, but this was believed by William to be an attempt on her life by assassins of the Order of the Raven so he put his energy into stopping them believing he knew who was at fault.

Bella Dies

Bella Swan Gif Hot.gif
We have another child soon my sweet king. This child will be a beacon of hope for the people of this land, and I love you so much Will for loving me this much.
Bella Swan

With the pregnancy coming quickly Bella would be taken into the birthing room, and while she was in the birthing room Riley would make his last visit to her. While William, and the others were briefly out of the room meeting with her father Bella would ask Riley to give her some water and when he obliged he would put more poison into her water and with noone in the birthing room she would drink the poison not knowing the consequences of drinking.

Confronting the Truth

Coming to the realization that Riley murdered Bella he is forced to confront his son alongside Alice and the two are shocked when Riley admits to the murder right away.

The New Queen

Following this he is forced to banish his son Riley to Lorderon and following this he discovers Leven is pregnent with his child causing him to marry Leven in order to not father a bastard child, and the two are married shortly afterwards only weeks following Bella Swan's death.

Return of the Dragons

During the weeks following his marriage to Leven Martell Lornax the White Dovah arrives in the city and gives him one dragon egg for each of his children although there are two extra which confuses even William of whom does not know these two children and becomes fanatical about finding them.

Family Members

Riley Scott - Half Brother

Sigmund Lovie - Half Brother

Ashley Lovie - Half Sister


Roslin Stor II.

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I'm so sorry that my being here caused you so much pain Roslin. You were the kindest person I'v had in my life since Natalie went away, and all I repayed you with was death. I'm so sorry...
Lucie Lovie

Britney Hemsworth

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William Lovie III.

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Riley Scott

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