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Lucius Vorenus
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Story Role
POV Role Shadow of Rome
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  • Lord of House Vorenus
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Vital statistics
Born 5078
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Status Alive
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Father † Husias Vorenus
Mother † Premillia Vorenus
Siblings Full Siblings
  • Atia Vorenus
Internal Family
Spouse Niobi Vorenus
Children True Born
My children often ask me why I'm always so serious. They tell me that Italy is beyond safe. They tell me how Rome is filled with soldiers ready to defend them. They tell me the glory of Rome is unending. My response to them is always simple and the same. I tell them that was probably what the Bretonians thought.
Lucius Vorenus

Lucius Vorenus is the son of Husias, and Premilia Vorenus of the wealthy House Vorenus making him the current Patriarch of House Vorenus on top of his important military command as the Legio-Prefict of the Roman Army. Lucius Vorenus would be married to Niorbi when they were both very young, and despite long periods away from eachother the two have always remained loving to eachother.

Born in a small village north of Rome to a patrician family he was sent to train with the Roman Army. After taking part in the fall of Africanas and during this conflcit taking control of the 13th Legion and while in this command nearly reersing the tide of the war but the failure of others ended that dream before it could be realized. He grew quickly in the Roman ranks until gaining his current position due to his brilliance during the intial fall of Hispania. He is often cited as a Roman who believes very strongly in the failings of the Empire, and for this he is often ignored in favor of commanders who give a more positive and friendly means of continueing the cycle that Rome has gotten into. Lucius Vorenus would rise to become the most powerful non Senatorial member of the Roman Empire but even this couldn't allow him to change things and he became increasingly stressed over this situation. Lucius Vorenus was growing close to turning on the Senate and attempting to raise Augustus Julii to the Empireship of the Roman Empire when the city of Rome came under assault by the Skaven and he would perish during the fighting.


Early History

Born in a small village north ofRome to a patrician family, he was a young man who should have become a greedy noble like most of the rest of his family and the others of his grouping but instead he was fasinated with the history of the Roman Empire's rise. He spent much of his youth reading the tales of his ancient ancestors and while his brother and sister became obsessed with the ways of the Roman elites he trained daily to be a better fighter and future commander. At the age of seventeen his father placed him charge of a large devision within the thirteenth Legion. Under this command he was moved to Africanas for a time but only a year into his deployment he and the entire region came under assault from a race of brutal greenskin Orcs that had previously overwhelmed the Morracon province of Rome.

Fall of Africanas

Main Article : Emblam Fifth Waaagh

The Fall of Africanas
For years they had rampaged across Africanas destroying all human presence there. It was only when they attacked us that we felt the need to open our eyes to the situation. Had we of taken this seriously sooner. There is no point to even pondering what would be different.
Lucius Vorenus3.jpg
Word reached us that the monsters we had long known inhabiting the deserts of the south were upon us. They had burned down towns. Killed entire villages without pause, or diplomacy. It was war on a scale I didn't understand. No quarter asked, and certainly none given.
Lucius Vorenus

The lands of northern Africanas had become the sort of breadbasket of the expanding Roman Empire and in this way they had expanded themselves across much of North Africanas as far east as bordering Lahmia. It was as plans were being moved forward in the Senate to invade Lahmia that the first of the reports begin coming in about Orcish invasions into their holdings in Africanas. The Romans had long known of the Orcs, but they had inhabited the desert regions and as the Romans had no interest in these regions they had never scouted them out truly, and since diplomacy had always failed there was little true thought put into the Orcs, but this didn't change the fact that at this point the Orcs were mobilizing under a true direction and were preparing massive armies to take over Africanas and beyond.

We go to defend these people. We are their saviors, and we will be remembered as victorious heroes when we return my brother.
Titus Pullo

The Romans unwilling to see their lands lost in Africanas send massive forces to Africanas including the 13th Legion where Lucius Vorenus gets on a boat meant to go to Africanas and on the boat ride he befriends another Legionare named TItus Pullo. During the travel the two also come to befriend two other legionaries in the form of Gnaes Bataitius, and Sextus Irentius of whom are also members of the same unit within the legion. The Roman army stops on the waters just northeast of Carthage where they plan to land south of Carthage and meet the Orcs on the battlefield, although as Lucius watches the commanders are very indifferent to the threat the Orcs pose and take little scouting plans before landing. Together the two land south of Carthage and take part in a massacre of a large force of Orcs led by the Roman Generals the army does not consolidate their holdings but instead they decide to stop and celebrate where in they bring dozens of girls from a nearby Africanas village and Lucius watches on guard as the generals and leadership of the Roman Army engages in a night of orgies, and gives no commands to scout the area something Lucius comments to Titus is going to get them all killed.

Its easy to say looking back that it wouldn't have mattered how well prepared we were then for their attack, because at the time it felt like it was our leaders failing us. Partying. Drinking. Orgies. They just failed us.
Lucius Vorenus

In the morning as the celebrations continue the Roman army is set upon by a larger force of Orcs and Lucius and TItus Pullo are inside the Villa that constitutes the central command of the army as the Orcs overwhelm the camp of the army and Lucius and Titus are able to get the Legatus of the Army onto a horse escaping with a few dozen other legionaries in the villa moving northward towards Carthage. The general is extremely young and named Pompeius Magnus II. a senator sent south by his father in order to prove himself and horrified at the failure he promotes Lucius, and Titus Pullo along with Gnaes Bataiatius, and Sextus Irentius of whom were among the survivors of the Roman Army. During this retreat northward they are met on the road by the Roman General Tullius Agentius of whom leads them into Carthage and tells them the Roman Army has been brutally defeated in the west as well and there scouts are reporting the Orcs are coming on mass towards Carthage itself.

Battle of Carthage

With the Roman Legions losing all across the Carthage province it was quickly clear that as they retreated they all moved towards Carthage where the Orcs followed them leaving only Tunisia to the southeast also holding out against the Orcs. Appius Pullo fought during the collapse of the Africanas province managing to reach Carthage with the sixth legion and it was here where he was killed fighting in the defense of the southern gate with his death saving the gate from complete collapse and allowing the army to escape.

Fleeing Carthage

Following the second assault by the Orcs the Romans are spent as a defence as several gatehouses are in ruins and most of the western wall has collapsed leading to the Generals to order the army to take to this ships. With not enough space for the population of Carthage the remaining population is forced to man the remaining defences alongside Lucius, Titus, and Gnaes, and Sextus of whom remain behind to assist in the defences. Holding out for another week they allow most of the remaining population to retreat by sea and with the last of the boats leaving Titus, Lucius, Gnaes, Sextus, and the badly wounded Secundus Julii prepare for their own death, but are saved by the return of Pompei of whom had dropped his soldiers off on a nearbye island in the hopes of coming back quicker.

Fall of Hispania

Main Article : Fall of Hispania

Fall of Hispania
We just sat there and let them destroy half the continent. It all could have been stopped so easily.
Sayden Ah-Salemi Cover.jpg
When High Mentor Gregor died I never thought...None of us thought Sayden was trying to do all this.
Ezio Ederiz

The Orcs inability to swim, or craft any sort of boat meant that the Romans had left this region dangerously undermanned believing that this water barrier would provide all the protection they needed. In fact there were more solders garrisoning the small Italian town of briensia, of which shared no border with any hostile nation, then there were in the castle of Gibraltar. As well as this undermanned garrison the original site of the castle was far enough back from the beach and the crossing that the soldiers couldn't see the crossing, and for this they relied on a small village with a large lighthouse along the coast. For years the Orcs of Emblam prepared for this crossing by massing a huge amount of troops in the lands of the former Roman provinces of Mauritania while the Kingdom of Senegal one of the human client states of Emblam begin preparations for the moving of the Orc armies across the Straits of Gibraltar. This bridge would be used by the Orcs to open up a new front in Europe, as they were being stalled in Africanas by the Nubian Empire, and the Kingdom of Lahmia.

The truth is I would watch the entire world burn to its very core to get what I want. What I want is for my Lord Tzeneech to return to his rightful role in this world.
Sayden Ah-Salemi

The Order of the Raven would be contacted during this time by Tanitha Ogriddit the Fourth Mistress of the Order of Ekrodomis and during this visit it was Gregor Davenholdt the High Mentor of the Ravens that soundly rejected helping them with such a morally bankrupt mission and threatened violence against Tanitha and her party if they did not leave. Following the departure of Tanitha it was Sayden Ah-Salemi that would follow her with several of his loyalists and realizing this was his moment to destroy the moral ravens he would agree to work with Tanitha and bring whatever support he was able to once he had gained control of the ravens. This action and agreement would lead to the Coup of Ravenholdt which once it was complete would lead to Sayden as the new High Minister and with this new power he would meet with the Empire of Emblam at the city of Banjul inside the Republic of Gambia where meeting with the Gambians and Senegese they would arrange to assist in controlling southern Hispania. Returning to Ravenholdt following this agreement it was Sayden that would send two of his loyalists in the form of the Raven Masters Vincent Vandame, and Hartwin Eberl to southern Hispania where they were to stop the castle of Gibraltar from communicating what was happening across the Straights of Gibraltar.

Fall of Gibraltar

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Hispania - Massacre at Gibraltar.png
If I would have known what I was actually doing...If I had of just simply looked past the lies I was being told. I could have stopped all of this.
Ezio Ederiz

Poncet Mariette would lead his Unkindness to the small castle of Gibraltar where arriving with his forces he links up with Vincent Vandame, and Hartwin Eberl and their forces all of whom are to combine their strength. Vincent and Hartwin had managed to keep any word from Gibraltar from leaving the area as well as sabotaged the boat at the port which was meant to be the first warning against movement to the south, and thus the Roman Empire remained unaware of the growing construction of the Bridge of Gibraltar. Entering the castle Ezio accompanies Poncet, Hartwin, and Vincent as they are introduced to a Roman Lieutenant named Postumius Iavolenus of whom they discuss the current regional situation with and Postumius reveals he has only gained a few dozen of the garrison to his side while the remainder remain loyal to Caelus Trebonius the Legate Tribune of the castle. With this in mind Poncet while clearly confused as to what there end goal is goes along with the plan that Vincent and Hartwin form in order to kill the garrison and then gain control of the port.

By the time we arrived at San Toque the whole village had been put to the sword. The Morag Tong were already doing their work, and there was no stopping what was happening.
Ezio Ederiz

The attack would be stalled by Vincent, and Hartwin who refused to tell Poncet why but instead commanded he and his Unkindess travel north and destroy the village of San Toque. Poncet would once again wilt under the pressure and accepted this command taking Ezio with him as they traveled to San Toque on this mission of destruction.

I can't change what we did that day. I can't ever ask for forgiveness. I can't take it back. All I can do is attempt to do some manner of good in the world before my demons eventually find me.
Ezio Ederiz

Following returning from the destruction of San Toque it was Poncet who met with the newly arrived Burama Jarju of whom was a member of the Morag Tong and was there to assist in the capture of Gibraltar. Together with the few traitors in the castle the forces of the Raven and the Morag Tong would attack the castle during the night and without any warning the defenders were mainly dead before any fight could be had, and the legate tribune would be assassinated by Poncet who alongside Ezio spoke briefly with the tribune before the kill discovering more details on what was actually happening.

This is not what I signed up for Ezio.
Benjamin Bradfoot

Ezio and Benjamin Bradfoot discussing the situation and Ezio feels the first pangs of doubt over his loyalties as Benjamin reveals he cannot accept what has happened and prepares to leave for Malta to warn the Order of the Purple Cloth about the happenings in southern Hispania. Ezio at first is prepared to kill Benjamin but their frienship and his confusion over the evil they had just taken part in leads Ezio to let Benjamin leave, and with this Ezio returns to the camp where he plans to tell them Benjamin was struck down and fell in the water.

Capture of Malaga

Main Article : Capture of Malaga

Hispania - Fall of Hispania - Consolidation.png

The town of Malaga was a major town located in the middle of the Malaga mountain chain, and with the Orcs massing in Gibraltar it was Malaga that was chosen as the place where they would situate their main organizational center. Wanting to take control of Malaga with as much of the infrastructure intact as possible the plan would be for a division of the Kingdom of Senegal, a division from Gambia, and a division from Songhei, to join the Order of the Raven and Morag Tong in capturing the town with as little violence as possible. Entering Malaga its Ezio who runs into a young man and seeing the boy snaps something inside him and leads Ezio to knock the young man out and leave him hidden in a celler telling no one of this outside of Erard Montaigu before they return to their mission of killing the seventh centurion. Entering the command headquarters for the seventh cohort of the 13th legion they would kill several legionarries who blocked their path to the main room, and upon reaching it found Caelius Paetinus inside with three legionarries but only one had his armor and weapon with him.

Fall of Almeria

Main Article : Fall of Almeria

The Invasion of Hispania would begin with an event known as the Fall of Almeria where they forces of Emblam alongside their allies having already taken much of south-eastern Hispania would surround the port of Almeria where the bulk of the Roman Fleet in Hispania had made its port. By this time there were rumblings around the Roman Empire that things were happening in Hispania but for the part of Appius Procyon the Legate Prefict in charge of the scouting for the 13th Legion he had no signs of attack and his scouts were not relaying anything of importance to him due to the work of the Morag Tong targeting them. At the onset of the Fall of Hispania Appius was in a small fortress just north of Almeria where he was dealing with negotiations with a small tribe of Spaniards and it was in this position that he was forced to fight for his life when Orcs attacked his fort during the larger Fall of Almeria. Having survived and rallied his forces during the events of the Fall of Almeria it was Appius who joined the Legate of the 13th linking up with the larger surviving forces of the 13th as they begin retreating northward towards Alicante.

Battle of Central Hispania

The Romans would send in six Legions as reinforcements in an attempt to stall the Orcs advance while they built up the defences of Valencia, Tourone, and Castile. The Legions arrived in Valencia and begin moving towards their respective spots but in an unfortuante turn of events the 13th Legion under Lucius Vorenus, and the 4th Legion under Titus Pulo would be stuck in Ravenna at port and didn't arrive until it was too late for them to reach Castile, and thus two Legions meant to defend Valencia moved towards Castile. These four Legions fighting at Castile attempted delaying tactics for nearly a month, but each battle left them more and more drained and they were less and less effective. The 2nd Legion managed to escape west towards Portugal, and it sucked off a portion of the Orcs that followed them as they retreated at full speed towards Tourone. The 9th Legion would be massacred by the Orcs outside of the city as they attempted to make their way inside, while the 10th Legion would escape that Battle and make it inside the city. The final legion in the 5th Legion would flee eastward effectively and would meet up with the newly arrived 13th, and 4th Legions in Valencia.

Battle for Tourone

Main Article : Battle for Tourone

Alexander Rousset would lead the forces of the Dutchy of Aquitaine into the area of Tourone where they planned on assisting the pushing out of the Orc forces from Hispania, but upon arriving in Tourone they discovered that the 5th Legion was no longer attempting to fight an offensive conflict and instead was in a fighting retreat back to Tourone in preparation for holding the area to allow people to escape, and with this in mind Alexander would send his son and the fleet south while he joined the effort to hold Tourone.

The Tourone Gap

Main Article : Battle of Tourone Gap

As a large force of refugees flowed into the Tourone area the usually Bretonian nationalist Alexander Rousset made the decision to hold the gap open at the risk of his own forces and this led to the Battle of the Tourone Gap where Alexander kept the gap open then led an ordered retreat out of the gap back to Tourone but was mortally wounded during the battle dying shortly before they arrived at Tourone.

Battle for Lisbon

Main Article : Great Battle for Lisbon

Lisbon Counter assault

It would be Alain Rousset that would following the command of his father take the Aquitaine Fleet and move southward to link up with the Roman Fleet at Lisbon for what he planned to be an eventual assault on the Straights of Gibraltar. Arriving at Lisbon Alain discovered that the Roman Fleet at Lisbon had been defeated by a naval force from the Emblam allied nation of the Kingdom of Songhei and learning the Roman Fleet had fled westward trying to escape it was Alain who led the Aquitaine Fleet westward in support and would come upon the Roman Fleet and the Songhei engaged in a fleet battle and with his arrival they shattered the Songhei Fleet and captured or killed the entire Songhei Fleet.

Fall of Castile

With the Fall of the resistence the Orcs made a straight line for Castile, and the massive millions strong Orcs Army surrounded the city and put it under siege. For days they hammered at the city but the stalwart defenders in the 10th Legion would succesfully hold them off under the mistaken belief that the other three legions were on their way to releave them. While the other three wanted to assist the 5th Legion was damaged and unable to move, and the 13th and 4th were facing massive opposition in the form of the Orcs advancing on Valencia. With no resistence coming Lucius Vorenus sent a raven to Bretonia where he said in the letter that Castile was going to fall if the Bretonians did not advance and assist them. Upon reading the letter the Bretonian King is said to have wept tears at the precarious situation that Europe had found itself in, and with all the news shifting in to his throne room he was sure that the letter was authentic. With all of this in mind the Bretonians were scared so much that they flooded into Hispania and made full speed towards Castile. The Bretonians were slowed down by the constant battles and because of this they arrived days to late, and watched as Castile fell and with it the hope of a human Hispania.

Battle of Valencia

With Castile gone the Orcs rampaged towards Valencia, and Andorra where they would come to fight massive battles which for the first time went against them as they discovered the Bretonians were able fighters with competent commanders unlike the Romans. The three sides fought constant battles and with Lucius Vorenus now having complete control the Romans were fighting more effectively and thus Valencia was a no go for the Orcs.

Battle of Lyons

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Upon returning to Italy from the Battle of Lyons he was ceremoniasly promoted to the now empty rank of Legio-prefict which was obviously empty after the complete destruction of the Roman Army. This promotion was something that he took very seriously in the beggining but as the politics of the position took over the actual role he felt he was supposed to do he has become bitter about his rank and has withdrawn into the actual army and away from the politcs that come with it.

Sacking of Rome

The Skaven would come through the endless sewers of Rome directly into the city.

Your Grace. I have news from Italy. Rome has been sacked. Ratmen in their thousands are said to have came from beneath. The city is lost. Rome has fallen.
Page to the Queen of Ravenna

The sacking of Rome would be an event planned years previous to the actual sacking as the Skaven under the leadership of Kritot of Fester Spike of whom held control of Fester Spike which was the name for the Skaven nest beneath Rome. Kritot wanted to grow himself in influence hoping to return to the Undercity a victorious conquerer of the great human city of Rome, so to do this he would join forces with Sutage the Corrupted a powerful Warlord of Clan Mordkin and together the two would plan to burn Rome carrying off all the treasures of the city to bring before the Undercity. While there planning was in place there was an increasing level of failure on the part of the Romans as the Emperor Nero withdrew into the Palantine Palace where he put on elaborate plays while the Roman Empire fell apart. As the situation deterioated to the point that the Roman Legions stationed in Rome moved out of the city holding positions in forts around the city the Skaven would move forward to attack the city now only occupied by Legio II Roma of whom was a full strength legion but spread over the entire city with their main forces at Capitoline Hill.

Your Grace. I have news from Italy. Rome has been sacked. Ratmen in their thousands are said to have came from beneath. The city is lost. Rome has fallen.
Page to the Queen of Ravenna

Lucius Vorenus is standing in the Senate where he listens to the Senators continue to fail at doing anything, and as he ponders the words of advice of his friend Titus in that he should destroy the Senate and take control himself in the name of the Emperor he is interupted by a messenger of whom says that a great fire has started in town. Leaving the Senate he travels into the street and as he and his men move towards where they see smoke they are attacked by Skaven of whom overwhelm and kill most of his men and stab him in his gut dealing him a terrible wound. Moving forward he links up with surrounded Legionares and fights off a large Skaven force and then fights with these men and more he gathers along the way to the Legionare Baracks where his wife is. Reaching the Barracks he finds the entire place has been put to the sword and his family either dead or not present. He and his men fight there way back towards the Roman Palace where they find the Emperor and his family dead and their bodies mutilated. The last thing he sees is the burning of the Senate before he finally sucumbs to his wounds.

Death of Nero

He was the Emperor. Whatever kind of man he was, he was still the emperor, so his death means something.
Romulas Julii

Family Members


Titus Pullo

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Rome 1x02 012.jpg
He was a noble man despite all of his less then noble qualities. When the dark men of the world came at you he was the one person who you knew without a doubt would not falter, and that is what he will always be.
Lucius Vorenus

Lucius Vorenus for much of his military was very rarely without his right hand man, Titus Pullo. The two became best friends after being two of only 156 survivors of the massive 200,000 strong Roman army that took part in the disasterous Battle of Carthage. Retreating together out of Africanas they would stay a part of the same Legion for many years after and together they both went to Hispania where they were stationed during the Fall of HIspania. Titus Pullo and Vorenus would finally part after the birth of TItus Pullo's bastard daughter and he went to Ravenna where he was promoted to a Legionary Commander and Vorenus was promoted as well to the most powerful Legionarry in Rome.

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