Lustria is a massive Empire controlled by the Lizardmen and occupying nearly the entire continent of South America. In terms of size the Empire is explipsed by many other Kingdoms, but when it comes to population and actual military power their is no real competitor to the endless armies of Lustria.

The Empire of Lustria is the homeland of the Lizardman species, and the multitude of races that are members of the Lizardmen species live within the borders of the Empire of Lustria.

Lustria is the first formed mortal Empire of the Earth, and it was founded with the advise and blessing of the Old Ones. Growth for centuries was put to an end when the Titans were wrought in Civil War, and eventually the forces Chaos emerged victorious and nearly destroyed the Earth with their superior numbers. Lustria would spend centuries rebuilding in secret on Lustria, and through this time the people of the Earth forgot they excisted, and eventually the Empire of Lustria became nothing more then a memory of an age long gone, and went the way of so many other legends. Recently the Empire of Lustria has moved out of their jungle fortress cities and is moving northward as they attempt to make a movement towards the Northern Pole which is the last bastion that the holdings of the forces of Chaos still have from which they can quickly gain forces from the Fade.


Fall of the Old Ones

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Founding of Lustria


War with Chaos

Present Day


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The Lizardmen are ruled by the Slann, former servants of the late Old Ones. There are 5 Slann of the first spawning and each of them rules over a single city while the younger Slann act as lieutenants.

However most of the time the Slann are in very deep meditation, giving orders and commands very rarely; therefore the day to day decisions are made the Skinks, who unlike the warlike Saurus and the large Kroxigors, are quite intelligent and mentally flexible.




Due to a lack of enemies nearbye except for the weak human tribesmen of Nord America, the forces of Lustria are basically unaposed. This has meant that their population growth has been extremely high, and while some of the other large empires are surrounded by threats and destroyed internally by disease, the Lizardmen suffer from none of these problems.


The Lizardmen worship the Old Ones as gods and try to follow their instructions, recorded and kept in gold tablets, as best as possible. Captured enemies are sacrificed to the gods, especially to the popular Sotek, the great Serpent God.

Major Settlements


Minor Temples

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