Loyalty Chaos
Story Role
POV Role Placeholder
Appears In Major Role
Vital statistics
Generation 1
Role God of Thieves and Stealth
Alias The Dark Shadow
Status Alive
Titan Details
Form Taken Draenei
Created Races Draenei
Father Twist of Light and Darkness
Mother Twist of Light and Darkness
Siblings First Generation
Internal Family
Spouse Luna (Titan)
Children Second Generation

Third Generation

Fifth Generation

Malekor is a First Generation Titan created by the Old Ones to be the God of Thieves, and Stealth . Malekor has one sibling in the form of Naaru of whom would be responsible for the exodus of the Man'Ari and is a constant thorn in Malekor's side. Malekor would father four children before his fall in the form of Archimonde, Valen, Kiljaenden, and Rama of whom was created as an act of friendship for Malekor's friend at the time Zeus and would form a layer of the Human Pantheon becoming the head of the Indian human ethnic group. He has fathered with humans two individuals in the form of Sauron, and Flemeth of which Sauron has masterminded the growth of Mordor and is one of the most dangerous threats to mankind in Europe, while Flemeth hides on the outside of the world and manipulates and destroys as was discovered when she was majorly responsible for the Destruction of Atlantis. Malekor would become involved with the Elven Race when he created the House of Edeltred through Thunburd, and Bruithel Edeltred with the two once controlling a large elven empire but the empire was laid low and Bruithel killed leaving Thunburd to rebuild following the betrayal of Flemeth against him

Malekor was the God that was the image model for the Draenei Race, and although he has changed somewhat he still appears very much to be a Draenei but instead of the original blue skin of his people his corruption has changed him to a reddish skin color.

Malekor would be one of the most important of the Titans created by the Old Ones as his creation was based on the need for a Titan to watch over the moon. His time there would lead to the creation of the Draenei, and the formation of the watchgaurd over the moon, and during this time his relationship grew very strong with his brother Titan in Naaru of whom led the Man'Ari of whom themselves led the Exodar. Malekor was the second Titan to become corrupted by the words of Tzeneech and his fall was monstrous as the moment after he fell he was responsible for the sparking of the Luna War of Conquest which would have unimaginable consequences on the planet. He would during this time work somewhat alongside Khorne of whom used his created race in the Trollocs to invade across the Earth destroying the Murlocs, and the Woses during the abasolutely devesating Eternity War. While the other Chaos Gods had been moving silently and had for centuries undermined the Titans through first the Titan Civil War, and following this the killing of several prominent Titans it was the intervention of Malekor that truly sparked the Civil War. Following the disasterous ending to the First War with Chaos, Malekor split from the other gods and moved to his own plane of the Fade where he built himself a power base controlled by his loyal Draenei, and he recalled the entire Draenei race to this plane. At the same time as this was happening his Dranei gained complete control over With his powerbase in place he felt protected enough from the other gods to begin implementing his plan which escalated quickly after he corupted two powerful individuals in the form of Sauron, and Flemeth of whom he had fathered with human mothers. With these two commanders he has been the harbringer of much of the violence that has happened to the people of the Earth of which has been disproportiante in comparison to some of the other Chaos Gods.


Malekor has taken a different approach to many of the other Chaos Gods and has instead used very powerful members of the Human race to control Kingdoms in secret, and plans to grow these Kingdoms until eventually they are strong enough to win the final war against the Noble Gods.


Malekor was the God that was the image model for the Draenei Race, and although he has changed somewhat he still appears very much to be a Draenei but instead of the original blue skin of his people his corruption has changed him to a reddish skin color.



Coming of the Old Ones

Birth of Malekor

Malekor was born as a member of the Old Ones creation in the Titans. The Old Ones knew their time on Earth would have to end but they wanted to make sure their world would be watched over. The Old Ones created different Titans for different purposes, and the purpose of Malekor was menipulation, plans, and plots. Such a God would appear very easy to corrupt but the Titans were all emplaced with devices to make sure they would never reject their Noble Souls.

Luna War of Conquest

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The Luna War of Conquest
The Fall of Malekor led to the first war that the post Old One creation would come to know. The consequences of this war are almost unimagenable, and the truth is that some of them are beyond imagining for those who want peace. Gods fell. Two planets burned. Entire species were nearly wiped. All of this and yet who the hell on this planet would even believe me if I told them people lived on the moon?
I have seen the truth of what you say. You are lieing. You lead us not into paradise. You would lead us to hell.

Everything went according to plan for the Draenei, and in the days preceding the corruption of Malekor the moon of Luna was in a state of true peace as the different nations of Luna all worked to their purpose of living in harmony and defending the warp portals of Luna. When Malekor fell to the words of Tzeenech the Draenei leadership would be the first approached by him, and Draenei leadership on Luna would quickly fall into line behind him, but before Malekor could approach Valen the leader of the Draenei on the Exodar it was Valen that was visited by a vision which saw the world burn if he followed Malekor. This vision had been sent to him by Malekors wife Luna of whom having fled Luna following the corruption of Malekor had sent the message in an attempt to defeat Malekor as she was unwilling to yet turn against him by speaking of him to the Titan Council. Thus when Malekor approached Valen he resisted and Valen would use the powers of the Exodar to almost destroy the Chaos God but Malekor was able to escape his wrath and caused damage to the Exodar as he fled for his life. Following this fight on the Exodar it was Valen that made his way to see his two brothers who he did not know had already fallen to Malekor. Seeing the truth behind Malekor Valen attempted to sway his two brothers into resisting Malekor but he couldn't persuade them and in fact they attempted to capture him, but were unable to stop him from escaping Antorus and using Magi to escape to the Exodar.

The Resistence

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Malekor's fall had been first noticed by his wife Luna and she had failed in her first attempt to stop him when she let Valen learn the truth, and thus on her second attempt to stop him she would involve Malekor's only sibling in the form of Naaru of whom was a Titan created by the Old Ones in a different manner then everyone else. While most harbored some kind of humanoid appearance or at least along those lines the Titan Naaru and his race the Sha'Tar are made of a glass like substance and are completely different then everything else leaving Naaru completely unable to be corrupted. Naaru would visit Valen alongside Luna and together they discussed their best pathway forward with Naaru and Luna suggesting they immediately move to Charon to gain the support of Eywa, but for his part Valen by this point had not quite given up hope that his brothers would find reason among the madness they were invested in at the moment, and thus he refused at first, but silently prepared the ship to leave the orbit of the moon. While Naaru and Luna waited on the Exodar it was Valen that set up a meeting with Archimonde, and Kil'Jaeden where he hoped to try one last time to get them to turn away from the rigors of Malekor. Unknown to Valen was the fact that Malekor foresaw this and moved in on the two Eredar to make sure they were as loyal to him as they possibly could.

Attack on Charon

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Eywa would lead the defences of Charon when the forces of the Draenei led by Malekor attacked Charon and despite being horribly outnumbered she was able to effectively resist them and deny the forces of Malekor access to the towers leading to the Battle of World Tree.

The Exodar Flees

Naaru would lead the Draenei on the Exodar to the Earth where they would crash land on the island chain of Azuremyst Isles. On this island chain they would build an empire around the ruins of their ancient ship, and during this time they became heavily influenced by the world around them.

Failed Diplomacy

Ophiel would join the diplomatic group led by her brother Vongrith sent to Luna to meet with Malekor of whom had just finished his destruction of Charon and had been in response to this banished from the Fade, and arriving at Luna the group was unprepared for what they found when they discovered an utterly changed Malekor. During the meeting with malekor it was Vongrith who was left behind as the other Titans there escaped Luna and left behind it was Vongrith who became the prisoner of Malekor and remained imprisoned there for several months. Having fled from the wrath of Malekor it was Ophiel that returned to her peoples capital of Ditrisia where having seen what had happened there shook her to her core and it was said for the first time she could not find a reason to smile.

Fall of Tael'Vul Gate

Ishosith would refuse to allow the forces of Malekor to capture the Tael'Vul gate but having already lost so many forces he realized he could not hold the gate and thus got as many of his people onto the Exodar before he led a small group of his elite bodyguard in a last stand of the Tael'Vul gate holding it long enough for his engineers to overload the gate destroying it and shattering the land around it.

Anihilon Civil War

Mannoroth's control over the Republic of Anihilon would begin to crumble following Mannoroth leading the army of Anihilon into a massacre of defenseless Romulans and as his campaign of violence against them increased the Republic government would begin to mobilize against him. The military leadership of the Republic would join the rebellion against Mannoroth following the massacre of the city of Ragoth, and together the Anihilon Senate and House would begin planning a betrayal of Mannoroth.

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

Main Article  : Titan Civil War

First War with Chaos

Main Article : First War with Chaos

Trolloc Plague

Following the Eternity war the Trolloc's would be targeted by the Chaos Gods Malekor, and Nurgle who released the Trolloc Plague which caused immense deaths among the Trolloc but most critical was the affects the plague had on the biology of the Trolloc changing them from a creative fee thinking race to a race cut off off from the fade and more beast then intellectual.


See Also : Flemeth

"Change is a dangerous animal if left unfed, and unkept."

The True begginings of Flemeth were much in the same way all dark things come into being. Once upon a time she was a human women. Born in ancient arabia long before the days of the Empire of Nehekhara which describes how long ago it was. Her parents were nothing in society but plebs and because of this they became the slaves of a wealthy merchant of whome took the family with him when he travelled westward towards the growing trade routes in Eurpope. So Far before the Empire of Numeron came in Europe in great number, and a few years before the Dwarves and Elves would burn Europe to the ground in the War of Vengeance Flemeth came to reside in the lands of Croatia. Her life here was unaventful as she and her family continued to be the live in servents of the rich merchant of whome had set up his base of operations in the region that would one day become the lands of Estalia. She and her family did come to enjoy the forests that surrounded their masters cottage but the other servents from the area had warned them that there was a reason the merchants cottage was walled in and he had gaurds, and that was because there was a great evil in the forest. She and her family would continue to walk in the forest and she would marry a young man of whome she mothered a young girl with. Her life was as happy as it could be until one day while walking the forest with her family, she and her family were attacked by a force of Trolloc. The Trollocs killed her family, and took her young daughter with them. In this moment while she lay broken on the ground and praying for the gods to save her, she opened her eyes and found something had anwsered her prayers. Unfortunatly for her this wasn't a god who anwsered prayers without wanting something in return.


"He was so beautiful in that moment i ignored the feeling of dread that washed over me as he approached. I ignored everything that was wrong with the situation and just allowed his charming voice to compell me into agreeing."

The creature gently picked her up and told her that if she would do something for him, then he would give her the power to hunt down the Trolloc that had destroyed so much of her life. In her emotional state, and the fact that she was being asked by a very menipulative Chaos God she readily agreed, and with the pact sealed, the creature tapped her on the shoulder, and in that moment it was like she was something different. She no longer felt human in the way she had before, she felt almost godlike. She looked up from her hands which she had been staring at for a time and tried to find the angel that had saved her but he was long gone. She pulled herself up and as she stood calculating things it was as if she could hear the voices of the Trolloc from miles away. She could hear them, smell them, and everything in her mind drove towards knowing where they were. As she concentrated harder she could begin to make out their images in her mind as she was seemingly able to see the land by just imagining the area. It was in that moment that she understood how powerful and she knew she couldn't waste anymore time so she bolted from the spot and towards the voices of the Trolloc. With the power to deal her revenge thanks to her silent benafactor Malekor she set out into the forest after the Trollocs that had stolen her daughter. It didn't take long for her to find where they had been, but each time it was as if they would flee with the knowledge of what direction she was coming from, and she got the distinct feeling they were leading her somewhere. As she tracked them for days she continued to believe in her heart that she would find her daughter safe and sound, and it was this belief that drove her forward.


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"Parents always tell their children of dark forces in the forests that will steal you away if you do not eat your vegeatables, or care for your eldars. But those are supposed to be mythical. Monsters were never really alive in your mind until the first time you are forced to deal with one."

After a day of travelling she found the first of the many Trolloc infestations and she was quick to use her Magi to litterly burn the forests around them once she was sure her daughter wasn't in their homes. She continued to use her powers to track down and destroy every last Trolloc she could find, but It was another two weeks before she finnally reached the home of the Trollocs, and found her young daughter. Her daughter had been killed by the Trollocs and was now strewn about the ground. Flemeth looked on horiffied as her daughters body had been ripped apart and parts of her eaten in some discusting and sick ritual.

Flemeth Gif

Flemeth had become fanatical in her belief she could save her daughter, so when she failed it was destructive for her mind leading to Malekor having an easier time at finishing the job.

"Her death was never something I thought would happen."

As she wept while holding the remains of her daughter the creature from before came behind her and reminded her that he had followed through on his promise and now it was her turn. She was in a state of emotionall destruction and because of this she demanded to know why the creature hadn't saved her daughter, and who the hell he was. After laughing at her the creature finally introduced himself as a god, and said for her to call him Malekor. Flemeth once again asked him why she had forsaken her when she had done what had been asked of her, and this time Malekor did not laugh but instead picked her up and upon touching her transported her into the Fade inside the vast city of Olympas. Leading her through the streets of the mighty city he would describe to her the failings of the Titans and how he alongside his brothers and sisters planned to end their domination of the world.

"My dead daughter you must understand that there were once just one of us. We were all creators, and we were all one unified family. That changed long ago, and now I see the truth. You see I was blinded before by their lies, and their coruption. They harm the world through their order. My brother showed me the truth you see. The truth is that the chaos titans are attempting to follow a path that is wrong, and if you and I do not resist them then the entire world will fall. I see in your eyes that you only wish to know in what manner all of this will lead you to getting your daughter, and if you stay by my side and never sway from that devotion trust me when I say that one day I will give you your daughter back. I cannot right now because the chaos Titans are holding her in the place of the dead, and we cannot enter there. So now my daughter I need you to make something for me. I would but I can feel them beggining to watch my interventions on the world. You were my last secret, and you my daughter will be their undoing."

Walking Olympas she was told that Malekor needed her to craft an item that she would deliver to the Woses on the exact moment that she was told. He told her that he would not be contacting her for many years and that she should wait patiently for the moment that she did, because when she was told she needed to move with all haste.


Sauron as a normal Human


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Sauron was once named James Kilray, and was born in the city of Palias in Croatia. In a fact unknown to him for a long time he was the son of Malekor a chaos god who had been thought destroyed during the First War with Chaos. In fact Malekor had survived and had sought out a male heir to himself. After centuries of failed attempts, Sauron was finnally born. In Sauron Malekor imprinted all of his malice, hate, and power and then waited for the day that Sauron would come find him so that he could teach his son the meaning of what he was born for.

Growing up

As James grew up he began to have terrible dreams nearly every night, and sometimes the dreams would spill into his day causing him to have extremely violent and evil thoughts. After years of repressing this he finnally met with a spirit women of his tribe, and she told him that he was filled with the demon Malekor. At first he thought the women to be nuts, but as time went on and the thoughts got worse and worse he came to want to know more. He went back to the Spirit women and when she was unable to tell him more he broke out into a fit of rage and murdered her. Following the murder he ran from his home and after years of solititude he came to become a mercenary in the service of Numenor.



As a mercenary he began to personify the very evil he was hiding from. Before he even knew what was happening he became known as a brutal mercenary who you hired when you needed a really brutal mission done. He constantly was in his own mind about the kind of noble and honest person that he was and how proud of himself he was because he was able to overcome his evil birth and be a good person. These dilusions continued even as he commited henous acts against the people of Europe. Over the course of these years he was responsible for more rapes, murders, massacres and killings then anyone else in Europe. So bad did he become that eventually even the morally bankrupt Numenor began to want him stopped. They attempted on numerous occasions to send men against him but each time he was aided by his benafactor in Malekor of whome begin once again visiting him, and it was these visits that caused the destruction of his dilusional version of himself. As he gave into the words of his father he grew into the very person that his father had invisisioned when he had went about creating Sauron.

Rise of the Dark Lord

With the knowledge of what he was, he now lost of traces of James, and became what his evil father wished him to become in a tool of Evil. Changing his name to Sauron he wandered Europe for centuries honing his abilities attempting to find a way to become greater then his father.

Drúadan Forest


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The Woses were Malekor's first attempt at the strategy he would implement later on others. He looked down at the Earth, and saw that the Woses were especially loud in their calling out for help. While the other Gods, including the Noble ones did nothing to help them Malekor decided to intervene.

The Pact

During the earliest known history of the Drueden Forest the Trolloc and the Woses waged a centuries long war against eachother. Eventually after centuries of fighting the Woses began to lose the war, and defeat was only a matter of time. Following this it is said that the Woses made a deal with a Tree Spirit, and with the spirits help the Woses began to turn the tide back in their favor. With the spirits help they finnally managed to take the fight to the Trolloc's part of the forest, and in a titanic battle the Woses destroyed the remaining Trolloc.

This spirit was in fact Malekor and he wanted the Woses to corrupt the Pantheon, which were a tool of the Noble Gods, and their ordered way of thinking.

Soul of Malekor

The Quest

Malekor returned years later and tasked the Woses to take a device he had made to the Pantheon. The Noble gods kept a close eye on the Pantheon as they were their first true attempt at altering the world since their fall earlier.

The Woses were a creature without magical souls and so the Noble gods didn't notice their arrival, so the Noble Gods missed the fact that the Pantheon was given the soul of Malekor, which would become a center of their civilization, and eventually lead to the Downfall of Atlantis, and then Downfall of the Numeron.


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Sauron wanted a heir to his throne, and most of all someone who wasn't completely subserviant to his master Malekor. In this way Sauron travelled Europe and attempted to spawn a child with many women, but each time the birth ended with disaster. Hundreds of women were brought from all across Europe by his servents in the hopes that one of them would allow for the creation of his heir but each time the result was a pregnancy that led to nothing more then the women's death. Beyond frustrated he turned to his sister Flemeth in his time of need and headed to her Korcani WIlds. It was only when he visited his old friend Flemeth that he was finally sucesful. The evil that inhabited the body of Flemeth allowed for the evil in Sauron to survive the birth, and in this way Flemeth gave birth to Sauron's son Nagash. With the child's birth something changed in Flemeth as she cared something for this child, but for Sauron this affected him little and he simply told her he was going to take the child now. When he said this she was asstounded and refused to allow him to take the child, and to that he laughed at her before nearly killing her with his awsome Magi powers. With Flemeth broken Sauron took their child and returned to Mordor where he named his heir Nagash, which meant in his ancestor's toung the chosen son.

Training Nagash

With his young son growing the usually cruel and violent Sauron found what little emotion he had swelled when he saw him grow. Every day the two would talk of Magi, and each day Nagash would grow stronger and stronger and the two became closer and closer. During this time Sauron and Nagash spoke openly about the dark plans that they would do together as a masterful father and son pair, and they prepared the army of Mordor to assault to Empire of Numeron but before they could do this they were visited by their true parentage in Malekor.

"To see the fruits of my endless fucking of your pathetic race gives me great pride my children, but now is not the time for such trivialities. Nagash you are leaving Mordor for the east where I require your asisstence in a very important matter. Before you say a word Sauron my child remember that you are both nothing but tools in a game that you could not hope to understand so let your hatred of me fuel your rage because you both have very important work to do."


When Malekor arrived he told them that Nagash was leaving to go eastward where he would take control of the forces of Malekor in this region for the purpose of defeating the growing Empire of Nehekhara. Sauron was upset beyond belief that his child was being taken from him but there was nothing he could do so he allowed the rage to build up in him and waited for his command. Malekor commanded him to destroy the Empire of Numeron but showed him the power of the Numenorians which made Sauron understand that he couldn't defeat them conventionally and thus would have to go at it in a differnent way.

Fall of Numeron

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Malekor would watch as his Lord Sauron would instigate the destruction of the Empire of Numeron and he watched carefully as the violence spread throughout Europe. The success of his son Sauron led many of the other Chaos Gods to feel a sence of fear towards Malekor of whome was having a success amongst Earth that many of the others could only marvel at.

Second Titan Civil War

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The Second Titan Civil War
We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.
Ares Cover1
We stood by and listened to you Zeus. We stood by and our fallen brothers and sisters took over the world. Refusing to assist those we were put on this earth to protect is its own brand of evil. I refuse to follow your evil for one second longer.

Apollo would be summoned to Olympus alongside all the other Noble Titans that had joined Ares in creating Sigmar but unlike the other Titans it was Ares that actually responded to this request by travelling to Olympus where he hoped he could convince Zeus that what they had done was in the right. Apollo entered Olympus just as requested despite the rebels telling him not too, and arriving in the city he would be met by Zeus and to his shock Poseidon of whom had been a leading member of the rebels and taken by the two to the Tower of Sotek where he was given a chance to plead his case but despite laying out his point of view with great skill his efforts were for naught when Zeus ignored his words and imprisoned him. Following the discovery that his close friend Apollo had been imprisoned in Olympus by Zeus it was Ares who finally accepted that he had to return to Olympus to confront Zeus, and thus he would gather to him the elements of the rebel noble titans and prepare to reenter the Fade. Following the imprisonment of Apollo Woglinde would break away from the rebels and return to Olympus on the request of her father of whom she thought would punish her in the same manner he had the previous time they had uplifted Jesus, but instead in front of the Noble Titan Council Zeus would execute Woglinde for her part in the uplifting of Sigmar. The execution of Woglinde would spark a violence within Ares of whom trusted Woglinde above almost anyone else and her death he put completely at the fault of Zeus and thus following the killing of Woglinde it was Ares that for a moment planned to take over control of Olympus from Zeus himself. As a conflict looked to be on the horizon it was Odin, and his brother Vendriel that would respond immediatly to the call from Ares and gathered to them dozens of Titan supporters and travelled to the Fade where they attempted to enter Olympus. Odin and his forces would be stopped by Malekor, and Slanaash of whom had gathered to them dozens of Titan followers and thousands of troops and would resist the entry of Odin and his forces long enough that they were unable to join with the rebels at Olympus. A member of the rebel titans during the Second Titan Civil War Aphrodite would meet with Ares her lover during the lead up to the rebels arriving in Olympus and she was to prepare several back ways in for the rebels to allow their numbers to get inside the fortress that was Olympus but after she discovered the relationship of Ares with Woglinde during her execution it was Aphrodite that betrayed the rebels blocking their entry and bringing several titans to the loyalist side of things.

Noble Titan Involvement
Name Level of Involvement
Ares Ares would become the unquestioned leader of the rebels after the disappearance of Posiedan and led their forces into the Second Titan Civil War.
Posiedan Posiedan utterly hell bent on revenge for the destruction of the Numenorians would be the first to put the idea of intervention in the heads of Odin, and Ares making him the original creator of the idea of the Man Gods.
Odin Pushed into action by the expanding violence he saw in Northern Scandenavia among the Andals he would work alongside Posiedan and Ares forming the third member of the original planners of the Man Gods.
Hera Hera had lost hope in uplifting the mortals following the death of Yen Fang and thus when Ares asked for her asisstence with Sigmar she rejected him and then when Ares confronted Zeus during the Second Titan Civil War she supported her husband remaining on the loyalist side of the fight.
Apollo Apollo was a member of the rebels but answered the summons of Zues and was dishonored when he was placed in prison despite being under the protection of the guest right.
Astropos Hera had been very involved in the Rise of Atlantis and the Numenorians and thus after they were destroyed she was extremely bitter and Odin had little difficulty in convinsing her to join their attempt to uplift another human.
Nike Nike would join with her lover Poseidan in going to Olympus and it was at Olympus where she was betrayed by the disappearance of Poseidan and then during the fighting she was captured and placed in prison.
Tartarus Tartarus having been close friends with Woglinde would join with the army that planned to take control of Olympus, but when it all failed he would lead a vanguard responsible for the ability of the main Rebel forces to escape the city but was captured as a part of this.
Artemis, and Dyterion Zeus petitioned both to join the loyalist faction but Artemis was unwilling to leave Ulthuan and thus they both remained out of the fighting.

Lords of Malekor


The Dark Lord Sauron

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Sauron or "The Great Evil" is the Dark Lord of Mordor, and one of the principle Lords of the Dark Chaos Lord Malekor. He is responsible for much of the darkness that now spreads throughout the world through the different evil acts he has caused throughout his life. He caused the Downfall of Numeron which ended the largest and most influencial Human Kingdom in history, and through his guidence the Orcs are spreading at an alarming rate. He also is in a control position with 2 Human Kingdoms (Umbar, The Easterlings Kingdom of Rhun) who have fallen to darkness.

The only son of the Evil God Malekor he was once a noble man. He slowly lost his mind as the knowledge of what he was began to become aware to him. The more he knew the more evil he was capable of until he is now perhaps the most evil thing alive in Europe.

Sauron is not truly the ruler of his plans, and he is constantly given tasks by his true master in Malekor. Sauron is one of very few living men who knows what the final plan of Malekor is, and even he is probably been told lies, in order to follow the plan.


The Silent Lord Flemeth

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"We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment...and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly."


Flemeth is a shapeshifter known as the "Witch of the Wilds" and "Asha'bellanar"—the woman of many years in Dalish. She is widely recognized as an immortal and extremely powerful being. She is the central character of an eponymous legend, which describes her as "terrible in her temper and wild in her beauty." Flemeth is also known for being mother to many "daughters", all of whom are witches as she herself is.

For unknown reasons she sends out servants from her small Kingdom throughout Europe, and these servants poison women, and these women slowly then become her "Daughters", and slowly change into witches.


The Master of Darkness Morgoth

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Morgoth is the oldest of the Lords of Malekor and as opposed to his other two main Lords in Flemeth and Sauron Morgoth is a demonic creature that was formed based on the mind of Melkor within the Fade. Morgoth during the First War with Chaos became the Maste of the Balrogs and in this way he became extremely powerful to the point that he was nearly always standing at the side of Malekor, but his lack of strategic foresight would eventually lead to his downfall in the Downfall of Numeron.

Morgoth would be one of the first demons created by Malekor and during his early rise before the Titan Civil War Morgoth and Malekor would be closely attatched. When Malekor joined Chaos and fought in the Titan Civil War Morgoth would lead much of his armies as the overall commander and it was during this conflict that Malekor saw both the strengths of Morgoth and the weakenesses, of which the weakenesses forced him into action in other places. Morgoth would watch with jelously as Malekor his father in many regards would create two true children in the form of Flemeth, and Sauron and each of these people would grow to become more important to Malekor then he would be. This tore away at Morgoth and created in the demon a hatred to the two that he could barely control and this caused several conflicts between he and Sauron. During the Downfall of Numeron the situation begin to fail the Witch King and Sauron and Melkor sent assistence in the form of Morgoth in the belief that noone could dare battle against his champion. During the final conflict Morgoth would be banished from the world into a prison state after the Titan Hermes intervened in the conflict and caused the defeat of Morgoth. Following his defeat he would be placed inside a Magi prison inside a silently created fortress at the depths of a mountain deep in eastern France and he would remain in this prison for the next centuries biding his time waiting for his Master to free him.


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The Draenei are a truly ancient race created by the Titan God Malekor long before his fall to Chaos. The Draenei were created and lived for centuries on the Moon of Earth where they were meant to protect the moon from threats that might hinder the ability of the Earth to grow as the Old Ones desired. The Draenei were split into two factions with the main section living on the moon itself called the Eradar, and those living on the Exodar called the Man'Ari. In this way the Draenei were led by three men of which two were Eredar, and the third was of the Man'Ari, and it was in this way that the two leaders of the Eredar were corrupted by Malekor, and the failure to corupt the Man'Ari led to the splitting of the Draenei and the eventual near destruction of both the Eredar, and the Man'Ari.

The Draenei were created by Malekor in the goal of maintaining his role as the keeper of the Moon, and in this way the Draenei were based around the massive fortress ship of the Exodar of which circled the massive satelite of the Earth. For centuries they lived in peace, and the Draenei came to form the Founding Races of the Earth and built themselves a kingdom on the moon of which was truly magnificant to behold. In this beauty they were led directly by Malekor of whom adopted three leaders to adhere to his laws and make sure that the Draenei were following his wishes. Malekor didn't enjoy the mechanics and metel of the Exodar and for this reason spent much more time with the Eredar meaning his influence over them was much greater then over the Man'Ari. When Malekor fell to Chaos the Draenei would be approached by him, and the Eredar would quickly fall into line behind him, but before Malekor could approach Valen the leader of the Draenei he was visited by a vision which saw the world burn if he followed Malekor. Seeing the truth behind Malekor Valen attempted to sway his two brothers into resisting Malekor but he couldn't persuade them and in fact they attempted to capture him, but were unable to stop him from reaching the Exodar. Fearing destruction the Man'Ari would be saved by the intervention of Naaru of whom was a Titan. Naaru would lead the Draenei on the Exodas to the Earth where they would crash land on the island chain of Azuremyst Isles. On this island chain they would build an empire around the ruins of their ancient ship, and during this time they became heavily influenced by the world around them. Having never seen the world outside the moon, and the Exodar they were influenced heavily by the trip of a group that is now known as the Hands of Argus. The Hands of Argus would travel to Nerekhara on the command of Naaru and while there would assist Jesus in his rise, and along the way become believers in christianity of which they called the Holy Light. Returning to Exodar they would spread the religion quickly to the point that even the leader in Valen soon fell into Christianity.

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