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Marcus Pilatus is the son of Gallus, and Silia Pilatus making him a member of and the longtime lord and patriarch of House Pilatus.

Marcus Pilatus would be born within the Roman Italian city of Milan where he would be a member of the extremely wealthy and influencial Milan family in the form of House Pilatus. Marcus Pilatus would accompany the Legio VI. Hispania into the violent struggle that was the Orc attack on Carthage and arriving there he was horrified at the scale of the violence in the region and he took part in the two large scale battles of the conflict and then retreated with the Legio VI. Hispania into the city of Carthage where they were besieged.




Marcus Pilatus would be born within the Roman Italian city of Milan where he would be a member of the extremely wealthy and influencial Milan family in the form of House Pilatus.

Early History

Fall of Africanas

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The Fall of Africanas
For years they had rampaged across Africanas destroying all human presence there. It was only when they attacked us that we felt the need to open our eyes to the situation. Had we of taken this seriously sooner. There is no point to even pondering what would be different.
Lucius Vorenus3
Word reached us that the monsters we had long known inhabiting the deserts of the south were upon us. They had burned down towns. Killed entire villages without pause, or diplomacy. It was war on a scale I didn't understand. No quarter asked, and certainly none given.
Lucius Vorenus

The lands of northern Africanas had become the sort of breadbasket of the expanding Roman Empire and in this way they had expanded themselves across much of North Africanas as far east as bordering Lahmia. It was as plans were being moved forward in the Senate to invade Lahmia that the first of the reports begin coming in about Orcish invasions into their holdings in Africanas. The Romans had long known of the Orcs, but they had inhabited the desert regions and as the Romans had no interest in these regions they had never scouted them out truly, and since diplomacy had always failed there was little true thought put into the Orcs, but this didn't change the fact that at this point the Orcs were mobilizing under a true direction and were preparing massive armies to take over Africanas and beyond.

We go to defend these people. We are their saviors, and we will be remembered as victorious heroes when we return my brother.
Titus Pullo

The Romans unwilling to see their lands lost in Africanas send massive forces to Africanas including the 13th Legion where Lucius Vorenus gets on a boat meant to go to Africanas and on the boat ride he befriends another Legionare named TItus Pullo. During the travel the two also come to befriend two other legionaries in the form of Gnaes Bataitius, and Sextus Irentius of whom are also members of the same unit within the legion. The Roman army stops on the waters just northeast of Carthage where they plan to land south of Carthage and meet the Orcs on the battlefield, although as Lucius watches the commanders are very indifferent to the threat the Orcs pose and take little scouting plans before landing. Together the two land south of Carthage and take part in a massacre of a large force of Orcs led by the Roman Generals the army does not consolidate their holdings but instead they decide to stop and celebrate where in they bring dozens of girls from a nearby Africanas village and Lucius watches on guard as the generals and leadership of the Roman Army engages in a night of orgies, and gives no commands to scout the area something Lucius comments to Titus is going to get them all killed.

Its easy to say looking back that it wouldn't have mattered how well prepared we were then for their attack, because at the time it felt like it was our leaders failing us. Partying. Drinking. Orgies. They just failed us.
Lucius Vorenus

In the morning as the celebrations continue the Roman army is set upon by a larger force of Orcs and Lucius and TItus Pullo are inside the Villa that constitutes the central command of the army as the Orcs overwhelm the camp of the army and Lucius and Titus are able to get the Legatus of the Army onto a horse escaping with a few dozen other legionaries in the villa moving northward towards Carthage. The general is extremely young and named Pompeius Magnus II. a senator sent south by his father in order to prove himself and horrified at the failure he promotes Lucius, and Titus Pullo along with Gnaes Bataiatius, and Sextus Irentius of whom were among the survivors of the Roman Army. During this retreat northward they are met on the road by the Roman General Tullius Agentius of whom leads them into Carthage and tells them the Roman Army has been brutally defeated in the west as well and there scouts are reporting the Orcs are coming on mass towards Carthage itself.

Battle of Carthage

With the Roman Legions losing all across the Carthage province it was quickly clear that as they retreated they all moved towards Carthage where the Orcs followed them leaving only Tunisia to the southeast also holding out against the Orcs. Appius Pullo fought during the collapse of the Africanas province managing to reach Carthage with the sixth legion and it was here where he was killed fighting in the defense of the southern gate with his death saving the gate from complete collapse and allowing the army to escape.

Fleeing Carthage

Following the second assault by the Orcs the Romans are spent as a defence as several gatehouses are in ruins and most of the western wall has collapsed leading to the Generals to order the army to take to this ships. With not enough space for the population of Carthage the remaining population is forced to man the remaining defences alongside Lucius, Titus, and Gnaes, and Sextus of whom remain behind to assist in the defences. Holding out for another week they allow most of the remaining population to retreat by sea and with the last of the boats leaving Titus, Lucius, Gnaes, Sextus, and the badly wounded Secundus Julii prepare for their own death, but are saved by the return of Pompei of whom had dropped his soldiers off on a nearbye island in the hopes of coming back quicker.

Fall of Hispania

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Independence of Ravenna

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The Independence of Ravenna
I can from this moment forward see no reason except for blind faith that we should follow these corupt politicians in Rome. They do not care about anything but power anymore. I say to you who gave them the right? Who gives them the authority if not us. And if we may not command them, then I saw we command ourselves.
Yvonne Pullo Cover Amazing2
I can from this moment forward see no reason except for blind faith that we should follow these corupt politicians in Rome. They do not care about anything but power anymore. I say to you who gave them the right? Who gives them the authority if not us. And if we may not command them, then I saw we command ourselves.
Yvonne Pullo

Ravenna had become the centerpiece of the northern defence of the Italian Peninsula, and yet despite this their calls to be given more clout at the Senate of Rome. These calls were led by the Lady Yvonne Pullo of whom was the bastard born daughter of Titus Pullo but of whom had been raised to noble born by the Emperor himself on the words of Lucius Vorenus, and despite all of this she was treated with extreme disrespect over her bastard birth, and also for being from Ravenna of which was treated as a far flung colony by the Senators in Rome. Yvonna would go to her father's friend Lucius of whom had been the main reason for her rise from a bastard, and she found he was severely curtailed by the Senators of whom hated him for his resistence to their words. Realizing that without Lucius she would have no chance of seeing the Emperor she attempted to go to an actual Senate Meeting but was rejected from entering due to her Sicilian birth, and the other Ravennian's with her were extremely discusted to the point that it nearly came to violence, but Yvonna would pull them back and stopped it. Yvonne would leave with the Ravenna delegation and return to the fortress where she reported alongside the others about their mistreatment by the Roman Senators, and not long after this they learned of the Sack of Rome.

It was coruption that sacked Rome, not the Ratmen.
Titus Pullo

Following the sacking of Rome the leadership of the city of Ravenna would come together in order to meet on this issue, and as this meeting was being prepared Yvonna, would gather together some of her main supporters and would deliver a speach to them of which watched on by her father would convinse them to leave the Roman Empire and found their own Kingdom where they would all have a voice. As the meeting went forward Yvonne backed by her supporters and with her father standing behind her she was able to convinse the remaining nobles that she had what it took to lead them out of the problems of the Roman Empire and into a better future as an independant kingdom.

Siege of Vicoforte

As the work of Conrad Highdor facilitated an increasingly organized Dragonoph "Volunteer" force it was Johan Highdor who expanded this when he led a fleet of seven ships into the area and took control of the port of Vicoforte after a short siege where the defending Roman troops were caught by surprise by the arrival of such large frigates and rather then be subjected to bombardment from the sea they put up a white flag.

Battle of Monesi

Volundy Tullius would take control of the town of Mendatica during the Independance of Ravenna and during this conflict he made several raids against the Roman center of control town of Monesi and these attacks forced the Roman fleet there to be constantly leaving a garrison larger then they would have hoped to leave.

Expanding Control

Arnhilda Highdor would be sent by the Order of the Blue Dragon to assist her father Conrad and the expedition that had traveled into Ravenna and for Arnhilda this was her first command as a recently promoted Guardian in the order she took with her fifty Blue Dragon men at arms and entered the Ravenna region making her headquarters in Vicoforte alongside her uncle.

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