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Maron Scorpian
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Story Role
POV Role None
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital Statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Official Titles
  • Lord of House Scorpian
Alias None
Religion Athiest
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Racial Statistics
Maternal Vandal German
Paternal Vandal German
Father Placeholder
Mother Placeholder
Siblings Placeholder
Internal Family
Spouse Placeholder
Children True Born

With Lucie Scorpian

Maron Scorpian is the son of Narose, and Dalilia Scorpian making him a member of and the current Patriarch of House Scorpian through his father, and a member of House Nighting through his mother. Maron Scorpian has three siblings in the form of Seria, Sasha, and Taron Scorpian of which his brother Taron was a twisted man that was murdered by Evin after he learned that Taron was raping Elize, his sister Sasha was married into House Hale where she birthed two children before dying during the said birth, and his sister Seria was a victom of Taron as well and barely finds herself outside of the House Scorpian estate. Maron Scorpian would go to the Riverlands as a young man and when he returned he was married to Lucie Snow of whom he described as a bastard girl that he had grown attached too while he was there. With Lucie Snow he has four children in the form of Dorin, Faril, Evin, and Elize Scorpian of which Dorin would become quite infamous for a kidnapping ring he was running out of his own personal estate but he would meet his end when the Devils of Nune sacked his estate killing him, his son Faril is the spitting image of Maron in both image and personality as he is known as the butcher of Tradleck following his actions there, his son Evin is a troubled young man who wants to be better then it may be possible for him to be in House Scorpian, and his daughter Elize is a twisted version of her former self after she was raped and since then she has embraced the violent side of herself.

Maron Scorpian would lead the forces of House Scoprian into the Invasion of Berne and taking with him Evin, and Elize he would face failure in his mind for the first time when his strategy at Les Aveniere failed and he would leave the remainder of the campaign to his son Evin as he feigned injury. Maron Scorpian and the overriding House Scorpian would make their presence known once more when House Arryn begin expanding into the lands west of Berne. Maron Scorpian would head to that land with a large force, and alongside his vassals would begin constructing Castle Scorpian of which would be the centerpiece of their expansion in the area. Maron's choice of area would be due to the fact that they had discovered a large grouping of mines nearbye of which held valuable gold minerals. Maron would place Evin and Elize Scorpian in charge of the castle while he moved southward and founded a series of farming villages and estates where he planned to farm the area to provide further income for House Scorpian. His operation would be resisted by House Ordos of whom had moved into the area as well and was resisting the Scorpian colonists into the area.


Early History

The Sack of Scorpfield Fort
I did what I did. If you think I will ever apologize for taking what that monster had. I won't.

Sack of Scorpfield Fort

Dylan Steinmare's Move

Mary Kilgor Cover Amazing4.jpg

I can't stay here father. I've seen the bigger world outside of these walls. This place is Martin's now. I'm meant for bigger things.
Dylan Steinmare

Dylan Steinmare would be sent back to Steinmare as a part of the attempt by members of the Circle of Magi to isolate William, and this was a devastating moment for Dylan who overnight lost all his friends and returned to a very unloving home life. Back in Steinmare it was Dylan that almost immediatly attempted to find a way to return to the capital. Dylan was suffering as were many of the other exiled members of the Shadow Council by being away from William and he begin plotting his return. Dylan's first move was to conspire with his brother to have Martin Steinmare become the new heir of House Steinmare which by doing this would allow Dylan the freedom to return to the capital. The second thing he did was travel back to Mirador Keep where despite his love for Laera he would agree to his fathers demand of marrying Mary Kilgor. Arriving at Mirador Keep it was Dylan that used the attraction that Mary had for him to have her push her father for the marriage, and with her help it was who arrived in Steinmare and the two were then married shortly after this. Despite his marriage to Mary it was Dylan that continued to send love letters to Laera Griffon in the capital, and it was only once he was actually married to Mary that he begin to have romantic feelings for her, and begin to question his end goal of being with Laera.

Skirmish in Northern Steinmare

Dylan would take control of the 2nd Steinmare Brigade and alongside Dankred Heilbrenner who brought the 1st Heilbrenner Brigate the two would ambush Archibald Weisz who was in the process of raiding across northern Steinmare. Dylan's victory against the Nune Devils would lead to him being recalled to the capital and thus returning to William's side where he swore himself to the Circle of Magi although he did not know the details of what this entailed.

Coming of the Butcher

Ulrich would travel with his father to Scorpfield Fort following its sack by the Nune Devils and despite his attempts to join with the army of Leopold Garrn when it went after the Nune Devils it was Maron that forced Ulrich to stay with him.

Battle of Leistner Fort

Coming of Ezio

Catherine Voiriere Cover Amazing8.jpg

I need you to go to Scorpfield Fort and assist the Scorpians in dealing with the rebels. They are enemies of the crown and they are to be dealt with as the traitors to the crown they are. No trials for traitors Ezio.
Carlisle Cullen

Following being given his orders by Carlisle Cullen it was Ezio and Catherine that left Lucerne using a teleportion spell taking them to Moore Keep. At Moore keep they are given boat transportation by Nedrik Moore a Circle of Magi member who before they leave warns them of the moral failings of House Scorpian. Arriving at the now ruined Scorpfield Fort they meet with the House Scorpian leadership which has arrived with a large force at the fort following it being sacked. Ezio is directed by Maron Scorpian that the attackers were seen fleeing eastward, and Ezio goes into the forest outside the fort with Catherine Voiriere and he reveals her skills when she takes out a wand. Using her Magi abilities, she can cast a spell which creates a mist which shows the path taken by the people that attacked the fort. Following the mist, they reach the water realizing the group travelled then by boat, its Ezio that returns to the Scorpians and procures a boat to be led by Heiner Prochnow. As the boat prepares to push off its Ulrich Scorpian that joins the boat against the orders of his father as he wants vengeance for the killing of his brother Dorin. Once again following the mist the boat travels eastward eventually reaching the Nunedorf River where the mist takes them northward. Forced to stop at a small fishing village its Ezio that stays on the boat. Woken in the night by the sound of screaming its Ezio that runs to the screaming alongside Heiner, and the five Scorpian men at arms. Reaching the screams, they find a bloody Catherine standing over the body of a clearly deceased Ulrich Scorpian. As she tells the group that she killed Ulrich after he tried to rape her it’s Heiner that tries to take her into custody, but Ezio refuses this. A fight breaks out which leads to Ezio killing all the men at arms and standing over a wounded Heiner he lets him go but joined by Catherine they hire several villagers to help them move the boat north. Returning to their boat with the new village crew they continue following the mist eventually finding the boat of the attackers hidden at a small, abandoned dock. Leaving the villagers to watch the boat its Ezio and Catherine that continue following the mist onto land. Spending the day traveling they eventually reach a ruined village where they spy a group camping inside what looks like an old holdfast. Leaving Catherine at the edge of the village its Ezio that sneaks into the village knocking out the sentries on watch. Climbing the holdfast, he watches the group inside the holdfast. Hearing the group discuss the money he learns they plan to give the money to farmers and nobles in Nunendorf who lost everything during the purge against them. Brought back to memories of killing good people in years past its Ezio that enters the window revealing himself to the rebels inside. Gathering their weapons to themselves its Ezio that disarms them one by using his superior skill. With the rebels inside aware they stand at his mercy he offers their leaders in Leofrich Nune III. and Reiner Heimsoth offer. Ezio tells them that if they leave the Crownlands he will lie and say that he found the rebels and killed them. After agreeing to letting Leofrich and his rebels give the money to an ally of theirs so it can be properly distributed its Ezio that lets them go. The leadership goes outside the tower and while Archibald wants them to gather their men and attack Ezio its Reiner that refuses to make this betrayal. Gathering the Nune Devils they command them to pack, and the leadership lies that they were discovered and must for a time travel southward in order to protect themselves. The family members of many of the Nune Devils are also recalled for this journey and thus it takes them the entire next day to prepare their full forces to retreat southward. With everyone assembled its Leofrich and Reiner that meet with Ezio, and Catherine in order to finally confirm that they are leaving the lands of Crownlands. The group discusses the plans of the Nune Devils with Reiner saying they will be traveling southward to the lands of House Dedekind where he has family among their ranks. Ezio bids goodbye shaking their hand but not before telling them that he will be heading to Nortburg for the tournament there.

Devils Leave the Crownlands

Lies of Ezio

The chapter ends with Ezio arriving in Nortburg where he meets with Benjamin Bradfoot and Robin Compere of whom let Ezio know that several dozen who support Ezio have also left Ravenholdt and have traveled to the Valley of Lucerne as per his request, and with this he begins planning for the defense of the tournament.

Death of Taron Scorpian

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TheKilling of Taron Scorpian
Tell your father were even now.

Elize Scorpian Cover Amazing.jpeg

There will never be words to tell you what is wrong with me. Its time brother you just accepted that I'm lost. You have so many great things in your life and to be honest with you my dear brother I am the one negative for you. The time has come for you accept that I'm gone.
Elize Scorpian
As the years went by and the rape continued, Elize started to attempt to get return to the friendship and love she had with her brother Evin, but she became distraught when she discovered that when she tried it was as if he didn't know her anymore. She lost all will to go on after this and basically accepted that her uncle was going to take whatever he wanted, and no one could ever care about her. This changed when Evin was lying in the woods with Sarella Snow of whom he has been seeing in the forest between their two homes for the years since he had left and she is now pregnant with his child. Returning to his home he sees his sister walking through the yard like the zombie she has become and so overcome with his own issues he doesn't have the energy to see her so he goes straight to his father of whom he finds in the keep of Castle Scorpian with several of his lords in Reginald Kane, and Gregor Henket of whom he waits patiently to be done their conversation before talking with his father about his incoming bastard child. His father reveals that they were discussing marry Faril to Reginalds sister Leyla of whom is fifteen at the time, and despsite Evin saying how hes met her and she is a kind girl who will not handle Faril's abuse well his father does not listen and lets Evin tell him his news to which he shows little emotion about telling Evin to either accept the bastard or not but he will not be able to marry Sarella no matter what happens. Leaving his father in a rage he cannot return to his room as the servents are cleaning and so he goes to the basement of the keep to think alone but instead hears the sounds of crying and follows the sound to find his uncle Taron Scorpian raping his sister and overcome with rage he stabs his uncle through the back before stabbing him again and again through the chest.

Elize Scorpian had all but given up on life before she was saved by her brother.

Evin pushed the body away from Elize and before he even thought about covering her naked body he pulled her into a hug. For years Elize had been suffering from a loneliness and a fear about everything but the moment that Evin held her she felt loved in a way she hadn't known for years. In this moment she felt a feeling for Evin that she couldn't explain but whatever it was she felt the desire to kiss him, and when she did he didn't pull back because he was young and fearefull of hurting her. Looking into his eyes she revealed what had been happening all of these years and completely prepared for Evin to hate her he simply hugged her tighter and in that moment her life was forever altered as this started what would become her fanatical love for her brother. Eventually forced to pull away from her his uncle lay dead on the floor and the two would remain in the basement the rest of the day as Elize told him they couldn't move the body until the night and completely out of his element and coming to the realization in his mind that he had killed his uncle he left things to Elize.
Nothing was ever the same for me after Evin rescued me from the nightmare that I was living. It was as if everything bad in my life was just pushed back for a moment by his love for me. He never looked at me like the dirt that I felt I was, he just picked me up and held me until my body stopped shaking. There will just never be the words to tell him how much I love him for that.
Elize Scorpian

After hiding the dead body of their uncle the two would agree to never talk of him again, and his death was never truly explained but as noone had liked him including her father noone really cared that he was gone. Later Evin would be told by his father Maron Scorpian that he knew they had killed Taron and the reason noone talked about it was because Maron had men loyal to him hide the evidence and he spread stories about what had happened to Taron which explained ther reason no one had asked. With the death of her uncle and the realization for herself that she was in love with her brother she went on a tailspin at first. She went into Evin's room in the middle of the night and got on top of him, and once there she proceeded to have sex with him, and Evin lost himself in her to the point that he forgot what he was doing and allowed himself to fall in love with her like she wanted him too. Following this they fell asleep and when he woke up she was gone, and all that was left was a letter that she had left for him on her side of the bed.

The Letter

For years I lived with nothing but fear. Fear that my life was going to be nothing but his foul breathe, and the violence of his touch. Fear that his constant threats about hurting you would come true. But the thing that scared me the most was the fear that if someway, somehow I was able to get out that you wouldn't love me as you did. I made it through those years with nothing but the strand of faith that you loved me the way I loved you. I know that in your heart you feel the same longing for me as I feel for you but I also understand your fears. You fear that society will reject you. That the world you love so much will think you a monster. But for that I tell you something. I don't care what they think. I don't care what they know. I want you. I want you with everything in my soul. I long for nothing more then the feel of your hand in mine, or the way your hand feels brushing my face. It is this that keeps me. It is this that will push me forward towards what I must do. I must leave you for a time, but know that I do not leave you because what I have just said is filled with lies. I leave you because I need a moment to find myself, and whatever that means for me. Know nothing more then that I love you, and hold tight to that knowledge while I'm away.
Elize Scorpian

The Journey

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Invasion of Berne

Main Article : Invasion of Berne

The Invasion of Berne
We have secured the Valley. It is now time to end this war.

Amber Heard II. Cover Amazing3.jpg

The Valley is ours in every way that matters. My brother taunts me with this letter. He attempts to goad me into making a mistake. My brother is hiding in Berne, and until we root him out and bring justice to him, this war shall not end.
William Lovie III.

With Tristan Lovie losing himself as leader of Berne he has been writing letters to William since the start of the Civil War but these letters are crudely written and have not had any real effect on William's strategies. This letter though is intercepted by Ezio Ederiz who swaps it out with his own letter which becomes known as The Amber Letter. William is spending time with Bella when he is interrupted by the arrival of Nicoli, Alice, and Jasper with Alice handing him a letter and then attempting to take Bella out of the room but Bella resists this and not knowing what is in the letter William lets her stay. William reads the letter know as the Amber Letter and in the letter Tristan taunts him about the damage he is doing in Berne and then reveals that he has Amber Heard under his control as well as lying about also having his son by Amber under his control. Following the reading of the letter its William that makes the declaration that he is going to invade berne and end the conflict once and for all.

Return of Dylan Steinmare

I'm sorry for what I did to you Dylan. The blame lies with me. You were just trying to help me.
Alice Lovie

With the planning stage moving forward it was Alice Lovie who having been given time to really digest how she had reacted to Dylan Steinmare that would begin thinking of making things right.

Taking the Harnene River

Karyl Reyne Cover Amazing9.jpg

The Harnene River is the closest spot for us to land our forces for the eventual invasion of Berne. Sadly for us the river has been occupied by those loyal to the Sons. We need you to travel there and take the islands in preparation for our arrival.
Rendrick Vaith

Franklin isn't in Marburg when messengers arrive telling him that he has been summoned to Forks to meet with King William Lovie III. and Franklin sends a letter to Demi Hill telling her to meet him in Forks, and then gathers his household and leaves for Forks. After traveling the road to forks he and his forces arrive at Forks where the city shows signs of large military presence through the camps that have formed outside the walls, and accompanied by Karyl he enters Forks. Reaching Swan Keep he meets with Demi who was waiting for him there and together they enter the keep where they meet with William and his generals. The group details that they are going to move against Berne and are gathering at Forks for this work, but they also tell Franklin that he is to lead his forces ahead of them and take control of the Islands of Aveniere, Les Doneliele in preparation for the arrival of the main army. Franklin is told to meet with Maron Scorpian at Castle Haftendorf where alongside forces brought by Maron they will attack the islands. They will also be joined in this effort by the forces of Northern Lucerne who under Lennard Reinmann III. will be bringing several thousand troops into the conflict. Franklin, Karyl, and Demi Hill arrive at the port of Castle Haftendorf, and looking at what appears to be a full fleet in the docks and a large army camped out there, and he holds Karyl's hand as he realizes the true depths of this invasion.

Surrender of Les Doneliele
Battle of Les Aveniere

Coryander Redonnid Cover Amazing.png

We shall take this castle as quickly as possible. I don't want to be sitting here in the mud when the king arrives. How foolish would we look Franklin?
Maron Scorpian

It was Hartmut Ehrenfeld that would be sent to Les Aveniere alongside Coryander and would be one of her primary advisors during the defense strategy planning and during this planning period it was Hartmut that prepared himself several sacrifices in secret which he would use during the battle to horrifying effect. While preparing for the siege of Les Aveniere its Franklin that cannot find his voice to make the opinion that they should be more cautious in their approach as its Maron Scorpian and Lennard Reinmann that decide to move quickly against the castle instead of leading a more lengthy siege. Maron, and Lennard both want to take control of Les Aveniere before William arrives so that they can move quickly and take the remainder of the Harnene River and thus look more successful to William when he arrives, while Franklin wants to follow the doctrine of William in losing the least amount of troops possible. Following through on the plans of Maron, and Lennard the attacking forces move towards the gate with battering rams, and a small amount of catapults quickly put together by Franklin are firing on the three towers, and as they move forward outside of the archer fire the defenders make little movement leading Maron to laugh at Franklin for being so cautious. As Maron and some of the other nobles begin discussing the steps they shall take after the gate comes down its Franklin that watches as Judith begins shaking beside him, and going to her he finds her eyes completely white, and shes unresponsive to him.

Elias you need to stop what there doing right now. Those demons keep falling were going to die here.
Franklin Brent IV.

Before he can do anything large red bolts fire into the sky from inside Les Aveniere and turning the sky into a blood red he holds Judith as she falls to the ground her eyes though finally returning to normal. As the red sky beings raining down on them with blood the men begin to panic, and only the words of Maron Scorpian bring them back into line, but as this is happening Franklin follows Judith as she goes to find Elias and it doesnt take long to find Elias who is joined by Eleonora, and Thadius and talking with Elias Franklin learns that there is a powerful Magi inside Les Aveniere who is summoning a very powerful spell. As they are talking Maron comes to them to demand anwsers but before anything can be said the sky opens up and the blood begins pooling on the ground and from it demons begin forming. Maron leads the Scorpian reserves into the fighting as hundreds of demons spawn among the first wave, and while this fight is happening Franklin commands the Magi to stop the spell. Eliias leads the Magi in casting a counter spell to the one being summoned, and after several minutes the sky begins to return to normal but as the final traces of the red go away its Thadius Herdrich that explodes into a bloody mess. With the summoning over its Franklin that leads his troops accompanied by Judith into the maelstorm outside the gates where the demons are still fighting against the first wave, and Marons forces. As he does this Lennard and his commanders move against the gate. As the last of the demons fell to the counter assault it was a relieved Franklin that looked to Judith who had found her father in the fighting and as the two held hands it was Judith's father Tristan that was incinerated by a Magi assault from the defenders of the city and watching this enraged Judith who lost control of her emotions and begin firing Magi bolts at the walls killing several defenders before she was pulled away by Eleonora.

Consolidating the Harnene

Reinhard Reinmann would be left behind with three thousand men at Les Avenieres where he would garrison the island city while the remainder of the invasion forces moved northward towards Chambery.

Fall of Les Toulione

Battle of Chambery

The Battle of Chambery would become a disaster for the True Sons when a large portion of the defenses led by the Knights of Chambery would change sides joining with Lucerne thus allowing the Lucernians to land their forces inside the city.

Massacre at the Gates

With the Orcish/True Son forces defeated in the battle they attempted to retreat back to Chambery but arriving at the gates they found them blocked and Adoncia Redonnid would command her troops to fire on the encroaching army who was now caught between the Lucernians and the walls of Chambery. Attempting to fight his way free of the trap it was Raymond Suchet that was killed by an arrow as he attempted to lead them out of the massacre and his death would lead to a total collapse of the True Sons forces there.

Battle of Le Bouchage

Blocking Berne

Battle of Epitou

Siege of Westian

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The West

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Death of Byron Arryn

The Death of Byron Arryn
I wasn't there in the end for him. I couldn't have been there at the end for him. As much as I loved him as my father, he was a monster who had failed his people. He deserved to be alone. He deserved to die the same way so many of his people were forced to die.

Aria Arryn Large1.jpg

I got the letter before my father did and the moment I did I knew everything was going to change. He was surviving simply off the lie he told himself about my brother, and if he learned the truth with his own eyes it would finish him.
Aria Arryn

The city of Berne was tense as Aria, and Hanna Arryn had become the most powerful leaders of House Arryn overpassing their father Byron of whom was hated by the nobles for his cowardess during the Battle of Berne. While this was happening Aria was somewhat rebuilding her relationship with her father and came to discover that her father still believed her brother Byron was going to come home, and it was for this reason that he was improving his image. It was weeks after discovering this that Aria Arryn would get a letter from William Lovie III. detailing to her that the Order of the Violet Dragon had narrowed down the location of Bill Lovie and that most her brother Byron had in fact been there, and he wished to know what Aria wished them to do with his body. Aria would for that moment remember the brother she knew so many years ago, and want to bury him in Forks where the family had grown up, and where she remembered him with fondness. First going to her sisters Hanna, and Spencer the group would speak kindly of their brother and the way in which they wanted to remember him, but at this point Aria would reveal what she knew about their father and his dependance on the memory of their brother, and they all realized he wouldn't survive the news. 

The three of us went to him and tried our best to say goodbye. It was a tragic moment as he knew nothing of what we were doing, and yet that conversation would be the last I would ever have with my father. I knew I didn't have the heart to tell him, and for that he died alone.
Aria Arryn

The girls would decide to spend time with their father one last time before they knew he would go off the deep end, and each of them had a different idea of what this would end with. The three would travel with a troop of Arryn troops north of Berne to a large waterfall where they spent the day together, and despite Byron becoming increasingly dillusional as he was kept away from Berne they had a good final time with their father. As they returned to Berne, Hanna would travel with only five men west to Greengarden, while Spencer would travel with a hundred men to Castle Scorpian where she planned to organize the living of the retreating refugees that the Violet Dragons had freed from both Orleans and the surrounding area. Left alone with her father Aria would be prepared to tell him when she grew weak and left it to Maester Coleman of whom she told to give the letter from William to once they had returned to Berne. 

I wasn't there in the end for him. I couldn't have been there at the end for him. As much as I loved him as my father, he was a monster who had failed his people. He deserved to be alone. He deserved to die the same way so many of his people were forced to die.
Aria Arryn

Aria would be in the keep of Berne when Maester Coleman, and Benjamin Krinner would enter followed by many other high nobles of the city. Maester Coleman would tell her what she already knew would be to pass, when he told Aria that Byron had thrown himself from walls of Berne and was dead. There was silence as though noone had loved Byron they cared deeply for Aria and thus gave her time to digest the news of her father's death of which she would sit with her head down for a moment before rising and addressing the assembled lords. Describing how good a situation they were in now she wished for them to support her as she took her claim to William Lovie III. in an attempt to make herself the Arch Dutchess of Berne. Benjaming Krinner would be the first to stand and support her, and following this many of the other lords quickly stood and joined the chorus of cheers and applause for her. Aria Arryn would call for the next oldest male of House Arryn in the form of Paul Arryn, and his brother Derek of which both arrived quickly as they were both in Berne. The three would meet and Paul would indicate that he believed she was the best choice, and Derek agreed, and thus Paul would travel with her to Forks where the funural for her brother and father would be held, and it would be there that they would support her claim to the control of Berne.

Funeral of an Arch Duke

Hanna Arryn Gif Cover1.gif
It was a strange thing to stand around and watch him go beneath the ground. I know he would have been happy knowing his body was so close to his heirs but I just wish it would have been different.
Hanna Arryn

Derek and Spencer Arryn remained in Berne in order to lead the city in the absence of Aria and nearly the entire nobility of the Grand State travelled to Forks in order to meet with the leadership of Lucerne and decide the new Lord of Berne, of which they overwhelmingly wanted to be Aria. Arriving at Forks Hanna and Aria were greated at the front of the caravans and at the entrance of Forks by William Lovie III., Leven Martell, Jasper Hale, Alice Lovie, Bella, and Charlie Swan and William would get off his Griffon and walk to the front where Aria and Hanna got off as well and he would hug Hanna and say his apologies for their loss. The funeral would go as expected with very few attending outside of the Shadow Council, and Bella Swan of whom wanted to support Hanna as she put her father to rest.

Did you come here thinking for even a second that I might reject you? If you did then I suppose I should elect a few more females to my council.
William Lovie III.

Following the ceremony the Shadow Council, and the Arryn sisters would meet in Swan Keep alongside Charlie Swan of whom would meet with Aria over what she wanted to say. Aria would make an impassioned speach detailing why William should name her the Arch Dutchess of Berne, and the others stayed silent and stared at William once Aria was done. William stayed silent for a moment before breaking out laughing causing the rest to laugh until finally William revealed there was never any question as to if she would be named the new ruler. Hanna would travel with her husband back with William and the others to Lucerne where she would plan to stay for several months in better climate and try and help the sickly Harrold Krinner as they attempted to have a child. William having named Aria the Arch Dutchess of Berne would make her the first female leader of a Grand State in the history of Lucerne, and she returned to Berne at the head of the massive force of Berne and finally okay with her position in the political landscape.

Family Members


POV Role 

The New Land

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