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Marvin Scott
is the son of James, and Lydia Scott making him a member of House Scott through his father, and a member of House Tyrell through his mother. Marvin has one sibling in the form of Clayton Scott of whome is a leader amongst the House Scott military forces. Marvin Scott is also married to Milisent Scott, with whome he has one young daughter with. He is very well known for his extreme intelligence and this has led him to be a leader in Tree Hill. His intelligence was specifically noted during the siege of Tree Hill when some of his ideas allowed for the survival of the survivors in the city, as well as him attempting to find other ingenious ways to hit back at the besiegers.

Marvin Scott was born following the abandoning of House Scott by his father James Scott, and for most of his youth this lack of a father figure affected him greatly. He and his brother did not get along as his brother Clayton was very popular and Marvin Scott despire his noble birth was someone that enjoyed reading more then he did the hunts that his more popular brother enjoyed so much.Surviving the siege of Tree Hill has led him to become a staunch Dragon Worshiper and loyal servent of William Lovie III. All of this for a man who many saw as being a complete wimpy failure who would amount to little in his life.


Early History

Marvin Scott was born the second and ultimately the last child of James, and Lydia Scott. While Marvin was only one years old his father went to France to take part in the war in France, and was killed during the Battle of Lyons. Never meeting his father is a point of sadness for Marvin Scott, and its definetly not hard to reason why he has more of the emotional attributes that his mother had since he never had a true male role model around him. The one person during his youth who could have been a male role model was Clayton Scott but the two did not get along, and as such they sort of stuck to their own group of friends and basically just co-excisted for their early life.

Siege of Tree Hill

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members

Lydia Scott - Mother

James Scott - Father

Clayton Scott - Brother


Millisent Scott

Milisent Scott

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