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Massacre at Gibraltar
Hispania - Massacre at Gibraltar.png
Location Gibraltar
Start of Conflict 5103
End of Conflict 5104
Result Rebel Victory
Order of the Raven Roman Empire
Order of the Raven Roman Empire
  • Caelus Trebonius
  • Servius Reburrus
† = Killed in action
(†) = Missing
 Surrendered = Captured
 Fled = Fled the Field
Order of the Raven Roman Empire
2 Novice Total

The Massacre at Gibraltar was a brief battle fought during the prelude to the Fall of Hispania between the forces of the Order of the Raven against the Roman Empire for control of Gibraltar.

The Massacre at Gibraltar would lead to the completion of the Bridge of Gibraltar which would enable to Fall of Hispania and the eventual Fall of France thus making the Massacre at Gibraltar a major epoch of world history.



If I would have known what I was actually doing...If I had of just simply looked past the lies I was being told. I could have stopped all of this.
Ezio Ederiz

Poncet Mariette would lead his Unkindness to the small castle of Gibraltar where arriving with his forces he links up with Vincent Vandame, and Hartwin Eberl and their forces all of whom are to combine their strength. Vincent and Hartwin had managed to keep any word from Gibraltar from leaving the area as well as sabotaged the boat at the port which was meant to be the first warning against movement to the south, and thus the Roman Empire remained unaware of the growing construction of the Bridge of Gibraltar. Entering the castle Ezio accompanies Poncet, Hartwin, and Vincent as they are introduced to a Roman Lieutenant named Postumius Iavolenus of whom they discuss the current regional situation with and Postumius reveals he has only gained a few dozen of the garrison to his side while the remainder remain loyal to Caelus Trebonius the Legate Tribune of the castle. With this in mind Poncet while clearly confused as to what there end goal is goes along with the plan that Vincent and Hartwin form in order to kill the garrison and then gain control of the port.

Destroying the Villages

By the time we arrived at San Toque the whole village had been put to the sword. The Morag Tong were already doing their work, and there was no stopping what was happening.
Ezio Ederiz

The attack would be stalled by Vincent, and Hartwin who refused to tell Poncet why but instead commanded he and his Unkindess travel north and destroy the village of San Toque. Poncet would once again wilt under the pressure and accepted this command taking Ezio with him as they traveled to San Toque on this mission of destruction.

The Massacre

I can't change what we did that day. I can't ever ask for forgiveness. I can't take it back. All I can do is attempt to do some manner of good in the world before my demons eventually find me.
Ezio Ederiz

Following returning from the destruction of San Toque it was Poncet who met with the newly arrived Burama Jarju of whom was a member of the Morag Tong and was there to assist in the capture of Gibraltar. Together with the few traitors in the castle the forces of the Raven and the Morag Tong would attack the castle during the night and without any warning the defenders were mainly dead before any fight could be had, and the legate tribune would be assassinated by Poncet who alongside Ezio spoke briefly with the tribune before the kill discovering more details on what was actually happening.