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The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon was an event that was named after the meeting of William Lovie III. and Karl Franz through Magi Stones attempting to come an agreement of the mutual direction of their nations. The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon came to pass after William had fully conquered the entirety of the Riverlands and hoped that this would finally allow him the oppurtunity to negotiate with the Emperor of the Imperiam of Germania. The meeting while a good sign in the beggining due to the fact that Karl Franz and William got along would devolve after it became clear that Karl Franz had no ability to stop Arnor from being destroyed by Austria and that nothing Lucerne could do would stop that.

The Meeting of the Dragon and the Griphon would have an immense impact on both of the people involved. For William Lovie III. this conversation would lead to his belief that the only way to fully deal with the agression of the Empire was to become big enough and powerful enough that he could not be talked down too, and basically not even be listened too. For Karl Franz this conversation would force him to reavaluate the situation with Austria as he came to understand after the conversation that he basically had lost control of Austria and needed to move quickly to stop the Austrians from becoming anymore independant then they already were.

The meeting was first put forward after the discovery by William that a member of his new found siblings Natalie Portmane was the queen of Arnor and this led to him attempting to help her by trying to protect Arnor from Germania.

In terms of the continent, and the two kingdoms involved this meeting would lead to many things not limited to the following events.

  • Invasion of Westbridge. Basically everything that happened as a result of the Invasion of Westbridge only happens because William Lovie III. felt the need to take control of Westbridge to act as a detterent to the might of the Empire.

The Conversation

"Your Grace I must caution you one last time about the young Emperor." Nicoli had come one last time as I could tell he thought for some reason that I was going to try and intimidate the most powerful man on the continent. 

"Say what you will Nicoli."

"The Emperor is just a little older then yourself, and his lands are much different then your own. Threats will not matter..."

"I do not plan on threatening anyone during my speaking with Karl."

"I know what you plan William, and yet I know too that your sister is one of the main prizes at stake here."


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