Noble Titans

Metis is a first generation titan of whom was created by the Old Ones in order to be the godess of courage and bravery a role which she held until she was killed by Zeus during the Eternity War.

Metis alongside many of the other titans would take on the form of their leaders creation in the humans and she would hold this form until her death barely ever returning to her etherel titan form.

After Zeus was unwilling to assist Ingri it was Zeus's lover Metis that secretly followed Ingri back to Albion and travelling to Helms Deep despite all titans being commanded to not do this she rejected this command and having seen demons and Trollocs fighting there she returned to Olympus with a captured Trolloc of whom she believed would prove to Zeus of the involvement of Khorne. Instead of proving the guilt of Khorne her actions would be seen by Zeus as a betrayal and thus with Poseidan in the room and after a long argument with Metis it was Zeus that would kill her and then lie about her death stating that she had fled Olympus and had no idea where she went and forbade any discussion on her again as she was labeled a traitor.




Early History

Coming of the Old Ones

The Eternity War

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