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Michelle Trachtenberg
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Story Role
POV Role A Green River Bleeds
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Born 5106
Title Official Titles
  • Princess of Lucerne
  • Lady of Greenville
Nickname Placeholder
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Marriage Loyalties

Racial Statistics
Maternal {{{Maternal race}}}
Paternal {{{Paternal race}}}
Father Frank Trachtenberg
Mother Katia Lovie
Siblings Kristen Trachtenberg
Internal Family
Spouse Seth Green
Children True Born
  • Wilhem Green
  • Ashley Green

Michelle Trachtenberg is the daughter of Kate Lovie , and Frank Trachtenberg II. making her a member of the Lovie Family. She has been constantly overshadowed by her older sister Kristen Trachtenburg over the course of her life, and this has led to her and Kristen having an extremely strained relationship. Seth Green would come to marry Michelle Trachtenberg and the two would at first be relatively happy but this relationship became strained due to the discovery of Michelle having affairs which caused Seth to engage in his own affairs but despite this private truth they remain happy in public. Michelle Trachtenberg, and Seth Green have two children in the form of Wilhem, and Ashley Green of which both are young at the time of Westros and living in Lucerne with their mother.

Michelle Trachtenburg gains her major role in the storyline during her POV Role in the story A Green River Bleeds which details her life, and expanding role within the Kingdom, and most importantly to her House Lovie.

Michelle became a major player during the taking of Lucerne by her cousin William when she was used by Lornax, and Vlarenix to pass the Circlet of Aerene to James Lovie II. who had been convinsed that she was a great traitor and brought before him because of this she was badly injured but managed to used the Circlet to give James weeks of freedom from Vhloraz before she was sent to Castle Whitehaven. During the Rise of Lucerne she was chosen by her cousin as the girl that they would have marry Seth Green the son and heir of the Riverlands power broker Fadin Green, and this caused a lot of suprise amongst the leadership of Lucerne, but William ignored this and moved forward on this plan. She would accompany Eddard Starke into the Riverlands during the negotiations and her presentation to Lord Fadin Green was seen as very important and she did everything she could to make sure she was seen as the perfect person to become the Lords daughter. Her success and accepatance into House Green would allow her to repair all the damage that had been done to her reputation throughout the years, and she grew happy for the first time in many years. With the arrangement moving forward she would be greeted by Steve Lane of whom wanted her back, but discovered that despite still loving him she was not willing to derail the diplomacy of her cousin and for this reason sent him away and told Marcel Lovie to make sure that he didn't return. Her wedding would seal the final straw for the fall of the Riverlands, and she would move to Seagard where she became the princess of Seagard and the wife of Seth Green. A year after the marriage she became pregnant with his child, and after a healthy delivery she would give birth to a healthy baby girl. Her role as mother became her primary role as Seth Green following impregnating her again would leave for Westbridge with much of the army of House Green leaving her alone in Seagard with noone but her handmaiden's to keep her company. As Seth Green became embroiled in the fighting in Westbridge she became rather lonely in Seagard, and came to leave Seagard after the birth of her son and stayed in Lucerne with her family. Returning to Lucerne she was hounded by Steve Lane of whom was able to convinse her that he was sorry for everything that had happened and wanted her desperatly. Giving into his advances the two would become once again intimate and this time she went to her cousin William before anything had happened, and realizing that if he was logical he was bound to have her imprisoned for causing the possible failure of a large union in the Riverlands, but William`s love for his cousin caused him to instead direct her to hatch a plot to have her husband killed so that her son would be the heir to House Green and she would be acting regent, and after some time she could be married to Steve Lane in the actual marriage she wanted.


Michelle Trachtenburg has never felt much love in her life. She and her sister competed constantly and the relationship itself wasn't one of warmth. Her parents were very busy, and this led to her being alone a lot of the time. This has led her to constantly search for someone to care about her, and in this way she has become a girl with a rather negative reputation amongst the girls of her age, and even some of the older noblewomen after she engaged in a scandelous relationship with a number of Nobleman. This behavior has caused her to be rather disrespected amonst the members of House Lovie, and has pushed her nearly out of the family.


Early History

Michelle Trachtenburg HOT.png

My youth was filled with the failed expectations of basically every person that I cared anything for. I tried so hard throughout my youth to be the person that they all seemed to want me to be, but the moment I became the free spirit that they begged me to be, they called me a whore. There is no pleasing the world, its all a matter of simply pleasing your own mind, and then everything elce just comes together.
Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenburg was born the youngest child of Kate Lovie, and Frank Trachtenburg making her an important member of the Lovie Family through the House Trachtenberg branch of the family. During her youth she was constantly compared to her older sister Kristen, and this led to a lot of disputes between the two that always seemed to be blamed on Michelle. Michelle Trachtenburg due to this has never felt much love in her life from her closest family members, as due to the previous notes she and her sister competed constantly and the relationship itself wasn't one of warmth. Her parents were very busy, and this led to her being alone a lot of the time, of which eventually somewhat ended when she was sent to the Lucernian Academy a few years after her older sister. This isolation from her home with the Trachtenbergs and searching for a relationship with the Lovie branch of her family has led her to constantly search for someone to care about her, and in this way she has become a girl with a rather negative reputation among the girls of her age, and even some of the older noblewomen after she engaged in a scandalous relationship with a number of Nobleman. Watching her older cousin William Lovie III. engage in numerous romantic affairs with other nobles she came to believe in her naievity that she could do the same and gain his respect, but discovered to her horror that this would have far more consequences as a girl then it did for prince William.

Happiness, and Sadness

Michelle Trachtenburg5.jpg

My relationship with Steve was doomed from the very beginning. He had a kind heart, but I was stuck in a tornado of the life I had created for myself. No matter how much I wanted to drift towards him, the world just wouldn't stay away, and I don't blame him for getting tired of it.
Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle became romantically linked to Steve Lane after the two spent time together riding horses due to the fact that Michelle Trachtenberg was sent to the House Lovie estate to spend sometime away from the constant rumors and verbal attacks from the other girls of her age. She accompanied her cousin Marcel Lovie II. to the estate where he was going to be staying for a time while he learned the arts of mounted combat from House Lane's primarch John Lane. When she arrived at the estate she came to be very bored, and the only thing she could find to do was ride the horses, and it was riding these horses that got her to know John Lane the Patriarch of House Lane, and his son Steve Lane. She grew close to Steve Lane of whom was a lover of the horses, and taught her everything he could about riding and caring for the horses, and from the innocence this relationship grew into a romantic one, and they begin to become intimate and this became one of the best times of Michelle's life. This happy time was interrupted when Skarloc Mannover arrived in the House Lovie estate to meet with Marcel Lovie when he happened to see Michelle Trachtenberg. Skarloc had been one of the nobles that had been using Michelle Trachtenberg sexually back in Lucerne and he threatened her relationship with Steve Lane unless she slept with him again. She didn't want to but she didn't want to lose

Michelle Trachtenburg10.jpg

Steven so she did anyway. Following this she hoped everything would go back to normal, and for a time it did with her and Steve continuing their relationship but it was interrupted again when Steve joined House Lane in the Journey.

It was all so safe and comfortable while he was beside me. He made the days more happy then I had ever known, and with him the nights were never as empty as they had been. When he left though it was like the world just flooded in, and the dams I had built just weren't strong enough to hold back the water.
Michelle Trachtenberg

During his departure her whereabouts became common knowledge after Skarloc Mannover told some of his friends about her being in the estate. Many nobles came to the estate trying to get her to do the same things she had done in the past, but she turned them away until the coming of Maron Scorpian of whom beat her quite badly and then had his way with her, before making her understand that she was a whore worth nothing. With this in her mind and no steve to protect her she became exactly what they wanted her to be. When Steve returned he became aware of what she had done while he was gone, and he refused to see her anymore leading to her being more alone then ever. Marcel Lovie learned of all this and thus it spread throughout House Lovie what she had been doing, and she lost herself in her own family leading to her being exiled by Bill Lovie shortly before the return of the army of William Lovie III.

Nortburg Tournament of 5120

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The Nortburg Tournament of 5120
This tournament is for all of you. Its time you started building your own family now William.

Rosalie Hale Cover4.png

You are my son, and more then that you are the heir to this kingdom. That does not require me to keep you aware of everything that is going on at all times.
James Lovie II.

Its while sitting in the gardens outside the Skytower kissing Rosalie Hale when the two are interrupted by the arrival of Carlisle Cullen, and Kieth Schwartz. The two attempt to send Rosalie away but William resists this and she stays with him as they tell him about the coming Nortburg Tournament. It’s revealed that following the wedding it was William that was shuttled back to Lucerne and has been locked away inside the Tower of Clouds estate with only his friends able to visit him inside. William demands to know where Alice is and as the group is arguing about this its James that comes out of the front gate. William looks to his father and is shocked at his appearance. The last time he saw his father was only a few weeks ago but seeing him again he looks like he’s aged twenty years. The whole group is quiet as James is helped to get over to them with the assistance of two guards under each arm. Alongside the guards he is followed by Aelfwynn Turnidlon, Fabian Klauseburg, who all have an aura of nervousness as they reach William. Carlisle attempts to have James returned to the tower, but James ignores him and tells the guards to sit him down on the bench. After sitting down, he sends everyone away except for Kieth, and William. As Rosalie goes to leave, she gives him a kiss on the cheek, and it makes William feel a sense of safety. The discussion between the three of them does not go well as James reveals several hard truths for William. The first being the fact that Alice has indeed been betrothed to Paulus Yernese and nothing William does will change this fact. The next is that he would not be accompanying them to Nortburg and that Kieth would be his guardian while he was outside of Lucerne. Williams attempts to resist the words of his father lack any real aggression as he is thrown off by how sickly his father appears and having never seen his father looking so close to death, he is unable to quickly adjust. James discusses that at the tournament there will be many girls sent to the tournament as he has made it known that he wants to decide on William’s future bridge and will decide at the tournament based on Kieth’s negotiations. James begins coughing which again puts William in a state of panic as he watches his father break down. The coughing gets bad causing the return of Aelfwynn and Fabian who joined by several guards pick him up and bring him back to the Cloud Tower leaving a shaken William behind.

Your father is a good person. I have spent my whole life near him. My life’s mission is to protect and serve him. There are moments when I think back to the boy he used to be, and I can barely recognize the man I see now. The truth is that’s how life goes. People change. People have flaws and as the days go by these flaws become more apparent. Listen to me when I say this, William. Once you love someone. Once you have given someone your word. Loyalty doesn’t have an exit door.
Kieth Schwartz

Following this its Kieth that stays behind and talks with William and the two show themselves to be close as despite everything happening William looks at him in a father like way. Kieth tells William to have the servants pack some things for the trip, and he does this following Kieth onto the lift of the Cloud Tower. Kieth commands two servants to accompany them up the lift to assist William and two girls quickly shuffle on to the lift in response. The two go up the lift but Kieth gets off on the fifth floor leaving William to travel further up with only two of his servants with him in the form of Adolfa and Helmgarda. Going up the next fifteen floors on the lift he looks on the two girls who keep their head bowed the entire time up the lift, and William begins to ponder who he is as a person. Thinking back to the peasants on the mountain he realizes that he has been detatched from the common man of Lucerne and decides to be better. William sparks a conversation with the two but only Adolfa pushes past her nerves to speak with William and the two share a laugh as the lift arrives at his floor. Going onto the floor they move past two guards towards his room where Adolfa follows him, while Helmgarda does the same but trails further behind. While discussing the trip to Nortburg its Adolfa that tells William that she overheard discussions to have his friends not accompany him on the trip to Nortburg and hearing this news he thanks her with a kiss and rushes to the lift. Leaving behind Helmgarda, and Adolfa to pack his things he goes back to the lift and prepares to find his friends to bring them back to the tower.

Leven Martell Cover10.jpg

You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?
Leven Martell

Lying to the guards that he is just going to the garden he can escape the tower and get into the garden. Inside the garden he hops the wall and sneaks onto the walls where he uses a rope to climb himself down thinking how this gets easier the taller, he gets. As he reaches the bottom, he pulls the rope with him and then sees Leven sitting down across from him smiling at him. Revealing that she knew he would escape sooner or later she had come here to meet him. Pulling her into a hug he explains what has happened and attempts to take her hand and go and gather the Shadow Council, but she stops him. Telling him that she had been with Aria when guards had come and commanded that she begin packing for the trip. She had then tried to see Jasper and Rosalie but saw guards there as well revealing her attempts to find the Shadow Council had all ended in failure leaving just her not taken away. At Leven’s words he prepares to sneak her inside so that she is not sent away with the rest of his friends. Using the rope, he pulls himself back up and then helps Leven do the same. Going back to the tower he goes inside where he finds the servant clothing, he has hidden for events like this and brings them back outside. Taking them to Leven he gives them to her to change and while at first, he turns away to give her privacy he sees her reflection in a vase. Seeing her body exposed he feels the desire to turn around and touch her skin but controls himself and does not turn around. With Leven pretending to be a servant they go inside returning to the lift and go back to his floor. Arriving at the floor they find his things packed and by the entrance to the lift and no sight of Helmgarda and Adolfa. The guard on duty is Erik Fahnrich who recognized Leven but doesn’t say anything just smiles and lets the two go past him. William wakes up in the morning and finds himself and Leven cuddling in bed together and feeling her skin against him he begins touching her this time unable to control himself. Leven wakes up to this and embarrassed at first to be caught she silences him with a kiss. The kiss becomes heated with the two touching each other but as it risks going somewhere further, he stops them as he becomes ashamed of betraying Rosalie. Leven looks disappointed but smiles at him, and the two get dressed as by this point they were both naked. Leaving Lucerne with only Leven, and his servants they travel by carriage towards Nortburg with Leven and William sharing the carriage together. During the ride they talk as they always have but things have changed between them as there is a chemistry now there that William resists due to his feelings for Rosalie. Leven does tell William briefly about her time on the road back to Lucerne and hints that she believes Wuldrik Toyne may be her real father.

Blood of Old Atlantis

Seri-Relisia Terrick Cover Amazing Front.jpg

You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily did you?
Leven Martell

As James and his council begin planning for different marriage options for the prince William Lovie III. it was James that became very interested in the idea of having a Numenorian brought. James understood that the blood of Atlantis was very rare in the valley and thus they would have to find this Numenorian girl from somewhere outside of the valley. As word was sent to loyalists throughout the surrounding kingdoms it was a trader in Lorderon that passed on the information that a princess in Arnor was not back on the market. It was thus James Lovie was sent information that the young Ar-Brentey Hemsworth was now free following the death of her proposed husband in battle. James sent letters to King Jonas Hemsworth asking him if her hand was open for his young son William Lovie III., and after a series of back and forth letters Jonas would take this option to his council, and their would little debate among them. It was decided that clearly this was a top tier marriage option, and thus was one of the two eventual Numenorian betrothal options that were brought in. The second Numenorian option was discovered much closer to home in the form of Seri-Relisia Terrick the daughter of the lord of House Terrick a prominent noble in Rhunian. Word was sent to the Terrick's who quickly accepted this option and would send Relisia to the tournament.

Britney Hemsworth5.jpg

Noone told me the distance between the two places, and for that reason it was shocking not only the distance but the complete changes that you go through in travelling from Arnor to Lucerne. The ice tipped mountains of Arnor pass through the lush Riverlands, and the hardy lands east of Stormwind, and then finally you reach the prestine valley of Lucerne.
Brentey Hemsworth

the second and Brentey was planned to be sent to Lucerne to get to know William so they could make sure it would work. Brentey was told about the plan, and having spent the better part of two decades in isolation at the Anchorite of Fornost she was overjoyed at the chance to leave the Anchorite. During the time before she left she was left a list of things that William liked that had been sent by James Lovie but unfortunately James did not know his son half as well as he thought so the vast majority of these things were inaccurate. As she was leaving she was forced to for the first time accept life without her family of whom had been her rock for most of her life, but she was sent with her handmaiden Ilana La-Phellion of House Phellion. So it would be nothing more then Ar-Brentey her handmaiden Ilana, and a small party of men at arms to protect them when they went for a trip to a completely foreign land. Also along with her learning she begin taking the name Britt the rough translation of what her Numenorian name became in common germanic. The Journey for Brentey was extremely long, but over the time she and her best friend Ilana La-Phellion would be reading up on the history of Lucerne through several books that they had been given by James Lovie during his time in Arnor. Through this they learned the history of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but more importantly they learned all there was to know about House Lovie in book learning. During this reading she came to greatly admire her betrothed's name sake in the form of William Lovie of whom she read all about, and the relationship that he had with the dragons. She tried her very best for the situation that awaited her, and for her part was desperate to have this work not wanting to return to the anchorite but also desperately wanting a partner.

Britney Hemsworth Hot4.jpg

I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth

When Brentey arrived in Lucerne James made sure to use all of his skill to manipulate the young girl into keeping her purpose their a secret. With the element of surprise still with him, he set Brentey out on a mission to seduce William, which based on his adoration at the time of Rosalie Hale made this difficult but James told her that she was not going to have a problem with Rosalie who he planned on removing from the equation.

The Tournament Starts

Royal Betrothals
Brentey Hemsworth came to the land of Lucerne with a purpose. At first I thought it was marriage, and it was for this reason that I dismissed her so quickly. It was only later that I realized she actually cared for me on a deep level.
William Lovie III.

The Joust

Tournament of Nortburg 5120.png

I did whatever I could to keep him interested. He was a maturing young man, but for all intesive purposes he was a child. I had to be the greatest of all the distractions he would be met by or else I would lose everything.
Brentey Hemsworth
The Yellow Dragons

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Second Crisis of Turnendorf

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The Second Crisis of Turnendorf
Do not forget that you are a good person prince. You will need memories of that in the coming days. Monsters are coming, and I fear you are the only one who can stop them.

The Prince Moves

Your father cannot fix this. He is not the man he was when the Voiceless rose the first time. This is your time.
Catherine Bell
Fall of Trestilghar
Fall of Thaig Roelet

The Angel Arrives

The End of the Angel

The Journey

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Game of Rivers

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The Green Riverlord
I'm sorry that I misled you Seth. You are an honorable man. You are a good man. You are the kind of man women dream of marrying. I wish I dreamed of you.

The Green Riverlord

Michelle Trachtenburg6.jpg

My cousin trusted me with something that he had no reason to other then the fact that I knew he loved me and wanted me to feel better. It's that emotion from him that drives people to do anything for him, and it was no different for me. I was going to succeed if for no other reason then I loved my cousin.
Michelle Trachtenberg

As Michelle Trachtenberg begin to discover that she had lost her reputation and basically no one in her family would openly talk to her outside of the estate, she came to be very depressed and it would take an intervention from her cousin William Lovie to make her life turn around. Having discovered her depression and now in control of the Kingdom of Lucerne William, and Alice would hear about the depression of Michelle and the fact that she was basically refusing to return to the capital out of shame. Discussing this William plans to send Marcel to gather her and bring her back to the capital where William and Alice agree they need to bring her into the fold since her reputation losses were made worse by their father. Travelling south on the way to Tree Hill he and his forces stop at Nortburg where he meets with Michelle Trachtenburg of whom is a shadow of her former self filled with depression, but William, and Alice go out of there way to make Michelle understand that her role is with her family and whatever has happened William will bring her back into the fold, and following this Michelle agrees to accompany them south. Things would improve for Michelle slowly over time, but it was not until William was attempting to gain the control of the Riverlands and in order to gain one section he required the loyalty of House Green of whom basically wanted a number of things but the main thing was a beautiful young women for their heir that she truly found her way to get back into the joy of the family. William had many options but it was after he talked to Michelle in the Sky Towers and she told him how much she wanted this to prove herself that he would choose her for this important mission. She had come to the Sky Towers to see him, and to basically apologize for embarrassing him, and the rest of their family and the manner in which she talked about it broke his heart and made his opinion of her go up immeasurably. When she was chosen

Michelle Trachtenburg mEDIUM.jpg
by her cousin as the girl that they would have marry Seth Green the son and heir of the Riverlands power broker Fadin Green, and this caused a lot of surprise among the leadership of Lucerne, but William ignored this and moved forward on this plan.

Every noble was in my ear making sure I understood that my cousin was a whore, and that was one of the most disturbing parts of it. It was as if they forgot that she was my blood as they insulted her to no end. I eventually just said there will be no more discussion of this topic, or I was going to hurt somebody.
William Lovie III.

William invited Michelle to every dinner that House Lovie was hosting from that day forth until she was to leave for the Riverlands, and over this time she begin to grow once again close to Alice, and also grew close to Bella Lovie as they both gave her a chance, and in these moments Michelle became even more loyal to her cousin William who had seemingly given her life back to her. She also begin to rebuild her reputation during this time, and since her mother was uninterested in becoming involved with her, and her sister wouldn't help she was trained for her coming mission by the wife of the leading Lord on the issue in the form of Catelyn Starke. As it would be House Starke that made the direct move into the forces of House Green Michelle would say goodbye to her family shedding tears as she truly loved William, Marcel, Alice and Bella for everything that they had done for her, and following this goodbye she would travel to Stormwind. Living in Stormwind as the lady in waiting for Catelyn Starke she came to see Catelyn as the mother she had never really known, and this relationship became extremely strong over the three months that she spent in Stormwind in the care of House Starke. All the preparation for herself was only one element with the next element being her needing to know everything there was to know about Seth Green and through this she learned that the young noble was an avid lover of books, and described by many as a boring but kind young man who loved his family.

The Riverlands

Michelle Trachtenburg4.jpg

It was the first time that I had ever left Lucerne for anywhere other then Forks, and I was half terrified and half excited. On one hand I had never seen the outside world, but on the other hand there was so much riding on the fact that William believed in me. I understood how much shit he was taking over picking me and for that reason if no other I couldn't fail the only person who gave me a chance.
Michelle Trachtenberg

She would accompany Eddard Starke into the Riverlands during the negotiations and her presentation to Lord Fadin Green was seen as very important and she did everything she could to make sure she was seen as the perfect person to become the Lords daughter in law. Despite Michelle Trachtenberg being sent by William Lovie III. the king of Lucerne himself she was also joined by three other eligible girls (find girls) of whom were attempting to persuade lord Fadin Green that they were the best option for Seth Green to marry. Michelle would find her preparation worked brilliantly as she didn't treat Seth Green as the other noble girls around him did when she didn't treat him like a knight but instead treated him as an intellectual. Her training at the Lucernian Academy had led to her high knowledge base and for this reason she wasn't at a loss of intelligent conversation to have as the other girls for him had always been. Following the third dinner the young Seth Green would tell his father that he wanted her as his wife, and that he would not take anyone else. Her success and acceptance into House Green would allow her to repair all the damage that had been done to her reputation throughout the years, and she grew happy for the first time in many years.

Family Members


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Steve Lane.jpg

Steve Lane

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"I never forgot the beaty of her smile. I never forgot the soft touch of her hand on my face when she wanted me to know she cared. I never forgot the love that fills my heart when I think of her. I just wish I could forget what she did to me."
-Steve Lane

Steve Lane and Michelle Trachtenberg would come to meet eachother when she was sent to the House Lovie estate to get away from all her problems in Lucerne Hold. While there the two would bond over their similar interestes and fall in love. Their relationship was a strong one that lasted for nearly a year before it ended when he left for The Journey and she was menipulated into having sexual relationships (they were basically a forced consentual rape) with many nobles. When he discovered this he was so hurt that he ignored the fact that he still loved her and said he no longer wanted to see her. He continued to love her, and she continued to love him, but they seperated and she returned to Lucerne after exhausting all the things she could think of to try and get him back. During the Invasion of Westbridge he met her in Riverrun and the two would sleep together again, and this was while she was engaged to Seth Green, and she finds out she is pregnant at the end of the comic Darkness of Kul Tiras and she knows that the child is Steve's but she is forced by Marcel Lovie to keep that a secret. She tells Steve though despite what she was told to do, and this causes him to rethink how much he loves her, and he eventually decides to fight for her to the detriment of the diplomatic situation with House Green.

Seth Green

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