Milanas Sagesinger
Milanas Sagesinger
Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Redone
POV Role None
Story Role Elven Series

Lucernian Series

Vital statistics
Birthdate Placeholder
Allegiance Family Loyalties

Personal Loyalties

Title Official Titles
  • Druid of the Claw
Alias None
Aspect None
Status Alive
Father Sadras Sagesinger
Mother Edriel Sagesinger
Siblings None
Spouse Lilarin Oceanstalker
Children With Lilarin Oceanstalker
Milanas Sagesinger is the son of Sadras, and Edriel Sagesinger making him a member of the Sagesinger Family.

Nylindia would be present at the Dor'Danil Barrow Dens when the Kingdom of Lucerne arrived there and she would be a very strong supporter of joining with Lucerne in some sort of alliance seeing the Lucernians as the best option to rid the areas around Quel'Thalas of the Orcs and Trollocs that were blossoming with the absence of Bretonia. Following the Second Battle of Steimlesville it was Milanas who understood in his heart that he could not leave and thus remained behind in order to rebuild Steimle Forest and bring the Way Stone back to life.


Early History

Braxton Rebellion

Main Article : Braxton Rebellion

The Braxton Rebellion
My Glorious King William has long ago given you the option to live. You chose to ignore that gift. Now you pay the price for your betrayal. Kneel before the axe, and face god. The time for surrender is over
Mathilde Ratzinger Cover Amazing
While you slept your king sent a letter here for you. We did not read it, but it must have been important for Lady Hill left almost immediatly to return to Berne taking with her the High General and leaving us with the taks of waiting for you to wake.
Nylindia Featherbreeze

Following the departure of Franklin Brent, Karyl Reyne, and Demi Hill with their force to Quel'Thalas the preparations for the Invasion of Berne continued, and it was while this was happening that they received word of the revolt of House Braxton. House Braxton was a prominent noble family in the Grand State of the Westerlands and had been split in their involvement in the Journey and subsequent rise of William Lovie III. and it was this split that would become a focus for the True Sons of Lucerne in their search for allies in the Second Lucerne Civil War. Sean Lovie would send out Albin Ratzinger to meet with House Braxton and gain their support something that Albin did willingly as he was quite loyal to Sean and seemed completely in the dark as to how unpopular Sean was. Joining Albin was his son Oscar Ratzinger, and his sons wife Mathilde Ratzinger of which Mathilde was a member of the Circle of Magi but had abandoned the Circle to stay with her husband and support Sean Lovie.

Coup of Hillsbrad

Return to Cadagen

The rebels would end their plan to execute the leadership of House Greymane following the meeting with Franklin Brent and thus in the night they would retreat with their forces out of Hillsbrad returning to Cadagen where they believed they could hold out while they negotiated a peace treaty bringing them back into the fold.


Mathilde Ratzinger Gif2
Take care of our children.
Oscar Ratzinger

The only surviving member of the Braxton Rebellion leadership would be Mathilde Ratzinger of whom had discovered the intent of Franklin Brent just before they were to surrender and had tried to lead herself and her husband out of the castle but when it became clear they were going to be caught it was Oscar that would allow Mathilde to tire herself out forming a portal for them, but realizing that they wouldn't be able to close it behind them in time he said his goodbyes to Mathilde and then pushed her through the portal. Following this Oscar gave himself up and in doing this gave the portal time to close as no one was searching around, and Mathilde escaped through the portal she had created arriving at Berne but emotionally devastated.

Clearing of Steimle Forest

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The Clearing of Steimle Forest
I feel darkness in this forest. I must find it. I must destroy it, and save the very spirit of this forest.
Kieth Shwartz1

Second Battle of Steimlesville

Main Article : Second Battle of Steimlesville

Following the Second Battle of Steimlesville it was Milanas who understood in his heart that he could not leave and thus remained behind in order to rebuild Steimle Forest and bring the Way Stone back to life.

Family Members


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