Previous Conflict Coruption of Marthurd
Mordor Invasion of Harad
Edeltraud Cover Front Amazing1
Location Placeholder
Start of Conflict 4430
End of Conflict 4431
Result Empire of Mordor Victory
  • Kingdom of Harad becomes Client State
  • End of German Pantheon Rule of Harad
  • Imprisonment of Edeltraud
Empire of Mordor Kingdom of Harad
Empire of Mordor Kingdom of Harad
Empire of Mordor Kingdom of Harad
Empire of Mordor Kingdom of Harad
The Mordor Invasion of Harad was a war fought between the Kingdom of Harad against the Empire of Mordor which ended in defeat for the Kingdom of Harad and their becoming a client state in the Empire of Mordor. The Mordor defeat of the Kingdom of harad would also bring about the end of the German Pantheon control of the Kingdom of Harad leaving no Germanic states still under the control of the German Pantheon.


Marthurd would begin to become overcome by jealousy as his corruption spread and as this jealousy overwhelmed him he begin to construct in secret a vast vault beneath the town of Bestervek which he planned to hold Edeltraud within so that he could have her all to himself.


Marthurd would be interrupted from his planning by the arrival of the forces of Mordor within the borders of Harad but seeing his chance to ally with Mordor in return for the capture of Edeltraud he would assist the Mordor agents in entering the inner circles of Harad.

The War

Capture of Edeltraud

When the Mordor armies arrived at Harad all the defenses created by Edeltraud were rendered useless as the Mordor infiltrators had turned the defenders in key spots and as the defenses collapsed she was cornered in Budapest by Khamul, Ulaire Nelya, and her son Akhorahil Geza of whom defeated her and then placed her within the Vault of Bestervek the prisoner of her husband and brother Marthurd.


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