Morgoth is the oldest of the Lords of Malekor and as opposed to his other two main Lords in Flemeth and Sauron Morgoth is a demonic creature that was formed based on the mind of Melkor within the Fade. Morgoth during the First War with Chaos became the Maste of the Balrogs and in this way he became extremely powerful to the point that he was nearly always standing at the side of Malekor, but his lack of strategic foresight would eventually lead to his downfall in the Downfall of Numeron.

Morgoth would be one of the first demons created by Malekor and during his early rise before the Titan Civil War Morgoth and Malekor would be closely attatched. When Malekor joined Chaos and fought in the Titan Civil War Morgoth would lead much of his armies as the overall commander and it was during this conflict that Malekor saw both the strengths of Morgoth and the weakenesses, of which the weakenesses forced him into action in other places. Morgoth would watch with jelously as Malekor his father in many regards would create two true children in the form of Flemeth, and Sauron and each of these people would grow to become more important to Malekor then he would be. This tore away at Morgoth and created in the demon a hatred to the two that he could barely control and this caused several conflicts between he and Sauron. During the Downfall of Numeron the situation begin to fail the Witch King and Sauron and Melkor sent assistence in the form of Morgoth in the belief that noone could dare battle against his champion. During the final conflict Morgoth would be banished from the world into a prison state after the Titan Hermes intervened in the conflict and caused the defeat of Morgoth. Following his defeat he would be placed inside a Magi prison inside a silently created fortress at the depths of a mountain deep in eastern France and he would remain in this prison for the next centuries biding his time waiting for his Master to free him.


Early History

Morgoth would be one of the first demons created by Malekor and during his early rise before the Titan Civil War Morgoth and Malekor would be closely attatched.

Titan Civil War

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Following the Eternity War the times of hiding the excistence of evil within the Titan's ranks was over, and in such a brief time the two sides met in the Fade and the Titans attempted to understand the purpose of this group. As they attempted to discuss the matters they came to quickly understand that Khorne, Nurgle and many others were now barely capable of containing their personal rage and because of this the two sides pulled apart and both sides prepared for the first blow. The first blow came when the violent Trolloc of Khorne attacked the Titan homeland of Olympas in a massive battle that caused the deaths of many Titans and several of the more bloodthirsty of the Chaos Gods. As the siege of Olympas went on the forces of the other main Chaos Gods found themselves free to do what they wanted as Khorne was basically on his own holding the Titans in place. Nurlge joined the siege and brought his large forces to bear against the fortress of Tarterus where he besieged the massive fortress and put a large amount of fear in the Titans that their rear would be vulerable due to the fall of Tarterus.


For Malekor the time to do some real damage to the Titans was now and he found the perfect oppurtunity when the Titan Neperune snuck out of Olympas on a mission to stop Nurgle from destroying the powerful fortress Tarterus which held in place the weaker section of Olympas from being able to be attacked. Malekor watched and hunted the young Titan as he led his powerful Murloc forces towards the Army of Nurgle. Neperune caught Nurgle unaware and was nearing the Chaos God himself when his army was blindsided by Melekor's massive Draenei forces. There was no escape for Neperune and he and his entire army were destroyed on the field which left one of the most important commanders in the Titan army dead and a sizeable portion of the army in tatters.

With Neperune dead the defenders of Tarterus lost one of their most important defenders and a sizeable force so the thought by them was very much that they were in serious trouble. With a weak spot appearing Slanaash brought his mighty Elven forces to bear against the fortress alongside Nurgle, and Malekor's forces and as the walls of the fortress appeared ready to collapse the defenders were saved by the arrival of Imperius who brought his gleaming knights and was able to defeat Nurgle in combat causing the retreat of his forces and the momentary ending of the seige. By the time the Chaos forces had regrouped the defences had been trippled and the fortress of Tarterus appeared untakable.


With the siege dragging on but not fully capable of being won due to the overwhelming defences the other Chaos Gods attempted to make the Titans leave the safety of their fortress by overwhelming entire corners of the Fade and in this way taunting the Titans to stop them from unleashing hell on the planet. With the threat completely real the Titans mobilized all their strength and attempted to break the seige, but discovered that the Chaos Gods completely outnumbered them and they were swiftly beaten back into Olympas with heavy losses.

With the Titans beaten thourghally but still holding the inpenatrable Olympas the Chaos Gods moved their plans to unleashing their massive armies on the planet Earth.

Rise of Sauron

Rise of the Dark Lord
He rose to promince amid the ruins of the Numenorians. Hiding in their rotten corpse noone noticed as he corupted everything around him.
I met him once. He was in jail for butchering some town in western Africanas. I remember thinking that I was looking at a dead mean with the evidence against him. I guess I was wrong.
Fingolfin Feanor

With the knowledge of what he was, he now lost all traces of Velkan, and became what his evil father wished him to become in a tool of Evil. Changing his name to Sauron he wandered the Earth for hundreds honing his abilities attempting to find a way to become greater then his father. Travelling to far away Cathay he would hone his abilities for almost a hundred years before finally Malekor became enraged by the delays of Sauron and when he couldn't convinse Sauron himself Malekor sent his champion Morgoth down to Europe where he made Sauron understand that he needed to become greater now and to stop waiting for things. Returning to Europe he traveled to his ancient homeland of Palias where he would instigate a religious revolt in the city rallying the people of Palias to his side before moving north where he he discovered the Mountains of Mordor. Finally Sauron discovered the place that would become his fortress in the form of the fire wracked mountains of Mordor, and begin to set down roots in the land of which was controlled in part by the Empire of Numeron, but the Emperor of Numeron saw little economic possibility in Mordor and left it mainly in the control of a client state in the form of the Kingdom of Mordor. Arriving from the east into Mordor with his army of Palias he was able to trick the King of Mordor into allowing him in as a vassal of the Kingdom of Mordor and would settle in the lands of northern Mordor wherein he made great efforts to appear to be a loyal vassal, and with the freedom this provided he secretly had his forces build himself a great gateway deep in the mountains of Mount Doom, and from there he planned to teleport to the continent of Africanas. Before he could do this Sauron would begin the construction of the devices that would be responsible for the corruption and destruction of untold lives, and lands in the form of the Rings of Power.

Rings of Power

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Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky

Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone

Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die

One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them

One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

-Song of the Rings

Sauron understood that he needed a way into the minds of the Numenorians and so he devised the plan of creating devises that would corrupt individuals within the Numenorians and others into following him into darkness. Sauron understood the crafting of the devices but needed someone else to create them so that the world would take them and not believe they were being corrupted, At first he approached the Sindar Elves of the forests of Europe and in High Forest he was turned away, as he was in Athel Loren. He attempted to get the Dwarves to craft them but they barred him entrance. Finally Sauron had better luck with the Elven-smiths of Eregion to whom he presented under the alias of Annatar, an emissary from the High Elves. The Gwaith-i-Mírdain of Eregion were mostly High Elves and wished to have the same joys in their Kingdom as the Elves who had returned to Ulthuan had received, and with this in mind the Elves of Eregion started to make the Rings with knowledge gained from Annatar. The Rings were of various kinds: the lesser rings were only essays in the craft before it was full-grown. The Greater 16 were created, and the Elves of Eregion begin to send them throughout the world just as Sauron had convinced them to do, with some going to Elves, some going to Dwarves, and the ones meant for the humans were given to Annatar as a gift to him so that he could give them to the humans himself. When Annatar departed from Eregion, Celebrimbor Mirdrain went on to forge the Three Rings of the Elves using the knowledge he had gained from him, but without his involvement, and finished them around the time that Sauron begin crafting his own personal ring.
The One Ring

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The One Ring

The One Ring was created by the Dark Lord Sauron following his departure from Eregion in order to enlarge his own might by combining it with the power of the Elven smiths, and thus to give him control over the other Rings of Power, which had been made by Celebrimbor and his people with Sauron's assistance. Sauron forged the One Ring secretly in the fires of Mount Doom. His will was then inside a Ring that could control the other Rings. Thus, he was more powerful than ever before when he wore the Ring, but became much weaker when he lost it. Though it appeared to be made of simple gold, the Ring was virtually impervious to damage, and could only be destroyed by throwing it into the pit of the volcanic Mount Doom in which it had originally been forged. This Ring also basically meant that unless you destroyed the ring you could never truly kill Sauron because a piece of him was inside of the Ring and would never leave the world while the Ring still lived. With his means of corupting the humans of Europe in place he would decide on his next stage when he left Mordor through his portal into the lands of Africanas. When he arrived in Africanas he saw much of what he saw in Europe, in that Africanas too had Growing Kingdom of Humans and small groupings of other races. It was in the southwest of Africanas that he would discover the Orcs and with them he would find his foot soldiers.

Controlling the Orcs

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Ancient Orcs of Mordor
The Orcs were a docile people. They had kept to themselves in the west of Africanas without real incident. Seeing them again in Mordor it was horrifying see the cost of dealing with Sauron.
Fingolfin Feanor

The Orcs at this point were not even close to becoming the massively powerful creatures they would one day become, and they were still all completely Ferel Orcs as the High Orcs had not yet risen and caused the expansion of the Orcish Race. In these mindless creatures Sauron saw something that he didn't think the humans would ever be able to show them in the Orcs lack of morals or ethics and their simple mindless ability to follow simple commands to the letter. So in this primitive state it was simple for Suaron to gain their loyalty through a series of kind acts and uplifting members of their tribes into positions of power and then causing these uplifted Orcs to become obsessed with him. As his control over these Orcs grew he begin moving many of these Sauron loyalist Orcs towards his great portal in Africanas and from here he told them of the greatness of his Empire and they fell in love with this idea. With their control now a done deal he was able to transport large numbers of these ancient Feral Orcs back to Mordor where he hid them in the eastern canyons of the mountain range and slowly built them into his own personal army. 

Building Mordor
It wasn't always this bleak. There used to be light in Mordor.
Unknown Sribe

With his army expanding dramatically in number and organization Sauron would continue his corruption of the Numenorian client nation in the form of the Kingdom of Mordor of whom was ruled at the time by King Aedheld Nelya. Aedheld would reject Sauron's offering of a Ring of Power but dejected at first Sauron found a willing taker of the Ring of Power in the form of Aedheld's son Ulaire of whom took the Ring and was swiftly corrupted by Sauron. Using Ulaire he would take control of the Kingdom of Mordor causing a coup which wiped out the members of the Monarchy resistant to his rise, and with this in place he used Ulaire as a puppet on the throne of Mordor as he went about his real task which was to construct a capital from wherein he could conquer all of Mordor. With his holdings in eastern Mordor established Sauron begin setting them to work creating the massive fortress of Barad-Dur where he would create the centerpiece of the Empire he was building. The Mordor Orcs would grow quickly into a large army mainly in the canyons of the eastern parts of Mordor, and it was here that they begin to be noticed by the Empire of Numeron. Being noticed was exactly what Sauron wanted as he wanted to create a reason for the Numenorian expansion to stop moving eastward as he wanted time to grow, and at the same time he wanted to take control over Harad which would be difficult if they kept moving eastward. He used his massive powers and the untold thousands of Orcs now populating the Mordor region to quickly finish Barad-Dur and then with its creation he also created numerous fortresses, and towns throughout eastern Mordor which allowed for the creation of even more Mordor Orcs to the point that he knew he was ready for the Numenorians. He would begin by assaulting the Numenorian fortress of Tol-Durthang of which would be known by the Orcs as Durthang of which was the massive Numenorian fortress that was once meant to control the entire Mordor range but now simply blocked Sauron's advance westward. These attacks were shocking to the defenders of Tol-Durthang as until this point Sauron was still deemed to be a small player that controlled the Kingdom of Mordor but his control of the Orcs was something that none within the Numenorian government had come to fathom. Despite being outnumbered by a massive margin the Numenorian defenders were able to hold against the forces of Mordor but were weakened and thus called for assistance from the mainland.

Defence of Fingon Feanor

Following this call for assistance the Empire of Numeron would arrive with a large army nearly two years after the completion of Barad-Dur and when they arrived it was the powerful High Elf Fingon Feanor that would be leading the army of Numeron alongside the Prince of Gondor in the form of Tur-Ilderion Elessar, and his younger brother Tar-Teldrion Elessar from House Elessar. Alongside the two princes of House Elessar would silently be the princess of Gondor in the form Ar-Erella Elessar of whom dawned the equipment of a regular man at arms and joined her beloved brothers in joining the fight, and her Magi control was something that she believed would be of great assistance. The arrival of Fingon, and Ilderion's army would lead to the end of the siege of Tol-Durthang with the Orcs, and forces of Mordor retreating back from Tol-Durthang out of sight of the fortress awaiting the movement of the Numenorian army. Fingon joined by all seven of his sons and the army of the Numenorians massed this force at the fortress of Tol-Durthang and from here he was able to spy the edges of the giant fortress of Barad-Dur of which the creation of was the main reason for the arrival of he and his army. Fingon was an ancient High Elf as he had been born on Ulthuan before the coming of Chaos so he was still a little arrogant about the power of the High Elves and thus he was prepared to quickly beat this pathetic race that resisted them and then take control of Mordor for the Empire of Numeron of whom he now swore loyalty too. As his army moved towards Barad-Dur they underwent nearly constant assaults from large groups of a strange green skinned race they knew to be denizens of Africanas, and these attacks caused large casualties to his army and the closer they got the more numerous these forces became. Fingon Feanor would never reach Barad-Dur as his army would be wiped out when Sauron himself came to the front of the Numenorian army and joined by his sister Flemeth, and thousands of Orcs surrounded his army and they proceeded to wipe them out. During the massacre three of the Nazgul in the form of Adunaphel the Wroth, Ulaire Nelya, and IsilmoTwo of Fingon's sons were killed during the Battle and only a few dozen Numenorian survived the Battle including Fingon, and his five remaining sons, but also among the dead were the two princes of Gondor which was a major blow to House Elessar.
Ar-Erella Elessar Wide
Also during the massacre Erella Elessar would be captured after her Magi abilities were discovered by Flemeth and captured by Flemeth she was brought back to the Korcani Wilds where she would be tortured for years on end. Eventually her torture would end with her suicide and turning into a "Daughter of Flemeth" of which she became one of the earliest members of the Daughters of Flemeth. Fingon Feanor would remain in Tol-Durthang but forced his sons to return to Ulthuan while he remained for many years holding the fortress against the forces of Mordor, and during this time he would become completely discouraged by the turn of events as he would watch as Sauron destroyed the Empire of Numeron through the use of puppets and then a century late he watched as the successor Kingdom of Gondor abandoned Tol-Durthang for the more easily defended city of Minus Telif. With the abandonment of Tol-Durthang he would leave the Kingdom of Gondor and travel north where he created a farmstead in Denmark that he has lived in ever since not wishing to see his family after his failure. Also among those affected was Tari-Aurelian Titus of whom was captured during the fighting and was brought before the Dark Lord Sauron himself and while his low status was too low to offer him a ring of power Aurelian would be corrupted by the words of Sauron and became a Black Numenorian before returning to the ranks of his family in Gondor where he lied stating he had escaped and his overjoyed family did little to question him trusting him wholly.

Downfall of Numeron

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During the Downfall of Numeron the situation begin to fail the Witch King and Sauron and Melkor sent assistence in the form of Morgoth in the belief that noone could dare battle against his champion.

Battle Field

Battle of Tail Jana

At the peak of the Downfall of the Numeron the forces of the dark Numenor were coming to the conclusion that they were going to lose. In these moments the more evil, and chaotic members of the Dark side began casting spells of destruction against the forces of the loyalists. In a single moment the power of the Dark Numenor destroyed the mighty city of Jarn Hannis, which was a city of hundreds of thousands and one of the more important cities of the loyalists. With its destruction the Dark Numenor hoped the loyalists would turn tail and give up, but instead the loyalists massed most of their army and marched on the capital of Tail Jana. When the loyalists arrived at the once mighty capital of Numeron they saw a twisted version of the once noble city. As the loyalists arrived at the city they would not know that in a final attempt to tip the scales of the conflict the Chaos God Malekor would send his primary champion Morgoth to the city with a large force of Balrog and demons in order to save the Black Numenorians. When Malekor intervened the Titan Hermes would come as well and would watch from the sidelines as the Battle came underway. Where once stood gleaming white towers, the darkness of the denizens within had seemingly turned the city into a dark city. Although deeply saddened by this the loyalists pushed on, and besieged their former capital. The battle was long and tough but eventually the loyalists had victory, and broke through the walls into the city. Fighting demons at every street corner the loyalists made their way towards the palace in the center of the city.

Fall of Morgoth

Fall of Morgoth

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It was during this advancement that the forces of the Numenorians led by Fingon would come across Morgoth of whome was defending the massive entrence highway into the central city. Morgoth stood side by side with dozens of Balrog and his personal champion Gothmog and together this force pushed aside all attempts to break through it. With hope fading a charge of noble Istari was made against the host of Morgoth and it was during this fighting that Gandalf would find himself fighting against Gothmog, and the high Numenorian Fingon would come face to face with Morgoth. Morgoth was a truly immense creature, and his size made it seem impossible to believe that at one point he was a human being but he was. As Morgoth laughed at the patheticness of Fingon Gandalf struck down Gothmog and with his death the other Balrog knew fear for the first time in their dark lives. Gandalf and his Istari felled Balrog after Balrog as the other forces of Fingon now moved in with renewed vigor and attempted to assist. With his host falling apart Fingon would push against Morgoth and the two would engage in a duel of titanic proportions. Fingon was no match for the near god but he fought with the soul of his people, and with the death of the last Balrog the Istari pushed all of their might into Fingon as the whole city swayed beneath the weight of this conflict. Even this though was not enough to allow the Numenorian to defeat a near god but it would come to pass after Hermes of whome had been watching from the sidelines would shoot an arrow silently into Morgoth's leg and arm and cause him to fall over and drop his sword of which gave Fingon the time he needed to break the fight his way. With Morgoth and the Balrogs struck down and Fingon's Army alongside the Istari pushed themselves into the center of the city. Morgoth though was not dead and had simply lost his physical form as the only way to truly defeat him would be to defeat Sauron himself.

Numeron destruction

Destruction of Tail Jana

At the same time the loyalists were moving forward the forces of the dark Magi Harnian Grosner massed together to cast another spell to destory all the loyalists cities in one fell swoop. In this moment the Titans realized that they had to intervene or the human race risked anilation due to their mistakes. So as the Magi's of Harnian cast their spell the noble titans battled the forces of the Chaos gods for supremecy. When Harnian finally cast the spell the Titans knew they hadnt completely won so the spell might go through, and they all paused to watch the outcome. Luckily for the loyalists outside of the city the spell failed, and instead of destroying the loyalists cities the spell turned inward and created a giant vortex in the palace of Tail Jana killing all in the palace immediatly. Seeing the Vortex the forces of the loyalists retreated as quickly as they could but the Vortex expanded and the vast majoirty including the great general Abrain Jornex were killed as well.


Following his defeat he would be placed inside a Magi prison inside a silently created fortress at the depths of a mountain deep in eastern France and he would remain in this prison for the next centuries biding his time waiting for his Master to free him.



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