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Natalie Manderly is the daughter of Aleric, and Gaatha Oxley making her a member of House Oxley. Wylis Manderly and Natalie Oxley would be betrothed to eachother at the age of nine and eventually married at sixteen and their marriage has been filled with love and has been a rock throughout the problems of the White Knife. Wyman Manderly, and Natalie Oxley have three children in the form of Wylessa, Wylis, and Lamprey Manderly of which Wylessa is a Magi sensitive of whom has grown extremely close with her aunt Wynafryd Manderly, while Wylis Manderly is the second in the line of succession for the White Knife and is a growing young man, while Lamprey is still a young boy as the siege of White Knife drags on.

Wylis, and Natalie Manderly would lead the forces of House Manderly to the crowning of William Lovie III. alongside their young daughter and during this time Wylis was instrumental in the marriage proposal between Miley Black and House Manderly. Following the Invasion of Westbridge, the marriage of Miley Black into House Manderly and continued Lucernian expansion into Westros the Kingdom of Bolten would decide to intervene violently invading the White Knife only three months before the arrival of William Lovie III. of whom was going to formally annex the White Knife and the invasion was only one true battle as following the naval conflict the Boltens occupied the capital and the war ended in the defeat of the White Knife.


Early History

Picking Sides

White Knife Marriage

Fall of the White Knife

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Lucernian Invasion of the White Knife

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