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Nord America
is one of the major continents of the Earth and is the second largest in terms of size. Nord America is dominated by the Druchii Empire, the Twi'Lek Kingdom of Lethan, and the massive human populations of the plains.

North America is unique for being the home of the major religion of R'hllor of which started in the foothills of Cree and has spread throughout the entire continent. The Great Temple of Cahokia which stands just east of the Cree Capital of Cahokia and is generally seen as a free site of which anyone can visit as long as their purpose is non violent and is religious in nature.

Nord America is connected to the Lands of Chaos through a giant landmass in the northern part of the continent and this is something that is of supreme importance as other then through the Finland land mass this lies as the only method of passage for the demons of Chaos.



There are numerous islands off the continent’s coasts, principally, the Arctic Archipelago, the Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, the Greater and Lesser Antilles, the Aleutian Islands (some of which are in the Eastern Hemisphere proper), the Alexander Archipelago, the many thousand islands of the British Columbia Coast, and Newfoundland. Greenland, a self-governing Danish island, and the world's largest, is on the same tectonic plate (the North American Plate) and is part of North America geographically. In a geologic sense, Bermuda is not part of the Americas, but an oceanic island which was formed on the fissure of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge over 100 million years ago. The nearest landmass to it is Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. However, Bermuda is often thought of as part of North America, especially given its historical, political and cultural ties to Virginia and other parts of the continent.

South America

North America's only land connection to South America is at the Isthmus of Panama. The continent is delimited on the southeast by most geographers at the Darién watershed along the Colombia-Panama border, placing all of Panama within North America.


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The first people to live in Nord America were Paleoindians who began to arrive during the last glacial period by crossing the Bering land bridge. They differentiated into a number of diverse cultures and communities across the continent. The largest and most advanced Elven civilizations in Nord America were the Aztecs in what is now southern Nord America and the Mayans in western Nord America.

Kingdoms of Nord America

Major Forces

Name Leader Location Religion Major Ethnicities
Empire of Druchii Malekith Northwestern  Slanaash Dark Elves, various humans, Orcs
Realm of Forostar Tari-Phaellon Nedressil Eastern  R'hllor Atlantians
Holy Cree Keskayiwew Western  R'hllor
Empire of Lethan Eastern  Christianity Twi'Lek
Blackhawk Confederacy Saswaypew Blackfoot Western  Tribal Cree
Aztec Empire Tizocic Montezuma Southern  R'hllor Nahuteh, Cree, Iriquois, Mayans
Mayan Empire Southern  R'hllor
Incan Empire Southern  Christianity
Iriquois Empire Central  Tribal
Iceback Kingdom Northern Dragonoph Ostrogoths, Dovah

Minor Forces

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