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The Nortburg Tournament of 5125 was a jousting tournament held in Nortburg during the year 5125 that was held to celebrate the crowning of William Lovie III. as king and also to celebrate the marriage of William Lovie III. to Bella Swan. The Nortburg Tournament of 5125 would become briefly political when the True Sons of Lucerne sent several representitives to take part in the tournament of which several were friends of William of whom were forced to return under pain of death for their family.


The Joust


  • A party under a white flag arrives at the tournament ground carrying also the flag of the True Sons of Lucerne. The party included many Berne Houses of which of most importance in terms of relationships was Hanna Arryn.
  • The Riverlands sent a large diplomatic troop to the tournament to create relationships with the new king
    • Edmure Tully
    • Jamie Tully
    • Brydan Blackwood
  • Kul Tiras sent a diplomatic troop as well in the form of House Borrell
    • Emmor Borrell
  • The Empire of Frey sent several members to the tournament more to try and get revenge on the Starke's then actually to gain a relationship
    • Hosteen Frey
    • Lothar Frey
  • The Kingdom of Gondor sent its crown prince and several other high profile people to make sure Lucerne was aware how close their relationship was going to be.
  • House Manderly sent a group to meet as well wanting to extend the hand of friendship
    • Wylis Manderly
  • Atmer Empire sent a large party of diplomats to meet with the new King of Lucerne
  • High Forest sent a small group of Sindar Elves to celebrate the crowning of William Lovie III.

Round One

Round Two

  • Lancel Lannister defeats Brody Swan
  • Danzal Krinner defeats Saiden Scarlet
  • Poldi Kilgor defeats Reyne Fossoway
  • Hedrik Clegane III. defeats Josh Hirsh
  • Torgon Skane II. defeats Balon Lovejoy
  • Jasper Hale defeats Vaelor Mountain
  • Marcel Lovie II. defeats Liam Greymane
  • Dalden Gurse defeats Dennis Yernese
  • Evin Scorpian defeats Dexter Snow
  • Jamie Lannister defeats the Purple Knight
  • Robb Starke defeats Konstantin Gaimen
  • Lucas Scott defeats Veryl Reyne II.
  • David Shephard defeats Bryndan Blackwood
  • Hosteen Frey defeats Jamie Tully
  • Eldarion Elessar defeats Ottkar Haushka
  • The Laughing Knight defeats Lothar Frey

Round Three

  • Evin Scorpian defeats Dalden Gurse
  • Marcel Lovie II. defeats Lucas Scott
  • Jamie Lannister defeats David Shephard
  • Robb Starke defeats Torgon Skane II.
  • Danzal Krinner defeats Lancel Lannister
  • Hedrik Clegane III. defeats Poldi Kilgor
  • Jasper Hale defeats Hosteen Frey
  • The Laughing Knight defeats Eldarion Elessar

Round Four

  • Hedrik Clegane III. defeats Marcel Lovie II.
  • Danzal Krinner defeats Evin Scorpian
  • Robb Starke defeats Jamie Lannister
  • Jasper Hale defeats The Laughing Knight

Round Five

  • Robb Starke defeats Jasper Hale
  • Danzal Krinner defeats Hedrik Clegane III.

Round Six

  • Robb Starke defeats Danzal Krinner