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Nycissis Zegers is the daughter of Dontis, and Reilla Rosno making her a member of House Rosno. Nycissis Rosno has three siblings in the form of Johan, Dontis, and Dilliam Rosno of which Dontis was a powerful Magi of whom eventually lost control of his powers killing his brother Dilliam and leading to a hateful outlook against Magi by his brother Johan, while Dilliam was a young boy when he was killed during a Magi accident by his brother Dontis, and finally Johan was a failed Magi of whom returned home following years of banditry in Hogwarts to find his family destroyed and eventually murdered his father taking control of the Kingdom of Rosno where he has become increasingly isolationist.

Trance Zegers corruption and greed would eventually lead to the event known as the Valerian Peasant Revolt of 5122 where in he attempted to put down the resistance of those upset by his increasingly corrupt rule and in this attempt he commanded harsher and harsher punishments eventually leading to his and his wifes death at the hands of the rebels.


Early History

Valerian Peasent Revolt

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Valerian Peasent Revolt
We are filled with traitors. Surrounded by the men who murdered our mother, and father.
Leighton Zegers2
I'm not going to speak to any involvement as that is not something that you could ever prove. What I shall speak to is the cost of ending this rebellion. Return to your father and tell him to release the withheld food. Lower the taxes. Return to sanity. That is how this rebellion ends.
Albert Tonminton

Following this news Leighton Zegers visits the capital of the Kingdom of Trasnet and its massive Trasnet Castle with her brother Scotty, his wife and children, and sister Emily of whom are to meet with the king of Trasnet in the form of King Albert Tonminton and his court about the rumors of the court of Trasnet supporting rebels in the Empire of Valeria. The King is shown to be a very kind man of whom without outright admitting his involvement admits to supporting the rebels but will stop if Scotty will promise that the food rationing put in place by his father will be stopped. Scotty understands the logic of what he says and the two agree that when he returns he will put an end to the rationing through whatever means necessary. During this meeting they are also introduced to Larenic Ornris of whom is the Numenorian Chancellor of the Kingdom of Trasnet and is shown to be just as kind a man as the King but also speaks more harshly of the situation then the king also bringing up the plight of the Atlantians in the Kingdom of Valeria to the north. With the negotiations over Scotty Zegars and his wife and children are escorted by the King into the gardens of Trasnet, and while at first wishing to go and see them Leighton sees several youth around the same age as her and leaves her brother and sister to go and meet them. Meeting the other youth she learns they are the two younger children of the King of Trasnet in the form of Edmund, and Triss Tonminton and the three spend hours together playing until finally she is found by her older sister Emily of whom brings her back to the group as they are going to head home. The chapter ends with Leighton riding with her family and looking back at the city and seeing Edmund, and Triss waving to her from the walls of the might fortress.

Frenlick Meddling

Death of the Emperor

Emily Zegers Cover54

Emily Zegers would work alongside the rebels heavily which only came out following her eventually exile.

There were just too many mother...I couldn't do what you asked of me...I couldn't stop them all.
Scott Zegers to his mothers corpse.

In the days leading up to the murder of the Emperor, and his wife the Empire of Valeria underwent serious riots due to the fact that the emperor was withholding large amount of food, and charging more and more taxes to pay for his expensive hobbies. This was quickly devolving into street warfare which Scotty was placed in charge of putting down due to his father's love for him. Scotty dealt with the rioters brutally in that he basically instigated a curfew which if broke you were deemed to be a traitor to the Kingdom. When this heavy hand didn't stop the day time riots he brought the elite palace gaurd of Munchen to the fray and massacred a crowd of two hundred people rioting at the local market. This massacre was the last straw and the rioters launched themselves into a frenzy in which brought them to the steps of the palace. There were so many rioters that the forces under Scotty's command were not enough to hold them back so they begin breaking inside the palace itself. During this chaotic time the rioters managed to get inside the throne room of Trance Zegers and proceeded to cut his head off and carry his lifeless body through the streets.

Family Members


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