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Nyx is a first generation Titan created by the Old Ones in order to alongside Hades be the Godess of the Underworld a role that she held until her death during the events of the Eternity War.

Nyx would be in the Underworld when the Eternity War was raging and despite the command of her husband Hades that they needed to stay uninvolved with what was happening she was convinced by her husbands friend Hermes to travel with him to the Lodge of the Old Ones and while both remained resolute in not being corrupted it was Hermes who helped Nyx escape which led to him being imprisoned. Returning to the Underworld following her time at the Lodge of the Old Ones she would attempt to get Hades to intervene but when it became clear he would not she decided to go alone to rally support to get Hermes out of the Lodge, but Hades was unwilling to risk her life and instead imprisoned her within the Underworld Palace.




Early History

Coming of the Old Ones

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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Tartarus would following the escape of much of the rebel titans from Olympus remain behind unwilling to leave following the rejection of his father Hades and thus unwilling to submit or leave he begin taunting Zeus leading to his execution.

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