Previous Conflict Old One Arrival in Sol
Old One Invasion of Mars
Old Ones Destroy Mars
Location Mars
Start of Conflict -11850
End of Conflict -11845
Result Old One Victory'
  • Destruction of Martian Empire
  • Tek turning against Old Ones
Old Ones Martian Empire
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The Old One Invasion of Mars was a brief but incredibly destructive war fought between the Old Ones and the Martian Empire which resulted in the absolute destruction of the Martian Empire and by extension the betrayal of Tek.


The Old Ones traveled the stars in search of worlds, and people that they could change into their image of what a society, and planet should look like. They had done this for eons, and although they appeared to be completely benevolent they were also very harsh to those that resisted their might, and throughout their eons of travelling the stars they had destroyed civilzations in numbers unimaginable.


It was in this way they they would first arrive in the Sol solar system driven towards it by the signals coming from the Sol planet of Mars. On Mars there existed a lowly advanced space race who called themselves the Orion Collective and were made up of a multi-race empire of five species all inhabiting the planet of Mars but also having established settlements on Jupiter, Pluto, and most of the moons in the solar system. Despite having expanded across the solar system they had only a tiny military fleet as their races had achieved a true level of peace and thus this fleet was more to react to what little fighting existed and thus this did mean that the Martians had little means of directly fighting against the Old Ones. Despite this the Old Ones observed the Martians from secret hidden ships for centuries and doing this the observers returned to the main Old One fleet with their observations. The observers returned and from their observations, calculations done, and from history of races such as the Martians it was decided by the Old Ones that the Martians would be culled.


Following this decision it was the Old One Tek that argued against their destruction due to the fact that he had communicated with several of their scientists in secret and he believed them to be a brilliant race who truly understood the meaning of life. Tek was in the end ignored, as the Councillors of the Old Ones decided to obliterate the Martians completely leaving nothing but small DNA samples left, but even these would be kept secret as they didn't want fundamentalists like Tek to attempt to rebuild the Martians.

The War

Old Ones Destroy Mars

Following the destruction of their tiny navy over Jupiter the Martian Empire would have its cities wiped out by wave after wave of advanced Old One invasion forces. Seen here is a defenseless Martian city being destroyed by the extremely powerful invasion force of the Old Ones.

We destroyed them for no reason. They should have been cultivated but instead my people destroyed them so utterly that not even DNA existed so that I could resurect their society. It was watching their destruction that made me see the truth. I would never follow them again. Never again would I watch that happen.

The Martians were destroyed and their surviving members were cataloged and then placed in databases aboard the massive fleet for the day they would be of use again. During the destruction of the Martian Empire they discovered the planet Earth which appeared to be a sort of laboratory world for these Martians, as they had seeded the planet with a huge number of races, all of which were kept at a low rate of technology.


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