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Olivia Wilde is the daughter of Vendrik, and Sulisha Wilde making her a member of House Wilde. Olivia Wilde has three siblings in the form of Andrik, Orden, and Selendria Wilde of which her brother Andrik is the heir to House Wilde and the military leader of the port of Whellia, her brother Orden is a Dragon Knight that leads the personal forces of House Wilde, while her sister Selendria is a lady in waiting for Marsha Scarlet and awaits her marriage to be arranged.

Olivia Wilde was born the first child of Vendrik Wilde, and for several years she was his only child, and during this time Vendrik prepared for his daughter to become his heir, but this changed with the birth of Andrik. At the age of ten she was sent to be educated with her mothers family in House Jennet, and despite her sincere attempt to become happy with this arrangement she was treated as an outsider by all the Jennet's and this made her extremely bitter towards that family. Olivia would return at the end of her time with House Jennet to her family in Whelia, and she was extremely embittered towards the Jennets, and she made her family feel the same when she told them part lies, and many full lies about the manner in which they had treated her while she was in Fairmarket. As the years went by she rejected several marraige offers, and this begin to annoy her father, but her father didn't push her and so when the Lucernians arrived on their doorstep she was still a maiden waiting for her marriage.


Early History

Olivia Wilde was born the first child of Vendrik Wilde, and for several years she was his only child, and during this time Vendrik prepared for his daughter to become his heir, but this changed with the birth of Andrik. At the age of ten she was sent to be educated with her mothers family in House Jennet, and despite her sincere attempt to become happy with this arrangement she was treated as an outsider by all the Jennet's and this made her extremely bitter towards that family.

Game of Rivers

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Game of Rivers
Father it is time. You must come with us. This is the only way the Kingdom can ever truly heal.

Olivia Wilde would heavily support her brother Andrik following the discovery of Andrik's best friend Ellisha Jennett being sexually abused by her own brother and uncle, and this would lead to the decision to turn against House Jennnett.

The Riverlands were a prize that we just couldn`t walk away from. The ports, the navy, the armies, the population...everything was just far too much to not have within our control.
William Lovie III.
The Kingdom of Lucerne following the capture of Berne, and the internal reorganization under William begin to heavily target the Riverlands for their next conquest. The region south of the Riverlands called Fairmarket was the first problem in the way as without control of Fairmarket then the threat of a land based offensive was going to be moot. Fairmarket was not very heavily populated but had two main population centers in the form of the large city of Fairmarket, and the western stronghold of Whellia. It would be at the Tournament of Forks following the Battle of Berne where the true plans would be laid forward for the capture of the region of Fairmarket and from there movement further north and taking the Riverlands. Unknown to William was that three members of House Wilde in the form of Andrik Wilde, Olivia Wilde, and Orden Wilde had come to the Tournament of Forks following Andrik Wilde's discovery of the demons in the closet of House Jennett and came to the tournament planning to arrange an alliance with the Kingdom of Lucerne that would end House Jennett. Arriving at the tournament Andrik is able to get himself quite close to the king and spends his time overhearing the plans of the king, and inspired by the vision of William Lovie III. and also hearing about plans to move against Fairmarket he is able to meet with William Lovie III.'s aunt Catherine Lovie and alongside his sister, and brother the three arrange with Catherine that when the forces of Lucerne come to Fairmarket House Wilde will turn on their Fairmarket masters and join with them.

The sexual molestation of Ellisha Jennett would become the centerpiece of the destruction of House Jennett as she was beloved by Andrik Wilde of whom turned the remainder of his family against House Jennett.

Following this agreement it would be Olivia Wilde that would go to William Lovie III. with this offer alongside Catherine Lovie and it was decided to keep this a secret from the leadership of the attackers lest they make it obvious that the Wilde were turning on them, and also to make sure there forces were not lured into a trap if the forces of House Wilde did not in fact join with the Lucernians. With this in mind the forces of House Starke, House Lannister, and House Scarlet would be the main forces sent against the region of Fairmarket and following discussion with their leaders they would mobilize against Fairmarket. Representatives of the Kingdom of Lucerne were sent into Fairmarket, and the capital of the same name, and these diplomats were either killed outright or tortured and sent back nearly dead by the command of House Jennett of whom was being tricked into believing lies about the Lucernians. Only in the west where House Wilde was dominent would the sent diplomats return safely. In the case of House Wilde when it seemed that conflict was coming they would send one of their members in the form of Andrik Wilde of whom would enter Fairmarket with the command to wait there with fifty men in case the defence failed. With diplomacy having failed the Invasion of Fairmarket was launched, by the combined forces of Lucerne of whom moved in three different spots against the defence of Fairmarket.

Invasion of Fairmarket

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The defence of Fairmarket was always going to be extremely difficult for the Jennett's but their hope was that if they held out long enough they would incite assistence from the Frey's and some of the Riverlanders who did not wish for annexation by Lucerne.

The Jennet line was broken and rotten by the time Lucerne arrived. If I had of wanted to resist, of which I didn`t want to. I would have never fought and died so that the Jennet`s could have one last bloodbath.
Olivia Wilde

The leadership of Fairmarket was led by House Jennet of whom deployed their forces alongside nearly twenty thousand mercenaries hired from the Riverlands. While unreliable they gave them significant numbers and made a once easy invasion more of a problem. Eddard, Robb, and Brendan Starke led the forces of House Starke into the center of the attack. In the west Saiden, Darion, and other Scarlets led the attack but found that the forces of House Wilde and their vassals were reluctant to engage in actual conflict and were doing more retreating then anything elce. In the east the mercenarie forces of Fairmarket were joined by a small army sent from the Island of Frey of which were called freedom fighters but were sent by the Freys as an insult.

The collapse of both the eastern front, and the purposeful failure of the Wilde forces meant that the entire front was constantly in retreat for the forces of House Jennett.

After the mercenaries broke and ran you knew it was over. We were not going to die with the fools that thought Frey`s and a mercenary band calling themselves the Whores Servents was enough to defeat the Kingdom of Lucerne.
Olivia Wilde

With the weakest section of the Fairmarket forces standing on the eastern front, it was the objective of the Lucernians to target that area. Jamie Lannister would instigate a situation where the mercenaries would march during the day and then both armies would camp during the night both sides never exposing themselves. After five days of this the mercenaries and Freys were becoming less and less prepared for battle, and this was exploited on the sixth day when Jamie Lannister moved his men during the night. The Fairmarket forces noticed this and assembled their forces for battle, but their scouts were slacking and did not notice the divergence of the Lannister forces and focused on in front of them. While Jamie moved right at them two larger forces moved in from the sides and enveloped the Fairmarket force. After fighting for several minutes the Mercenaries accepted defeat and would surrender with little hold out fighting, while the Frey`s fled eastward back to the ships on the coast. News spread quickly but not quickly enough for the main Fairmarket force of whom was stuck in between the Starke`s and the Lannisters.

Olivia Wilde Large.jpg
You almost wanted to punish the Wilde for the cowardess of the act, but how could you. They had destroyed our enemy and surrendered Fairmarket to us without much more of a fight.
Saiden Scarlet

While this was happening the Wilde family determined the time was right to change sides, and under the guidance of Olivia Wilde returned nearly all of their forces to Whellia. Back in Whellia Olivia Wilde would lead some two thousand men at arms and a hundred knights towards Fairmarket and behind all the fighting going on in the center. All of this went on while the Scarlet forces moved towards Whellia slowly as they feared they were being lured into a trap, and it was around this time that they were joined in the fight by the forces of House Lovie who were finally arriving in the area and brought overwhelming numbers. Olivia though arrived at Fairmarket, and without alerting the defenders of the Wilde turning on them would use Andrik Wilde to allow Olivia Wilde and the army of House Wilde to enter the city. Entering the city they turned on the Fairmarket forces, and burned and pillaged the town before massacring House Jennet, and taking nearly all the nobles prisoner. As this happened the forces of House Lannister arrived at the gates of Fairmarket joined by the well aware Saiden Scarlet and received the bodies of House Jennet as gifts. Saiden Scarlet would want to take the Wilde family prisoner, but Catherine Lovie had arrived and under the orders of William Lovie III. would command House Wilde spared and handed control of northern Fairmarket, while House Scarlet was given the south.

Council of Riverrun

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Edmure Tully was headstrong in wanting to join with Lucerne.

The Tully`s were already blood, so I wasn`t surprised when they wanted to not shed any.
Eddard Starke

When it came to the Riverlands the main power brokers were the most powerful house in the form of House Tully, the dominent northern house in the form of House Green, and the dominant southern house in House Blackwood. These three houses learned of the destruction of Fairmarket, and immediately the Tully`s made the decision to join Lucerne whatever was offered to them. House Blackwood would accept this as well, but many in the house wanted to resist for honor`s sake, but Brandyn Blackwood disagreed and invited the Lucernians to Raventree for a meeting. House Green led by Fadin Green was having difficulties in their north in fighting against the forces of the Deatheaters and thus was more then open to the idea of gaining a very important ally and thus in the spirit of gaining this ally Fadin would send his son and daughter to Fairmarket where they made their ideas clear. Unwilling to meet in a unknown venue such as Raventree the meeting took place in Riverrun. While this meeting was being formed it was House Keath one of the most powerful Riverlords who controlled the large Keath Islands in the southern Riverlands who go to the Lucernians at Fairmarket sending their heir and two daughters alongside several of their most powerful vassals in the form of House Butterwell, and House Vypros in order wot swear themselves into the Kingdom of Lucerne. Following the capture of Fairmarket Lord Tobben Keath would become horrified by the potential invasion of his own island and with this fear in mind he would send letters to the Lucernian forces now garrisoning Fairmarket and these letters opened up conversations about what swearing themselves to Lucerne would mean to them. The meeting in Riverrun would count in all the major houses of the Riverlands, and major elements from Lucerne including Catherine Lovie of whom led the Lovie delegation.

House Lovie.jpg
The Rise of Lucerne
I saw the destruction of the world, and knew I had to stop it. There was nothing left to do but become bigger then everyone else. The Empire was never going to be the beacon the world needed it to be. Westros was on fire. The Bretonians had reached for the stars and been burned. And the old shadow of Numeron was fading far too quickly. It was left to us in Lucerne to change the fate of all those who wished to reject darkness. We were the last hope for a world who had long since given up on believing.

Watching the coast disappear, and the vast city of Riverrun appear on the horizon I was shocked at its scope. The port itself ran for miles, and the port was guarded by two large castles on both edges, and in the distinct center was a massive tower the size of which I hadn`t seen since I saw the Cloud Tower back in Lucerne. Eddard approached from behind me, and I felt his hand go to my shoulder. ``Its quite the sight isn`t it Saiden.`` I looked still at Riverrun as he spoke, and the tide of Blue Flags carrying the Tully Fish were so many that it made the city appear blue.

``Were you as intimated the first time you were, or is it just me.``

``When I came here to marry Catelyn I was beyond scared.`` He walked away and towards the mast, and I followed in behind him. ``Back then the tower you see in the center was nothing but a wall, and now look at it. Its funny the way things change.`` He stared out into the port, and behind us I looked and saw the form of my squire, and other nobles coming from beneath. My family vassals in Sigmund Mien, and Tirrion Fraizen came into sight and Tirrion gave me a bow as he caught glimpse of me looking. I laughed at the gesture of Tirrion who through his mother was my blood relative and was older then me, and yet he still managed to be beyond loyal.

``Will Lady Catelyn be meeting us on the deck alone.``

``I would assume her brother Edmund will meet as well, along with any of the Lords that are in the city.`` He turned towards me and rested his hand on my shoulder. ``Never forget that you and I are Lords of Lands larger and more powerful then these Riverlords. While you may be intimidated by the larger port and the castles, never forget that they know what we represent. We represent a threat that their ships, and their trade cannot hope to resist.`` The boat finally reached the dock, and men poured themselves onto the side throwing ropes to the dock hands, and letting us go ashore.

Following behind Eddard he was enveloped in an intimate hug by his wife Catelyn, and looking at the two I couldn`t help but be envious of that kind of love. I had married Jessica when I was very young and she was already past her bloom. She was a beautiful women I would never say otherwise, but her beauty hid an anger and pettiness that was entirely unbecoming. For years I tried to love her, but despite her good and loyal work for me she was still nothing I cared for truly. Not the way Eddard loved his cat. Not the way William loved Bella. It was just so much lesser then what it should be. ``Lord Saiden shall you accompany us.`` It was a question but the man saying it said it with a hint of laughter and I realized I must have looked ridiculous lost in thought standing on the edge of the boat. I turned and bid my squire Fredick Clegane II. to bring my sword shield and I followed behind Eddard.

As we walked I looked into the bay and watched the ship of Jack Shephard, and the representatives of House Lovie  that had been sent to further the talks. We all knew that with Riverrun so went the entire Riverlands, and other then some hot spots the talks were going extremely well especially with the constant threat of the large Lannister and Starke combining with my houses forces. ``Fredrick have you ever seen ships this big.`` The young boy looked around and he was so awe struck it made me laugh. 

``No my Lord I havn`t.``

``Well lets get moving, and perhaps we can find a pretty Brannish girl for you to marry while were here.`` It saddened me that this honorable young man was so mistreated by his father. Apparently his father had spent years working at a betrothal for his younger son, while letting poor Fredick the second of his name sit idle training with the Clegane forces. As he followed closely behind me I wondered whether there was some kind of silent failing in the father that had led to that kind of neglect, but the evidence was so widespread maybe loving your child unconditionally was the rarer act. 

Before I knew it we reached the base of the tower, and a giant tent was arrayed where Eddard, his wife and her brother the lord of Rivverun had gathered around a table. A skinny man in purple armor with a intricate beard approached me from the side, and clasped his hand on my shoulder. ``Lord Scarlet I bid you welcome to our beloved Riverlands.`` As he stared at me it dawned in his face that I had no idea who he was, and he laughed. ``I`m sorry my Lord where are my manners.`` He dusted his hands on his jacket before outstretching his hand for me to shake. ``I am Bryndan Blackwood son of Lord Tytos Blackwood of the Raventree. I am very glad to see your people today, as it is long due that Lucerne and Riverlands be joined together. In the coming days know that I am willing and greatly hopeful to help you with everything your people may need.`` Going back to the notes my Maester had given me on the boat, I remembered back to the Blackwood`s and realized the company I was with.

Byrdan Blackwood was the heir to the seasoned but not elderly Tytos Blackwood, and despite being the third oldest was the heir. Apparently some kind of mishap had broken faith in the oldest boy, and since then Bryndan had become the voice of House Blackwood. Maester Seryn told me that the Blackwood`s would be beyond important to us, and thus without another moment pause I reached and shook his hand. ``Lord Bryndan I believe Raventree has a lot to gain from our friendship.``

"Of this there is no debate. Let me tell you though Lord Scarlet that several inside that room will be of trouble for you."

"It would be too easy if there was no push back Bryndan." He gave a light chuckle before I continued. "Who do you see as pushing back the hardest against our involvement here."

"Pushback you will find from House Hantoway, and House Graege."

"What are there issues with our proposals?"

"They simply love there freedom."

As the groups came together and met in order to arrange the alliance it would be a clear divide during the meetings about how House Tully, and most of the Riverlanders were very receptive to the words of Lucerne, with really only House Hantoway of the Western Islands of Hantoway, and secondly House Graege from the south western Islands of Greage providing any kind of resistance against the Kingdom of Lucerne's plans. Very similar to the current situation in the Riverlands it was decided that the Riverlands would become a Grand State of Lucerne with House Tully forming the Arch Lord of the Riverlands and gaining a seat at Lucerne, while the Riverlords would continue to be known as Riverlords but all fall within the Grand State of the Riverlands. Realizing that their resistance was going to mean little due to the agreement of House Tully, House Blackwood, House Keath, House Justman, House Goodbrooke, and House Lancer the leaders of House Hantoway, and House Graege would storm from the meeting to return to their seats with the belief that they would declare their independance from there. It was during this meeting that the true scope of what the Deatheaters were would become known to the Lucernians as led by the words of Seth Green the violence and chaos that had come with the arrival of the Deatheaters was detailed. Also during the meeting it was Harras Handlin that made the point of joining for the mutual protection of everyone against the increasing hostility of the Iron Islands of whom had started reaving against the lands of House Handlin as well as many other Riverland areas.

Invasion of the Hantoway's

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The moment that House Hantoway, and House Graege stormed from the meeting it was decided by the Lucernian counterparts of the meeting that there resistence had to be stomped out immediatly and this took the form of House Proudmoore, and House Scarlet and all of their forces taking a Kul Tiras fleet and invading the Island of Hantoway.

Annexation of the Vale

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Council of Heathfall

Council of Heathfall
You can stand alone, and join an evil people corrupted by darkness or...or you can join with us. I don't come here to threaten you. I don't come here to make demands. I come here because my King is tired of these monsters running around doing whatever they want. Today you can make a decision to stop them. Stop them here.
Powers of Southern Thedas
Name Leader Powerbase
Kingdom of Noveria Florian Orlais Large army, and a sizeable population match a heavily defended kingdom.
Gnomer Gelbin Mekkatorque Large army, and population alongside one of the most technologically advanced people in the continent. 
Dowenshire Gran Reville Medium sized army with large population of which is spread out in the plains of Dowenshire.
Heathfall Dran Arryn Large army supported by immense Lucerne forces, alongside large population.
Lydes Tylor Griggs Small army, with a large population, but a large navy and influencial control over the large kingdom of Anderfells, and extremely wealthy
Kingdom of Anderfells Anders Feron Very large army, with a large population, no navy, and very poor of which forces its reliance upon the Franks of Lydes.
Following the Invasion of Westbridge the entire south of Thedas was something we wanted to get closer to. It was either we put them in our sphere or wait until Tevinter, or Germania placed them in their own.
William Lovie III.

Following the Invasion of Westbridge and the collapse of the House Malfoy control base north of Westbridge the power brokers of southern Thedas would begin to realign themselves with an eye for Lucerne and away from Tevinter. With House Arryn of Heathfall as the leadership caste of Heathfall they had been members of the Kingdom of Lucerne in everything but name, but preceding the Invasion of Westbridge Heathfall was finally made a member and took a heavy role within the Invasion of Westbridge. Dowenshire would become the target of Lucerne due to its power and position and to secure it Edmure Tully a R'hllor Knight, and Edmund Blackwood would travel to Dowenshire in order to try and convince the Theocracy there to join Lucerne. Edmure Tully, and Edmund Blackwood would arrive in the town of Dowenshire with a contingent of Riverland lords including a healthy mix of R'hllor knights, and Dragon Knights, and were treated well by the Dowenshire Theocracy due mainly to their mistreatment by the forces of the Deatheaters of whom had reacted violently to their defeat at Westbridge by massacring many villages on their way north into Tevinter. Using the hatred of the Dowenshire Theocracy of the Deatheaters to their advantage they were able to convince the Theocratic leadership of Dowenshire to support the Kingdom of Lucerne in return for their retaining their religious independence. Due to this Dowenshire, and Heathfall were already all but members of the Kingdom of Lucerne, while the Kingdom of Noveria, and Gnomer were powerful and had independent ideas but also wanted an alliance to assist in defending themselves against the encroachment of The Empire, or Tevinter. Noveria in particular stood right on the doorstep of the Empire of Tevinter and was already seeing a dramatic rise in the number of Tevinter troops amassing on the borders with them without any sign of diplomats coming with them.

Assassination in Hossberg

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Viola Feron Large1.jpg
I want you to take some men and go to Hossberg. The Grand Prince of Lydes is travelling to Hossberg. I want you to make sure that the King of Anderfells and the Prince stop breathing.
Thomas Malfoy

The city of Lydes, and its dependent Kingdom of Anderfells would also become intertwined after the Tevinter diplomat Cho-Ninimdor Narthriel arrived in the Kingdom of Dole's capital of Inrathous and met with the king of Anderfells son Anders Feron. The meeting would go well enough with Anders being open to improving relations with Tevinter but then collapsed completely following a conversation between Ninimdor and Marik Feron the eldest son of Prince Anders where in Ninimdor let slip the further desire of Tevinter to expand into Thedas and more specifically Lydes. Following this argument Diplomat Ninimdor returned to Tevinter and relayed the now broken relationship, but downplayed his role in this instead blaming Prince Anders for the break down. Following this High Archon Thomas Malfoy would send an elite force of Death Eaters to the Anderfells in order to ambush and kill the Anderfells leadership as well as the Grand Prince of Lydes who had traveled to Hossberg to meet with the King of Anderfells. Arriving in the Anderfells capital of Hossberg it was the Deatheaters who used the meetings of Lydes and Anderfells to ambush both parties and during this ambush they would kill Marik Feron, and his wife while also maiming the face of Anders Feron who survived only due to the arrival of Grand Prince Tylor Griggs and his elite Personal Guard instigating a skirmish in the palace. During this skirmish most of the Deatheaters were killed, while Tylor Griggs was injured quite badly and dozens of guards killed but Anders Feron survived the attempted killing. Following the interrogation of the surviving Deatheaters it was discovered to be a part of a larger plot and with all this evidence the border was closed with Tevinter and while war was not declared the two nations would be in a state of near war.

They killed my son. Your Dragon King promices me vengeance on those who made the order that killed my beloved son and I will join you.
Anders Feron

Anders Feron would thus arrive in Heathfall and without really anyone having to communicate to him about moving forward he gave the distinct impression to Dran Arryn that he and his family wanted and desired two things in the form of revenge for the murder of Marik Feron, and for the Lucernians to assist them in getting Viola Feron back from her holding in Tevinter. Dran Arryn would be the one that was finally able to bring everyone together when he was able to have everyone send representatives to Heathfall for what people came to call the Council of Heathfall. The meeting would take place in the large town of Heathfall only three months following the death of Marik Feron, and six months following the Coup of Tevinter, and the Lucernians would send the Labeouf's, Starke's as well as Saiden Scarlet and a party of his people, while the leaders of all the nations came to Heathfall outside of Lydes of which Tylor Griggs was still recuperating from the injury he had suffered during the Tevinter ambush on the Anderfells capital of Hossberg, and thus instead sent his son Bylor Griggs of whom would act as the Lord of Lydes during the meeting.

I had never seen a Gnome before. I had seen Dwarves of Lucerne. Elves of the Forest and Ulthuan. Orcs at Tree Hill. A dead Goblin body in Lucerne. A ratman corpse in Lorderon. But I had never seen a Gnome. Seemed like a short human to me.
Saiden Scarlet
The Gnomes of Gnomer were the second last group to arrive and led by their High King Gelbin Mekkatorque it would be Saiden Scarlet, and Robb Starke that would meet them at the gates of Heathfall and had a long talk with both the king and Silas Nonu. The Gnome King had brought Silas Nonu alongside Tinken Cogbonk, Fimbus Puddlefizz, and Ressa Beddlespark alongside some thirty Gnomish soldiers of whom would act as his guards of sorts but Tinken Cogbonk would accompany Silas Nonu to speak to Robb Starke, and Saiden Scarlet out of the ears of the guards of both groups. The four would discuss how the Gnomes would side with Lucerne during the council, but they also said that there assistance to the alliance would be minimal as they were fighting a war in their capital of which they had finally turned the tides on.

Anna Orlais II. would be one of the many noble daughters of Southern Thedas that would be married off, or betrothed following the Council of Heathfall in order to further alliances.

The four would discuss the Gnomer invention of underwater boats of which could move men, and supplies without risk of being caught by defending ships, and this was something both Saiden, and Robb Starke needed to be brought to the attention of the King of Lucerne, and made Silas Nonu not discuss the offer with anyone else until the King had heard. Eventually there discussion ended and they were forced to attend the overall meeting with the rest of the group where they found Eddard Starke already beginning the discussion. The final group to arrive at Heathfall was the forces of the Kingdom of Noveria of whom arrived in heavy numbers and influence with the king himself coming to Heathfall accompanied by nearly five hundred men, two of his five council members, and the princess of Noveria also came in the form of Anna Orlais II. of whom he was ready to marry off to further strengthen any alliance he might make while in Heathfall. The Noverian forces were met by Shia Labeouf and his beloved Meghanna of whom took them towards the Heathfall Keep where the meetings would take place and during this time the Noverian King showed himself to also be very hateful towards the forces of Tevinter.
We were the obvious choice in terms of who was going to care more about their people, but sometimes fear overstates common sence. Sometimes people are so afriad of something that they will bow before it. That fear might have allowed Tevinter to control southern Thedas but instead Lord Voldermorte attacked Anderfells and lost himself that fear. Hate is a stronger emotion that fear.
Saiden Scarlet

One of the main things discussed during the council was what there strategy was going to be to resisting the might of Tevinter if the conflict did come to a head. Noveria would be struck heavily as well as the Anderfells, and for that reason it was decided that Noveria would be heavily fortified against attack, and at the same time they were going to send a large troop of the Order of the Grey Dragon to rebuild several of the fortresses of northern Anderfells for the coming attacks. Lydes was prepared to finance much of the rebuild of northern Anderfells under the condition that Lucerne name them an Arch Duke within their kingdom and they became the head of the State that would be created north of Westbridge. This was heavily argued amongst the table, but eventually Dran Arryn was willing to accept this for a position of Grand Lord and lordship over his own province, as well as becoming the vassal of House Lovie over House Griggs. By this point the news was coming southward of how violent northern Tevinter was becoming due to the rising cult falling behind the Deatheaters, and this alone would scare all those assembled at the council to their shared cooperation in regards to defending against Tevinter.

Fall of Northern Bolten

Family Members


Saiden Scarlet

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Saiden Scarlet Cover.jpg
He was the prize. I say that not meaning he meant any less then he did to me, but the truth was that past all the physical attraction I felt for him, and past the love that grew between us his greatest achievement was what he could give me in terms of power.
Olivia Wilde

Saiden Scarlet, and Olivia Wilde would first meet after Saiden invaded the lands of Fairmarket, and Olivia led her family in a betrayal of their masters in House Jennet. Meeting at the gates of Fairmarket Olivia would be covered in the blood of the Jennet's and standing beside her brother as they presented the bodies of the Jennet's as their seal of loyalty towards the Kingdom of Lucerne, and House Scarlet. Saiden should have been discusted but for weeks after he couldn't stop thinking of this girl, and when he went to the Vale of Mallister he summoned her to assist them, and despite many wondering about this out loud he resisted their questions and continued to summon her. During this time at the Vale of Mallister their attraction explodes and they nearly sleep together of which is only stopped when Taimen Scarlet arrives outside the tent and Saiden fears his son finding out about what he has done. They stay apart for some time, but during this time Olivia convinses her father that she can marry the older Saiden Scarlet, and he relents once again to his daughter, and allows her to lead a force of nearly two thousand Wilde soldiers alonside her brother Aldric to support their liege lord in House Scarlet but also to resume the romance between herself and Saiden.

Andrik Wilde

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