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Order of the Blue Dragon
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Khadgar the Azure Lord of the Order of the Blue Dragon
Dragon Order Banner
Coat of Arms The Order of the Blue Dragon has their sigil represent the Blue Dragon Dovah that shephards all Magi into the Fade after they die.
Words "The Dragon guides the path to the Fade"
Vital statistics
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Tower of Magi
Level of Control The Order of the Blue Dragon has control over the valley that controls the Tower of Magi, and the two houses that live in this area are their vassals alongside anyone elce they need. Other then this the Order relies upon its own members.
Role of the Order The training, recruitment, and leadership of the Magi of the Valley of Lucerne
Current Leader Azure's Hand
Secondary Leadership Azure's Lords

The Order of the Blue Dragon is the Dragon order that controls the Magi users in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and this way does the recruiting, training, and commanding of all those Magi within the order. The Order operates out of the Tower of Tarnbooth, but also controls the valley of Tarnbooth and several small locations throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Leadership of the Order of the Blue Dragon starts with the Azure Lord in the form of the powerful mage Khadgar, and below him lie the six Azure Lords.

The Order of the Blue Dragon has taken control of the old Circle of Magi tower called the Tower of Tarnbooth, and it is here that they maintain their headquarters. From the Tower of Tarnbooth the Order of the Blue Dragon has set up stepping stones in all the major towns throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne, and this allows them to quickly transport themselves to these locations in a matter of a second. Alongside this they control the valley that the Tower is located in, and inside this valley the two houses in the form of House Mandelay, and House Burgen are the Vassals of the Order of the Blue Dragon, and provide most of the physical non-Magi support for the Order of the Blue Dragon.

The Leadership of the Order of the Blue Dragon starts with the Azure Lord in the form of the powerful mage Er-Khadgar Morgrave, and below him lie the six Azure Lords. Khadgar in his role as Azure's Hand is obviously the overall leader, but each sect of the Order of the Blue Dragon (Illusion, Destruction, Restoration, Myctism, and Conjuration) all have their own leaders that control the manner in which their respective sects are moving.

The begginings of the Order of the Blue Dragon were formed when Khadgar begin to fear that his master in Bill Lovie had lost himself into Chaos. In this way he took little part in the affairs of the Circle of Magi, and begin to form ideas of creating a new Order if the opportunity should ever arise. He would at first begin finding members, and it was during this attempted recruiting that he would become an enemy of the state after he did not assist the Circle of Magi in their mission to destroy the city of Tree Hill. He watched as Bill grew more powerful and felt hopeless but his selvation would arrive when William Lovie III. rose to power, and gave him permission to create the Order of the Blue Dragon. From the old Tower of Magi the order has grown to much larger levels then I think even Khadgar believed they could, and with this increase comes a growth in importance. The Order has become quite popular following their succesful role in the Invasion of Westbridge where they basically by themselves managed to take control of the weakened northern gatehouse of the castle. Alongside this they were the main force used to deflect the incoming Lord Voldermorte of whom many said if he became involved could single handedly defeat the siege. Following this they have become increasingly used by the reigning king William Lovie III., and during the ending events of the Rise of Lucerne they would construct a massive series of Magi pylons along the border of the Kingdom of Lucerne's Valley of Lucerne so that noone could freely enter the valley using Magi teleportion.



The Order of the Blue Dragon was founded by Khadgar under the direction of William Lovie III. . Khadgar directed the rebuilding of the Tower of Magi from a center of Magical arrogance into a center of learning where in the next generation of Magi users in Lucerne could learn in a skilled environment. He was greatly assisted by Edward Cullen who had gained much knowledge in Magi since his arrival at Hogwarts, and then training on his own in secret.

Invasion of Westbridge

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Demons on the Loose

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The West

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Organization of the Order of the Blue Dragon

The Order is built on a similar model to the one taken by Hogwarts, in that there is a democratically elected leader who then appoints members of the leadership beneath him. Through this leadership group the decisions of the Order are then made. Azure is the Dragon in the Dragon book that is described as the one that controls the Magi in the afterlife, so for this reason all the ranks in the Order are named after Azure.

Azure's Hand

The Hand of Azure is the overall leader of the entire Order of the Blue Dragon, and in this position has stood Khadgar since the ordered first began. As the founder of the order he designed the structure, and recruited the members, so it was only natural that Khadgar took over as this position. While the position is a very strong one, he still maintains only one vote on the Azure Council so he is unable to blindly send the Order in any direction he wants as he doesn't have the votes necessary to ignore the councilors concerns for the Order.

Name Seat Reign
Er-Khadgar Morgrave Lucerne

Azure's Lords

There are six Azure Lords of which each of responsible for the leadership of their specific magical school. Each Lord comes together in the Azure Council where they all meet with the Azure's hand and make their progress and direction known to all around. Each of the Lords also leads one of the main aspects of Study within the Order of the Blue Dragon, and within each of these larger studies they will also lead several other areas of study but give administration to these other studies to one of their Talvin Lords.

Name Title Seat Role
Athilda Guntbold Azure Lord of Odahviing Spire of Odahviing Head of Internal Affairs for the Order
Wynne Tanlader Azure Lord of Aerene Spire of Aerene
  • Head of Restoration Magi
  • Head of Charms Studies
Edward Cullen Azure Lord of Talvin Spire of Talvin
  • Head of Conjuration Magi
  • Head of Flying Studies
Benjamin Ordos Azure Lord of Numeterix Spire of Numeterix
  • Head of Illusion Magi
  • Head of Diviniation Studies
Morrigan Azure Lord of Odahviing Spire of Odahviing
  • Head of Alteration Magi
  • Head of Apparition Studies
Josephine Aberbach Azure Lord of Kyne Spire of Kyne
  • Head of Destruction Magi
  • Head of Possesion Studies
Oliver Seitz Azure Lord of Akatozh Spire of Akatozh
  • Head of Myctism Magi
  • Head of Transfiguration Studies

Former Azure's Lords

Name Title Magi Order Reason for Departure
Elias Gollwitzer Azure Lord of Numeterix Illusion Killed in Battle

Numeterix's Lords

The Lords of Numeterix are those secondary leaders until the Azure Lords of whom rule over different areas of studies, but also serve at the personal authority of their respective Azure's Lord.

Name Role Sworn To
Emily Hirsh Head of Atronomy Studies Wynne Tanlader
Arnhilda Highdor Head of Potions Studies Wynne Tanlader
Emily Hirsh Head of Atronomy Studies Wynne Tanlader
Catrin Heissler Head of Herbology Studies Wynne Tanlader
Gemma Cullen Head of Defence Against Possesion Studies Josephine Aberbach
Orden Snow Head of Ancient Studies Josephine Aberbach
Hilary Swift Head of Magi Creatures Studies Edward Cullen
Erlanda Langerud Head of Edward Cullen
Anikka Salburg Head of Edward Cullen
Larra Marbrand Head of Rune Studies Benjamin Ordos
Is-Livia Lumben Head of Benjamin Ordos
Eleonora Scheid Head of Benjamin Ordos
Lexia Braxton Head of Portal Studies Morrigan
Jerelyn Shadbolt Head of Advanced Portal Studies Morrigan
Elsa Reichen Head of Disillusionment Studies Morrigan
Larissa Hegewald Head of Economic Transfiguration Studies Oliver Seitz
Britta Ribbeck Head of Military Transfiguration Studies Oliver Seitz
Thaddius Silberbauer Head of Cultural Transfiguration Studies Oliver Seitz

Talvin's Lords

The Lords of Talvin are those secondary leaders that are more assignment based and will be given tasks by their respective Azure Lord. The Talvin Lords are restricted in number with each Azure Lord being assigned three Lords of Talvin outside of the Lord of Kyne who has four due to the destruction School being heavily used in the aspects of war for Lucerne. The Lords of Talvin will have command over the three lower levels of members of the Order of the Blue Dragon in the form of the following:

  • Talvin Apprentice : Lowest Level of the Blue Dragon
  • Talvin Journeyman : Have Passed their initial exams and await their final exams
  • Talvin Associate : Have Passed their final exams. Awaiting Confirmation by their Lord of Talvin
Name Talvin Apprentice Talvin Journeyman Talvin Associate Sworn To
Cedrick of Hillsbrad 5 2 2 Restoration
Jeffrey Newgrave 8 1 0 Destruction
Alann Roil 4 3 1 Destruction
Brann Roil 5 0 3 Destruction
Irelia Hardyng 9 4 2 Destruction
Thomas Roses 3 2 0 Conjuration
Sasha Roses 3 2 0 Conjuration
Traevin Rivers 1 7 0 Conjuration
Tarius Braxton II. 2 9 0 Alteration
Judith Krebs 4 1 0 Illusion

Harnene's Lords

The Lords of Harnene are those who have passed their final exams and have been confirmed by their Lord of Talvin. These members are placed into specific roles or assignments and thus lie under the direction of the Council in their assignment.

Name Role Seat
Konrad Schonbein Leadership of the Spire of Tree Hill Tree Hill
Walburga Kaulbach Leadership of the Spire of Lole Lole
Stefan Kromer Leadership of the Spire of Lucerne Lucerne
Ruprecht Glehn Leadership of the Spire of Stormwind Stormwind

Glaurung's Portal Network

The Glaurung Portal Network was alongside the Ears of Aerene one of the major projects that the Order of the Blue Dragon would create and the administer within the Kingdom of Lucerne with the Portal Network establishing Portals within Spires created in several major Lucernian cities and thus allowing for small groups to travel instantly between these cities.

  • The Portal Network is done through the casting of a portal spell and thus due to this it has extensive charging that must be done, and in the case of the smaller spires it may be several days before it can be recast effectively.

Spires of Glaurung

Spire Location Harnene Lord Portal Destinations Portal Size
Lucerne Stefan Kromer All Spires 1-15
Lole Walburga Kaulbach
  • Lucerne
  • Fogtown
  • 6
  • 2
Tree Hill Konrad Schonbein
  • Lucerne
  • Fogtown
  • Stormwind
  • Hillsbrad
  • 4
  • 2
  • 10
  • 12
Stormwind Ruprecht Glehn
  • Lucerne
  • Tree Hill
  • Fogtown
  • Riverrun
  • Westbridge
  • Dalaran
  • 12
  • 4
  • 6
  • 10
  • 15
  • 15
Dalaran Er-Glehnin Restovistian
  • Lucerne
  • Stormwind
  • Westbridge
  • 15
  • 15
  • 15

Ears of Aerene

The Ears of Aerene is alongside the Glaurung Portal Network one of the major projects that the Order of the Blue Dragon would create and then administer within the Kingdom of Lucerne with the Ears of Aerene being located within the Spires of Glaurung and allowing communication instantly between the spires.

  • Unlike the Portals of the Glaurung Portal Network the Ears are mobile and are able to be moved outside the Spires
  • Unlike the Portals of the Glaurung Portal Network the Ears do not require Magi sensitivity to use.
  • Unlike the Portals of the Glaurung Portal Network the Ears do not need to be recasted upon usage.