Order of the Blue Dragon
Order of the Blue Dragon - New
Khadgar the Azure Lord of the Order of the Blue Dragon
Dragon Order Banner
Coat of Arms The Order of the Blue Dragon has their sigil represent the Blue Dragon Dovah that shephards all Magi into the Fade after they die.
Words "The Dragon guides the path to the Fade"
Vital statistics
Date of Founding Placeholder
Headquarters Tower of Magi
Level of Control The Order of the Blue Dragon has control over the valley that controls the Tower of Magi, and the two houses that live in this area are their vassals alongside anyone elce they need. Other then this the Order relies upon its own members.
Role of the Order The training, recruitment, and leadership of the Magi of the Valley of Lucerne
Current Leader Azure's Hand
Secondary Leadership Azure's Lords

The Order of the Blue Dragon is the Dragon order that controls the Magi users in the Kingdom of Lucerne, and this way does the recruiting, training, and commanding of all those Magi within the order. The Order operates out of the old circle of Magi tower, but also controls the valley of Tarnboot and several small locations throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Leadership of the Order of the Blue Dragon starts with the Azure Lord in the form of the powerful mage Khadgar, and below him lie the six Azure Lords.

The Order of the Blue Dragon has taken control of the old Circle of Magi tower called the Tower of Magi, and it is here that they maintain their headquarters. From the Tower of Magi the Order of the Blue Dragon has set up stepping stones in all the major towns throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne, and this allows them to quickly transport themselves to these locations in a matter of a second. Alongside this they control the valley that the Tower is located in, and inside this valley the two houses in the form of House Mandelay, and House Burgen are the Vassals of the Order of the Blue Dragon, and provide most of the physical non-Magi support for the Order of the Blue Dragon.

The Leadership of the Order of the Blue Dragon starts with the Azure Lord in the form of the powerful mage Khadgar, and below him lie the six Azure Lords. Khadgar in his role as Azure's Hand is obviously the overall leader, but each sect of the Order of the Blue Dragon (Illusion, Destruction, Restoration, Myctism, and Conjuration) all have their own leaders that control the manner in which their respective sects are moving.

The begginings of the Order of the Blue Dragon were formed when Khadgar begin to fear that his master in Bill Lovie had lost himself into Chaos. In this way he took little part in the affairs of the Circle of Magi, and begin to form ideas of creating a new Order if the opportunity should ever arise. He would at first begin finding members, and it was during this attempted recruiting that he would become an enemy of the state after he did not assist the Circle of Magi in their mission to destroy the city of Tree Hill. He watched as Bill grew more powerful and felt hopeless but his selvation would arrive when William Lovie III. rose to power, and gave him permission to create the Order of the Blue Dragon. From the old Tower of Magi the order has grown to much larger levels then I think even Khadgar believed they could, and with this increase comes a growth in importance. The Order has become quite popular following their succesful role in the Invasion of Westbridge where they basically by themselves managed to take control of the weakened northern gatehouse of the castle. Alongside this they were the main force used to deflect the incoming Lord Voldermorte of whom many said if he became involved could single handedly defeat the siege. Following this they have become increasingly used by the reigning king William Lovie III., and during the ending events of the Rise of Lucerne they would construct a massive series of Magi pylons along the border of the Kingdom of Lucerne's Valley of Lucerne so that noone could freely enter the valley using Magi teleportion.



The Order of the Blue Dragon was founded by Khadgar under the direction of William Lovie III. . Khadgar directed the rebuilding of the Tower of Magi from a center of Magical arrogance into a center of learning where in the next generation of Magi users in Lucerne could learn in a skilled environment. He was greatly assisted by Edward Cullen who had gained much knowledge in Magi since his arrival at Hogwarts, and then training on his own in secret.

Invasion of Westbridge

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Demons on the Loose

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The West

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Organization of the Order of the Blue Dragon

The Order is built on a similar model to the one taken by Hogwarts, in that there is a democratically elected leader who then appoints members of the leadership beneath him. Through this leadership group the decisions of the Order are then made. Azure is the Dragon in the Dragon book that is described as the one that controls the Magi in the afterlife, so for this reason all the ranks in the Order are named after Azure.

Azure's Hand

The Hand of Azure is the overall leader of the entire Order of the Blue Dragon, and in this position has stood Khadgar since the ordered first began. As the founder of the order he designed the structure, and recruited the members, so it was only natural that Khadgar took over as this position. While the position is a very strong one, he still maintains only one vote on the Azure Council so he is unable to blindly send the Order in any direction he wants as he doesn't have the votes neccessary to ignore the councilers conserns for the Order.

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Khadgar is the son of Methinsio and Heather Morgrave making him a member of the now destroyed but once extremely powerful House Morgrave.

Khadgar is a level six Magi sensitive human being that is a controller of the Destruction Family of Magi. Khadgar spent his early time under the teutalage of his parents who taught him everything they knew about Magi, and it was only following their death that he came to truly understand how much Magi would define his life. Due to his relatively low level of Magi ability he has used his Numenorian immortality to spend his life training in the use of Magi of which has made him more capable then his level three would have normally given him including being the leader of the Order of the Blue Dragon.

Khadgar is a former member of the Circle of Magi, which he joined as a young boy after Bill Lovie discovered his skill in Magi. Inside the Circle of Magi Khadgar would become completely lost as to the moral direction that he was being led, and he had a complete collapse in confidence when the Fall of Tree Hill was caused by the other members of the Circle of Magi that he had known for a long time. When Bill Lovie fled the kingdom, he decided not to follow him and instead to join William Lovie III. in attempting to fix the damage he believes he helped cause. Under the leadership of Bill Lovie, Khadgar was forced to do some terrible things in order to survive. He attempted to always resist these orders but he was unable to resist them for the most part. When he first approached William Lovie with the idea of creating an Order of the Blue Dragon he was at first met with sketisism but over time he built respect with William to the point that he was granted the ability to do this. He would organize and grow the order for many years until finally he was tasked with his assignment during the Invasion of Westbridge where he took a lead role in the success of that mission. Following the victory of the Kingdom of Lucerne against the Kingdom of Westbridge Khadgar would once again return to Lucerne where he would continue growing the Order of the Blue Dragon. During this time he would create the device called the Lucernian Speaking Stones, of which were small rocks which were enchanted by members of the Illusion Magi order.

Azure Lords

There are six Azure Lords of which each of responsible for the leadership of their specific magical school. Each Lord comes together in the Azure Council where they al meet with the Azure's hand and make their progress and direction known to all around.


Kingdom of Lucerne Restoration
The ability to save the lives of those around me was the reason I started using Magi in the beggining. It was only when Khadgar created the Order of the Blue Dragon that I saw a future in the pursuit.

The School of Restoration involves control over life forces, and uses the power of the Magi to heal the wounds of those they are saving. The members of the Resoration School are usually kinder, and more maternal then most other Magi, and for this reason the Restoration School is basically unique in the fact that it is solely a female School of Magi. While she has a variety of protective and enhancement spells to bolster her allies, the priest can also wreak terrible vengeance on her enemies, using the grand powers of the Holy Light to smite and purge them or the devastating powers of the shadow to decimate their minds. The priest is a diverse and powerful Magi School, highly desirable in any situation and capable of fulfilling multiple roles.

Restoration Lord

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Wynne Tanlader is the daughter of Ian, and Susan Tanlader making her a member of the tiny House Tanlader. Wynne has one brother in the form of Hanzal Tanlader of whome is a member of the Order of the Green Dragon, buy is also going to become the leader of House Tanlader after the death of their uncle who is the current leader of the house. Wynne is a devout follower of Christianity and has never married due to her acceptance of Christ into her heart and believing that this is more valuable then to marry.

Wynne Tanlader spent most of her life being groomed for marriage, but she became obsessed with the Bible and begin a career as a priest in the church of Tree Hill. Her time in the church of Tree Hill in the western side of the town was a brief but enjoyable time for her, and during this time any inclination she had to turn away from Christ and instead to move towards what her family wanted went out the window. Wynne would be in Tree Hill when the Orcs overran the city, and during this conflict she would start to show some of the Magi signs that she had never known existed. She became somewhat of the main healer of the broken city as it was torn apart, and she watched as her mother, and father were both killed and each of these deaths simply drove her to want to be better. She would survive the Fall of Tree Hill and the siege that followed but her house would be wiped out apart from her brother Hanzal Tanlader and this led her to become somewhat lost in her sadness, but she would eventually rededicate herself to christ and this would pull her out of her sadness. Following the conflict she became involved with the growth of the Order of the Blue Dragon where she used her skill in restoration Magi to form the Restoration wing of the Order of the Blue Dragon.

Restoration Gaurdians

Name Magi Level  Staff Use Familiar
Emily Hirsh 3 Wand Owl
Cedrick of Hillsbrad 3 Staff Owl
Arnhilda Highdor 3 Staff Owl


Order of the Blue Dragon Destruction
The Power to destroy your enemies was the main reason I continued reading myctism.
Bill Lovie

Destruction magic provides many means of inflicting damage on enemies, and is the School of Magi within the Order of the Blue Dragon most responsible for the destructive force found within the Order. Destruction Magi usually fall within three segments of the overall school with these three being Fire, Frost, and Shock aspects within the Destruction School of the Order of the Blue Dragon. Those who practice Fire are obviously very deadly with the powers of Fire, but the use of Fire is the most difficult and for this reason there attacks are very deadly (perhaps the most deadly) but also the one that is the hardest to maintain and control. Those who practice Frost are often the most controlled within the Destruction School, and find the cold methodic abilities of the Frost to the chaotic nature of Fire. Those who practiced Shock are a mixture of the other two and use the powers of the clouds to damage their opponents, and the most powerful of the these members have been known to be able to litterly control lightning bolts from their hands.

Destruction Lord

Destruction Gaurdians

Name Magi Level  Staff Use Familiar

Jeffrey Newgrave

3 Wand Owl
Gemma Cullen 3 Staff Owl
Alann Roil 4 None Cat
Brann Roil 4 Staff Owl
Irelia Hardyng 4 None Pheonix
Orden Snow 3 Staff Owl


The school of Mysticism can unravel the mysteries of the universe if properly applied. It can also tell you what is around the next corner, lying in wait for a hapless adventurer to wander by. Mysticism is one of the Schools of Magi and becase of this is one of the families of Magi that a Magi user may stretch his mind into the fade and use. Mysticism was first developed by the Psijic Order, long before there was a name for it.

Mystism Lord

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Calling forth creatures from other worlds and creating weapons with magicka are two of the most beneficial tools a caster can utilize. Because of this, casters of all types make use of the school of Conjuration. Conjuration connects the caster's mind with that of the summoned thing. It is a tenuous link, meant only to lure, hold, and dismiss; but in the hands of a Master, it can be much stronger. The Psijics and Fralmer can (in the Fralmer case, could) connect with the minds of others, and converse miles apart - a skill that is sometimes called telepathy. Magi specializing in Conjuration are referred to as Conjurers.

Necromancy, a sub-specialization of Conjuration, focuses exclusively on reanimating the corpses of the dead humans and animals. Necromancy is a banned thing amongst Magi in Europe, and its use would herald a swift counter assault from a society in Europe that is already well prepared to kill Magi for no reason at all.

Conjuration Lord

See Also : Edward Cullen

Edward Cullen2

Edward Cullen is the son of Carlisle and Camillia Cullen making him a member of House Cullen through his father, andHouse Oppenheim through his late mother Camillia. Edward is the twin brother of Blake Cullen who is his only sibling and has become intertwined in the dark side of society in a way that has led her to be nearly completely seperate from the rest of her house. Edward is married to Tanya Cullen of House Denali with whome he has been married with since the two got married at 17, and in this marriage he has two young children. Edward Cullen has gained fame, and noteriety due to his very public friendship with the royal Prince Andrew Lovie. This friendship has put him at the forefront of the Kingdom of Lucerne, but he has handled the attention very well, and is completely focused on protecting his best friend until he falls trying.

Edward spent his early life being the moral compass for his group of friends and had his life ripped from him when his father sent him to Hogwarts. In Hogwarts he would become extremely close with Hilary Swift, and this relationship would continue when he returned from Hogwarts. Edward joined his best friend Andrew Lovie as he engaged in The Journey, and he was always near his friend making sure he was safe. Following the rise of Andrew Lovie, Edward Cullen has become a member of Andrew's personal Shadow council as well as joining the Order of the Blue Dragon. In the Order of the Blue Dragon he has taken the Azure Lord position over Conjuration, and in this position he is of great importance to the order. He was important during the Invasion of Westbridge as he led a large portion of the Order of the Blue Dragon alongside his bestfriend Hilary Swift as they took complete control over the northern gate from the defenders. His return to peace in Lucerne and joining into the politics of the Shadow Council ended when at the end of the Rise of Lucerne he became embroiled in the conflict in Lucerne between the moralistic Medivh and the growingly insane Arthas Menathil.

Conjuration Gaurdian

Name Magi Level  Staff Use Familiar
Hilary Swift 3 Wand Owl
Thomas Roses 3 Staff Eagle
Sasha Roses 3 Staff Eagle
Traevin Rivers 3 Staff Owl
Erlanda Langerud 3 Staff Owl
Anikka Salburg 4 None Owl


The School of Illusion involves manipulating the mind and senses of the enemy. This skill makes it easier to cast spells like fear, charm, and invisibility. Things are rarely as they seem on Earth, and casters who practice the deceptive art of Illusion prefer it that way. Illusion is an excellent talent for a caster who wishes to swindle a merchant, sneak around undetected, or drive a creature into a frenzy to escape.

Illusion Lord

See Also : Benjamin Ordos

Benjamin Ordos
Benjamin Ordos
is the son of James, and Melinda Ordos making him a member of House Ordos. Benjamin Ordos has two siblings in the form of Marcie, and Heather Ordos of which Marcie is a leading member of House Ordos after she put on armor and a helmet and silently took part in the Battle of Castle Stragnarax, while Heather is a kind women who is preparing to be married but she has been the primary coordinator of all the functions that go on inside House Ordos and this has made her well known throughout the lands of House Ordos.

Benjamin Ordos at an early age was discovered to have very prominent powers in Magi, and this power led his family to attempt to help him at first, but eventually he became so out of control that he nearly died, and after his fit he went into a coma for nearly two years. As he slept in his coma he found himself completely awake within and he was able to walk around the world wherever he wanted without being seen by anyone. As time went on and he became more skilled at this he was able to talk to people and they could hear him in this world, but he slowly became disturbed with this world, as he couldn't touch or interact with anything in the real world. In his families desperation they sought out Rhonin the powerful Magi of whome was a founding member of the Order of the Blue Dragon and a close family friend of James Ordos. Rhonin was able to get the boy out of his coma, and was able to help him control his Magi powers through the use of a pendent that he fashioned for Benjamin around his neck. Through the use of this pendant Benjamin is able to control his powers to an extent but without the pendant he would find himself once again lost in the other world, which only he and Rhonin and he along with the members of his new faction within the Order of the Blue Dragon understand is actually the Fade.

Illusion Gaurdians

Name Magi Level  Staff Use Familiar
Hilary Swift 3 Wand Owl
Larra Marbrand 3 Staff Owl
Is-Livia Lumben 3 Wand Cat


Alteration magic can be used to change the fundamentals of physics and biology. It can harden the caster's skin until it is like armor, cause a lock to pop open without a key, or burden an enemy with invisible weight. Alteration magi's greatest strengths are outside of combat, and for this reason it's use is often not even noticed but it may have a massive effect on things. Alteration is different to Illusion in that it alters the rules of nature, creating a reality that is recognized by everyone, rather than in the mind of the caster and the target.

Alteration Lord

See Also : Morrigan

Morrigan Large
Morrigan is a "daughter" of Flemeth, and thus a loyal servent of the Korcani Wilds, and before this was known as Andrea Lovie making her a member of House Lovie. Her actual birth parents are members of House Lovie and it was for this reason that Flemeth would capture her to use for later. Her father loved her deeply and her death had a dramatic effect on him during his later years and her death also was one of the reasons for John Lovie's fall. She has become romantically linked with Lucas Scott during her return to Lucerne and her abilities mean that she makes a very dangerous oponenet for Peyton Sawyer of whome is also after Lucas Scott.

Andrea Lovie was born the youngest child of William Lovie and was born following the annexation of Stormwind which basically signaled the completetion of William Lovie's Kingdom of Lucerne. During her youth she was beloved by everyone she knew, and her father especially adored her and her kindness. She grew close to her father's dragon Stragnarax, and this relationship would become one of the great stories of the Kingdom. As the only girl born of House Lovie at the time she was noticed by Flemeth and she immediatly went about planning her demise through the use of the Man of Fear. She was sent to the Kingdom of Lucerne, and in this station she has grown close to the people she was meant to look callously at. This has provided problems for her, and with her position in the Circle of Magi leading her out of the Kingdom, it took her some time before she was able to return to Lucerne. Following the end of the Civil War she did return, and she now remains in Lucerne stuck between being loyal to the Kingdom she loves, and the mother that controls her spirit. Since her return to Lucerne she showed her powers to Khadgar in an effort to join the Order of the Blue Dragon, and he was impressed enough to make her an Azure's Lord in the Order. In this position she continues to obsessivly love Lucas Scott, and took it so that she would have something to do other then just obsess over him.

Alteration Gaurdians

Name Magi Level  Staff Use Familiar
Jerelyn Shadbolt 3 Wand Owl
Tarius Braxton II. 3 Wand Owl
Lexia Braxton 4 None None

Points of Interest

Tower of Magi

See Also : Tower of Magi

Magi Tower
The Tower of Magi
is the original central headquarters of the Circle of Magi, and now the headquarters of the Order of the Blue Dragon. Originally an Elven Scout Post, it was retrofited into a mage tower by Bill Lovie soon after returning from the Battle of Lyons. The Tower was once the site of the most eastern expansion of the High Elves, and for this reason it was made a spiritual point of contention for much of the War of Vengeance.

The Tower of Magi was originally constructed by the High Elves during the colonization of the continent of Europe. During this time the Tower of Magi was known as the White Tower of Maelith, and served as a far eastern expansion of which came to mark the farthest east that the forces of the High Elves would ever move. The High Elves would build a fortress at the mouth of the opening in the mountain of which they used to protect the Tower once the War of the Beard begin and the tower became a source of pride for both sides. The High Elves would eventually lost control of the fortress, but the Magi in charge of the tower shielded it from view, and thus the Dwarves leveled the fortress and then massacred the Elves residing in the valley, but they did not find the Tower. The tower would become a source of local legends as the small village of Tarnbooth was within sight of the tower, and had created an entire legend of who haunted the tower. On a trip to the growing Berne Bill Lovie would discover the tower, and would assemble his Circle of Magi in the tower, and slowly build it into his personal capital. The village of Tarnbooth was one of the first victoms of the Circle of Magi as Bill Lovie wiped it out to keep his tower a secret. The Tower of Magi would be the center of the Circle of Magi for the remainder of the reign of Bill Lovie but would be suddenly abandoned when Bill Lovie fled the Kingdom of Lucerne. Standing once again abandoned the tower would be reclaimed by Khadgar of whom was once a member of the Circle of Magi, and during the growth of the Tower of Magi he rebuilt Tarnbooth and settled people in this village.

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