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The Order of the Green Dragon is the dragon order that controls and regulates the diplomats and the diplomatic missions that exist in relation to the Kingdom of Lucerne. The Order is quite large, in that it contains the dozens of diplomats that must travel around Europe, as well as maintaining the gaurds that will escort and protect the diplomats when they leave the Kingdom, and the multitude of servents that are required by the diplomats to complete their tasks. In some cases such as the embassy in Gondor, Arnor and Hogwarts, these are permanent missions that exist in foreign soil, and communication is held between embassies based on the use of seeing stones from the Order of the Blue Dragon. The Order plans to rely more on embassies as time goes forward, as the actual costs are comparable to travelling, and it is much more personal and immediate.





The Underfort

The Divine Lands

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If everything we heard about the Boltens was correct then we needed to move on the Divine Lands quick before the Frey's or Boltens did it first.
Hedrik Clegane III.

Following the meeting of the Kingdom of Lucerne, and Lorderon it became clear through those talks, and the talks with the Riverlands, Seagard and others that the Kingdom of Bolten was an extremely menecing actor in the field of Westros. Along the westernside of Westros sat the independant land called the Divine Lands. The Divine Lands had an alliance amongst eachother to defend eachother if things ever came to fighting, and this had allowed them to escape the clutches of larger Kingdoms like Bolten, and the Freys. Communication begin with the Divine Lands after Nicoli Machiavelli would communicate with the leadership of the three city states and from insiders he had planted in the area learned the ways he believed he could get them to the Lucerne side of things.


City States in the Divine Lands Ruler
Grandlen House Grandlen
Jeutenburg House Banner
Koenisburg Theocracy
Ventin Mercentile
Toenisburg Theocracy
Grandlen had a population on par with Gulltown. I didn't have to hear another word about why we needed them in the fold.
Hedrik Clegane III.

Firstly he sent promices of large arms trade agreements with the largest of the towns in the form of Grandlen of which created a strong bond between the two. On top of this he would offer hands in marriage to his eldest daughter in Allenia Grandlen of whom was approaching twenty three but the prospects in Grandlen were not what he was looking for. Lord Grandlen was very much interested in having a large meeting of the Divine Lands, and said that if the Lucernians could put it together he would be a staunch supporter of theirs during the meeting.

Jeutenburg and Ventin

City States of Divine Lands - Maps.png
Jeutenburg was scared of the Karstarks. It took two letters to realize that they wanted us more then we probably needed them, but even if we could have squeezed them into a more permanent alliance our mandate wasn't to do that so we played fair.
Hedrik Clegane III.

Jeutenburg would be substancially easier to placate as they mainly just wanted protection, and this was dealt with when William Lovie sent a letter to House Banner telling them that the Kingdom of Lucerne would intervene on any conflict which involved Jeutenburg. Nikolas Banner would arrive at Koenisburg after the third letter between he and Lucerne and would be prepared to be very positive towards the Lucernians during the meeting. Alongside Jeutenburg the mercentile city state of Ventin would be contacted as well, and they basically only wanted assurances of assistence in the case that the Frey's attempted to block their trade routes. If the Frey's could not be reasoned with then increased southern trade was their main option thus making them send five members of the Trade Union Guilds to Koenisburg for the meeting.


Oberyn Martell II..jpg
Oberyn Martell II. showed me during that tournament that honor and knighthood were real. My doubts about the Dragon were extinguished that day never to rise again, and the only fitting thank you I could do now was to swear an oath to his blood.
Britt Lancave

Last to get within the fold was Koenisburg of whom was perhaps the most important of the city states as the long term goal of Koenisburg was to act a major port nearbye The Trident which would alert Lucerne to any problems. Koenisburg was led not by a house as the other states were and instead was a hyper theocracy led by the Voices of the Dragon of whom are led theoretically by the Voice of the Dragon. Communicating with this voice they discovered the voice was Britt Lancave of whom had won prestige in Lucerne during the Nortburg Tournament of 5120. After determing from the council that they would like to be aligned with Lucerne if for no other reason then to make the Frey's less willing to threaten them she would go about making the best deal possible. After negotiations of shipping lanes, and trade was over she knew the deal was signed and simply wanted one more thing. Britt Lancave wanted only one thing in order to pull her to their side and that was for them to send a Martell that she could swear an oath before. This was an easy task and they sent Obella Martell of whom wanted any excuse to travel eastward and see her fiance Robb Starke.

The Meeting

Britt Lancave Cover2.jpg
It was rubber stamped and the only thing remaining was to actually get everyone in a room and agree to work together. There were small talks of making the Divine Lands a state, but this went away when the Grandlens made it clear they were not ready for that yet.
Hedrik Clegane III.

The meeting would finally take place following the return of William Lovie III. and his family from their time in Lorderon the second time. Nicholi, and Hedrik Clegane would not return to Lucerne with the rest of the group and instead would meet Obella and Robb Starke in Koenisburg for the meeting. All the parties would arrive for the meeting except Teonisburg of whom obeyed the command of Koenisburg and saw no reason to send more representatives. The meeting would become somewhat interesting when several Frey's made dock in Koenisburg and attempted to join the meeting. Finding Robb Starke inside there was nearly a fight inside the hallway and Robb Starke would leave the hall in order to not make more of an issue then there already was. The meeting would continue and Obella Martell took the oaths of Koenisburg while the others signed papers of alliance with Lucerne thus sealing the Divine Lands as a Lucernian alligned area. The night came and as the Frey's prepared to leave Robb Starke once more attempted to make things better but instead of this he ended up insulting them more when Obella came out, and seeing she was his fiance by the way she clung to him the Freys were further insulted and left more angry and with more ammunition.

Frey Island

Walder Black Frey.jpg
"The Island of Frey was a place that everyone knew was rife with problems. The land was controlled with an iron fist, and from what little we knew we had gathered that the leadership in House Frey was extremely unpopular. To be invited to the island was something we hadn't expected, but for those of us chosen to go, there was a sence of both dread and excitement over what would happen."
-Richard Cypher

It was following the annexation of the Riverlands that the Kingdom of Frey would for the first time send a diplomat to meet with the Kingdom of Lucerne. Before this moment the Frey's had been clear in that while their island was open to trade they had no interest in the Order of the Green Dragon or anyone else coming to the island. This was honored, but when Walder "Black" Frey arrived in the Port of Stormwind the situation changed nearly completely. He said that the time for the growth in the relationship was now, and that he had been granted permission to extend the olive branch towards the Kingdom of Lucerne. Several important members arrived in the port including Eddard Starke, Charles Swan, and the king in William Lovie III. accompanied by Nicoli Machiavelli. The group would accept the offers of trade, but wanted in return the establisment of an embassy on the island to make sure that the relationship was maintaining itself as they wanted. Black Walder would suprisingly accept this offer and said that a piece of land within one of their larger cities would be given for the purpose of establising their own embassy. With the agreement in place Black Walder would leave the port and return to the island of Frey. Nicoli said that this was clearly a trap, but that at this moment they needed influence on the island and this may be the easiest way to do that. The plan became for the Order of the Green Dragon to establish a heavily fortified embassy within the city, and then for them to spread several smaller controlled areas throughout the island where more members of the Order would arrive and begin to the process of finding houses that could be loyal to them.

Rise of a Rebellion

``The Frey`s were bankrupt beyond compare. Months of peaceful talk meant nothing to them, and you knew it the moment you spoke to one. While I agree there are honorable Frey`s. There is honesty in everything but the Frey`s are so utterly dominated by the liars that what point is there to even discuss the honest.``
-Richard Cypher

Spending months on the island the Order of the Green Dragon learned very much about the Frey`s and their dealings and one of the greatest points of interest was the fact that they were without any redemable morals that could be found. Several Frey`s amongst the family showed signs of some kind of moral code, but the remainder were so obsessed with the gloification of old Walder Frey that they wandered about doing all manner of violence and demonic work trying to impress him. As time went by and they begin their mission of fostering a rebellion movement on the island they became the closest to a man named 


Hochmeister Konsular

The Hochmeister Konsular is the overall leader of the Order of the Green Dragon, and he is responsible for spending the budget of the Order, and thus he can control the scope of the different missions and the direction they take. All of his decisions are based upon the overall direction that the King wishes.

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Nicoli Machiavelli.jpg
“It is much safer to be feared than loved because is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.”

Nicoli Machiavelli is the son of two commoners from Forks and they would die when he was eight years old. Nicoli would become the current Consular Thane of the Order of the Green Dragon, and is known as one of the most menipulative men in the Kingdom, with nothing more then his utter love for the Kingdom, and the royal family, that keeps him trusted.

Nicoli Machiavelli has gained quite the reputation in the Kingdom of Lucerne as a man who will do anything no matter the moral caviat that he has to in order to finish the job he's assigned. This tactic made Andrew believe him to be the perfect fit for the role of leading the Order of the Green Dragon.

He has wrote a small book, that has gained a heavy amount of fame titled The Prince. The prince dictated his views of how flawed he thought most kingdoms were in regards to their leaders, and it detailed how one could gain, hold, and expand their bases of power throughout whatever avenue of life they wanted to move forth into.

Diplomats at Large

Name Title Role Location
Richard Cypher Meister Konsular Relations with the leadership of House Frey Island of Frey
Sarah Plaup Lochmeister Konsular Maintenance of the Embassy and relations with Lucerne Island of Frey
Mathis Kilgor Meister Konsular Leadership of the Embassy in Koenisburg Koenisburg
Reyne Fossoway Lochmeister Konsular Runs a small consulate out of a southern town Island of Frey
Alyria Garfield Lochmeister Konsular Secondary leader for the Embassy in Dresdan Dresdan
Elise Lothston Lochmeister Konsular Roving Emmisary Lucerne
Elliot Bardwyn Meister Konsular Relations with the Kingdom of Aran Kingdom of Aran
Placidia Dalmatia Meister Konsular Runs Embassy with the Kingdom of Orleans Orleans


Name Title Role Location
Melinda Kendrick Aide to Consular General of the Order, and thus reports to him The Highest Attache to the Consular General Lucerne Hold
Alwine Schopfer Aide to Consular General of the Order, and thus reports to him Second Highest Attatche to the Consular General Lucerne Hold

Foreign Missions

The Order of the Green Dragon has put into place several embassies in order to expediate communication with close allies. Alongside these embassies the Order has many missions that allow for not as good communication as an embassy but still a huge improvement.

  1. Gondor. The Order of the Green Dragon has a full embassy in the city of Minus Tirith.
  2. Arnor. The Order of the Green Dragon runs a mission in Anor out of the capital of Fornost.
  3. Roman Empire. The Order of the Green Dragon runs a full embassy in the Roman fortress/city of Ravenna. This is not exactly meant to commicate with the Emperor of Rome, but instead to facilitate quicker communication with Titus Pullo. and his army in place there.
  4. Hogwarts. The Order of the Green Dragon runs a mission in the town of Hogsmeade which services them with Hogwarts.
  5. Alcase. The Order of the Green Dragon runs a full embassy in the capital of Alcase of Strasburg.