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The Order of the Netherstorm is the order that defends, and maintains the province of Netherstorm in the north west of Athel Loren for the Kingdom of Lothlorian. The Order of the Netherstorm was founded after the Invasion of the Netherstorm by the San'Layn and the main purpose was to siphon for themselves the massive amounts of untapped Magi that was spreading throughout Netherstorm. The Order of the Netherstorm produces a massive amount of Magi from the Mana forges that they run and operate, and though this they send this Magi back to the Sunwell in the shape of Magi cubes of which are released into the Sunwell and have been adding to the power of the Sunwell as they do this. Alongside this the Order of the Netherstorm under the most secretive of commands known only by Kael'Thalas Sunstrider has also begun to form its own Sunwell version in the form of the Netherstorm Sunwell where while its still in its infantcy the Netherstorm Sunwell could change the fabric of the Kingdom of Lothlorian.

The Order of the Netherstorm has no council, and the overall leadership of the Order is the responsiblity of the High Nethermancer, although in terms of how each Manaforge runs he will go to the Nethermancer in charge of the Manaforge and consult with them, but in the end the decision lies with the High Nethermancer alone.

Noteable Members

There are hundreds of official members of the Order of the Netherstorm, and above this stands many thousands of sworn guards and workers for the Order of the Netherstorm.

Name  Title Role Magi Level Family
Zerevor Sunsorrow High Nethermancer Leader of the Order of the Netherstorm 5 Sunsorrow Family
Illendin Nethermancer Oversees Manaforge Nuna 4 None
Malande Nethermancer Oversees Manaforge Artu 4 None
Mae'Vin Theron Astromancer Commander of Manaforce Nuna 4 Theron Family