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Orithyia of Neferata
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Story Involvement
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Story Role Major Role
Vampire Details
Bloodline Blood Court of Lahmia Bloodline
Maker Katia Neferata II.
Progeny None
Generation Second
Morality Chaos Neutral
Personal Details
Origins Lahmia
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Orithyia of Neferata is the daughter of two commoner members of the House of Neferata within the Kingdom of Lahmia where due to this servent life she became a sworn member of House Neferata.

Persis, Orithyia, and Baerius would be turned into vampires by Katia Neferata during a loss of sanity for Katia who found herself waking to the fact that she had turned half a dozen of the servents of House Neferata into vampires and killed almost a dozen other members of the House of Neferat servent class. Orithyia of Neferata would flee Lahmia alongside the Vampire queen and fled succesfully into Greece where she continued to serve as the personal guard of Angelica Neferata even as she begin to lose herself to the madness of their new life. The Vampire Queen Angelica Neferata would plan to move again but following the near death of Vashenesh she realized in her heart that unless she changed things she was going to watch him die for the final time and thus she decided to stay in the Weerhousen area and build themselves a new home where she promised him things would be different, and in this endeavor she would summon to her the entire Vampire Court. Angelica was forced to deal with a rebellious movement growing within her Kingdom as Vampires begin to become the target of killings, and this became so disturbing that many Vampires boxed themselves into fortresses while they slept during the day, but even this didn't stop it completely and Angelica begin to fear for her Kingdom's survival. Orithyia of Neferata would be killed during the tail end of the Second Trolloc Weerhousen War and her death alongside many other members of her elite guard would set the Vampire Queen Angelica Neferata on a tailspin which she would almost not escape from.


Early History

Rise of the Vampire Queen

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Vampire Court in Greece

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The Founding of Weerhousen

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Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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Family Members