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Orival Crane
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Story Role
POV Role Lucernian Series
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Birth Year 5101
Title Official Titles
  • Heir of Crane
  • Lord of the Broken Cranes
Nickname None
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Racial Statistics
Maternal Vandal German
Paternal Vandal German
Father Dustin Crane
Mother Falena Crane
Siblings Full Siblings
  • None

Half Siblings

Internal Family
Spouse First Wife

Second Wife

Third Wife

Children True Born

With Cedrella Varryn

  • Cedrella Crane

With Estrid Orane

  • Larra Crane

With Sasha Roses

  • Orival Crane II.
  • Lyla Crane

Adopted Children

  • James Flowers
As long as I can I will look at this world for the both of them. As long as I can I will laugh with the birds, I will sing with the flowers, I will pray to the stars, for the both of them. I know I will see them again.
Orival Crane

Orival Crane is the son of Falena, and Dustin Crane making him a member of House Crane through his father, and a member of House Fauce through his mother. Orival Crane has many low born siblings through his father of which the most notable are Waymar, Jaelle, Selysha, Cerwyn, and Aerys Flowers of which Waymar is the leader of the Wingless Cranes and is very loyal to his noble born brother Orival Crane of whom has always treated him well, his sister Jaelle is a member of the Wingless Cranes and runs the operation from the side of being the one with all the actual plans, his sister Selysha stands alongside Wayman as the main fighter of the Wingless Cranes and her skill with a bow is legendary in the south of Lucerne, his brother Cerwyn would join the Order of the Violet Dragon becoming one of the only bastards of Dustin Crane to not join the Wingless Cranes, while Aerys is skilled fighter of whom is squiring for Hedrik Clegane III. and has gained notoriety through this and the things he has done in this service. Orival Crane and Cedrella Varryn would marry in a political marriage that was made better by the two being very close friends and they had a happy marriage until her death giving birth to their first child leaving a devastated Orival behind. Orival Crane would come to marry Sasha Roses following sleeping with her during the aftermath of learning of the supposed death of Anna Kendrick and she loves him quite deeply and while he loves her his memory of Anna Kendrick continues to haunt him. Orival Crane would come to adopt James Flowers following his time with James mother Lialla Guntbold and he has acted as the young mans father ever since the death of Lialla.

Orival Crane was born the first and eventually only child of his father Dustin Crane, and his wife Falena Crane as following this birth it was Dustin Crane that came to hate his wife and begin fathering bastards leaving Orival as the heir and only child in the line of succession for House Crane. Orival Crane would grow up within the walls of Crane Castle and during his youth he was close with his uncle Dorin Crane who had married a Swabian women and had following this been leading an attempt to settle Swabians in the sparsely populated western part of the Crane lands. Following a revelation to Orival by Lillian Oldervik about a bastard child of Dustin in the form of Waymar its Orival that travels to Oldervik Hold where they find Waymar and the two siblings bond over several weeks in Oldervik Hold leading to Waymar returning with Orival. Returning to Skorraholt its Orival that presses his uncle for information on more bastards and learns from Dorin that he knows of one other in the form of Jaelle who lives near Credlint Hold where they would travel to and discover Jaelle living in poverty to which Orival quickly removed her from bringing her back with him. Following a period of violence in the Swabian colonies it was Dustin that would send Orival to Frosthelm to squire with House Varryn, and leaving the Swabian colonies he took several of his Swabian friends with him. with his father he would ask his father to go away for a time and when he did he was sent eastward to Frosthelm where he squired with House Varryn. His time with the Varryn's was great for him as he became best friends with Renford Varryn II, and also very close with his betrothed in Cedrella Varryn, and when he eventually did leave the Varryn's he would have made friends that were for a lifetime. Orival Crane is married to Cedrella Varryn of whom he has grown close to while he was squiring in Frosthelm and this is a marriage that also pleases his father for her Vandal heritage and being the daughter of his fathers friend Renford Varryn. Cedrella Crane would die during the birth of her and Orivals first child in a death that would devastate Orival emotionally leading to him having difficulty bonding with his daughter who he blamed for his wifes death. Orival would be betrothed to Estrid Orane the daughter of his fathers best friend Leopold Orane and as Estrid came to stay with Orival at Heldencrane Hold and while they got along well it was disagreements about the Swabians that caused conflict between the two. During the late stages of the Rebellion of Low Swabia it was Orival that was forced to deal with the death of Estrid who was killed in a Swabian ambush as she made her way to him, and the death of his heavily pregnant wife led him to leading his force in a vengeful campaign against the Swabian force responsible. Returning home to Crane Castle he would become very close friends with Anna Kendrick of whom he would eventually bed and together the two explored this for the first time together. Anna Kendrick would depart Crane Castle but he never forgot her and continued to push his father to work a betrothal, and sent letters to her nearly once a month but eventually gave up after his letters went unanswered, and his father was rejected in his attempt to get the betrothal. As he grew up he would with the blessing of his mother begin to round up the bastards of his father, and treating them with kindness he formed them into a group called the Wingless Cranes of whom he centered within a small ruined holdfast south of Crane Castle of which they named Wingless Keep. Orival Crane would join a force of House Crane led by his father that went northward to the southern edge of Tree Hill following the fall of Tree Hill, but his father received a letter from James Lovie of whom told them to return to Castle Crane. Orival Crane during his attempts to understand why they had abandoned Tree Hill would travel to Lucerne where he would attempt to meet with the King, but would meet with Carlisle Cullen instead of whom dismayed him by telling him lies that he was smart enough to know were untrue. Following his failure to get the truth he would gather a force to himself and went to House Guntbold the new Arch Lord of the Stormlands and speaking with Winsten Guntbold he was given permission to lead his force into the Tree Hill area. Traveling to Tree Hill his force would take control of the Hill of Earl but discovered the Sea Gate was closed and after being nearly overwhelmed by the Orcs streaming from the Hill of the Mouth they were forced to pull back. Learning that Tree Hill had survivors he would reveal this in a letter sent to the Swans and this letter eventually made its way to Catherine Lovie who used this to push forward the eventual Journey of William Lovie III. Orival Crane would travel to Brill under the guise of meeting with his extended family in House Swift but in truth he was there to see Anna Kendrick and while there he would become the target of an assassination attempt which while it failed would lead to the Florius Affair as well as the breakdown of his relationship with Anna after she was tricked into believing he had been intimate with Taylor Swift. Orival Crane would continue to be hung up on Anna Kendrick and rejected several offers of marriage and attempted to take his mind off this by taking part in the Journey where he and his Wingless Cranes led the forces of House Crane after his father refused to abandon James Lovie despite the supposed siding of James over his son. During the Journey he took part in both major battles, and during the relieving of the Tree Hill he would be one of the men by the side of WIlliam Lovie III. as he entered the ruined city. Orival Crane would join his friend Lucas Scott during the Invasion of Westbridge and would be in the assault force that broke inside the defences. Travelling to Westbridge following this victory in Braedin he would come to meet Sasha Roses a bastard of House Grimm, and telling her of his lost lover Anna Kendrick of whom he discovered from Emile Hirshe that she had died on a boat trying to find him at Braedin he would lose himself and sleep with Sasha Roses leading to him marrying her the next day in order to keep her honor. Orival Crane would return to Crane Castle with his now wife Sasha Roses and despite a lot of anger from his father over the marriage he continued to grow the Wingless Cranes of whom he treated with the greatest of respect, and due to the respect he had inside the realm of House Crane the bastards were treated as nobles by most of the vassals of House Crane. Orival Crane would travel with his father, and wife to Lucerne in order to meet with them for movements to the south, and while there Orival would be there for the arrival of Riley Scott, and also the two would travel with the royal family to Westbridge where they met Lucie Lovie.



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Orival Crane was born the first and eventually only child of his father Dustin Crane, and his wife Falena Crane as following this birth it was Dustin Crane that came to hate his wife and begin fathering bastards leaving Orival as the heir and only child in the line of succession for House Crane.

Early History

Orival Crane would grow up within the walls of Crane Castle and during his youth he was close with his uncle Dorin Crane who had married a Swabian women and had following this been leading an attempt to settle Swabians in the sparsely populated western part of the Crane lands.

The Gulltown Tournament of 5119
That was the last time there was peace in our house. After that it was just a steady decline into madness and death.

Gulltown Tournament of 5119

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Aelfwynn Turnidlon Cover Amazing2.png

I want my children kept safe from all this. I can keep William safe. I need to get the rest of the children out of here before. Before this thing in my head does something terrible.
James Lovie II.

Its Aelfwynn Turnidlon that is sitting with Wuldrik as they prepare the recharge of the Pendant of Understanding which they have been using as a means of understanding when the monster has gained control of James. During the casting of this spell everything is going well but the Pendant shows signs of cracking, and this leads to Aelfwynn and Wuldrik Toyne stopping the spell. Unable to fix the issue themselves they decide to speak with Kieth Schwartz to discuss the construction of a new pendant to replace it. Finding out that Kieth has left the Spire for the Cloud Tower they head there accompanied by several men at arms. Arriving at the Cloud Tower they are let inside although Aelfwynn is delayed watching William, Leven, and Alice playing the garden. Watching this she becomes jealous of Leven who is wrestling with William and feeling the attraction between the two she marks Leven as an enemy in her pursuit of William. Going to the 13th floor they find Kieth inside already talking with Carlisle Cullen, Wilhelm Kisssling, Fabian Klauseburg, and James Lovie II. of whom are discussing the declining mental stability of James. Unable to get the time needed to replace the damaged Pendant of Understanding its Wuldrik, and Aelfwyn that go back to the Spire under orders to recharge the pendant despite the risks. The spell is completed but Wuldrik is badly burned during the event leading to him being taken away by Catrin Heissler and a group of Restoration Magi to fix him. With Wuldrik too injured to travel its Aelfwynn that travels with the royal party of the Gulltown tournament of 5119 without him taking charge of keeping James under control.

Coming of the Cleganes

I want you to be happy my boy. I love you son. You are my heir. My hope for the future. That does not mean your happiness comes above this family.
Rupert Clegane

Hedrik joins a boat with a fleet of seven ships from House Clegane making their way towards the port of Stillwood. Hedrik is leaning on the side of the boat speaking with his friend Konstantin Gaimen when his father comes up from his quarters alongside Hedrik’s mother and seeing them arrive he says goodbye to Konstantin and goes to speak with his father. Speaking to his father about the proposed betrothal of Hedrik and Accia Potenza of whom he admits to being his lover but indicates that this love is one of friendship and he doesn't see it going further then friendship. Rupert tells Hedrik that although he wants his son to be happy, he wants to honor the relationship that he has with House Potenza. Rupert is reluctant to simply end the betrothal instead telling Hedrik that if he wants something different, he needs to find a better match. Following this he goes back to the front of the boat where Konstantin has now been joined by Hedrik’s sister at his side, and his lover Accia Potenza, and best friends Meinolf Ostriger. Joking with his friends its Hedrik that watches his father of whom from his own personal thoughts seems to be very loyal towards but has a growing lack of respect for several of the lords around his father including most critically Vopiscus Lentini of whom he sees as a coward turning his father into a coward. Reaching the port of Stillwood he watches his father and Vopiscus meet with Caius Norelli while ignoring the lord of House Stillwood in the form of Gregory Stillwood and realizing the insult that is being made, he approaches Gregory alongside Meinolf Ostriger and the two discuss with Gregory that Hedrik will speak with his father regarding the insult. Despite calming it down its still Gregory that storms from the docks to return to Castle Stillwood leaving Perwyn, and Jeyne to speak with Hedrik about their next steps. The three decide that Jeyne will go and stay near their father to make sure he doesn’t do anything rash while Perwyn will go with Hedrik to speak with Rupert. Perwyn goes alongside Hedrik to speak with Rupert Clegane who has gone to the estate of House Norelli. Arriving at the estate it’s Perwyn’s friend Flavius Norelli that leads them inside. Meeting with Rupert, his lords, and Caius Norelli they learn that the reason for the snub was that Rupert was angry that the other wives were at the initial meeting. Learning from Caius they are told that Gregory had agreed to only bring his primary wife to the meeting and thus when all were present Rupert took this as an insult. The group agrees to not take any further action and since they will be leaving for the tournament its decided that they will cancel the planned dinner the next day and just restock the boats before leaving together. Perwyn leaves to and speak with his father about what has been discussed but Hedrik and Perwyn agree as he leaves to keep the lines of communication between them open no matter what their fathers do.

Protecting Accia
Don't worry Accia. I'm here for you. I promise that I wont let anything happen to you.
Hedrik Clegane III.

Hedrik spends the rest of the night with his family who remain at the Norelli estate and then before going to bed he joins Accia in her room where the two sleep together. After finishing having sex its Accia that burns her arm while she helps him get dressed and Hedrik helps her by putting wet cloth on it. Staying with her for some time until she eventually falls asleep he tucks her in and falls asleep in her room. Hedrik is woken from his sleep by Accia who is crying as she shows him her now healed burn. Telling him that she fixed it just by looking at it and thinking about fixing it. Skeptical of this he tries to support her but when it becomes clear he doesn’t believe her she gets a dagger from his pack and cuts her arm. As she bleeds, he uses his blanket to control the bleeding and then goes to get help when she blocks the door and removes the blanket causing her arm to bleed onto the ground. Trying to stop her she begins once again staring at her arm and as he watches the cut begins to close itself and the bleeding stops.

Hiding Leofrich

We have been given short notice of the plans of the royal family to visit Runburgh on there way south. You know this means you must be hidden.
Andar Royce

Its Leofrich Nune III. that is sitting in the water with his daughter Gorlinda and his nephew Karl and playing with the two children is interrupted by the arrival of a very pregnant Charlotte Royce holding a baby Wendelin Royce who joins her family in spending time together at Royce River. Returning to Runburgh with his family he sees the city in state of chaos and Karl to guard his family he rides ahead into the city where he learns from Ordenmarshal Franzal Tuhlbeck that they got short notice that King James Lovie II. and a large party of the royal family are on their way to Runburgh where they will stay for the night on their way southward. Realizing that the coming of anyone from the capital means danger for himself he goes to Runestone. Making his way through guards and checkpoints he eventually reaches the Keep where he meets with Lord Yohn Royce who is standing around a table planning things out with his brother and Hochmeister Wolfram Royce alongside his sons Andar, and Robar. Also as the table are the Burgomaster of the city in Alaric Opehlbeck of whom Leofrich thinks is a coward and if given the chance would tell the first person who paid him about Leofrich’s existence in the city. Listening to the group from the corner of the room he whispers with Landmeister Tristan of Royce of whom he has grown close to over his time in Runestone and the two discuss where they think Leofrich should go while the king is near. As the meeting ends its Landsgrave Yohn that calls Leofrich forward leaving him to talk with just Yohn and his son Andar. The three talk and it’s decided that to protect Leofrich and by extension Yohn’s daughter Charlotte and grandchildren its Leofrich that will hide with the Guild of Runes. Accompanied by Andar to the Peak of Runestone its Andar that asks Leofrich to tell him about the last time he saw anyone from the capital. Using the lift to the peaks its Leofrich that talks with Andar about his time hiding in the forest following the massacre at Nunedorf. During this time, he hid with different farming families before eventually fleeing into the forest where he kept his daughter and nephew alive through hunting small game and picking mushrooms. This went on for several weeks with Leofrich coming to live within an old, abandoned watchtower, and while it was a tough life, he was able to stay alive and keep his family alive. This ended with the arrival of a search party led by Horton Jestife who surrounded the watchtower but to his surprise it was Horton that let them go telling them to leave the area and never come back. Andar asks him how he made his way to Runburgh, but Leofrich is close to tears thinking about his past and tells Andar he will tell him more another time. Reaching the peak of Runestone its Leofrich that is let inside the Hall of Runes by Thomas of the Guild of Runes who takes him to a apartment within the hall of Rune where a bed is to be prepared for Leofrich to stay. Leofrich remains in the apartment reading for days leaving only to use the latrine during this time.

The Dragon Moves

Rachel Nighting Cover Front Amazing.jpg

I want you to have this armor Prince. This was made by the hands of both myself, and Grand Master Daniel Schunemann. No effort has been spared in marking this as the greatest suit of armor I have ever been involved in crafting.
Eadwig Schuhbeck

Following leaving Lucerne the group is traveling on the road making his way alongside most of his friends and family to the port of Nortburg accompanied by what is as a large army. Traveling on the road with him is his best friends Jasper Hale, Lyanna Starke, Edward Cullen, Byron Arryn II., Rosalie Hale, Dylan Steinmare, Aria Arryn, Rachel Nighting, and Leven Martell as well his sister Alice Lovie, and as they travel on the road the relationship between this group is expanded on. During this journey we see the members of William's personal guards as well in the form of Einhard Rosler, Erik Fahnrich, and Gilbert Fouline of whom Einhard is shown as someone who is very close to William acting as a stand in for his father James who is in the convoy but is inside a covered wagon as he passed out. His father is revealed as the King but is also revealed as an addict of opium leaving William to be raised by his guards, but also by his sister Matilda who they are traveling to see the wedding of. The party arrives at Nortburg at night and thus it is the army and the servants that prepare tents for everyone to sleep in that night in preparation for leaving on the boats in the morning. As William and his friends attempt to all stay in one large tent it’s Carlisle Cullen that forces them to share two tents with the boys in one and the girls in another. As this is happening its Rosalie that whispers for William to hide her. Feeling very attracted to her he hides her with the help of Jasper and Dylan. Staying the night in a tent with Aria, Lyanna, Leven, and Alice but the girls become openly bitter that Rosalie managed to join the boys in their tent. Rachel and Leven discuss the situation with Rosalie and William with both girls barely containing their jealousy and Rachel for her part believes that she could better control Leven then Rosalie and thus views Rosalie as a threat to her attempts with William. The group stops at the town of Runburgh where William, Edward, Jasper, and Dylan are gifted a suit of armor by Lord Yohn Royce, and the Grand Master of the two Runestone Guilds. The suit made for William is described as something above anything they have ever crafted before, and behind the scenes it had runes crafted on it that make William immune to the effects of Magi while wearing it. Following being given this gift its William, Alice, Leven, and Edward that are taken into the Great Peak of Runestone where Grand Master Eadwig Schuhbeck, and Grand Master Daniel Schunemann show them the entrance to the forges of the Inner Rune which have never been entered by anyone outside of the Inner Circle of the Runestone Guilds. Following this tour, the group is given lodgings inside the mid-level of Runestone leaving the eight of them to all stay in a large open-air room where they can see out for miles and going to sleep William lays beside his sister to one side, and Rosalie Hale to the other with the two talking romantically for some time before going to sleep.

What happened to your family. What has happened to so many families. It cannot be left unchecked. Will you help me when the time comes?
Catherine Lovie

A journeymen runesmith that had been delivering his food tells him of the arrival of the royal party and Leofrich feels a overwhelming fear that his one time good friend James is near. Leofrich is locked within the apartment as the prince and his party are to stay in the Hall of Runes and during this time its Leofrich that catches a glimpse of the prince and his party through a peeping hole in the wall and feels fear looking at the prince due to how much he looks like James. That night its Leofrich that is moved by a knock at the door and when the door opens its Daniel Schunemann, Yohn Royce, and Catherine Lovie that come inside the room. Catherine begins crying telling Leofrich that she is so sorry for what happened and wishes she could go back and change it. Realizing that Catherine is not like her brother he forgives her and then listens as she tells him that the time will come when she needs him to avenge what happened to his family and many others, and he agrees to help her when the time comes.

Watching my father act this way was never easy. It was embarrassing on the surface. Beneath that feeling stood fear. Fear that perhaps I was destined to become my father.
William Lovie III.

As they leave Runestone its William that speaks once more with Yohn Royce who asks him to take with him his middle son Andar Royce who would accompany them and take in the wedding. William agreed and Andar joined the group as they made their way south towards Gulltown. Arriving at Gulltown they are met at the gates by Matilda Lovie his elder sister and seeing each other they hug as she takes them towards her lodgings at Castle Shephard, and while walking there its Matilda that tells them about how she has been in the months since she left Lucerne for Gulltown to get to know her betrothed Marius Scott. Marius Scott is introduced to William, and Alice for the first time and William has a good feeling about Marius during this conversation. The good times are interrupted by the arrival of their father James who William can clearly tell is high from his opioids as he comes into the room, and despite William feeling embarrassed by his father its Marius that lightens the mood and appears to get along well with James. Following the meeting with his sister and Marius its William and his friends that go to the Temple of Kyne as Lyanna wants to pray and forces the rest of her friends to go with her as is her usual way. Arriving at the Temple of Kyne they enter the Temple being let into a special area of the Temple by Otwin Erdenstoud the Bishop of the Temple. Going inside they pray for a time before William and the group outside of Lyanna leave the temple to go and walk the streets of Gulltown exploring.

The Picnic

Rosalie Hale Cover9 - Used.jpg

Men came to our village. They took everything. Took my sister. Took my mother. Please help us.
Ceolwith of Nune

Walking the streets, they go to the market where they buy food and plan to go to hiking west of Gulltown and have a picnic while doing this. Accompanied by a dozen men at arms and several knights the group leaves Gulltown heading west and while leaving they meet the Crane group arriving at the city led by Dustin Crane, and his son Orival Crane. Speaking with the group for a time its Germira Cranewel that leaves the Crane force and travels with them hiking on the idea of forming an alliance for the coming melee tournament. Germira and Jasper get close during the hike but for William his mind is constantly on Rosalie and the spend most of the hike talking and becoming increasingly flirtatious. While riding to the mountain spot that they plan to have the picnic at its Leven, Aria, and Byron Arryn that are speaking. Byron is discussing the alliance he has formed with the team led by Harrold Hardyng for the coming melee, but for Leven she can barely focus as she watches with jealousy William and Rosalie. Leven thinks on her desire to be the one riding beside William, and she plans to tell him her feelings once they arrive at the picnic. Arriving at the picnic its Leven that tries to talk with William but is blocked by Dylan who tells Leven that he thinks Rosalie and William need some alone time. As the group sits for the picnic its Rosalie and William that sneak off and sitting together the flirtation goes to the next level when William and Rosalie kiss. Leven storms off but is followed by Aria Arryn who consoles her friend telling Leven that she knows how Leven feels about William. After talking things over its Leven, and Aria that return to the main group where they find Draco Highmore searching for William. Jasper, and Dylan lie to Draco to give William his alone time, but in her jealousy its Leven that can’t do the same.

I thought I could stop them before they started. Seeing her happy face when Draco dragged them back to the group told me I was wrong. I was too late.
Leven Martell

When Draco follows the lies of Dylan and Jasper its Leven that follows him and reveals where William is. The arrival of Draco Highmore and several guards bringing them back to the group ends this kissing but this has opened a door between the two of them. Leven returns to the group who doesn’t know that she revealed the truth, and she watches as Rosalie and William return. At first Leven is happy that she has done this but watching the two happily return she realizes she was too late. Her feelings are made even worse when Rosalie comes to her and hugs Leven revealing to her what happened before calling Leven her best friend. Leven sits with Aria and Rosalie for the rest of the picnic and listens as Rosalie tells the two of them how strong her feelings are for William. Aria looks to Leven with sadness but they both do there best to be happy for their friend. The groups picnic is further interrupted by the arrival of a group of peasants who are attempting to reach Gulltown after what they describe as the destruction of their village. William attempts to get his force to accompany the peasants back to their village and help the remainder but as more peasants begin streaming up the road its Draco that forces the group to return to their horses and return to Gulltown. Draco promises William and the group that he will send forces back but they cannot be here with the crown prince while that is happening. Before being forced to flee its William that gives one of the Ceolwith of Nune one of his rings, and a bag of coins which is a significant amount of money. Riding back to Gulltown its William that gets into an argument with Draco but it becomes clear that Draco is under personal threat if he would have stayed and thus William forgives Draco but plans to confront his father.


Aelfwynn Turnidlon Cover3.png

I thought I could stop them before they started. Seeing her happy face when Draco dragged them back to the group told me I was wrong. I was too late.
Leven Martell

Its Aelfwynn, Cuthwin, and Ostara that accompany James into the Shephard Castle where he will be staying during the tournament. By this point in the day, he is already almost unconscious from opioid use attempting to keep Vhloraz beneath the surface, and thus the servants get him into bed. Aelfwynn watches him go to sleep with no one in the room daring to speak lest they interrupt James going to sleep. Once he has fallen asleep, she places chains on his arms locking him to the bed and then locking the door the room behind her leaving only Ostara, and Cuthwin inside the room to watch over him. Having locked the door she thinks on Cuthwin, and Ostara coming to see the changes in the two as they have spent more time watching over James as he sleeps, and she thanks Glaurung that she has been given that task. Leaving the room, she travels to the walls where she sits in a quiet tower by herself and spends several hours praying to Glaurung attempting to find peace from her constant thoughts of William. As she prays a vision of William appears and she talks with this vision with the two flirting, and eventually kissing. The kissing ends when she hears arguing in the courtyard and the vision of William disappears. A tear falls as he leaves her, but she goes to the wall and watches as William, Leven, and Jasper attempt to get inside the castle.

I thought I could stop them before they started. Seeing her happy face when Draco dragged them back to the group told me I was wrong. I was too late.
Leven Martell

Returning to Gulltown, its Leven and Jasper that accompany William as he attempts to meet with his father about what happened at the picnic. Arriving at the gate to Shephard Castle they are let inside by the guards but find Kieth Schwartz, blocking the courtyard with a handful of Jestife, and Schwartz men at arms as well as several knights. Speaking with Kieth its William that is blocked from seeing his father and as William attempts to force his way through its Kieth that commands the men at arms to restrain the three of them. A brief skirmish breaks out but the men at arms and knights can easily restrain the weaponless three. As they are held its Kieth that goes to William and tells him to never come to a conflict without weapons. The two argue briefly with the argument only ending with the arrival of Carlisle Cullen.

Arrival of the Cranes

Estrid Orane Cover Amazing3.jpg

Take the Orane girl to the temple. I don't care how you feel about her. You will cement the betrothal. Go now.
Dustin Orane

The House Crane group enters through the front gate of Gulltown and Orival Crane alongside his friends, follow his father and his most prominent bannermen. As they continue following his father he looks back to the rear of the group and sees his betrothed Estrid Orane. Estrid smiles at him, and while he returns the smile, he is still unsure of her due to her opinions on the Swabians. The group runs into a group led by William Lovie III. and while Orival doesn’t get to speak to William he sees the opportunity to form an alliance in the coming melee and sends his friend Germira Cranewel to organize this with William. Continuing into the city his father leads them towards the keep where they are to meet with a House Shephard representative who is to take them to their lodgings. Once they reach the keep his father meets with Ratmann Rickard Taubman. Rickard leads the group with the assistance of his son Timothy Taubman, and daughter Amalia Taubman towards their lodgings. During this final trip its Orival that is brought to the front by his father and Orival listens in as Rickard discusses the situation in northern Lucerne. Arriving at the camp its Orival that is going to spend time with his friends when his father whispers to him that he is to instead take Estrid to visit the Great Temple of Kyne. It’s implied from the words of his father that Orival is having doubts about his betrothal to Estrid, but Orival is unwilling to resist the words of his father and pushes this aside. Listening to the words of his father without question he goes to Estrid who is getting his mother Falena’s tent ready.

It speaks to your misplaced loyalties that you send that Swab to make deals for you.
Estrid Orane

Going to Estrid she is clearly excited to see him approach her, and she goes into the back of the tent to change for her trip to the Temple. While Estrid is changing the main person pushing for him to treat her well in the form of his mother pulls him into a hug. Orival thinks it’s nice to have her back around, but he is sad when he realizes that once his marriage to Estrid is completed then his mother will return to the Grand Temple of Crane. Orival and Estrid walk together to the Great Temple of Kyne and the two have a good time on the way until Estrid notices a group of Swabian selling goods at a booth and begins making racist comments about them. Orival ignores this and tries to have a good time with her but can’t ignore it anymore once she attacks Germira. The two have an argument on the steps leading to Orival abandoning her at the temple and making his way back to their lodgings but he becomes lost and eventually winds up back at the Swabians booth that Estrid had insulted earlier.

Watching the group speak Swabian he thinks back on his positive experiences with the Swabians through the years and approaches the group buying a shirt from their booth. Returning to the camp without Estrid he is reprimanded by his mother who forces him to return to the temple with her. Accompanying his mother back to the temple she explains the different life experiences that people have, and why these things don’t make having different opinions evil. Listening to his mother they enter the temple to find Estrid inside at prayer and as he kneels beside her joined by his mother, he looks at her face and sees that she has been crying. When his mother steps away to speak with the bishops of the temple its Orival that apologizes to her for leaving her. Estrid to his surprise apologizes for what she said about Swabians, and while she doesn’t understand his love for them, she promises to attempt to see what he sees.

Before the Wedding

Rosalie Hale Cover Amazing3.jpg

I have never felt this way about a girl before Alice. Maybe its time I take a chance.
William Lovie III.

Carlisle takes the three away telling them they must go to his sister who is preparing for her wedding and that this is beneath them on such a day. As they walk its Jasper that leaves them to return to the rest of the shadow council, but Leven stays at Williams side. As they walk, they talk about the picnic and the arrival of the peasants. William reveals his terror at being unable to help them and sensing his sadness its Leven that holds his hand as they walk. Arriving at the estate of House Scheck where Matilda is preparing its William that waits in the courtyard with Marcel Lovie while Leven goes inside the estate. Inside the estate she goes through the halls eventually reaching the room where Matilda is staying and surrounded by handmaids and servants, she almost cries at how beautiful Matilda looks. One of the girl’s helping Matilda is Rosalie and seeing this Leven thinks jealously that was why Rosalie didn’t accompany William to the castle. Watching Matilda get ready its Leven that feels out of place and becomes increasingly angry at Rosalie as she watches as she looks so at home in this environment. As she watches its Leven that thinks back to her childhood and her uncle stressing a need for good skill at war before her skills as a good lady. Spending hours helping Matilda its Leven that exits the preparations to go and spend time with William who she finds in the courtyard. Going to him the two have a conversation where Leven wants to tell him about her feelings for him, but the arrival of Rosalie ends their conversation and causes rage inside Leven.

Seeing her touching him. Seeing them kiss. It makes me angrier then I have ever felt before. It's an anger that scares me Aria.
Leven Martell

Rosalie takes William away as they must leave for the wedding, and this leaves Leven behind. Sitting on the bench she is approached by Aria Arryn and Aria comforts her on her feelings for William which Aria has already guessed at. The two speak for a time about this with Aria also revealing that she has feelings for William and unlike her jealousy towards Rosalie its Leven that feels nothing but love for Aria. Aria leaves to go back for the final preparations for the wedding and Leven follows her back into the estate. Returning to the estate she and Aria are stopped in their tracks by seeing William and the shadow council drinking in a hallway. While Aria keeps walking its Leven that goes to the boys as she feels a pull she cannot ignore towards William. Unable to control herself she goes to William and pulls him into a kiss. As they kiss its Jasper and Dylan that block the hallway. William pulls away from the kiss first, and the two share no words with Leven fleeing the scene in nervousness. Running down the halls she finds herself face to face with Catherine Bell who seeing the state of Leven takes her into a hug. Calming her down its Catherine that takes her into the room as the final preparations are being made for the wedding, and the whole time she holds Leven’s hand. The chapter ends with Leven stepping off the boat and onto the dock of Sunspear Hold, and with a tearful look eastward she thinks on William.

The Melee
The Joust

Its Marius Scott that watches as Jamie Lannister defeats Brandon Starke and wins the joust tournament. Marius is sitting with his friends Lucas Oakheart, his wife Melinda Ladybright, Reginald Madritch, his wife Ingrid Madritch, Alke Erlic, and Gretchen Rivel with her husband Edric Rivel. Marius begins talking with Reginald about his nervousness about the wedding. Marius is nervous about Matilda loving him as she is so beautiful, and he has accomplished very little so far in his life. Reginald, and Alke convince him to move past his nervousness and trust that she will love him, which he reluctantly attempts to do as he watches her from afar. As the winner of the tournament in Jamie Lannister, alongside Brandon Starke come to stand before the kings stage its Marius that is waved over by his grand father and joining Peter and the King in their stage he watches as Jamie makes his declaration. Jamie doesn’t ask for the winnings but instead requests from the king to have his nieces Myrcella and Lanna Lannister join the royal family as ladies in waiting with a special point of putting them on the list of potential betrothals to William. The King stands and makes a kind speech declaring Jamie’s bravery and skill and accepts this request. Standing in the stage as the king is mingling with finalists of the joust its Marius that sparks up the courage to make a joke to Matilda who smiles at his lame joke to her. As his shyness begins to overwhelm him, he smiles and prepares to leave but is stopped by her hand on his shoulder and turning back to her she requests him for dinner that night. Catherine Lovie who is standing watching interrupts telling her that is against tradition, but a desperate Marius uses his own Christianity as a means of forcing the dinner. Catherine agrees to host the dinner with Matilda’s friend Domeric Highmore standing as a chaperone for the dinner.

The Wedding
The Aftermath

Watching the door close behind a tear falls and only the hand of William keeps her moving forward. Alice and the rest of the Wostellian family make there way towards the Shephard Castle, and Alice continues crying as they walk as she is afraid of losing her sister. Arriving at Shephard Castle she tries to go to her room, but William forces her to come with him to the Bath houses to spend time with their friends. Having fun together in the bath houses she and William eventually get alone time and she opens up to him that she feels like shes losing her mother of sorts in Matilda, and he comforts her as she lets out her feelings about it. Rosalie, and Leven join them in the corner of the bath house, and they all talk about different times that Matilda was a mother to them and talking it over with everyone she feels better.

The Plot Against House Swan

Alice is finally having fun when Einhard Rosler comes inside and tells Alice to come with him and rejects William joining them despite his attempt to go with her. Following Einhard she is taken to the Shephard Castle Dining Hall where she finds a large gathering inside waiting for her. Taken to a seat by Einhard he joins her in the seat beside her, and as she sits down its Kieth Schwartz that begins speaking. Kieth tells the assembled parties that he has been placed in charge of the betrothal process for Alice and that at the advice of many advisors he has chosen to have preliminary discussions with House Yernese at Pomeria. A shocked Alice listens on as they discuss that Alice, and a party will head by boat following the meeting towards Pomeria and despite wanting to speak up her nervousness leads her to remain silent. The meeting ends and Einhard takes her by the arm and gently leads her to the door. The moment they go through the door, and he closes it behind them she smacks Einhard in the chest and tries to run away from him and back to William but runs into a tall woman. Knocked to the ground by their collision the girl helps her to her feet. Looking at the girl she is amazed at her beauty but she up and then the girl smiles at her before speaking to her in a language that Alice doesn’t understand. One of the girls behind the women introduces herself as Adelhelma Annema a handmaid of the women that she begins translating for. The translations by Adelhelma reveal the women is Mildred Gleckourd the Viscount of Gleckheint and will be joining Alice on the journey to Pomeria. Alice attempts to leave but is taken by the arm by Mildred who leads her to her boat and going through the streets the only thing she can think is hoping that she sees someone she knows. Getting on to the boat she watches as the ramps are quickly put up and as she stands on the side with Einhard she lets tears fall as she watches Gulltown fall into the distance.

Traveling to Pomelia

Arriving at the small port of Pomeriaist they would be met on the dock by two groups. The first was led by Axius Macrinus the husband of Mildred that she had described so negatively during the journey here. The second was led by Dennis Yernese the older brother of Paulus Yernese. Axius greets Mildred with excitement and attempts a kiss but is brushed aside by Mildred to the laughter of her men. Axius face looks hurt, but he quickly falls into line with his own men and watches as Mildred meets with Dennis Yernese. The two talk and Mildred appears very courteous towards Dennis treating him with respect and being almost flirtatious. Alice watches Axius as this happens and it makes her angry towards Mildred who it appears is openly trying to embarrass Axius through her flirting with Dennis. Feeling a confidence, she hasn’t felt before she steps forward and demands that they get moving towards Pomeria causing Mildred to smile at her as she must realize why Alice did what she did. Dennis who is a loyalist to the crown quickly listens to Alice and commands his forces prepare the road, and the three groups merge on the road making their way towards Pomeria. On the road its Alice, Mildred, and Adelhelma that speak again with a more confident Alice confronting Mildred on her treatment of Axius. Mildred explains a bit of her ethnic nationalism and Alice hearing of something like this for the first time loses her confidence as her shock overwhelms her. Mildred goes back to speaking gothic with Adelhelma and

Treaty of Pomeria

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The Valley of Lucerne - Conversation Incoming
Valley of Lucerne.jpg
I have spent my entire life trying to do what was right. I have fought for a king I loved. I have fought for a friend I trusted. I have watched my family grow around me...I have watched all this and in my heart I knew everything would be okay. I knew this because I believed in you. You were the foundation of my faith. The boy I knew would have never done the things you have done. You have allowed this...this...thing to take over everything you are. Everything that happens now is up to you. You choose what path you go. I have nothing to say in my Kill me now for seeing you. Seeing what you have become makes me realized I have nothing left to believe in. Take me from this world, and free of me knowing what you have become.

You want to know the truth of things.

I want to know why you feel so strongly about it.

I had two siblings growing up. My older brother Lionel, and my younger sister Clara. Growing up we were the closest brothers and sisters could be. Then. One day I go to my sister’s room to see her just like I do every day. She’s not there. A quick look at the room makes it clear the room is in chaos. Books on the floor, blankets thrown around. It had the look of a scuffle.” Mildred plays with her hands as she speaks but her eyes never leave mine. “I run to my parent’s room to tell them. A search for her comes to the quick conclusion that she was taken. Our best scouts get on the case, but they lose the trail at the River Gleck. Its weeks before we learn what happened.

You must have been terrified.” She nods her her head at my question.

We all were. It was only made worse when we learned she was now at Castle Neihas the bridge of this Kristoffer Neihas.

She was married to her kidnapper?

Yes. The Roman scum had stolen away my sister and then forced her to take this roman barbarian as her husband.” Hearing the words run off her tongue just defined her hatred of them. Calling Lucernian Italians by their Roman nickname had become a racist slang for them, and as the story continued you could feel her hatred.

What did you do?

We travelled to Castle Neihas. My father. My mother. My brother. My husband. Every single member of my family went to Castle Neihas to get them to give her back. Only my brother’s wife and daughter remained at Gleckheint.

You went without troops?

You don’t trust Romans Alice. We brought a hundred troops. Thirty knights as well. It shouldn’t have mattered. We had the guest right Alice.

How did it go wrong?” I knew the ending to the story. Her family had been killed at the meeting. She alone had escaped. The story I had been told had never spoke of the guest right being given.

We arrived. They broke bread. Gave us the guest right. We lowered our guard. As we talked, they surrounded us. By the time we realized what was happening they were firing on us from the forest. I watched my whole family die. Then as the sound of fighting ended somehow, I was still alive.

I’m so sorry Mildred.

They picked me up. Ripped off my clothes. Paraded me through the streets of Castle Neihas completely naked as men from the castle grabbed at my body. Walked me this way all the way to the stable. Once I reached the stable, they put me on a horse and sent me away.

I don’t know what to say.

There’s nothing to say. My family was killed because we thought Romans were trustworthy. I learned that day. No one is trustworthy. We have only our own people. Our own people are the only ones who ever truly care about us. We are just tools to the rest.

Rebellion of Low Swabia

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The Rebellion of Low Swabia
You never took us seriously in Tree Hill. Win or loss. You will now.

Kieth Shwartz1.png


Occupation of Skorraholt

Violence Spreads
Arrival of Marius

Treaty of Skorraholt

Burning of Oakheart

First Battle of Brakeheart Hold
Siege of Castle Oakheart
Second Battle of Brakeheart Hold
Battle of Deltevh Hold

Burning of Cranehold

Battle of Heldencrane Hold
Ambush of Estrid Orane
Occupation of Skorraholt

Invasion of Low Swabia

Sack of Dolavik

Adelhard would sack the Swabian town of Dolavik, and while he would eventually be called off by the leadership from House Scott the damage was done as the town's walls and most of its buildings had been damaged in some way by the sack of Adelhard on the town.

Battle of Kaldbakr

Marius would be victorious at the Battle of Kaldbakr, but would during this battle also kill Fromaldus Maldven III. which earned him the hatred of Fromaldus lover Alaric Deldven of the Circle of Magi.

Treaty of Kolavik

The Florian Affair

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The Florian Affair
I trusted you Taylor. From here out this only ends when one of us is dead.
Father you cannot ask me to leave those people to their fate. You cannot ask that of me.
Orival Crane

Orival Crane during his attempts to understand why they had abandoned Tree Hill would decide that the only real thing to do was to travel to the north where he would attempt to meet with a member of the royal family in the form of Catherine Bell. Catherine would make this move in an attempt to find out whether or not there were truly survivors at Tree Hill, and saw Orival and his power base as the best opportunity to enter the Tree Hill Forbidden Zone. Catherine left Lucerne with Emma Bell telling James that she was going to visit there sister Katia at Castle Trachtenburg, but members of the Circle who were beginning to suspect Catherine as a major member of the Yellow Dragons would send spies after her when she left.

Anna's Turn

Anna Kendrick Large Great1.jpg

All my friends greeted my like a queen returning from some distant war. They chatted endlessly about how poor the Cranes must have been. How savage the people. Every word they said was rude, or cruel in someway and I couldn't help but immediately wonder if this is who I was seen as.
Anna Kendrick

Working her way back into the most powerful of the noble girls in Brill it was Anna that this time felt conflicted by everything. Her time with with Orival had changed her view of herself and this made her depressed seeing the kind of person she was without him. This depression would bring her into contact with Taylor Swift of whom she apologized to for all the things that she had done to her in their life and this apology succeeded in bringing them closer together.

The Swift Family is a den of liars dear Anna. Taylor might be their worst member.
David Kendrick

Anna returning from another day out with Taylor this time having spent the day with her friend at the Dragonoph Temple where Taylor is rising quite high, and entering her house she is confronted by her father, brother and her brothers wife. Resisting her fathers demands to turn against Taylor Swift she is is shown a letter by her father that he says he has intercepted from House Crane to House Swift. Reading the letter it details that everything Orival Crane felt had all been a big manipulation in order to get revenge for what had happened to Taylor earlier. Questioning the letter her father reveals that Taylor Swift's mother is in fact a member of House Crane and everything was just a trick played by House Swift on her.

Anna's Revenge

Faced with the consequences of what Anna had revealed to the city it was Timone that summoned his entire family to a meeting including Florius Novellius. At this meeting it was a shocked House Swift that at first wanted to fight against the rumors and perhaps say that it wasn't true, but Florius stopped this when he told them that he wanted to take the fall for them. While at first resistant to this idea it was Theresa who having always hated Florius as a memory of his mother that would lead the call to take his advise and let him take the fall for all of this.

Telling the Truth

With Florius having been exiled from Forks in order to try and protect House Swift as best they could he prepared to leave the city. Florius in this moment was emotionally devastated but for his part was genuinely still in love with Taylor and thus would decide to attempt to protect her as best he could before he left the city and her life for good. Unable to meet with Taylor as she had been sent to Swiftvale to shield her from the immediate aftermath of the reveal of his identity it was Florius that decided to instead meet with Anna Kendrick and set the record straight.

I promise you Taylor that all the times we spent together were true. I wasn't fake then. I'm sorry that I was too weak. I'm sorry I proved you right about me.
Anna Kendrick

Fall of Katia

The Crane Assault on Tree Hill

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The Crane Assault on Tree Hill
I trusted you Taylor. From here out this only ends when one of us is dead.

The Forbidden Zone of Tree Hill had been formed shortly after the First Battle of Tree Hill and authorized by the new Arch Lord of the Stormlands none could enter without permission from House Guntbold.

Father I need you to trust me. This is the right thing to do.
Orival Crane

Following the Crane's time in the city of Brill it was Orival that returned to Castle Crane more determined than ever to find out what was really going on in the Tree Hill Forbidden Zone. Having met with Catherine Bell he had learned much more about the extent of what had happened at Tree Hill and had led to him swearing himself to the service of Catherine. Despite Orival having sworn himself to Catherine it was his father that would be completely unsupportive of this new loyalty of his son. While Orival had moved towards the side of the Yellow Dragon rebellion it was Dustin that turned towards the Circle of Magi becoming more supportive of there movements. Much of this loyalty was owed to a hatred that Dustin Crane had for William Lovie III. Due to William being blamed for the death of Dustin’s brother Reginald Crane during The Griffon Roost Plot.

You were able to ignore this issue when it was just me. Look around you. This is not just me asking you now.
Orival Crane

Having gathered to his side several Crane Barons in Daerys Welden, and Reford Varryn and numerous Landsgraves he approached his father again at Crane Castle intent on forcing his fathers hand.

Meeting Winfred Guntbold

Romilda Guntbold II..jpg

Take my daughter with you and I'll let you into the Forbidden zone. It's a simple request. If you truly want to see what is at Tree Hill. This is the cost.
Winfred Guntbold

Arriving at Klausburg where, Storm Hochmeister Winfred Guntbold was holding court it was Orival and his leadership that prepared to meet with the reclusive Winfred.

Castle Prennig

Take my daughter with you and I'll let you into the Forbidden zone. It's a simple request. If you truly want to see what is at Tree Hill. This is the cost.
Winfred Guntbold

Battle of Earl Hill

Fight at the Seagate

The Journey

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Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

Crisis in Darkhaven

Main Article : Crisis in Darkhaven

Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21.jpg

Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

The Yairns

The Yairns
I came this way to find him. I finally came to realize that this wasn't living anymore.

Anna Kendrick Cover11.jpg

What is the point of living this life. I hate him. I actually hate everything about him. Would you honestly want me to stay here and ignore my heart. Is that what you want from me?
Anna Kendrick

After the dramatic showdown between herself and Josh Hirshe it would be Anna Kendrick that fled the keep leaving behind a bleeding Joshua Hirsh and lmpwong without question that she was leaving it didn't matter to her that Lorderon was under siege as arriving at the docks themselves she paid two lorderon men to take her to Westbridge. The two men took her to a merchant captain named Dol-Durothil Torzana of whom agreed to take her northward as he wanted to get his boat out of the city anyway lest risk it be damaged in anything that might happen to the city. While the captain prepared the boat for departure she finds her friends Amyra Spirre, and Katlyn Granes, of which as they got onto the ship they are joined at the last minute by Jeyne Urlonn, and her husband Mikal Shiphard of whom refuse to be left out and join with the group. Their journey north ends with the ship being attacked on the river by a Yairnish galley and boarded they surrender as they don't have the means of defense for themselves and seeing they are nobles the pirates led by a man who calls himself Sigsten Henjum of the Yairnish mercenary group called The Sanguine Hand Company. Sigsten Henjum had traveled north for the third time attempting to find a vulnerable Lucernian merchant ship that he could capture without having to fight a battle in his effort to complete the mission of himself and his sister and after two previous failures he finally noticed the Eye of Fornost and quickly moved to capture the inhabitants in his effort to gain Lucernian hostages. The Lucernian hostages are placed below deck and are guarded by a young member of the mercenary group named Dankrad of the Sanguine Hand and he is shown to be a kind young man but beneath the kindness he reveals a devotion to Sigsten that seems to border on worship.

A Hostage

Anna Kendrick Cover2.jpg

I need you to believe one thing Lady Kendrick. I have one rule. You do what I say. You listen to my commands. You do everything to the letter, and I promice you that no harm will come to any of you. You deviate from what I tell you to do. You try to escape. You do anything that undermines what we have been planning for years. I start killing people. I won't start with you. You will watch your friends die. Listen to me. Do as I say.
Sigsten Henjum

Following their journey southward she and the rest of her group arrive at the Yairns Furbivt Island where they are met on the docks of a small wooden castle by a large group of well armored and tough looking men as well as a tiny women clad in a red robe of whom are introduced as members of the Sanguin Hand and the women as the other general of the mercenary group his sister Alwine Henjum.

Taylor's Decision

Taylor Swift Cover11.jpg

She is your daughter. She has been gone for how many months and you havn't even looked into where she is? Who are you people?
Taylor Swift

Following her arrival back in Brill after the events of the Lorderon Civil War it would be Taylor Swift who inquired into where Anna Kendrick was and discovered to her horror that she was missing. Shocked that no one had ever looked into what had happened to her following the Lorderon Civil War she would immediatly confront Josh Hirsh of whom told her about the events at the dock and Anna's departure by boat northward in an attempt to get to Westbridge. Taylor feeling responsible as she had been the one that had told Anna to go to the docks would enlist the assistance of Emile Hirsh of whom would join her in travelling northward to follow the path of Anna Kendrick. Arriving at Lorderon they ask around at the dock and discover that Anna had taken the Eye of Fornost a large galley in her pursuit of going north, and finding this captain they are horrified to discover the boat captain had been attacked on the journey north and had Anna and her companions in order to protect his boat and crew. Confronting him why he did not report this he indicates that he had told Josh Hirsh of whom had told the captain that he would look into the matter and to worry on it no more, and with this Taylor discovered the true depths of Josh's cowardice and would return to their ship with Emile travelling southward towards the Yairns.

Anna Escapes the Yairns
Some people accept their chains. I never could. I spent every moment since you took me planning how to escape.

Escape of Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick Cover Amazing2.jpg

I've spent the last two years preparing for nothing else but this. Today was the day I have prepared for and I cannot fail.
Anna Kendrick

Anna's slavery aboard the military vessel of Sigsten Henjum had led to her having little opportunities to escape her slavery due to the large amount of soldiers on the boat, and thus she would spend nearly a year biding her time in slavery to Sigsten. After a year of this her opportunity arose when she discovered the hidden gold cache of Sigsten and wanting to create economic problems for Sigsten which she hoped would lead to her sale she would throw his gold in the Rhine. Discovering that his gold was gone Sigsten had his lands searched heavily but it could not be found, and thus he reacted as Anna expected when he begin selling some of his slaves including Anna of whom was sold to a small time merchant of Furbivt Island of whom had a much smaller guard and thus Anna's opportunity to escape had opened. Realizing that she was going to make her escape and whatever happened she would never return to Furbivt Island it was Anna Kendrick that entered the home of House Henjum and killed Sigsten while he slept leaving a tiny locket behind which would allow Alwine to know that it was Anna who had done the deed, and following the murder of Sigsten she went on the boat of Helferich Trojhim for what she knew was her escape.

Family Members


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