Orival Crane
Orival Crane
House Crane - NEW
Story Role
POV Role The Lost One
Appears In Lucernian Series
Vital statistics
Birth Year 5103
Title Official Titles
  • Heir of Crane
  • Lord of the Broken Cranes
Nickname None
Race Vandal German
Religion Dragonoph
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Dustin Crane
Mother Falena Crane
Siblings True Born
  • None

Bastard Born

Internal Family
Spouse Sasha Roses
Children True Born

Orival Craneis the son of Falena, and Dustin Crane making him a member of House Crane through his father, and a member of House Fauce through his mother. Orival Crane has many low born siblings through his father of which the most noteable are Waymar, Jaelle, Selysha, Cerwyn, and Aerys Flowers of which Waymar is the leader of the Wingless Cranes and is very loyal to his noble born brother Orival Crane of whom has always treated him well, his sister Jaelle is a member of the Wingless Cranes and runs the operation from the side of being the one with all the actual plans, his sister Selysha stands alongside Wayman as the main fighter of the Wingless Cranes and her skill with a bow is legendary in the south of Lucerne, his brother Cerwyn would join the Order of the Violet Dragon becoming one of the only bastards of Dustin Crane to not join the Wingless Cranes, while Aerys is skilled fighter of whom is squiring for Hedrik Clegane III. and has gained noterity through this and the things he has done in this service. Orival Crane would come to marry Sasha Roses following sleeping with her during the aftermath of learning of the supposed death of Anna Kendrick and she loves him quite deeply and while he loves her his memory of Anna Kendrick continues to haunt him.

Orival Crane was born the first and eventually only child of his father Dustin Crane, and throughout his youth he was the most beloved thing to his father, but at the same time he watched as his father casually disrespected his mother by fathering many bastards. As the arguments continued with his father he would ask his father to go away for a time and when he did he was sent eastward to Frosthelm where he squired with House Varryn. His time with the Varryn's was great for him as he became best friends with Renford Varryn II, and also very close with his bethrothed in Rhaena Skane, and when he eventually did leave the Varryn's he would have made friends that were for a lifetime. Renford's bethrothed in As . Returning home to Crane Castle he would become very close friends with Anna Kendrick of whom he would eventually bed and together the two explored this for the first time together. Anna Kendrick would depart Crane Castle but he never forgot her and continued to push his father to work a bethrothal, and sent letters to her nearly once a month but eventually gave up after his letters went unanwsered, and his father was rejected in his attempt to get the betrothal. As he grew up he would with the blessing of his mother begin to round up the bastards of his father, and treating them with kindess he formed them into a group called the Wingless Cranes of whom he centered within a small ruined holdfast south of Crane Castle of which they named Wingless Keep. Orival Crane would join a force of House Crane led by his father that went northward to the southern edge of Tree Hill following the fall of Tree Hill, but his father recieved a letter from Bill Lovie of whom told them to return to Castle Crane. Orival Crane during his attempts to understand why they had abandoned Tree Hill would travel to Lucerne where he would attempt to meet with the King, but would meet with Carlisle Cullen instead of whom dismayed him by telling him lies that he was smart enough to know were untrue. Following his failure to get the truth he would gather the forces of House Crane against the wishes of his father and attacked Tree Hill where he would retake the Hill of Earl and held it for several months before he was forced to pull back after being attacked by the Circle of Magi. Orival Crane would travel to Brill under the guise of meeting with his extended family in House Swift but in truth he was there to see Anna Kendrick and while there he would become the target of an assassination attempt which while it failed would lead to the Florius Affair as well as the breakdown of his relationship with Anna after she was tricked into believing he had been intimate with Taylor Swift. Orival Crane would continue to be hung up on Anna Kendrick and rejected several offers of marriage and attempted to take his mind off this by taking part in the Journey where he and his Wingless Cranes led the forces of House Crane after his father refused to abandon Bill Lovie despite the supposed siding of Bill over his son. During the Journey he took part in both major battles, and during the relieving of the Tree Hill he would be one of the men by the side of WIlliam Lovie III. as he entered the ruined city. Orival Crane would join his friend Lucas Scott during the Invasion of Westbridge and would be in the assault force that broke inside the defences. Travelling to Westbridge following this victory in Braedin he would come to meet Sasha Roses a bastard of House Grimm, and telling her of his lost lover Anna Kendrick of whom he discovered from Emile Hirshe that she had died on a boat trying to find him at Braedin he would lose himself and sleep with Sasha Roses leading to him marrying her the next day in order to keep her honor. Orival Crane would return to Crane Castle with his now wife Sasha Roses and despite a lot of anger from his father over the marriage he continued to grow the Wingless Cranes of whom he treated with the greatest of respect, and due to the respect he had inside the realm of House Crane the bastards were treated as nobles by most of the vassals of House Crane. Orival Crane would travel with his father, and wife to Lucerne in order to meet with them for movements to the south, and while there Orival would be there for the arrival of Riley Scott, and also the two would travel with the royal family to Westbridge where they met Lucie Lovie.


Early History

Orival Crane would join a force of House Crane led by his father that went northward to the southern edge of Tree Hill following the fall of Tree Hill, but his father recieved a letter from Bill Lovie of whom told them to return to Castle Crane.

A Crane in Tree Hill

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Following his failure to get the truth he would gather the forces of House Crane against the wishes of his father and attacked Tree Hill where he would retake the Hill of Earl and held it for several months before he was forced to pull back after being attacked by the Circle of Magi.

Failure of a King

Alice Lovie Large7
I believed. I believed that the royal family would protect us. I was young. Too young to understand that sometimes men fail.
Orival Crane

Orival Crane during his attempts to understand why they had abandoned Tree Hill would decide that the only real thing to do was to travel to Lucerne where he would attempt to meet with the King. He travelled alongside his Wingless Cranes and they made their way east to the great river where they then took a boat northward arriving at Gulltown and then walking to Lucerne. Arriving at Lucerne they were shocked as noone seemed very worried about Tree Hill, and shortly after their arrival they would meet with Carlisle Cullen instead of whom dismayed him by telling him lies that he was smart enough to know were untrue. Leaving Carlisle Cullen behind they stayed the night in a tavern in Lucerne Hold, and it was as they were staying in the room and looking out the window that Orival, Jaelle, and Aerys would see a boy and girl around their ages sneaking through the streets, and while at first not thinking much of it they saw that the boy was elegantly dressed and had flowing blond hair much like the stories they had heard of the prince of Lucerne. Following the two they would catch up to them as they entered a great cave in the side of the mountain, and at this point the two met up with four others in the form of the Shadow Council, and Amber Heard II. Watching from the rocks they watched as the group swam in the water, and it was Jaelle that said they should introduce themselves, and agreeing with her they prepared to do just this but as they moved forward they were stopped by several cloaked men of whom dragged the group away silently and took them into an alleyway. Believing they were going to be killed several of the cloaked men voiced this point of view that the group should die, but one of the men stepped forward introducing himself as Emond Mountain and told them to tell him the truth of what they were doing. Revealing they had just wanted to meet the crown prince Emond would command that they be allowed to leave, and they did this with great haste returning to the tavern and the still sleeping Selysha, and Cerwyn of whom they told what had happened. Following this they were visited in the morning by Emond Mountain of whom had followed them home afterwards and had waited until the morning to speak to them. 

The Florian Affair

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The Florian Affair
I trusted you Taylor. From here out this only ends when one of us is dead.
Anna Kendrick Large Great1
All my friends greeted my like a queen returning from some distant war. They chatted endlessly about how poor the Cranes must have been. How savage the people. Every word they said was rude, or cruel in someway and I couldn't help but immediately wonder if this is who I was seen as.
Anna Kendrick

Working her way back into the most powerful of the noble girls her continued thinking of Orival Crane made her remember how good of a person she felt like she was with him and this made her depressed seeing the kind of person she was without him. This depression would bring her into contact with Taylor Swift of whom she apologized to for all the things that she had done to her in their life and this apology succeeded in bringing them closer together.

The Swift Family is a den of liars dear Anna. Taylor might be their worst member.
David Kendrick

Anna returning from another day out with Taylor this time having spent the day with her friend at the Dragonoph Temple where Taylor is rising quite high, and entering her house she is confronted by her father, brother and her brothers wife. Resisting her fathers demands to turn against Taylor Swift she is is shown a letter by her father that he says he has intercepted from House Crane to House Swift, and reading the letter it details that everything Orival Crane felt had all been a big manipulation in order to get revenge for what had happened to Taylor earlier. Questioning the letter her father reveals that Taylor Swift's mother is in fact a member of House Crane and everything was just a trick played by House Swift on her.


Anna's Revenge

Faced with the consequences of what Anna had revealed to the city it was Timone that summoned his entire family to a meeting including Florius Novellius. At this meeting it was a shocked House Swift that at first wanted to fight against the rumors and perhaps say that it wasn't true, but Florius stopped this when he told them that he wanted to take the fall for them. While at first resistant to this idea it was Theresa who having always hated Florius as a memory of his mother that would lead the call to take his advise and let him take the fall for all of this.

Telling the Truth

With Florius having been exiled from Forks in order to try and protect House Swift as best they could he prepared to leave the city. Florius in this moment was emotionally devastated but for his part was genuinely still in love with Taylor and thus would decide to attempt to protect her as best he could before he left the city and her life for good. Unable to meet with Taylor as she had been sent to Swiftvale to shield her from the immediate aftermath of the reveal of his identity it was Florius that decided to instead meet with Anna Kendrick and set the record straight.

I promise you Taylor that all the times we spent together were true. I wasn't fake then. I'm sorry that I was too weak. I'm sorry I proved you right about me.
Anna Kendrick

The Journey

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Invasion of Westbridge

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Crisis in Darkhaven

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Return of Riley Scott

Leven Martell Small21
Taking on mistresses. Sons coming home. The love of my life returning. What a confusing time.
William Lovie III.

William travel to Forks on their way back to Lucerne from Fairmarket. On the boat ride back after a long talk with Morrigan, she takes matters into her own hands and finally reveals to William that she wants him in what ever way she can have him, and despite his marriage he sleeps with Leven. Arriving in Forks they are met on the docks by Charles Swan of whom they talk with for a time, but this ends when Riley Scott arrives alone on horseback, and wishes to return with them to Lucerne for a time. Riley reveals to him that Dan Scott is conspiring to make him and heir and he loves his family and doesn't want to see them come to harm through the menipulations of Dan Scott. Leven goes with William as he talks with Riley, and after Riley leaves with Thomas for a while he tells her that he is amazed at the changes in his son, and as they watch as he spends time with Thomas, and longs to see his three oldest sons become friends. Leven once again talks to Morrigan of whom congratulates her on gaining William in the way she did, and Leven shocked to know Morrigan knew begins to take Morrigan into her confidence revealing the arrangement she offered William and he seemingly agreed to.

The Yairns

The Yairns
I came this way to find him. I finally came to realize that this wasn't living anymore.
Anna Kendrick Cover11
What is the point of living this life. I hate him. I actually hate everything about him. Would you honestly want me to stay here and ignore my heart. Is that what you want from me?
Anna Kendrick

After the dramatic showdown between herself and Josh Hirshe it would be Anna Kendrick that fled the keep leaving behind a bleeding Joshua Hirsh and lmpwong without question that she was leaving it didn't matter to her that Lorderon was under siege as arriving at the docks themselves she paid two lorderon men to take her to Westbridge. The two men took her to a merchant captain named Dol-Durothil Torzana of whom agreed to take her northward as he wanted to get his boat out of the city anyway lest risk it be damaged in anything that might happen to the city. While the captain prepared the boat for departure she finds her friends Amyra Spirre, and Katlyn Granes, of which as they got onto the ship they are joined at the last minute by Jeyne Urlonn, and her husband Mikal Shiphard of whom refuse to be left out and join with the group. Their journey north ends with the ship being attacked on the river by a Yairnish galley and boarded they surrender as they don't have the means of defense for themselves and seeing they are nobles the pirates led by a man who calls himself Sigsten Henjum of the Yairnish mercenary group called The Sanguine Hand Company. Sigsten Henjum had traveled north for the third time attempting to find a vulnerable Lucernian merchant ship that he could capture without having to fight a battle in his effort to complete the mission of himself and his sister and after two previous failures he finally noticed the Eye of Fornost and quickly moved to capture the inhabitants in his effort to gain Lucernian hostages. The Lucernian hostages are placed below deck and are guarded by a young member of the mercenary group named Dankrad of the Sanguine Hand and he is shown to be a kind young man but beneath the kindness he reveals a devotion to Sigsten that seems to border on worship.

A Hostage

Anna Kendrick Cover2
I need you to believe one thing Lady Kendrick. I have one rule. You do what I say. You listen to my commands. You do everything to the letter, and I promice you that no harm will come to any of you. You deviate from what I tell you to do. You try to escape. You do anything that undermines what we have been planning for years. I start killing people. I won't start with you. You will watch your friends die. Listen to me. Do as I say.
Sigsten Henjum

Following their journey southward she and the rest of her group arrive at the Yairns Furbivt Island where they are met on the docks of a small wooden castle by a large group of well armored and tough looking men as well as a tiny women clad in a red robe of whom are introduced as members of the Sanguin Hand and the women as the other general of the mercenary group his sister Alwine Henjum.

Taylor's Decision

Taylor Swift Cover11
She is your daughter. She has been gone for how many months and you havn't even looked into where she is? Who are you people?
Taylor Swift

Following her arrival back in Brill after the events of the Lorderon Civil War it would be Taylor Swift who inquired into where Anna Kendrick was and discovered to her horror that she was missing. Shocked that no one had ever looked into what had happened to her following the Lorderon Civil War she would immediatly confront Josh Hirsh of whom told her about the events at the dock and Anna's departure by boat northward in an attempt to get to Westbridge. Taylor feeling responsible as she had been the one that had told Anna to go to the docks would enlist the assistance of Emile Hirsh of whom would join her in travelling northward to follow the path of Anna Kendrick. Arriving at Lorderon they ask around at the dock and discover that Anna had taken the Eye of Fornost a large galley in her pursuit of going north, and finding this captain they are horrified to discover the boat captain had been attacked on the journey north and had Anna and her companions in order to protect his boat and crew. Confronting him why he did not report this he indicates that he had told Josh Hirsh of whom had told the captain that he would look into the matter and to worry on it no more, and with this Taylor discovered the true depths of Josh's cowardice and would return to their ship with Emile travelling southward towards the Yairns.

Anna Escapes the Yairns
Some people accept their chains. I never could. I spent every moment since you took me planning how to escape.

Escape of Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick Cover Amazing2
I've spent the last two years preparing for nothing else but this. Today was the day I have prepared for and I cannot fail.
Anna Kendrick

Anna's slavery aboard the military vessel of Sigsten Henjum had led to her having little opportunities to escape her slavery due to the large amount of soldiers on the boat, and thus she would spend nearly a year biding her time in slavery to Sigsten. After a year of this her opportunity arose when she discovered the hidden gold cache of Sigsten and wanting to create economic problems for Sigsten which she hoped would lead to her sale she would throw his gold in the Rhine. Discovering that his gold was gone Sigsten had his lands searched heavily but it could not be found, and thus he reacted as Anna expected when he begin selling some of his slaves including Anna of whom was sold to a small time merchant of Furbivt Island of whom had a much smaller guard and thus Anna's opportunity to escape had opened. Realizing that she was going to make her escape and whatever happened she would never return to Furbivt Island it was Anna Kendrick that entered the home of House Henjum and killed Sigsten while he slept leaving a tiny locket behind which would allow Alwine to know that it was Anna who had done the deed, and following the murder of Sigsten she went on the boat of Helferich Trojhim for what she knew was her escape.

Family Members


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