Previous Conflict War in France
Orleans Civil War
Fall of Orleans
Location Orleans
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Result Rebel Orleans Victory
Orleans Rebels


Circle of Magi


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The Orleans Civil War was a lengthy civil war fought in the region of Orleans between the Circle of Magi who took control of Orleans against the forces of House Ellerdeen who led the human rebels of the Orleans region. Rebels alongside allies in Kingdom of Lucerne take control of Orleans and wipe out the Circle of Magi leading to the Circle of Magi being completely defeated and rebels become the new leadership in Orleans.



Battle of Liphaurd

War for Liphaurd

Luke Ellerdeen would come to war with the Pitbreaker Clan which had been settled along the coast off the shores of the island of Liphaurd as a means of blocking anyone trying to get to the island without a fleet, and Luke needed to destroy these Orcs if he was going to use the large scuttled fleet located at the ruined town of Tilphaurd where the Orcs of Pitbreaker had made their main home, and during the fighting Luke would defeat the Orcs and gain control of the fleet which he used to transport his entire force to the island of Liphaurd.

Fall of Liphaurd

With his fores on the island of Liphaurd it would be his next move to retake control of Saint Liphaurd the capital of the island and his birthright and arriving at the gates of the city the unpopular Gautier Ellerdeen would attempt to resist but Lukes forces were joined by much of the garrison leading to the gates being opened and the retaking of Saint Liphaurd with little fighting.

Elven Alliance

Following the capture of Saint Liphaurd the forces of Luke Ellerdeen would work tirelessly to rebuild the island which had stagnated under the poor rule of Gautier Ellerdeen and in this effort they were assisted greatly by the Elves of the Kingdom of Lothlorian of whom under the Elven Admiral Satheron Brightblaze would give him a great number of supplies and assist in gathering more people to his banner thus truly sparking the Orleans Civil War.

Battle of Ponerville

Fall of Orleans


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