Pelargir was once the largest town in Gondor, but following disasterous attacks it is now dramatically reduced. Since the cities dramatic decline in population the mayor's of Gondor have slowly turned the city into more of a military outpost then a convential city. There is now deserted parts of towns, and the internal part where all the people and miliatry are is now walled in, and has an increasingly fortified keep defending it. The city is also the home of the Rangers of Gondor, of whom diligantly defend the northern border of the Kingdom of Gondor against the forces of the Trollocs.

Pelagir was one of the first towns founded by the Numenorians as the expanded into the regions of Gondor, and in this early position the city expanded centrally as by far the most populous town in the province of Gondor. The town continued to grow even after the Empire of Numeron fell, and it was only the betrayal of Sauruman the Istari of Gondor that would finally lead to the destruction of the vast majority of the town.


Early History

Golden Age


Where once there was no need for a wall to protect itself, the coming of Mordor in great numbers meant that time was at an end. The main problem was the logistics about building a wall around the largest city in Gondor. Unfortunatly Sauron saw his oppurtunity and didn't waste any time in exploiting it. While Gondor was occupied with the Gondor Civil War , Sauron had his orcs continuesly attack Pelagir. By the time Umbar had won the war and the Gondor army had returned the city of Pelagir was nothing but a husk of its former self.

Modern Day

The city's size from a far would imply a massive city, but once you near the city you see that the edges of the city are just burned houses, and empty marketplaces. a city which once had 113,000 people is reduced to little over 14,500.

City Layout


The City of Pelagir is obviously ruled officially by the King of Gondor, but the Mayor of the town holds most of the decision making powers. The Pelagir city council is much like the larger Gondor council and is made up of the most important members of the city.


The Mayor of Pelagir was once a very honored position and carried the most wieght of all the mayors of Gondoe with the exception of perhaps Osgiliath. This changed dramatically when the city was razed and become what it is now. The Mayor now is chosen for his military prowess and ability to increase the defence of the city. This change has meant that once a cosmopolitan city has become a fortified town with huge military units in it.

The Current Mayor of Pelagir is Halbaard Elessar , who is also a high ranking member of the Rangers of Gondor .

City Council

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