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Per-Calia Menathil is the daughter of Tenamil, and Lianne Menathil making her a member of the power House Menathil of Lorderon. Calia Menathil has two siblings in the form of Talia, and Arthas Menathil of which both are important members of Lorderon with her brother Arthas being the Lord of the city and in the most recent history having betrayed the kingdom and gone rogue into the northern Chaos Wastes, while her sister Talia is the current Arch Lord of Lorderon until her son is old enough to take control. She is the wife of Karl Donovan the Thane of Lorderon of whom she befriended and fell in love with while he was her bodyguard, and since their marriage his influence and power have grown dramatically. Her relationship with Karl Donovan made her lose her standing as heir behind Arthas Menathil, but she remains a member of House Menathil just lower in the inheritance.

With the annexation of Lorderon by Lucerne, she has found herself the wife of Thane Karl Donovan following his appointment to the post by Arthas. This appointment has a lot to do with making sure that Calia retains the ability to exert her heavy influence on the city. When her brother Arthas moved north with his personal forces under orders to assist Marcel Lovie it was Calia Menathil that sent a letter to Lucerne concerning what she believed was his madness and while this did not arrive in time to change anything her efforts were recognized by the Lucernians.



An extremely kind princess she is beloved by her people, and this kindness has often hidden the warrior like behavior of her brother Arthas Menathil. She became almost used to hiding his affairs, and brutal acts as a young princess during the tail end of her father's reign but once he became Lord this hiding of his acts has become even more common place. Calia worried for her brother and is becoming very aware of the fact that her brother may be gone for good.


Early History

Annexation of Lorderon

Main Article : Lucernian Annexation of Lorderon

Becoming a Wife

With the annexation of Lorderon by Lucerne , she has found herself the wife of Thane Karl Donovan following his appointment to the post by Arthas. This appointment has a lot to do with making sure that Calia retains the ability to exert her heavy influence on the city.

Learning Hard Truths

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BILL Lovie in Orleans
I should have been used to the lies by this point. At some point he just became a sort of running joke in my life constantly appearing and telling me something else he had failed at or caused to go wrong.
William Lovie III.

Late at night Bill Lovie used all of his power to summon himself as a spirit into Cloud Tower bypassing the light defences of the Blue Dragon members that were in Lucerne. In this form William Lovie was approached by Bill Lovie who told him that he had fathered other children with a women named Esme Portmane in Lorderon, and that he was sorry for doing this. Bill in this moment apologized to Andrew for creating all the damage and evil that he had created in his time, but he wanted Andrew to know that whatever he thought this meeting was it wasn't the end because Bill was now completely gone when it came to morals.

After this William would wake up his wife, and sister and as they talked his cousin Emma Bell came up as well telling them that Edward had arrived with several Order of the Blue Dragon members in order to see what had entered the Cloud Tower. Telling them what had happened there was shock around, and Edward reluctantly left not wanting to intrude as the Lovie's discussed the issue. They would all agree that the fault did not lay with these children as they were far away, and that they should make attempts to connect with them.

Finding Family

Diana Lovie3
It was a no brainer in reality. While I had some fear of what there involvement in the family meant, these were my blood. Blood is everything in this world, and if we abandoned them then we were no better then the father we hated so deeply.
Alice Lovie

With the decision made William took his sister Alice, as well as his cousin Emma Bell to Lorderon where he planned to welcome his half siblings into the family as well as welcoming this women that had given birth to his father's children. The group would be joined by many others as the King of Lucerne travelling to a province so far from home would bring about all manner of problems. House Lovie would enlist nearly three thousand men from the personal levies to travel with the force and Oberyn Martell was placed in charge of the defence of Lucerne while they were away. The Shadow Council would obviously also join with the trip and Leven and William would ride together for much of the trip while Edward would ride with Jasper of whom was cold to him for most of the trip. They would be joined at the gates of Lucerne by Hedrik Clegane III. of whom had left immediatly when he had gotten the raven about the summoning from William, and thus would join them as well. When Alice asked William how he was going to se easily let these new people into the family he anwsered her with the following.

Natalie Portmane Cover3
For whatever reason Sean never got along with anyone. I know in my head that there isn't a single kind word or accepting invite that I could have given to him that would have changed that heart tells me not to make the mistake again.
William Lovie III.

As they made the trip the group found themselves nervous about what kind of people they would find as their new family. Emma Bell wondered outloud many times whether this was some sort of trap that had been carefully planned by his father, but when this was discussed most discarded it due to the belief that of all the things he had done Bill had shown no ability under any cercumstances to actually harm William. Travelling along the road they took boats waiting for them in Lole from the growing fleet of the Order of the Red Dragon. The group is forced to travel through the Trident where Walder Frey demands double the rate of usual passage from the Lucernian fleet as payment for the insults that Robb Starke had supposedly layed on them. Wishing to meet with Walder aboard the ships they were told he was to old to do this but William could land and meet him inside the castle. This was rejected diplomatically and the group continued without further interuptions to Lorderon where they arrived in the port to much happiness.

Meeting Family

Alice Lovie Cover5
The idea of meeting them was one thing. Now we were actually there and had to actually meet these people who shared our blood.
Alice Lovie

Arriving in Lorderon they were met by Arch Lord Arthas Menathil, of whom many who had met him previously were confused by the shocking change in his appearance. Where before he was clean shaven and his eyes clear he now appeared to be ragged, and his eyes had changed in appearance to a near mennacing look. William would alert Jasper, and Leven to this change, and as this happened Edward saw that he was not consulted and was hurt deeply. The group doesn't notice as Edward is left behind and travels to a tavern, and they make their way to the palace where Arthas apologizes for his wife's absence but he cannot find her. Arthas has a fit that appears to be a siezure, and is taken away by several retainers, and following this they meet with Imlad, and Calia Menathil sister, and cousin to Arthas of whom would make arrangements to meet with Esme Portmane. Esme lived in the palace with her daughter and son while the remaining daughter lived in Arnor as a princess they were told. Esme arrived with Jamie, and Diane Portmane and the rest of the non Lovie members would leave the room as they discussed things. Esme immediatly knew what this was going to be about as she obviously knew who the father of her children were, and Diane also was aprised to the situation so it was only Jamie that they had to explain things to. Jamie would be clearly hurt, and William took him out of the room to talk as the girls all hugged and got to know eachother. Jamie and William would discuss many things, and eventually it came to his future and William said that he still had to prove himself but if he did he would be the eventual Lord of House Portmane and since it was being made into a cadet house of House Lovie his power would be heavy. Asking how this was possible when he was a bastard William made it very clear that he was no longer a bastard, and William's younger sibling and sole remaining brother would hug him so suddenly that Jasper nearly sliced him in two before realizing it was just a hug. The family would stay for several days before finally departing for the west where Diane returned with them while Jamie was left in command of House Portmane but would visit with Esme some time in the future. During those days they stayed William would also remain because he and Edward talked and he learned of the talk with Jaina and Medivh and he wanted Edward to look into this which he did with the help of Leven Martell.

Demons on the Loose

Main Article : Lorderon Civil War

Family Members


Karl Donovan

See Also : Karl Donovan "He looked so cute with his little garden szissors and his huge armor."

-Calie Menathil

Karl and Calia first met eachother while she was walking the gardens at the palace. Karl was a member of the Palace gaurd and had upset his superior and so was given gardening duty. She would upon seeing him strike up a conversation with him. Karl knew who she was so he was forced by his duty to honor her requests, all of which meant to keep him close to her. Eventually they began to engage in a sexual relationship, which attracted the attention of her parents. At first hesitant, the affection their daughter clearly had for him, made them see that he was a good person deserving of their acceptance.

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